A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters

UPDATE: I have heard back from Target and they are listening to us, please see my latest post on this topic here.

Dear Target,

I think you know I love you. (Enough even to commit the cardinal sin of blogging, the dreaded open letter.) We go way back, you and me, as my bank statements can attest. I will go out of my way and drive further across town to shop at your store over your biggest competitor because you are cleaner, less crowded, and you give my kids free popcorn for being buckled safely into the cart. Also, the last time I stepped foot in your competitor’s store, one of their employees was casually using the f-word in conversation with a customer in the children’s department, which was more than a little off-putting. I know that I can trust you not to allow that sort of thing to happen.

You’ll always be my first choice. But you have a problem, and for too long I have allowed my checkbook to make me an enabler. The worst part is that my children are involved in this cycle. It stops now. This is an intervention for your own good.

You sell clothing for children, right? Rhetorical question. My friends and I buy a lot of it. We are your target (pun intended) audience, and I’m here today to tell you that what I’m about to say is important to all of us.

You are making our daughters’ clothes wrong.

I’m  sure you already know this, but your size 5T shorts are actually smaller than many size 2T shorts made by other brands.

Why are you offering my kindergartener clothes that are sized for children less than half her age?

Honestly, these are your Cherokee jean shorts in a size 5T. When I hold them up next to a set of Fisher Price shorts in a size 2T, guess which ones are longer? 


C’mon guys, you can do better than that.

What’s that? Why do I even own these size 5T shorts? Well, sometimes my ultra slim kindergartener wears them underneath her dresses for playground modesty, but mostly we own them because they fit her little sister perfectly. Since, you know, this one is currently in that awkward space between a size 24months and moving into the T sizes.


I’d like you to meet my youngest daughter. She is 2 and a half, weighs approximately 25 pounds and had consistently been in the “average” range on all of the doctor’s charts, hovering around the 50% percentile. 

There is no reason my toddler should fit in these shorts, but she does. She fits into quite a bit of your other size 5T clothing as well, so I know it wasn’t just a mistake with this particular pair of shorts. Don’t you dare try that with me.

Every time the grandparents ask what size her sister is wearing so that they can spend their money at your store as well, I wind up passing down some brand new, too short for their label hand-me-downs to my smallest child.

Because you are manufacturing your girls’ clothing WAY too small.

I took this picture last summer, when I was irritated because the crotch was the longest part of every single pair of shorts offered in the toddler section of your store.


I asked other moms on my Facebook page if they were as irritated by this as I was, and it was immediately greeted with similar feedback from other moms who are not happy with this situation either.

So, can we do something about this please?

Because all we want to do is continue spending money at your store without exposing our daughters’ precious assets.



A concerned mom who likes to shop.


UPDATE: I would love for us to start using the hashtag #ModestMavens when discussing this issue on social media so that I can keep track of our conversations and your suggestions!


  1. AMEN! I had to search high and low to find some shorts for my 9 year old to wear to school that met the standard rule of they should be as long as her finger tips. I ended up paying $20/pair at Lands End bc apparently they are the ONLY place that doesn’t think it is appropriate for a 9yo to flash her underwear when she sits in class.

    • I have decided that I am going to have to learn how to sew in order to teach my daughter to be modest, I am not wanting her to be ashamed of her body HOWEVER I do not want her to show her goodies to everyone out there.

      • Amen! And it’s dresses too, way to short. We size up and safety pin the back together and a sweater over an bigger size dresses just to get length. I have also added material from the fabric store to the bottoms of dresses just so she can wear them. She should be able to bend over in a dress and not be worried about undies showing.

        • karen tartamella says:

          I can’t buy dresses at target for my 5 year old because I like the younger styles in the toddler little kid department but in order to get them long enough I have to move to the bigger kid section and their styles are too “old” for my little girl. On a similar note they are already too short before you wash them but become much shorter when washed and I end up giving away half of what I had bought in the past at target. I now shop zulily for longer dresses from certain designers and other stores. I will spend more to get what I feel and the school deems appropriate length for my daughters (which I have 4 of).

        • Amy gosdin says:

          Sheri, I am 6’0″ and the thing I live the most is when my mom buys me pajama pants (2 pair) and sews 6″ of one onto the bottom of the other. Start now and your daughter won’t have a complex. I used to stoop my shoulders to make myself “shorter”. I now wear stilettos with ease and pride. The earlier your girl learns that her height is BEAUTIFUL the better!!

      • I have started shopping at thrift stores and learning how to sew simple waist bands via youtube. I have taken several small adult size women’s dresses and cut the tops off and turned them into long skirts for my 8 and 9 year old girls. This works great, anyone who’s willing to sew should try it. Its cheap and easy.

    • I’ve invested in 6-8 pairs of Old Navy capri leggings and bike shorts just so my girl can wear dresses that are her size, so she can play safely without exposing herself! Thank you for writing this and for being a voice that needs to be heard!!

    • I love Target, but lately, I’ve hated their clothes…. especially since I have 4 girls! I found ONE pair of cute plaid bermuda shorts there over the summer, the rest were short shorts.

      Anyway, long story short, as much as I detest the place, Walmart has been fairly consistent in carrying a decent selection of longer shorts in their girls department. They are the ONLY store I have found affordable ($7) and still mostly cute longer shorts….

  2. AMEN again!!! I’ve been saying this all summer, unfortunately it’s not just Target. I’ve been telling my daughter I am doing to have to start making her clothes or buying boys’ shorts. When I fold the clothes it’s not uncommon for me to get her and her brother’s shorts mixed up if they are the same color and he is in 18 months!

  3. Steph, don’t you know that five-year-old girls have been determined to be old enough for sexualization? Get with the times, sister!

  4. I shop in the boys section for my daughter’s shorts. Her legs are long and I refuse to let her wear Daisy Dukes. I agree, they need to change their clothes.

    • I do the same thing… my daughter plays basketball and likes her shorts to not be daisy dukes. She is actually the one saying there aren’t any decent shorts for girls in stores anymore. She is 6! And she realizes this issue. Granted she’s tall for her age but like you said if the clothes changed just a bit they may even fit the tall girls decently. Thanks for speaking up everyone!

    • My children are teenagers now.

      But I wanted to point out that my daughter, age 19 and 5 feet tall, still buys her shorts in the boys’ department because she doesn’t like having her legs so exposed. It doesn’t change when you get out of the children’s sizes.

  5. Just FYI, ladies. I also love target others but have had a rediculous time finding modest shirts anywhere this summer. I finally stumbled across some Bermuda shorts at Carter’s. They are on clearance now and almost gone for the summer, but Carter’s has up to size 7 in the store and up to 12 on the website I believe. I never payed more than $8/pair!

  6. Drives me crazy that I can’t find any normal length shorts for my daughters! Thank god im not the only one that feels this way. I was starting to think that I was the only one not buying these.

  7. You do realize you just called your daughter’s private parts her most precious asset. Really? Do you mean that?

    • Yeah, ummm maybe an edit on that one?! (but thanks for Targeting this issue)

      • I took it to mean that she considers her daughter’s body to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit – precious and pure – more of a sense of – her body is precious, so let’s cover it up and not expose it to predators.

        • Yep, exactly the problem Julie. Most religions teach girls and women that their only value lies with their “precious and pure assets.” Also, the “let’s cover it up and not expose it to predators” idea is the beginning of rape culture right there. It’s her responsibility to keep herself from being attacked or oggled…never a man’s job. Barf…

          • Are you saying that it is never a man’s responsibility to control himself and his desires around women? And that if a woman gets sexually harassed, it was her own responsibility to make sure those kinds of things don’t happen to her? Completely excusing the men from any part of that a little aren’t you??

          • I have a 3 year old daughter and I have taught her not to show her panties in anything that she maybe wearing.but I am telling you right now that it isn’t a woman’s fault if she is raped! This is a ridiculous statement! Women have NO control over what a man is thinking or the actions he chooses to take. Yes there maybe some precautions that a female can take but even if you take these precautions doesn’t mean that it will not happen.

          • Hello! Isn’t covering the point of this? If the girls private parts weren’t special why would we cover them? Definately keep her modest. Predators don’t think like normal people. They aren’t normal. Not wanting her daughters behind peeking out her shorts doesn’t enable rape culture any more than locking doors enable robbery culture. U don’t think molesters know sexual assault is wrong? They do it and make children keep it a secret. They are sick people. So keeping the clothing on our kids bodies from maybe, just maybe, triggering the vile actions of these people is a positive thing

          • Ella how sad for you that this is how you think. Yes, young girls should be able to wear what they want without fear. Unfortunately a-our culture doesn’t work that way and b-the options aren’t there for girls to wear cute things that are appropriate. Sizing for grown women is ridiculous but it’s a problem for little girls, too. If nothing else, this gives them a terribly distorted body image. Based on the styles I have seen, it also teaches them at an early age that they are supposed to make themselves into objects. Talk about supporting rape culture.

          • Ella is using sarcasm.

          • Can’t believe no one is sensing the sarcasm in Ella’s post. Wow.

        • Me too.

        • Pedophiles who look at ( and more) children, and adult men raping adult women are totally different topics. Even if you leave both of those topics behind, the girls can not wear these shorts to school, they do not meet the finger tip rule. The fact that you can rarely find finger tip long shorts is the main issue.

    • jumperlass says:

      Yes, that weirded me out, too. Your daughter’s genitals (indeed, her physical body at all) is not what I would consider her most precious asset.

      Also, they’re not “goodies”.

    • I took it as a pun. “Most precious ASSet.” But I have the sense of humor of a 13 yr old boy so what do I know.

      • I, too, was thinking ASSet. Geez. This went off the rails pretty quick.

        • ASSet is exactly how most people took it. You will always have people who want to argue because they want everyone to be miserable like them. YOU GO GIRL I am SO happy this has been brought to light. I applaud Target and will shop there even more now that I know they actually listen to consumers. This is a serious issue. Thank you Steph and Target!

    • Your body IS one of your most precious assets. If it’s not, it should be. You can’t do anything without it. That includes your breasts, butt, and otherwise. Would you really tell your daughter, “you can flash anyone cause your modesty and strangers seeing you naked doesnt matter?” I want my girls to protect their bodies j yay as much as their hearts and souls

      • Just*

        And I am not religious, I don’t only want them to be “pure.” Granted that’s not even on my mind as they are 4, but no matter the age, why show off what you have to people who don’t deserve to see it? No, of course its not all you have, but it is very much only yours. My confidence won’t let me walk around with my panties showing, strangers don’t deserve to see that intimate part of me. I want my girls to have the same sense of pride in their bodies.

        • just to clarify – ‘ people who don’t deserve to see it ‘ implies that your 4 year old CAN ‘ show off what ‘ she has to people who DO deserve to see it… i think instead of over qualifying your statement, you might have meant that your kid should not show off to anyone in public?

    • When I have a little girl, I’ll be telling her that her brain is her most precious asset.

    • Charity Savage says:

      I think by “precious assets” she was referring only to the most private part of her daughter’s body, to be kept covered in public, because, lets face it that is the way the world works. Regardless of your religious beliefs, or point of view on modesty, I see very few people flaunting their privates to the world. Especially in a child, these parts should always be covered outside the home. (My kids boy and girl do love their naked time in house!) We can teach our kids to rejoice in their bodies, and value their worth more than needing to show off as much as possible, or dress in the opposite extreme of only eyes visible. She (I) is(am) only making a broad request for a more moderate option. Lets face it, most of the people offended by the “precious assets” moniker would have been just as offended by a crude slang term for the same body parts. It was meant as a delicate phrase for that area, not a judgement on her daughter’s worth.

    • Charity Savage says:

      And to further my reply, I do consider that part on myself a precious asset, while being fully aware that it isn’t my “most” precious. She did not use the word “most”.

    • RB I don’t know if it was edited but the line states:
      “Because all we want to do is continue spending money at your store without exposing our daughters’ precious assets”

      I would agree that your private parts are precious assets, why not? Your body is actually because you inhabit it. It’s important to honor yourself and keep healthy and even yes, modest. She didn’t say that the genitals were the most important part of her kids.

  8. chariot71226 says:

    Yes. My girls are 4 and their shorts are too short since the last growth spurt. Or maybe it was just me finally noticing the underwear peaking out. I’ve bought some capris, made shorts, and tried boys shorts. No more girl’s shorts if they are that length.

  9. A.men.
    I have a boy and a girl who wear the EXACT same size pants, yet the boys shorts are about 4-5 inched longer. It’s getting hard to shop for a girl to look modest any more.
    So glad I’m not alone in my thinking.

  10. I swear. These days that want them to move straight out of baby clothes into the line for prosti-tots. It’s so hard to find modest clothes for little girls.

    • Clothes don’t make someone a prostitute, their actions do.

      • If they’re four, then I don’t think either their clothes or their actions make them prostitutes. -.- The fact remains that girls’ clothing for young girls is usually too short and flimsy to be practical for play, and intentionally oversexualizes them.

      • I think the idea here is that clothing for young children are mimicking clothing worn by hookers in the 1970’s. I used to live in NYC and now and then we’d be driving in the car and my mom would point out a hooker. And yeah, they were definitely wearing clothing that was extremely revealing (not to mention tacky, what’s up with THAT). I don’t want any child LOOKING LIKE a prostitute.

  11. Oh gosh, yes! It’s the same with little girl underwear. It’s so hard to find panties for my 5 year old that aren’t bikini cut! Those are not comfortable for little girls that want to run and jump and are super active. I’ve started buying little boy underwear for both my girls (luckily they love the superhero prints!) because they are the only ones that offer full coverage.

    • WhoDatGirl2010 says:

      Girls Briefs

      • And again someone is missing the point. Briefs are not usually allowed because they’re not sexually arousing to men, so MOST underwear for girls and women are bikini, hipster, thongs, etc. MOST. Go to the store and check it out. Briefs account for maybe 5% of the underwear offerings for females of all ages. And toddlers don’t even need bikini underwear. What is the point of that? Young girls don’t need to wear bikini anything.

    • I buy my active, athletic 10-year-old girl her underwear from a company (Hanna Andersson) that carries organic ‘unders’ as they call them. They have full coverage briefs, hipsters (our preference) and training underwear. They’re somewhat pricy (always look for sales), but the quality, fit and durability can’t be beat IMHO.

      She doesn’t grow too fast in the waist, so she wears them for a couple-few years before we need new ones and they still look good as new. If we had any younger kids in the family we’d hand them down. As it is, they get donated when we’re done with them.

      We also like their camis.

      INRE Target: I don’t buy much other than ‘bike’ shorts for her as she’s thin enough they’re not at all snug on her. (Plus, they’re useful under dresses!) ‘Regular’ shorts are usually so huge in the waist they have to be taken in a couple inches and look ridiculous. Even with the adjustable waists (love love love them!) most clothing at Target is just too wide for us. We get jeans at stores that carry ‘slim’ sizes, going for ‘super skinny’ when we need to get a bigger size for the length. I’ve often joked she’s still 4T in the waist but 8-10-12 in length.

      Boy-cut T-shirts look in credibly sloppy on her. The girl-cut ones fit her like a dream, not baggy and not at all tight. It’s all in where the shoulder seams lie, the boxy boy-cut shirts have the shoulder seam half way down her arm. They fit like a potato sack. Some of the novelty T-shirts at Target are cut for girls and we do buy those. She has a really cute TMNT shirt we got at there. She loves it!

      So if you’re not happy with the clothing at Target, find another store that suits your needs. Those shorty-shorts aren’t really appropriate for school anyway, they’re meant for summer and playtime. But what do I know, my kid prefers dresses and skirts.

  12. Great letter. I, and many other moms, would love to know if you got a response! My clothing-related Target purchases have definitely plummeted!

  13. If this is your concern, stop shopping for super cheap clothes at a big box store! We all want to pay less for clothing than it actually costs to make them, but we also want decency, great fit, appropriateness, choices, etc. Can’t have it all. If we want something different, we need to make better statements with our buying power, and deal with with companies who care to listen, or buy second hand where you pick and choose. How about Lands End for choices that are more modest and better made? Or LL Bean or a similar company that does care what their customers think? Sure, we can afford fewer clothes, but if they’re better made and clothe are children better, that seems like a good choice. Target doesn’t care what you think and never will. Their clothes aren’t designed to please you or fit your daughter well, or cover her appropriately, and they don’t care about whether you’re loyal to their brand; they just want to produce them for cheap, and slap colors and graphics on them that make folks reach for them instead of thinking through harder, higher-ticken purchases that adequately reflect better quality and better business practices. You’re making cheap okay by buying cheap.

    • Mydaughtersdad says:

      OR here’s an idea. Write a letter to the big retailer to let them know that you are unhappy with their product, and why you will take your dollars elsewhere- in the hope (perhaps slight hope- but hope nonetheless) that they begin to get the message. Oh wait- that’s just what she did….
      Inexpensive clothing does not have to equal immodest clothing. I don’t believe that to be the motivation. Just check out the girl’s section sometime. It is embarrassing at best and shameful at worst. I would happily pay an extra buck or two to buy a pair of shorts for my daughter that don’t mimic a pinup. I don’t buy many clothes anymore from Target, I’m not an enabler- but I applaud the author’s effort to communicate her/our frustration with the offered products, and communicate what we want.

      • Exactly – inexpensive does not have to equal immodest, big box stores manage to make boys shorts much longer but for the same cheap price, so they should be able to do the same for the girls.

    • Well said!

    • I’ve tried shopping Lands End for modest clothing for my girls. What did I get for being a “most valued customer”? A pornographic GQ magazine in the mail for my daughter to get out of the mailbox! We can’t win!

    • Dear Kate: I hope you get this response and click back to see that Target DOES care.
      As parents, we shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to avoid “sexy” clothes for our CHILDREN!
      The internet is the best place to take a problem like this. get the attention and get things to change!

    • Apparently, Target has proved you grossly wrong with their response.

    • Dear Kate: I can’t believe you suggested a mother with 2 small children buy her kids clothes at Land’s End or LL Bean. In case you didn’t know, not everybody’s husband is a doctor, lawyer or CEO and can afford to shop at a store whose clothes are extremely overpriced. Don’t kid yourself sister, clothes from those stores cost just as much to make as they do in a big box store like Target. America has become a country obsessed with name brands, and THAT has driven the prices to be the ridiculousness that they are. “Quality” is pennies compared to dollars for advertising. Marketing 101. Not to mention, who in their right mind is going to spend $25 for a pair of kids shorts that they’ll get to wear for 1 summer because next year they won’t fit?

      • JuliaGoolia says:

        Dear cbd68: Why does the husband have to be a “doctor, lawyer or CEO” to afford good sturdy clothes??? Maybe if you stop with the “I can’t afford name brand” cry fest, you will open your eyes to the ever expanding thing called RESEARCH! I know its a bit confusing & overwhelming…BUT if you do a little research (OMG there is that word again), you could get most of your kids clothes a incredibly reduced prices…I make a good living but choose to not spend a lot on my children’s clothes – as they are growing….BUT I do make conscious efforts to buy nice, well made clothes that will last a full season (and for me because im lucky, usually 2 seasons). This means I usually don’t buy too many kids clothes at Target, I shop at the specialty stores & guess what…this is gonna blow your mind….I spend LESS than what I would at Target for these clothes….OMG crazy huh??!!?? Its that dang little thing called research, know when clothes go to clearance, know then they have sales or coupons or buy one/get one……

        So instead of criticizing someone for their shopping habits & making a total fool of yourself, think next time & take a deep breath before you write something nasty and rude!!!

        • I shop mainly at children’s resale stores like Once Upon a Child. Huge variety of stuff there and when they have sales I can get 15 or 20+ dollar items for less than $5. I don’t do labels and brands. I don’t buy items with brand names on them (I don’t give free advertising. Advertising costs so if you want your name on my body you’re gonna have to pay me for ad space.) I look for quality, not brand names. Not always one and the same.

      • Mentioning the husbands salary is super crappy. How about you get a job and supplement his instead of whining how his isn;t high enough?

  14. Thanks for this blog post. My friends and I have had this conversation so many times. I have found longer denim shorts (sometimes bermudas) at Old Navy and I have bought longer plaid shorts (resale or garage sale though) from The Children’s Place. You have to watch the sizes there though. When will manufacturers realize that little girls should dress like little girls?

  15. The “most precious assets” comment is offensive to me as well. For the underwear seekers, H&M underwear are full cut back girl underwear.

    • coolauntie says:

      The word “most” did not appear with “precious assets”. They are assets, and they are precious. End of story

  16. This is interesting to me because I have found the boys shorts at Target to be way too big compared to other places. My 2 1/2 year old could fit in their 12 month size this year. He is in the smaller side, but was wearing 2T in all the other brands. Obviously not a modesty issue, but certainly makes you think!

  17. Hoping “A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters” article goes viral. Target needs to address this important issue. Thank you Steph for speaking on behalf of many parents dealing with this when shopping at our beloved Target.

  18. The variety in sizing between stores – for boys, girls, and adults – drives me crazy sometimes. My kids are 8 and 11 and about the same size, fairly small for their ages. I’ve gotten in the habit of telling grandparents that they both wear size 6-12, depending on the brand!

  19. I agreed with every bit of this until you listed your daughters private parts as her most precious assest! Are you kidding me? How do you cry out against the blatant sexualization of clothes for a 5 year old with one breath and call her private parts her most precious assest with the other?

  20. Oh golly, so much to say here as a former corporate Target “team member” and a mom who also worked on the kids apparel team. Target DOES care about what mom’s want. I have been a part of countless conversations about “what mom is looking for”. However, their buying practices are primarily based on trends and sales. So if mom’s continue to buy, there is evidence of demand and they’ll produce accordingly. Also FYI the sizes across all companies vary, that’s just the way the industry is – not any different than where you and I shop. Carter’s baby clothes run longer, certain Target brands even fit different (Circo, Cherokee, Genuine Kids, etc.). So it’s comparing apples to oranges (maybe not to you or me, but from an industry standpoint this is totally normal). If you are unhappy don’t buy them. I’d recommend buying your wardrobe staples, like some basic shorts, elsewhere (even if they cost more). Then shop at Target for more inexpensive items that will liven up your kids’ outfits, t-shirts, accessories, etc. Target’s bike shorts and skirts are really nice…or recycle old slacks and jeans, making your own shorts for her. I’d also strongly recommend reviewing products online, Target pays attention to that stuff.

    • My daughter uses the jeans/pants from the previous season and cuts them off and hems them to wear as shorts for my granddaughter. I’m sorry, but the short shorts is very much in style. My grandson wants his shorts to be at his knees or below as that is the “look” for boys. The shorter styles are because that is the demand being made of the manufacturers. As for comparing sizes, I went to 3 different department stores and I bought 3 different sizes, so it not just kids apparel that has the sizing issues.
      Companies listen when styles do not sell. If you think the apparel is not what you want for your children learn to sew or get ready to pay more money.

      • Right Kathy, so much for choice. Offer one strict thing and it will sell because people have no choice. Not because they like or want it but because that’s all there is. And your solution is sew or pay more. Seriously? Is it really so outrageous to think that if you make more styles of clothing and offer more choices that people might actually buy and *gasp* could possibly even PREFER them to what’s offered now?

        And who cares about the “look”, anyway? These are CHILDREN, not catwalk models in Milan.

  21. Regina Gentry says:

    When my daughter was small, I ran into the same problem. I had to search high and low to find a pair of shorts whose inseam was longer than an inch! The best place I could find consistently longer shorts was at JC Penneys and you still had to search. The sexualization of our young girls has got to stop.

  22. Hanna Andersson is a good place to find normal length shorts. Also I found for older girls/teens J Crew sells their shorts in a variety of lengths from 3 in to 9 in. The J Crew shorts are pricey, so is Hanna, but the quality is great.

  23. Look at the labels for where these are made, and thank H&M, Express, Old Navy…. and our never ending need for the cheapest item possible every single time we walk into a store feeding the fast fashion craze and you end up with kindergarteners dressing like college freshman and factories collapsing killing hundreds of workers. Sorry. I just get a little more than aggravated at the current state of the apparel industry. I didn’t realize how bad it had really gotten. Thank you for sharing this. I cringe at styles I see, but hadn’t encountered the practical ramifications.

  24. I recently found inexpensive bike shorts on clearance for my 6 year old daughter at Kohls. I agree that many stores sell shorts that are too short/ill fitting for kids at this stage. We only let her wear the shorter ones, as you mentioned, under skirts.

  25. I have always purchased my daughter’s clothes at Target and have never felt that she was being exposed in any way. The clothes have always fit properly for the amount of money that I spent on them.
    As for the shorts with the longer crotch…I believe that has something to do with diaper butt. I mean, c’mon, when little ones are in diapers or pull ups, they need that extra crotch length so they fit! I doubt those $2 shorts you buy mean that they aren’t going to adjust that length for each size. It is just the way it is. Not all the brands at Target do this either. Their other lines may fit better, but these pictures show the least expensive clothing brands. I am so tired of people complaining about what they buy at the store and how their daughters “greatest asset” is being exposed because of the sizing. Then don’t shop there. It is a free country and tons of other places to get clothing at. All bodies are shaped differently, even at a younger age. This rant may fit tons of people, but not everyone’s. I wouldn’t want them to change anything because they fit my daughter exactly fine. If they did change things, then moms like me would be upset and I’d be the one complaining. There is no making everyone happy. I buy what fits and if it doesn’t fit her, then I don’t buy it. I do the same thing for myself. I understand the point you are making, but almost everything about their clothes in reality are fine. Sizing may be off here and there, but it isn’t a huge deal that it upsets the entire sizing scale altogether.

    • I think you missed her point. Her point was, “Hey Target, I love you guys. Can you please do better?” Of course she is aware of other places. Also, how can you be taken seriously when complaining so brashly about complainers? It was a good letter. Be nice or just give yourself a time out.

    • Amen, amen, amen! As someone who worked retail for a while before becoming a sham to a little girl, I couldn’t agree with you more. As I watched the story on the news and read more about it my first thought was quit giving them your money if you don’t like it. I seldom buy clothes at Target. Gymboree, Children’s place, and Carters are other options in the same price range that are a little more modest in length. I love target too, but for toys and toilet paper; not clothes. Circo is the cheapest line they carry, and you get what you pay for. Money talks and I would almost guarantee target has sprinkled modest items here and there and the sales were lackluster. We live in a sad culture of complainers who want stuff handed to them on a platter. Shopping around and buying appropriate clothes for our children is too hard and should be coorperate Americas responsibility, apparently.

  26. This is so true. Then when you go to shop for your 11year old and end up shopping in the Junior section of clothes to get something to fit her and they are way too short or very skimpy. Not something I try to promote to a 6th grade girl! Thanks for sharing your voice on the matter and if there is something that can be done I hope that they do it!

    • I agree. I have a tall 10 year old who is in Junior sizes and I can find very little that fits her that meets dress code and is appropriate for her age. Half the t-shirts I find have messages with double meanings. I too am tired of it.

      • I agree – I have an 11yo who is 70th percentile for her age – she’s getting taller rapidly, wearing a size 9 women’s shoe, and is size 14/16 for most clothing. She’s a swimmer, so she has plenty of muscle on her.
        I wish we could find stuff for her to wear that isn’t low cut, see through, drooping off one shoulder, or that has a suggestive or rude saying on it!
        Kohls and now Target are some of my least favorite places to shop for clothes now, which is a shame! I get tired of having to say no, when she brings me stuff off the rack, so I avoid taking her to those stores at all now.

  27. I must have an abnormal daughter because she wears the same size clothes in every brand we buy her. Her closet is full of Carters, Target, Walmart and Childrens Place, they all fit the same..

  28. Thank you for writing this. You are SOOOOO right on. and you may have a skinny-mini daughter, but I’d add for those of us whose kids are average width (like, really average- not overweight whatsoever, just not super thin), the same goes for tightness of clothing. WHY ARE THEY CUT SO NARROW?? We picked up 3 pairs of brand new 6x leggings that were made circa 2005 at a yard sale. They fit great everywhere and are roomy in the waist. Same style (knit, tapered leg, elastic waist) from Target in 2014? She needs a 7/8 just so they’ll fit in the waist and thighs. And Old Navy? Forget about it! She can’t even pull the 7/8s two inches over her knees!

    • Momuv3princesses says:

      I totally agree!!! My oldest daughter was on the bigger size but when she was in a size 6 they fit her fine. Her younger sister by 3.5 years, while in a size 6 (in length) could not wear her sisters hand me down jeans (they were much too big as they should have been because she is slim). Although when my sister gave me newer jeans from her daughters, a size 6 regular fit my younger one just fine. Meaning in about a 4 year time period they started making jeans cut much, much slimmer!! My younger one should only be able to wear slim cut jeans but that is not the case!!! So what do average size kids do?

    • I don’t agree! My daughter is 8 and has to wear a 6 or 7 in leggings and some jeans because they are to baggie. She is tall so sometimes I will actually have to buy them big and take them in a little or wash them a million times to try and shrink them. As for to short, I buy her a lot of skirts instead of shorts. She will also wear a pair of spanx type shorts underneath. It just depends on where you shop.

  29. Brooke Hanna says:

    THANK YOU!!! I have taken and posted pictures of Target brand shorts on the Target Facebook page for the last two summers in a row. In addition to the issue you pointed out, if you put a Target brand BOYS size 2T shorts next to a GIRLS size 2T shorts you will see that the toddler girls shorts are INCHES shorter than the same size in boys. This is obscene. They have blown me off for two years when I posted the pictures and asked why. Maybe they will listen to you.

  30. Yes! I love the prices and quality of Target’s clothes but just can’t feel good about buying my daughter such short shorts at any age.

  31. This is why my daughter wears her brothers’ shorts, or we stick w/ capris.

  32. I don’t have girls, but I have noticed that targets boys size 4t clothing is in actuality about a 2t.

  33. Yes!! I’m so tired of looking for clothes for my daughter (7) that don’t look like they’re made for a prostitute! I’ve had this problem ever since she was around 3. At 3 & above, it seems all (or the majority) of retailers want to sexualize young girls. Why on earth would I want to sexualize a 3 year old?!?! Soooo frustrating!!

  34. Amen and well said, Steph! I honestly haven’t paid attention, but you better believe I know will be. Love Target, but love my daughter’s self-image a whole lot more…

  35. Agreed, but it is not just Target. It is the clothing industry in general responding to what sells. And I want you to know this has been happening for a long time! The retailers have been slowly sucking the public in. My daughters are now 21 and 20; we have for years been searching, to no avail, for shorts long enough. We actually bought shorts from the boys section beginning when my daughters were around 9 years old. We also used buy girls jeans/pants and cut them off to shorts of an appropriate length. I cannot understand why any parent would want their daughters exposed for the world to see, but the buying trend has encouraged what we now see on the market. It so frustrating and makes me a little sad to see the young or older girls out there in this stuff.

    • You lost me when you compared target sizes to fisher price. My normal sized 8 month old is just now fitting into fisher price clothes size 0-3 months. So, in my opinion you picked the extreme on the other side of the size spectrum to compare them to.

      • YES!!! My 2 year old can wear their 12 month old clothing! IT IS FISHER PRICE THAT IS BIG!!! NOT Target and everyone else that is small.

      • I find that my daughter fits perfectly in clothes from the clothing brands that target sells, especially Carter’s. Other clothing, like Garanimals and Fisher Price, she just swims in. You just have to find the clothing brand that fits right for your child. Children come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Thank you! I agree with you 100%

  36. Shopping for girls at Target for a decade! I’ve found their clothes to be more accurate to size than other places.

    ALSO…once she sizes up… From 5T to just 5 girls (or even the 5/6 or XS in girls)…SHAPE of the clothes change! I had one kid in 5T…and wanted to do a coordinated outfit…and decided to just try the smallest girls sizes…it worked. They were slightly wider & shorter than the toddler sizes!

  37. I agree. School rule say fingertip length. Beyond the school rules, trying to teach my 3 girls modesty and self respect, they know that only Bermuda shorts fit the bill. Wish there was a short that didn’t reach their knees but didn’t let their booty hang out the bottom either.

  38. And not to be snarky…but…do you understand the inseam measurement and how it is measured? It’s short b/c toddlers are short!

    • Regardless of how short they are it still shouldn’t be only an inch, if you want to cover your child and not have them exposed then you have to go to boys sizes or wear capri’s. I have a 3 year old, I don’t even like the Children’s place shorts for her, they are too short, mid thigh would be great but you can’t find them ANYWHERE

  39. Can we talk about glitter? I have such a hard time finding girls clothing at Target and Carters that does not have glitter on it. Carters literally does not selling girls pajamas without glitter. It’s ridiculous. It comes off and gets on everything. Plus, I don’t need my daughter to look like a stripper or sparkly princess, thank you very much.

  40. My daughter is 14 and this has not always been the case, I recall her wearing the age to size perfectly, UNLESS it was girls shirts, where the sleeves were 3 to 4 inches longer than the trunk of the shirt, and summer close. Summer clothes seemed to run a size small.

    They also do this with teen girls clothes, it was next to impossible to find a pair of girls shorts in the Jr. Department where my daughter wouldn’t have to shave her private parts to wear their shorts or skirts. For a country so afraid of sex and boobs we sure seem to have no problem dressing our daughters like whores, even when they are still in diapers.

    Good for you for writing this letter, hopefully Target it take notice. Sadly they probably will ONLY if we stop shopping there and tell them why.

  41. Diana Maldonado says:

    I am so happy you wrote this and even happier they responded! My adult daughter wear teenage sizes and complain because everything is too short. All the clothing companies are so horrible at modesty right now. Please, please contact me if you need help or other opinions!

  42. I agree with you but why are you pointing fingers at target. They don’t make graco or Cherokee clothing. It’s just a brand they carry. What about carters clothing. Or grannimals? Point fingers at the brand of clothing not the store that carrie it. You made a valid point on the style but i find I’m turned away from this because your point turns into pointless because it’s not just target!

  43. I have the opposite problem (not with Target, but with every store in the UK high street). I have slender boys. Only one is really skinny – the others are on the 50th centile for weight but taller than average. I recently had to downsize a year in jogging pants (they were just plain huge all over) and STILL sew the waists 2-3 inches smaller. I can’t downsize for my long-legged eldest. His jogging pants end halfway down his shins, but fall down on the waist. Nor do the “adjustable waist” pants work well for him – he finds having bunched-up waistbands and buttons digging in as uncomfortable as any adult would! Why are clothing manufacturers catering only to overweight/obese children? I guess I should be writing to them, like you have done!

  44. I had this same problem when my daughter was little. It’s even worse now that she is 15! I won’t let either my son or daughter wear shorts to school, because I don’t think it’s fair to allow my son to wear shorts when my daughter can’t because I can’t find shorts long enough for her. And don’t even get me started on skirts!

  45. This is the biggest reason that most of my daughters clothing has come from second-hand stores for years. Between the sizing issues and having glitter or rhinestones on *everything*, I couldn’t find anything for her. At 2 1/2, I couldn’t find clothes in the girls section that was modest, and she was too little for the boys sizes to fit. But at Savers, I was able to find clothing in good repair that fit modestly and was still cute – without all the excessive ‘bling’. She is 7 now, and thin enough that she still fits into the size 6 pants that we bought last year (brand new, at ShopKo), and I’ve finally made her give away the 4t & 5t shirts that she’s finally outgrown. I’ve also been shocked by all the animal prints for very young girls – but I have been told that I’m over-reacting to that. (I disagree, and as the parent, I get to make the rules — so we don’t buy those)

    As for the “most precious asset” comment – I think that has been taken the wrong way by many. As someone who lived through years of abuse, I would rather see parents trying to protect their girls; and I can say that being violated at a young age impacts the rest of your life. Could that comment have been written differently – perhaps even better? Yes. But I’m not going to fault someone for the inability to find the exact phrasing that expresses what they mean.

  46. Target, if you are reading this I have three daughters to buy shorts for next summer and I want some 4 inch inseams!!

  47. For my 11 year old daughter, we buy. Boys Under Armor shorts. It’s so sad but the girls shorts are too short.

  48. While I do agree that most shorts sold in the girls section are way too short (not just target-children’s place were also very short/small this year) I did find some modest shorts at Target this summer. My 8 yr old is very modest and will only wear shorter (but not really short) shorts over her leotards and under dresses. Otherwise, she likes longer shorts. The ones we found at Target were 4 inches long! Needless to say, we picked up a pair in every color. She wore her normal size too. I hope Target has really heard you and starts to sell more shorts like the ones we bought. I bet that if they looked at sales, they would be surprised at how fast the longer shorts disappeared off of the shelves!

  49. Stop spreading conservative crap the makes women in charge of shaming their bodies. You disgust me with this crap. Kids can wear whatever length shorts and be fine, stop causing issues in your own head and teaching your daughter that her body is there to please everyone else and that she needs be covered to be respected.

    • I’m far from being a conservative, yet I still want my 8 year old to be able to run around and play comfortably… without her butt crack or anything else exposed.

    • I hardly think that a 2 year old is a woman. This is an issue of a parent protecting her child. There is nothing shameful about covering up your child’s body from predators. Rather, it is called “good parenting”!

    • If you look back a few decades, you’ll see many boys shorts used to be cut “daisy duke” style until enough people threw fits and made endless jokes about junk hanging out, flopping around, being on display, etc… The majority of girls shorts were longer except for ones intended to be worn pantaloon style under skirts (whole reason skorts were invented) and ones worn over tights or leggings to conceal the crotch area and add a bit of flare/design. The style is again changing and not eveybody likes having to layer. Wearing clothes differently changes thier appearance and sales don’t reflect actual usage or alterations being made.

      Big part of the issue is that different lengths are not readily available for girls to choose from. I doubt that the shorter length is as readily found for boys because it is now considered “girly” or “gay” , as short and tight have become synonimous with feminine. Children and sexuality should not be considered together, yet a lot of little girl clothes are made in what appears to be a rather provocative style.

      And yes, you do need to be covered to be respected in the vast majority of circumstances. In the adult world its usually refered to as work/ event appropriate, professionalism, and common decency…unfortunatly people tend to judge visually first and you’re incedibly lucky if that bias first glimpse is ever re-evaluated.

      Sorry if my spelling is off on anything.

    • Precisely because my daughter’s body isn’t there to please everyone else, she does not have to dress showing her naval and buttocks to the world. Ergo – longer shorts. She also does not have to be 95% naked to be respected, or noticed, or liked.

  50. Sorry lady, that last line did more to hurt your argument than the entire rest of the article did to help it. Your daughter’s most precious assets are most certainly not going to be exposed by clothing. The mentality that what’s under clothing is a woman’s most important asset is exactly why female clothing has gotten so immodest in the first place.

  51. Tina Longobucco says:

    Totally agree!! I could only buy the long knit shortss, I think they were called bermudas, for my daughter. They came in 3 colors but at least my daughter is covered!

  52. Lindsay Mader says:

    So happy to see this post. I’m disturbed by the length to be sure and the fact that for girls we get flowers, butterflies, puppies and boys get superheroes and trucks. But what also bothers me is the difference in Fall and Winter clothes. I have been at Target shopping for cold weather clothes for my 2 year old daughter and found that if I actually want her to stay warm, I’d better get boys clothes. Boys have the waffle long sleeve tees. Girls have flimsy “fashion” items. Boys have legitimate sweatshirts while girls have again flimsy hoodies. I had to get lined jeans and overalls from the boys department of osh kosh because the girls jeans simply didn’t come lined. As though girls don’t get cold. Or maybe so they don’t have to wear such bulky clothing? Whatever the reasons, big retailers like Target need to make clothes for girls that will not try to keep them fashionable or in a slim silhouette at the expense of keeping them warm. Thanks for writing this and hope you’re able to work with thhrn successfully to make some changes.

  53. My 2 year old needs a 5T in order for the clothes to fit her at Target. I am glad to know I’m not alone in this…I actually have considered shopping in the actual girls department. Why do girls clothes have to be that short, that tight, and that fitted…she is only 2. I don’t like her body to be on display. I don’t have the same problem with boys clothes at Target. I really hope Target holds true to their word and fixes this…please involve us parents!

  54. My daughter just turned 12, we have a lot of problems clothes shopping! Skirts/dresses are way too short! She’s at the age where she now needs to start wearing a training bra…..in the little girls department of stores the have push up bras and wild colored bras….what ever happened to normal white training bras?!? Maybe even light pink, grey….but not loud bright colored ones (hard to not be noticed under clothing) with push up features and extra padding! I had to go online and buy some–they weren’t that easy to find!

    • I just want to point something out about the padded bras. I felt the same way when I first heard about them, but then it was time to buy training bras for my oldest. The padding is very thin – and at Justice removable if you prefer. However, we have found that they do not emphasize, rather they hide nipples very well and provide a little protection for a very sensitive place.

      • Thanks, didn’t know that….my daughter loves Justice???? I’ll have to look there for bras! Appreciate it! ????

      • I love all of Justice underwear for my girls. They have the boxer briefs in super soft material that are super modest, comfortable and I’m told never ride up. My oldest daughter won’t wear any of their clothes on the outside anymore but she insists on wearing their underwear. The bras there are nice, they fit good, you can take the padding in or out. They have plain colors they have fun one’s that match panties. I really like them. As for modest clothes I gave up on Kohl’s, Target and other’s a few years ago. I mostly sew the clothes for my pre teen girls if I shop for clothes it’s pretty much only at Gymboree, Justice or Naartjie.

  55. This is even true of the juniors shorts. I have to go up two sizes and then once the shrink a little I look hoochie

  56. As long as you have Target’s attention, can you let them know that some parents are also very frustrated with their gender-divided TOY sections?http://twofunmoms.com/2014/09/why-i-vandalized-target/

    • This isn’t a sizing issue. Target tends to make trashier clothes for girls. Not all of their clothes, but a fair amount of them are not appropriate. Sadly I think it is about supply and demand. If people quit buying them then I think Target would stop selling them. Not just little girl clothes, any clothes. Teeny tiny shorts are not cute on little girls, they are rediculous on teens, and totally embarassing on grown women. The most precious assets comments was tongue in cheek.

  57. I have a 12 year old daughter and the shorts sold at Target are too short for her school’s dress code. That is a problem. I am in California where shorts are pretty much standard wear year round, especially at school, and it is ridiculous that I can’t even find shorts anywhere for a decent price that she can wear to school that are long enough. Target and other clothing manufacturers need to start addressing this all around from toddler up to junior sizes.

  58. Amy Howard says:

    Yes yes yes!!!! I have been complaining about this for 15 years! I HATE taking my daughter shopping! Shorts are too short, tops are too tight and way too low! She has to wear a tank top under every shirt she owns. And she hates the shorts I find that are a decent length because they aren’t the cute shorts. Don’t get me started on bathing suits!!! I have completely quit kohls for her because their junior department looks like clothing for prostitutes!!! Enough is enough! Thank you so much for making a difference! Please keep us posted on anything we can do to help!

  59. Thank you thank you thank you! I have a 27 month old and I also like her dressing modestly so on behalf of all the other moms out there who want to keep their children CHILDREN thank you!

  60. How about pants and shorts that aren’t low rise! If they bend over or sit on the floor, the low rise causes their underpants to hang out and it uncomfortable and embarrassing. My older daughter got to the point that she refused to wear any bottoms other than sweats or yoga pants because of this. She is now older and wears junior sizes but we still can’t shop at target because the shorts are way too short and all of the waistbands are still low rise. She has hips and a booty now and it is not comfortable for her. Babies, toddlers, and children need waist bands that are at WAIST height. Please fix it!!! No more low rise and longer shorts!!!!

  61. Yes! I feel exactly the same way; I even wrote a very similar blog post two years ago (right down to the comparison pictures of shorts). Boys clothing is for providing coverage, girls clothing is for displaying their bodies for others to look at. It drives me NUTS.

  62. Thank you. I have 2 boys (7&3) & a 6 month old daughter. So the girls department is all new for me. I actually just bought 5” inseam for myself at Target this spring, which is hard to find. I have friends who have had a hard time finding decent length sorts for their teenage daughters. Hopefully, Target (and other stores will follow) change will their line so my daughter can be dressed comfortably & modestly.

    I read the follow up post too…regarding character clothing. I like some, but not on everything (this is what I had issues with boys clothes). Sometimes I just want a plain shirt and plain shorts or pants. thank you again for making a statement on behalf of many parents!

  63. Thank you for being a voice for little girls everywhere. I have boys, so while I struggle to find as many options as are available for girls (for every one rack of clothing for boys, there’s 3 racks for girls), I don’t have to struggle to find something that isn’t too tight or too short. I’ve been shocked for sometime by what is considered appropriate girls’ fashion nowadays and often openly joke that shorts girls wear now are the size of underwear. I’m actually relieved I don’t have to fight the “you’re not leaving the house looking like that battle” with my children. But I have had raised eyebrows when it comes to my nieces. The mom’s of these nieces usually respond with “That’s what all the girl’s stuff looks like/what all the girls are wearing.” I’m so excited someone is speaking out about how clothing and fashion continues to objectify women and turn us all into little images of what men might find attractive. And shame on all designers and stores who support that for our young girls. Disgusting and inappropriate.

  64. ANewFather says:

    I can definitely appreciate the argument as a father… But this is not a Target or Kohl’s problem. It’s a society problem. They have those items because there are far more people who want to dress their children in items like that than people who do not want to. While target may listen and try to accommodate… They most likely will not change their patterns unless they can make money off it. They are a business, after all. If there isn’t a large enough market for the types of clothing you want, then you’ll probably have to go to a more expensive store to get it. That’s just how supply and demand works, especially for department stores.

  65. Finally! Someone who gets it. And by “it” I mean modesty, comfort and style. As a mom of a super cute 7 year old girl I get tired of buying clothes just to turn around and modify these pieces. My daughter is not a fan of leggings but it’s either wearing that or buying bigger sizes that I need to bring in the inseam.
    I tried letting her wear a pair of these “shorts” aka hot pants aka an oversized speedo and it didn’t go well. 1) she was reaching down and pulling down the crotch more than any baseball player. 2) her underwear was peaking out everywhere (PLEASE don’t recommend going commando or buying a g-string – I will probably slap you). And 3) they weren’t comfortable for my active child.

    My daughter loves style but for some reason style never includes: modesty, comfort or practicality. Please give us better options.
    (And don’t get me started on all the character clothes for young boys (shaking my head).

  66. My kids’ schools changed the dress code to mid-thigh (finger tip length is no longer long enough – and I had a hard enough time finding those!) and I could not, and still cannot, find them ANYWHERE, at ANY store in my town – checked Target, Penney’s Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kohls, Sears, etc. Boys shorts were the only way to meet the new dress code requirement. I have two daughters still living at home, one in elementary school and one in high school – neither one should be wearing the scraps they call shorts these days! My younger one is a girly-girl through and through and if she even had one iota of an inkling that the shorts I bought her were from the boys section, she would have an epic tantrum that would make Honey Boo-Boo’s family look tame because don’t you know that “GIRLS are NOT supposed to wear BOY clothes!?!?!?!?” Good for you for saying something and bringing it to the attention of Target, and good for them for listening to you!!!

  67. Yes!! I love all the cute clothes that Target sells for kids, and I love that they are “stylish” and not just kiddie clothes but I 100% agree about the shorts! I only buy my 4 yr old the capri length there because the regular shorts are booty shorts…not cool

  68. I definitely agree! I do not understand why companies make short shorts for little girls. I purchased shorts online for my 2 year old this summer and they were seriously almost booty shorts. I wouldn’t let her wear them out in public and actually I didn’t even like her wearing them at home.

  69. There is so much wrong with kids’ clothing these days, including the seriously extreme gender stereotypes that it reinforces! That’s why I started Jill and Jack Kids – a new social enterprise making kids’ clothes that go beyond pink and blue.

    If you haven’t already, you should check out Girls Will Be – one of their specialties is not-too-short shorts for girls!

  70. Thank you so much! I have to buy my daughter shorts with folded bottoms so that I can cut the stitches that hold the folded cuff up and unfold them to be a wearable length. They don’t need to fall to the knee but shorts for 5 year old should have 3-5 inch inseams not 1 inch. So glad that Target is listening!

  71. I like you only dress my daughter in shorts that are much closer to her knees than her bum. I just wanted to let you know I have found a pair or two at target, but they usually sell out too quickly. I don’t think they realize just how many parents care about this issue. I also wanted to let you know that I always buy her shorts (5t) at Kohls. I shop online as a result of not having a kohls close and I can always find Bermudas there. I think it is the only place I buy shorts. They are their store brand Jumping Beans. Thank you Kohls!

  72. In Kohl’s defense, my wife has shopped for our 3 daughters clothes from Kohl’s for the last 7 years. Although they do offer the crazy short shorts, their Jumping Beans line of clothes has always offered a huge selection of bermuda shorts, capris and modest length (just above the knee) skirts/scooters from infant through girl’s size 7. We have only ever bought their clothes from their because of this.

  73. Thomas Rice says:

    As a father of a daughter and a high school teacher, please add my disgust at the nature of Target’s girl clothes (indeed, girls’ clothes options in general). Fathers are paying attention, too.

    • Agree with PPs: second hand older leggings are thicker and not cut so narrow. I accidentally bought “skinny” leggings at at Carter’s for my 2 year old and they were so small, I had trouble getting her foot through the opening! Sweatpants that fit her height are too big in the waist. I don’t know how preschoolers even play in skinny jeans either?!? Cough..Gap

  74. Can you also go to bat with target for us plus sized ladies? They hate us. Apparently, they want to get rid of fat people and sexualize kids. Dang it, Target. All I want to do is give you my money. But I won’t if that’s what you’re going to give us.

    • I don’t have kids, but remember going shopping with my sister for my niece several years ago (2nd grade). Everything available was WAY too short (tops AND bottoms). And don’t get me started on plus size. I think pretty much ALL clothing manufacturers believe that plus size should either dress like we’re from the puritanical time or a fetish video. I do NOT want my belly hanging out. I don’t want to tuck my waist band under my fat. I also don’t want to wear a mumu. That seems to be the options. I now tend toward men’s cotton workout shorts and tanks bought online (only the LONGEST tanks I can find, thank you).

  75. My 6 year old refuses to wear jeans or jean shorts because they are so uncomfortable (read: tight in the wrong places.) She wears the boring cotton shorts so they don’t ride up. This is an awesome post and awesome that they are listening. Kudos to you!

  76. “Most precious assets”? So, their genitals. since these aren’t hats were talking about, you must mean their genitals. I mean I don’t like tiny shorts on children any more than you, but their brains are much more important, and saying that shorts cover their most precious assets takes you back to the middle ages.

  77. First off, let’s realize that Target isn’t the one MAKING most of their clothing. They merely sell it.

    Maybe you should take it up with the actual producers of the clothing…

  78. Yes! I love this and I totally agree! I did commit with a few suggestions on your new post, but I just wanted to add it here as well, the biggest one for me that you did not mention. I have a 6 year old daughter and every single pair of bottoms, shorts or jeans is so low cut! No child wants to worry about their crack or undies hanging out when they are playing! There is no need for all that ‘curviness’ in the clothes, because they have no curves yet lol

  79. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. I agree that there needs to be shorts that are a decent length. I love shopping at Target as well and will only be buying my daughter (only 2 months old) modest clothing as you talked about.

  80. You are crazy!! We’re not trying to turn our girls into boys yes girls clothes fit different than boys that’s normal! We do not want Target to change their clothes!! if you want Disney characters and bad fitting clothes for your daughter then shop at Walmart!! Leave target alone!!

    • You cannot be for real.

    • Wow… I feel for your kids.

    • Jenny, really? I love shopping at Target and I am a 35 yr/o woman. I also still cannot shop in the “woman” section. I try on their “junior shorts” and wonder how any parent would feel about seeing all four cheeks. Go try some on. If you have granddaughters, daughters, and/or nieces, you might not think that way.

  81. Andrea Bennett says:

    I totally agree! I have been yelling this same thing for years now! Here’s what I posted on Facebook in spring of 2013- “OK, here’s my “mom” rant of the day….what is up with the fashion industry?? It is nearly impossible to find a pair of shorts for my 17 year old that her butt cheeks don’t hang out of! 2 1/2″ is NOT an inseam people!! I’m no prude, I understand the young girls like the short shorts, but come on people, leave a little something to the imagination! And I’m not even going to get started with bathing suits….this year the theme is called “cheeky” that’s fashion speak for we are going to try and show as much of your rear as we can legally get away with. Is it too much to ask for manufacturers to make cute bikini’s that cover the butt?? Ugh…”

  82. While you are providing feedback to target, could you let them know about the reverse problem with boys clothing? I am not sure why they are designing shorts for little boys that are so long they are almost pants. Or some weird in between length. There is no reason why my skinny 3-yr old should be in 18minth shorts so that they end right at his knees. Thanks!

  83. Mary Coleman says:

    THANK YOU! I have bought boys clothes for my daughter because the tight, short clothes creep me out.

  84. More modest clothes are needed for girls of all ages as well as for teens and women. I would like to see Christmas and Easter dresses for young girls and teens that do not have spaghetti straps, are not low-cut, and are not super short. There are very few options for girls in the plus sizes for nice dresses, and there are very few options for girls for dresses once they hit age 7. How about some beautiful, modest, fancy, traditional red Christmas dresses for Christmas, and some pretty pink and white dresses for Easter? There is hardly anything for little girls that is modest past size 8, which some girls wear at age 5 or 6. What a shame! My little girls want to dress like little girls, not like they are at a cocktail party! The jeans and shorts are just awful! All of the jeans and shorts are just super-tight. I mostly get skirts for my girls to avoid this problem. Also, what happened to the slim, regular, and plus-size options for clothes? Everyone is subjected to super-skinny and tight clothes these days. A larger size doesn’t always give you the width that you need, and is often too long or too droopy in the front (in the case of a shirt or a dress). Also, boys need to have options for larger waisted sizes that are shorter. My son has a bigger waist, but the stores only offer smaller-waisted pants. Pants that fit in the length do not fit in the waist. What about children who are overweight? Let’s offer them some cute, attractive options for clothing. Also, we need to have more of a selection of cute clothes for boys. Boys should have the option of wearing light blue shirts and cute things past the 12 months stage. My son wore a size 4-5 when he was 2, and could no longer fit into the really cute stuff past the age of 12 months. Why is everyone in a hurry to put “adult-type” clothing on their little ones? There are such cute things for babies – why not market these things in the toddler and pre-school sizes as well, since there are a lot of big babies and big toddlers out there whose moms would still like to not have them wear orange and black skater shirts? Also, lets increase the dressy options for boys. How about some cute knickers for boys, argyle socks & some cute Irish laddie hats & shorts w/ suspenders? It’s so hard to find cute dressy outfits for boys. Everything is dark, with skulls and crossbones and ugly, violent characters. It is almost impossible to find nice sweater vests for a boy who is past the age of 5 or 5-14 age range?

    • Oh my goodness, Julie, you’ve read my mind! For the last 3 years, every time I take my 11yo daughter to the local JC Pennys (it’s that or Walmart in my little town), the only dresses available around Christmas or Easter are these ridiculous spaghetti strap and sequined monstrosities. My daughter is a pre-teen. The only dresses available in the pre-teen section make little girls look like they are either going to the prom, or are trying to look like mini street-walkers. And the training bra choices! My daughter doesn’t need a black, wired, padded bra- she doesn’t even truly need “cups” yet. Where can I find the little white, stretchy ones from my youth with the little flower in the middle? At least I can sew decent dresses for her, but why can’t stores stock dresses for little girls that LOOK like they’re for little girls?

      • I had to buy normal training bras for my daughter online……I think it was on Sears website that I finally found them on

  85. While we are at it, how about expanding the clothing options for people (women) who are not super skinny and offering them the same cute clothes that are offered for skinny-minnies? People who are not skinny minnies also need attractive clothing options. Ever notice how dresses are offered only up to a size 12 or 14, as if there is no one past that size who also wants that dress? Try finding pants that are past a size 14. The options are just really limited.

    • Try Lane Bryant, and if there is not one close to you, they are available online. The have well made clothes, accurate sizes, and several designs. (Plus more than half of their clothing options are dress clothes.) I don’t know how old you are, but I am 38 yrs old and they do NOT have “grandma style” fashions, which I find to often be an issue that carries plus sizes. They are up to date on most of their styles.

  86. Thank you for pointing this out.

    I am in tenth grade. And the only place I can find shorts longer than my underpants are skater shops and second-hand stores. Even then it’s hard.

    It’s surprising how many people don’t get it. They say blame the brand, not the store…but the store isn’t choosing to stock shorts with a decent length. I can’t find a skirt that not a mini, it’s a pain in the butt to find a dress that isn’t too tightly fitting, crazy short or see through.

    But stores aren’t stocking other options. That’s the point. Yes, some girls want to wear short skirts and shorts, but not every girl does.

    It’d be better if they offered both.

  87. Also at Old Navy they make “boyfriend” jeans in 5T!!! What the heck??

    • It’s just the name of the style. If you put your son in painters jeans, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna pick up a brush and go to town. And no one named Mary Jane ever wore your daughter’s shoes.

  88. Thank you for this post. I won’t buy my 6 year old daughter’s clothes at Target. I will pay more for Gymboree because Gymboree carries clothes that are clearly made for a girl. Every time I look at the girls clothes at Target, I end up disappointed and, frankly, disgusted.

  89. Could we also add skirts to the list? I would just like a skirt to fit my daughter without having to put tights or leggings under them. I have been buying nothing but ‘capris’ for my daughter, for that reason. Also means the selection of capris are pretty much the same. Perhaps the designers need to remove themselves from the runway and move themselves over to reality? And I’m happy to help you in your cause with them, just let me know.

  90. Yes! Ridiculously short shorts, body hugging fits, belly shirts and bikinis on my elementary aged daughter? No way! Quite frankly, I don’t want her wearing that crap when he’s in the jr sizes either. Last year Target had great swim suits with rash guard tops, but this year it was all bikinis. So disappointing.

    While we’re at it, wouldn’t it be freaking fabulous if the ladies shirts weren’t see thru thin?! No one needs to see my bra thru my shirt!!!

    • Totally agree! Let’s do away with the see-through things! That’s just the Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s embarrassing to see everyone’s underthings showing through and poking out. Let’s have some coverage with sleeves and such.

    • angie: bikinis for little girls are GREAT at the pool when potty training and using the restroom. so much easier to use. who cares what a kid looks like in a bikini — its the tweens/teens that get the attention. AND, although not preferred, thin shirts are CHEAPER to make than thicker. ITS all about the money for the big companies. complain all you want (and i have about the thin shirts), but they are making money and won’t change until NO ONE buys ALL over and people are willing to pay more.

      • I wish that was true! However, some people do care what a kid looks like in a bikini. Pedophiles go where the children go…because they are looking at/for children. Public pools, public beaches, public parks…It’s not just the tweens/teens getting the attention.

  91. My 12 month old had to wear 3T Target shorts, and they were still too tight and short – I totally agree with this! She is a 24 month in almost every other brand…We shouldn’t be able to see bulging diapers (freshly changed I might add) in babies, or private parts in older kids. My son’s shorts are borderline too long – such a double standard!

  92. It is not just children’s clothes. Even the women clothes run small. Which is why I do not shop for clothes at target.

  93. My biggest beef is they have sweet clothes for girls size 5T and under and then once they are out of the little girls they move into the “tween” look for the 5 year olds. I want my kindergartener, and first grader and so on to dress like a little girl. I LOVE the sweet little girl clothes and wish they made them in bigger sizes!

  94. Thank you so much for posting this. Sometimes I feel like the only one. I just had this conversation with a friend in frustration last night and woke this morning to read this article. This is one of the reasons I am learning to sew; I would rather develop the skills to create something my kids love and something that honors God and reinforces respect for yourself than buy something that does the opposite.

  95. I totally agree and am so happy so many people agree! Since we’re are all talking and “they” are listening can we talk a moment what happens to the cute clothes when girls grow out of toddler sizes? I love the toddler styles but rarely find things I love in the girls section.

  96. Can we address swim suits too please? My 8yr old really doesn’t need an it’s bity bikini….she needs something she can swim on without constantly hacking to ‘adjust’ or worry about the bottom slipping. Why is it so hard to find a swimsuit with coverage for a girl in grade school??!

  97. Dear Target … Your girl clothes up to 5t are generally adorable. I would love to see those styles for the big girls. Your big girls clothes look cheap and often slutty. The style of your designers often leaves much to be desired … they are trying too hard for girls xs – large.

    • Completely agree. And Target, if you are doing this because the crap you have on the shelf sells, you need to remember that when an option is not available without paying an arm and a leg then the comparative sales technique gives completely inaccurate information. There are very few places with appropriate clothing for girls, and it costs far too much given how fast kids grow.

  98. Love what you are doing! My soon to be 15 yr. Old daughter can’t even find shorts for the schools finger tip rule. It’s just ridiculous what is out there! Am grateful she is modest:)

    • The “fingertip rule” is outdated and needs to go. Fashions are shorter now.

      • Wow. So apparently a skirt or shorts that is only about 3in below my crotch is too long for you? Let alone my toddler? Um yikes. Its a guide for an idea of modest and frankly comfortable length to do normal activity and still keep my fat hiney covered.

      • May I ask who decided fashions are shorter now, especially for my pre-teen daughter? Even children have an inherent sense of personal decency and modesty. I am among many mothers who have witnessed their girls tugging at their skirts or shorts (that I reluctantly bought when they barely fit and now have shrunk despite my following the wash instructions) hoping they’d stay put. Aside from that, there are issues of comfort and practicality. My daughter isn’t wearing them on a fashion runway in Milan – she’s wearing them to a classroom and an elementary school playground. I don’t begrudge people who like the shorty-short style. (They are definitely cute at the beach, for example.) But I would like some options for covering my daughter’s lower half. To have a male say that styles have changed and just deal with it, THAT is outdated.

  99. Girls swimsuits! Why do they ALL Have to be soo skimpy? I dread every summer having to search for a couple weeks to be able to settle on something that I feel is not age appropriate for her, but it’s the best I could find.

  100. I woUps like to add that as a 20 year old that works in a professional environment my options are limited. I do not want to wear clothing from Anne Kline or such and I can not, will not, and hate the current styles for my age group that all looks like something not even a cheap prosit could wear and not feel degraded. I mean come on once we become a woman unless we are under 90lbs a 1in inseam flatters no one. I feel like having to pay in the 50$ range for a pair of shorts that that couldn’t pass as underwear, don’t show half of my butt, still fit correctly and have not fallen apart being washed twice is getting old. The jr clothing is target at younger and younger teens and the adults towards older or larger depending on the store, I can’t be the only person in the world that wears a 2 and needs my butt covered. -fed up not still a teen/not an adult

  101. My daughter is a Sophomore in high school and has the same trouble trying to find shorts with a longer inseam. Perhaps she is in the minority as a teenager, but she would prefer not to be that exposed either.

  102. kidsthesedays says:

    I absolutely agree with you about length of the shorts and want to add something about the girls’ shirts. The cap sleeves that are on most of them are entirely too short for girls hitting puberty. My 12-y.o. has underarm hair but is not yet comfortable shaving it every day. But, in a cap sleeve shirt, her armpit is completely exposed when she raises her hand in class. All it takes is one middle school “mean girl” taking notice for her to be teased relentlessly for the rest of the year. Girls have enough to worry about already. Just give them some freaking sleeves.

  103. Also need to do something about girls jeans. I searched 4 stores before I found a pair of jeans that arent skinny or superskinny jeans. My daughter hates them she wants jeans that are relaxed fit like her brothers but are still cute.

  104. I have never left a comment on a blog before, but this deserves the effort. Couldn’t agree more about everything, including how much I love Target and hope they make changes. I have thrown away shorts I bought there for my toddler because you could see her diaper from the leg hole sometimes even when standing. It’s not even worth handing down at that point. I buy t shirts there 2 sizes too big because 16 months it’s too young to wear a fitted-tee, no matter how cute the design. I would love to see changes that help me shop for her at Target with confidence.

  105. KateColleen says:

    I completely agree..I’m 21 years old and I’m pretty average size for a girl who’s 5′ 3″ and shopping and spending all my precious college kid money at Target.
    I RARELY buy shorts or even jeans from Target because those still fit funny even in the junior or women’s section–way too short and tight. I have to move up a few sizes whenever I buy Target pants or shorts. Often times when I move up a size, everything fits fine and then the waist is huge. Target has extremely cute clothing, but they need to get their sizing right!

  106. I wholeheartedly agree. As a mom of 3 teenager daughters I have to search high and low for modest options for my girls. Just a few weeks ago my 14 year old needed shorts for marching band practice. I went to Walmart and all they had were short shorts. It forced me to go to boys section and get the smallest size basketball shorts. I was also looking for track pants for her and the only options are tight yoga pants. Still looking and waiting. Very frustrated with the stores right now!!!

  107. I was going to get pictures taken of my 2 sons and my nephew at a Target photo studio. The three boys were supposed to wear white polo shirts & khaki shorts. However, my nephew didn’t have the right clothes. I went to the toddler department looking for khaki shorts, size 9 months. The boy side did not have many to choose from, so I thought I’d try the girl side. How different could khaki shorts be for 9 month old babies, right? Wrong! The girl shorts were AN INCH SHORTER! For NINE MONTH OLD BABIES!

    Thank you so much for addressing this issue. I want my sons to grow up and have girlfriends and wives who respect themselves & their bodies. But it is much harder to teach my sons to be respectful of girls, young ladies, and grown women if they are dressed in skimpy clothing.

  108. Thank for fighting the fight for all us moms who refuse to succumb to the hoochie mindset. Seriously, anyone who takes issue with your view is clearly just looking for an argument because there is just no justification for the butt cheeks of our girls hanging out for the world to see!

  109. My teenagers (17, 15) hate this too. We’ve definitely noticed this. My 15 year old wears athletic shorts. My 11 and 9 get frustrated with it too. Why are inseams so short?

  110. This was interesting because I have always felt that Target’s clothing runs BIG as opposed to small for my kids. However, I wholeheartedly agree with the length of shorts these days. My daughter is 8 and short for her age and it is still very difficult to find longer shorts. My general rule is fingertip length, but even that is hard to find. I do not usually buy pants/shorts for her at Target because they do not fit her well (not just length-wise), but I have had very good luck buying pants/shorts for her at Justice. They have long bermuda shorts that are relatively inexpensive and they actually fit her better in the waist than any other store I have tried (she is very thin). Justice does sell some very short shorts, but they offer other options as well, which I like. They can be somewhat expensive, but the quality of clothing is very good and they have good sales, too.

  111. It is about time we let the stores know that we have had enough of their trashy girls’ clothing!! I am thrilled that Target is taking this seriously!

  112. I appreciate this post so much. My daughter is just about to turn 4; this was the first summer I went to buy clothes and could not find appropriate shorts and dresses for her. There was a place for bermuda shorts, a much smaller selection than the short shorts but they were all sold out. Luckily some were still available online and I purchased a couple there. However, there was not a variety of colors to choose from, like there was for the short shorts; they were all pretty ugly except two.
    I also take issue with the low rise, you shouldn’t see like girls’ panties peeking out above their waist band. And don’t get me started on the dresses! Little girls don’t sit with their knees together, it would be nice to see some dresses that came down to her knees (instead of mid-thigh), and yes I still put shorts on underneath. We finally found a cute appropriate dress for a 3yr old at Children’s Place. If Target doesn’t change, I’ll keep going to other stores to buy her clothes; currently I don’t see any hope when looking in the girls section, where I’ll have to buy her clothes next year.

  113. THANK YOU! I have noticed the same thing over the past couple of years. My daughter is 10 now, and I want to keep her a “kid” for as long as possible.

  114. I absolutely hate with any retailer that the clothes go from cute and modest for girls to slut wear. I don’t want my 8yo walking around with letters on her butt, I don’t want her shirts skin tight fitted, I still want her skirts to be skorts, not to mention if they are going to make skirts for 8yo’s that short, they need something under it.

  115. Oh, how I wish I could get Target & Kohls to listen to me regarding boys’ clothing be so violent and/or sarcastic. Always violent; skulls, weapons, mass chaos of something of another creating the idea of fighting. I refuse to allow my boys (I only have boys) to wear clothing that has skulls, fighting, weapons of any sort. And the sarcasm shirts such as: “No one likes you” re: homework or “I have an attitude problem”. It is becoming more & more of a problem as my oldest hits the tween yrs. Thank you for caring on that the young girls of society must be valued & respected. Maybe we can also focus on not encouraging violence via humor on our young men so they know how to treat women & themselves as they get older.

  116. Thank you. I shop at many stores looking for appropriate shorts for my girls. I have an 8 year old and a 2 year old. It’s redicoulos. I can’t find a Bermuda or bike shorts for them, since they are always sold out. Hello Target, Kmart, Kohls, Walmart, everyone. … we don’t want to dress our girls like sluts. When that is the only clothes available, we set a standard.

  117. I remember seeing a 2 piece bathing suit for a toddler and the top was padded! WTH?

  118. Anthropogenie says:

    I’m glad someone is writing about this. Target has gone downhill for bigger girl’s clothing in general as well. It’s all polyester now– not just too short but cheap and inappropriately stripper-bar looking. We used to be able to get shirtwaist cotton dresses under the Cherokee label– beautiful stuff– but are now forced to buy old lots of these clothes on Ebay, though these appear more and more rarely now. Maybe it’s the economy or it might be the ban on dangerous overseas clothing manufacturing facilities. In that case, I wish there was an effort to reproduce the old classic cotton clothing sustainably.

  119. as a high school teacher I can attest to the fact that these short shorts will continue to be an issue. Only the stick shaped girls at my school are able to avoid the booty spillage that is occurring daily. These girls are buying what is available, however. As a mother of a 14 year old I can support their argument. They simply design shorts that are too short for any girl/woman. That boy short undies are too long to wear under these shorts should prove that there’s something wrong here. Rarely you can find Bermuda shorts but why can’t they make shorts in the middle of the booty and Bermudas? They used to exist. I wore them. After three kids, the only shorts I can wear without problems used to be my jeans that I have cut to survive the Arizona summer heat. Little girls and teens should have some choices and there just aren’t any. It isn’t right.

  120. Let’s compare apples to oranges shall we :). All stores carry their “own” brand and name brands. Each fit differently for every individual. To “target” one store is crazy. Especially blogging on social media thinking you’ll be heard. All you’re doing is compiling your followers to believe in what you believe and it makes you feel better. Wanna know what works? Call the corporate offices of the stores you so loathe but shop every day between the Wiggles and Adventure Time. 🙂

  121. Christiane says:

    I’m just adding on to the end of this, haven’t read all the comments, but it’s not just the length of the shorts, it’s the maturity of the girls’ clothing in general. I have dressed my 4 1/2 year old almost exclusively in Circo and Cherokee from Target since she was born, I love the clothes and the price. The toddler girls’ clothes at Target are flat out adorable. But my daughter is in 5T now, so I ventured over to the girls’ department to see what was ahead for us and almost had heart attack. The bathing suits are something I’d expect to see on a college coed on spring break. The shorts are all Daisy Dukes (as previously stated). There are some cute dresses and tee shirts, but I’m really worried about being able to keep shopping at Target because I will not dress my sweet little girl like a teenager for kindergarten. I was warned about this clothing shift from other moms with older girls, but it really hit home in the store. I know Target is not the only offender, but it’s where I like to shop so hopefully they start making some “younger” clothes for little girls.

  122. If you think your daughter’s vagina is her most precious asset, your kids have much bigger problems than ill-fitting clothes.

    • I said the same thing! !!

    • THANK YOU for using proper anatomical terminology (in addition to your main point as well). Cutesy nicknames for body parts is just plain creepy. Let’s call a spade, a spade, and a vagina, a vagina.

      • Hillary do you also mean referring to breasts as “boobs” and vulvas as “vaginas” — Oh wait, you just did that. Because the vagina is internal and can not be viewed from the outside. You’re obviously talking about the vulva. And no, the entire genital area of a female is not one giant “vagina.” (Even though millions of men think so.)

    • Kelly I believe she wrote “Because all we want to do is continue spending money at your store without exposing our daughters’ precious assets”

      I do not see the word “most” there anywhere, do you?

  123. Donna Lukens says:

    This is not a new problem…I made most of my daughter’s clothing as she grew up during the Madonna fashions of the late 80’s! Elastic waist shorts, leggings and skirts are super easy to make in modest lengths. Basic sewing machines are not costly. There is a sense of accomplishment when we make sure that our girls dress age appropriately. God bless you as you all endeavor to raise your princesses of God.

  124. I had the same issue with the boy’s clothes there. I bought a pair of basketball type shorts and the were smaller than the pair I was replacing.

  125. Agree 100% it’s hard to find shorts anywhere that are long enough. When I was a teen, being I am pretty young that wasn’t very long ago, it was already becoming near impossible to find longer shorts (without buying grandma shorts). It’s even harder now! I don’t want my 3 year old to have half her butt hanging out, but I also don’t think that our kids should have to substitute style for length. I’ve seen so many shorts for her that I think are amazingly adorable but I didn’t buy them because they are too short. I think this should be put out to all stores

  126. Every brand is different on sizing. Target has no control over that. If you don’t like the clothes shop elsewhere. Geez there are more important things to blog over than the size of childrens clothing. Make your own if its an issue or other brands. Never in my life did I think these woukd become our major issues.

  127. Leslie Stalls says:

    Boys’ clothes at target are also sized small in the toddler dept. Shirts too. But I agree. Skirts, skorts, etc at target and walmart are wayyyyy too short and I wish they carried just cute, modest, solid colored mix and match clothing.

  128. Brooke Stokes says:

    Thank you! My 8 1/2 year old wears a medium, and is thin with very long legs. I can’t buy her shorts at Target because they do not meet the fingertip rule (not even close) and if i size up they are too big even with the adjustable waist. I would love to see target make some changes (not to mention Justice and Kohls). Thanks for bringing this to their attention!

  129. sounds to me like this women is just bitch just wanting attention she should of said what she had to say instead of making this long to do about the product for kids i love target she just needs a reason for having people give her attention

  130. Malinda O. says:

    My daughters are tiny for their age .. Skinny w/ skinny legs & no hips! So that’s the reason I shop at Target because they fit my daughters perfectly. I hope they don’t change their sizes because it’s the only place I can find clothes to fit my girls! Everyone else can shop at 100 different stores but not the moms with small framed girls

  131. Thank you so much for posting this. My 5 year old wears a Target size 7/8 (sometimes a 10 depending on the style). Their clothes just aren’t realistically designed. It’s frustrating because I buy everything else there, but I have to make a trip to the mall to buy my daughter’s clothes.

  132. Cherokee brand as a rule are very small. To make matters worse, they shrink horribly. I stopped buying Cherokee long ago.

  133. Amen! It’s not limited to just little girls. My 17 yr old daughter has had this issue for years!! Dresses and shorts would not pass the finger tip length. Not to mention dresses (dances, Holiday) would show her rear if she bend over. Tops she has to wear tanks underneath because the front is to revealing…I mean a basic stylish T-shirt? Come on! If we wanted our teenage daughter to dress revealing I’d shop at DEB or Vanity. It’s not just Target, Kohl’s, JCPenny, May and etc. Retail stores everywhere. 🙁

  134. I’m sorry, but I just scrolled through all of these comments and had to laugh! Everyone is sitting around whining about the clothing selection at Target?! First off, if it is so bad, why do you shop there…just stop. Targets objective, I’m sure, is not to make children sexy, come on people! Can you imagine them sitting around trying to figure out what the latest fads are, and thinking “hmm, let’s make little kids look sexy this season”…doubtful! Target has some things that I wouln’t buy for my daughter….ok, no big deal, it’s my decision to buy or to not buy. Target also has some cute and stylish clothing that I love, and will buy. STOP WHINING AND SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE, TARGET IS NOT FORCING YOU TO BUY THEIR STUFF!!

    • Thank you. My guess is that Wal-Mart’s customer base is heavier and less fashionable than Target’s. Perhaps that’s where the complainers should shop.

  135. I could not agree more!! We are a Christian family, and we will not let our 5 year old wear these new “booty” shorts, any more than we intend to let her wear them when she is 16! I have such a hard time finding clothing appropriate for our girl – shirts are cut too tight, and shorts too short. What saddens me most is that most people don’t seem to complain – they have accepted the status quo. One can only assume that if things keep “progressing” as they are, by the time my girl is 16, marketed shorts will resemble g-strings. Thanks for your blog post. And thanks to Target for hearing us!

  136. I agree totally with this…but the problem is not just target…not only are sizes too small but no matter how cute you think your child is….having her diaper hanging out the bottom of shorts because they are way too short is not cute. At all. I always end up buying my daughter boys shorts a. They offer full coverage and b. They offer more protection of her legs when she falls

  137. Target’s clothing sins are not limited to the preschool set. Take a look around the plus size department–IF you can find it. Somewhere, sequestered in the furthest, most inaccessable part of the store you will find two or three racks labeled ‘Women’ (as if the only women who shop in Target are size 2X and higher). If you can find this department you will be overwhemed by the lack of style, cut, fabric or construction demonstrated by every garment on view.

    Please note, Target does NOT discriminate between the larger and smaller sizes MEN wear. Larger and smaller sizes are displayed together. If a 2X man finds a small size shirt he likes, he just has to look a bit further in the same pile or on the same rack and he will find the same style shirt that will fit him.

    It may come as a shock to the buyers for Target’s ‘Women’, but we like stylish cute clothes too! We work. We have money. We like the Target shopping experience just as much as the size sixes do. We just want the same respect. If they want to know what plus size women want to wear all they have to do is look at EVERY OTHER CLOTHING DEPARTMENT IN THE STORE.

  138. Thank you! I also agree that girls shorts need to be longer. My daughter is now 14 and 5’8″. As an active kid she wanted shorts that she could run, play and feel comfortable in and for years we have struggled to find shorts that fit those requirements. Even athletic shorts are super short for girls. Pre-teen and teenage girls have enough problems dealing with self image, why add to it? We struggle finding appropriate length shorts but when we do, we buy several pairs. Thank goodness for Hydraulic Jeans – Bermuda length! Keep up the good work and let’s see some changes!

  139. You are a woman after my own heart. I could not agree more! I put so much effort into finding and choosing appropriate clothes for my daughter. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find clothing that isn’t skin tight or leaves her butt hanging out!

  140. last time i was in target, the employees were very rude. the cashier did not even speak to us. two other employees came up and the three of them had an irrelevant conversation amongst themselves. when we said “thank you,” they completely ignored us and kept talking and laughing.
    this does not only piss me off as a customer but also as a retail employee.
    i was trained in my company never to talk to other employees while with a guest, unless it’s urgent or about the transaction or item.
    nowhere you go is a safe haven full of perfect employees. realize that, first of all.
    second of all, if you have a 2 year old who usually wears a 2T, you should notice when looking at a 5T that it is smaller than it should be.. otherwise you’re just an idiot. so here’s a second tip.. if you notice that then don’t buy it or buy one that looks her size. if you are an idiot and don’t notice, there’s this neat thing called a return. or – shocker – even an exchange.
    you’re an avid target shopper, so it’s given that you will be back in the store before their return policy states that you can no longer return an item.
    so take the damned thing back, suck it up, and find something else.. or go somewhere else.
    i wear medium t-shirts but guess what? some mediums fit like a small on me and i have to go with large. some even fit bigger and i either keep it because i don’t mind or take it back for a small.

    if you’re gonna bitch over this kind of shit, maybe you should stop shopping for your kid’s clothes and invest in a sewing machine.

    • I’m pretty sure the Master’s degree that I earned while on a full academic scholarship negates random internet comments insulting my intelligence, but I could be wrong about that. It wasn’t that the shorts were cut wrong, it’s that they really make shorts that short. I guess you probably didn’t see the follow up where I went into Target with a tape measure. But, for anyone who is interested, I actually do sew quite a few of my daughters’ clothes. Check out these posts:

    • Wow, Monica. For someone complaining about other people being rude, you certainly have no problem exhibiting the same kind of behavior.

    • Jesus, Monica, for someone who is so upset at employees being rude, YOU are displaying the same behavior. How can YOU be so mean when you’re complaining about the same behavior that YOU were shown??? What a hypocrite. Why not try reading the followup Stephanie posted before calling her an ‘idiot’.

  141. As a mother of two girls, completely agree!! I don’t want to look at my girls’ lady bits, and I don’t want pervs looking at them either. The sexualization of children is not cute. There should not even BE bikinis for anyone under high school age, let alone daisy dukes, mini skirts, and jackets/shirts/pants with words like “tease” and “flirt” on them. I’ve given up on retail clothing. We shop secondhand and have nice wardrobes for a fraction of retail cost. Swimming attire is one thing we do buy new, but we have to really dig to find ones with good coverage.

  142. YES!!! When my daughter was an infant I bought some end-of-season sale shorts from Children’s Place. I loved the color and the style (and they were $1.24 a piece), so I bought the same shorts in 18mo, 3T and 5T. They arrived, with the right labels sewn in – and all three pairs of shorts were the EXACT same size. Same length, same waist, everything.

    Besides modesty, this upsets me even more when buying swim cloths. At the beach I am not worried about my 3-year old looking sexy, I am worried about skin cancer. So can we please cover up that skin?!

  143. I think the ideologic shift to sexualizing the innocent is shocking. I’m sure Target believes they just following the trend, but they need to realize that they hold some responsibility. I will not participate in this trend in the least.

  144. I totally agree that the discrepancies and differences between girls and boys clothing, whether it be size, colour, or “content” is deplorable! However, I have a different experience than you on one point you mention: I find that pants, shorts, skirts, (boys or girls, as I have one of each) are way to big (wide at the waist) in relation to length. If I want a pair of pants to fit my son at the waist, they will no doubt be “capri” length on him. My almost two-year-old daughter is still wearing 9 month old leggings – even with cloth diapers! So, I just can’t get on board with your argument there, because that is not my experience with two kids in the above 90 percentile in height and 10th percentile in weight! I just think it’s f-ed up that everything – clothes, books, toys – needs to be categorized into “boy” and “girl” in such overt ways. We sexualize our girls and define gender roles before they can even form a sentence on their own, it seems! Good on you to raise this topic to a level where you are being heard.

  145. I gave up on Target. I have a daughter with special needs. Her clothing needs are simple – coverage. No deep v necks, long enough to cover her waist without tugging down, no short shorts because she can’t fix them if they ride up. I bought her clothes at Target almost exclusively until the styles got so revealing that they are neither comfortable nor decent for her.

    You don’t realize how sexualized girls’ clothing is until you try to put prevailing styles on a girl with special needs…I was seeing this stuff on my nieces and whatever without really noticing. But putting my daughter in anything like prevailing short/low/tight clothing makes me realize that store buyers’ choices (and, let’s face it, what people buy) are packing pre-pubescent girls in uncomfortable, unflattering, and sexualized attire. It’s really hard to avoid. She wears a lot of boys’ shorts. And, newsflash, girls like functional pockets, too.

    • I don’t buy clothes at Target because they are ill fitting and do not maintain their shape after a few washings. They are definitely cute on the rack…the quality is just not there for me. That being said…I just read a few other posts. Stephanie-I do not believe you are an idiot. You are a loving mother who has accomplished enormous things and proven herself a leader in the blogging community. So sorry that others lack in character and take it out on you.

  146. I also find it annoying that diapers sag right out the leg hole because the shorts are so short. Was never a problem with my boys, but man!

  147. I have noticed how short and tight little girls shorts are being made lately just when I’ve been shopping for my toddler son. .. my thought was the diaper is just gonna stick out!

  148. I do not have a daughter but when I am at Target buying clothing for my son (in the measly boys department because 70% of the baby and toddlers clothes are for the girls-but we can save that the boys get short changed on this til later) I did notice that some of the girls shorts were very short. I also noticed in the bigger girls department that they are incredibly short.
    I was wondering has anyone held up next to each other a pair of same size shorts same brand from target but one being a girls and one being a boys. I get the girls are made with girl colors and have bows and ruffles, etc… but I would think design eliments aside they should be the same size. I was just curious if anyone has looked in to that. Next time I am there I am going to have to check it out.

  149. Interesting to read through many of these comments. My 4 year old owns 3 pairs of shorts, and 2 of them are just for playground modesty. Never had a problem with the length of the dresses. Maybe try letting your girl dress like a girl, even if she plays hard (like mine).

    • Define “like a girl.” Last I checked, it was not 1950 and girls weren’t required nor expected to wear dresses and bobby socks all the time. I guess you never wear pants since you want to dress like a woman.

  150. This blog post made an excellent point about modesty for young girls, not trying to make young girls appear older than they are, and the frustration of parents when trying to find clothing to fit correctly for their daughters. I have had the best luck with children’s consignment stores. When I can’t find what we’re looking for there, I do tend to look at Lands End or LL Bean. But it is a lot more expensive…but have you seen the SWIMSUITS for young girls in Target and other stores?! That was the last straw. Yes, the LE swimsuit was $40 instead of $15 but it is a ONE PIECE that covers my 7 yo and looks cute, not a two piece that looks like it belongs on a 20-something.

  151. Crazy 8’s! Lots of Bermudas and modest skirts and dresses! For all shapes and sizes. And very well priced. The quality is long lasting as well

  152. My oldest daughter is nearly four and I am terrified as we move away from the toddler section and into the “girls” clothing. The lengths, cuts and overall styles are horrifying. Why does a 4, 5, or 6 year old have to make the jump from cute to sexy? I have learned to buy my little girls shorts elsewhere (kohl’s has fabulous bermuda shorts for little girls), but hesitate to buy ANYTHING from the girls section of Target for many of the same reasons mentioned here by other moms.

  153. Danielle Fink says:

    I could not agree more…. however, this is not just at Target. It is everywhere. I cannot tell you how hard of a time I have buying shorts for Cassidy in the warm months. It seems like the only shorts that are targeted for her age group are the sports shorts… you know the one with the material used for jerseys. I want her to have an assortment of shorts to wear but usually she ends up with one or two really nice pairs and the rest are play clothes. They make clothes for girls ages 3T-18 like they would for a woman selling her assets. Seriously. I told Cassidy one day when she wore a pair that was gifted to her that I didn’t want to see her in those again. When she asked me why, I told her because I didn’t want to see her Hiney!!!! Don’t even get me started on the fact that it is extremely hard to buy a one piece bathing suit for a girl

  154. I shop at Target for my 4 year old and all the clothes fit her just fine. I have a hard time trying to get clothes true to size for my daughter because everything falls off her waist. She has the whole pop belly thing going so most shorts/pants fall low on her waist line. So Circo and Cherokee have actually been great for me. I think it’s just all on how your child is built. Everyone is different. Like for me, old Navy pants fit weird on me but Express fit me perfectly. Therefore I don’t shop for pants at Old Navy, I buy them where the pants fit. I think the same goes for everyone else on here including the original post….if it doesn’t fit to your needs then shop somewhere else. There are so many other places you can look at to buy your child clothes! You can’t please everyone although some people think the world should. I’m pretty sure Target is not going to change the way the make clothes for a couple hundred complainers. And I really hope they don’t. Majority of my house holds clothes come from Target and we love it all. So Target….if you’re listening PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not change a thing!

  155. As a 1st grade teacher I applaud your efforts. Too often we see young girls who cannot sit on the floor or play on the playground without exposing too much skin. Teachers are asking girls to hitch up the back of their pants as well as cover up elsewhere. It is time the clothing industry starts responding with appropriate coverage for girls. In the meantime, it is essential for parents to purchase clothing that covers. Corporate America will respond to the almighty dollar.

  156. Ryane Sheffield says:

    I have been appalled by the undergarments at Target!! Padded bras and bikini underwear for a 10yr old!! What happened to the cute little white cotton training bras with a bow in the middle? I love targets oshkosh genuine kids line for little girls, but now that my daughter is older I am less than impressed with crop sweaters that hang off the shoulder. I find myself spending more at the children’s place because their clothes are much more appropriate.

    • I agree – why is a young 11 year old being encouraged to show her shoulders? For those moms who are teaching and promoting sexualization and objectificiation of your daughters in the name of racy, short, and tight clothing, even at very young ages, think about what you are teaching her. Freedom of expression is just a code phrase for not respecting one’s body and tempting predators to look at them and go after them. Why would you want to put your child on display for a predator? Imagine if your child’s clothing choice was the impetus for a predator to hurt your child. How would you feel about your child’s clothing choices then? You can say that people need to respect women and girls all you want, but just be aware that racy, tight clothing encourages predators and excites their feelings and provides an immense temptation to them. Why encourage that? There is no freedom in being abused, in being hurt, in being kidnapped. Protect your girls. Give them proper coverage. There is no freedom in being a victim of sexual abuse.

      • We unfortunately have grown women showing up in churches across the country hell bent on showing off their bodies as much as possible at Mass, service and weddings. One would think this would not be an appropriate venue for such selfish displays, but there you go. Pretty much no one covers their arms or shoulders, and if you watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress, women deliberately (and men as well) want to show all their friends, family, priest, altar kids and God their breasts so we can all become either sexually excited or she can feel worshipped. It’s nuts. So incredibly selfish. Why men would want to be showing off their future wives like that is actually disgusting. It turns into a spectacle of me me me. Look at me, look at me. It’s not about a wedding (where two people actually are marrying each other), it is just about the bride and “her day.” It’s gone way too far. P’nina Tornay “dresses” are basically lace and garters. It’s more like wearing a wedding night negligee to the wedding.

        I was at church once and the teen girl in front of me had to keep yanking at her super tight club pants to keep her crack covered. Is it so hard to present yourself properly when at church?

    • And why do little kids even have bikini underwear??? WHY?

  157. I agree all of the shorts need to be longer for all girls! As a conservative christian Mom too, I feel like clothing needs to change. I also have a love for target, but, it’s hard finding clothes that fits super tall and super skinny 7 year old girl. I have three younger girls following in her footsteps too! In my opinion, I love that they have characters and colors for both sexes – as my girls love tmnt and other shows alike just as much as my one (and only) son. With saying that, my 7 year old daughter needs the super skinny and boot it’s that are skinnier with they adjustable waist because that is the only ones that actually stay on her without falling down. And the shirts that are more fitted too. BUT, I also recognize my child isn’t the only one who should be recognized here, I also agree that for all girls they need to base their “general” sizes not based on super models, because that’s -even in my mind as a mom of a super skinny daughter(she eats a ton I promise you)- not right. I my figure was and is not like hers. Not even my 7 year old is allowed to wear targets Jean shirts because of how short they are. I’ve found(on sale for like $2 and under last fall) at JC Penney that are conservative shorts that I have bought for my girls that fit them so they don’t fall off. So it needs to change altogether! I did buy two shirts from target(tmnt and another brand) that were long enough and true to fit my daughters size(my 7 year old) so I will
    Say that is nice to see! But shorts have to change for a lot of stores. Thank you to Tarhet for listening to this Mom and the rest of us, it’s so refreshing to see that you actually care enough to want our input instead! Hopefully Target starts a new trend when it comes to this sort of issue 🙂


  158. My daughter is only 12m and I just kept her in leggings because target shorts are so short her diaper is longer than the shorts it’s ridiculous

  159. It is very frustrating that when you have to go to misses or women’s for you teenage daughter as well. I still have a hard time finding things to cover her up. I personally only wear Capri pants now because I don’t feel I can get enough coverage for myself either. My niece who has very long legs gets talked to all the time when she has the same exact shorts on the her shorter legged friends wear but they never get talked too. PLEASE Target add some length across the board to toddlers, children’s, teens and women’s.

  160. Thus, the reason I take my daughter’s pants from the previous year and cut them into shorts. It is so sad that we cannot find any longer shorts at the stores. If I had bought my daughter shorts or skirts like that for school, she would be sent home everyday with a dress code violation.

  161. I totally agree with you! I have an 11 year old daughter who is tall and slender. Finding shorts to fit her that don’t look like a diaper is impossible! I would love to be able to find things that are both acceptable for school and home. She has to wear jeans and capris most of the time due to lack of shorts being in the proper length. I hope all stores take note of this and make changes!

  162. Thank you target for listening!!! I have three girls and only buy shorts that come to the knee and skirts that pass the knee. Can wait to spend money at your store.

  163. Yes! I totally agree! I have been resorting to going to secondhand children’s stores to find shorts that are modest enough and pants that aren’t skin-tight. I stopped by the Target girls section the other day and I can honestly say there wasn’t one thing that I saw for her that was appropriate (she’s 4). I am also a loyal Target shopper but would appreciate a change in this dept.

  164. Thank you a million times thank you!!!

  165. Rhonda Fritz says:

    Try having a boy. I have a VERY limited selection to choose from when shopping for my toddler. Often I will only find one shirt that’s even his size to buy him and it’s usually baseball (which I don’t like). Yet the girls section cosists of the entire area with boys things hidden in the middle. Does target not realize that thier target market does in fact give birth to boys?

    • I agree. How about some more options for cute and dressy boys’ clothing without all of the characters and logos – cute polos for boys with cute overalls and cute knickers & newspaper boy hats & cute vests, ties & suits? Why can’t boys have cute options as well?

    • Stephanie Pierson says:

      Agreed – apparently in boy land it has to have a train, dinosaur, football, or cartoon character or else it’s a solid color or a simple stripe. Give us more options for boys. I always loved shopping for my daughter (even with the issues mentioned in this post), but shopping for my boy feels more like a chore. If you don’t have the money to buy the entire Gap ensemble that they’ve layered together in the catalog, then your options are limited.

  166. I love that you wrote this and that Target is listening. It’s not just the stores you mentioned though, this seems to be the way that girls fashion is going and it’s awful. My 10 yr old has to wear juniors cloths or XL girls because everything is so tight an short, she has learned that jeggings must be worn with long shirts or skirts. Skirts must be worn with leggings and I have to search high an low for burmuda shorts because anything else is too short.

  167. I’m a mom. I’m also a photographer. And I can tell you I cannot STAND shopping for clothes for my 4 yr old. She’s in that ackward stage between a 4T and a 5T/XS and looking at summer clothes…. Well I just let her dresses and skirts stay a size 4T and bought leggings or similar to put on underneath because everything, everywhere, was too darn short or ‘girl targeted’. Seriously?! My favorite colour is green, my husbands is purple and our daughter LOVES rainbows. Why can’t we find clothes for her in blue, purple, green, or even gray without it looking like someone puked a weird ombre of pink across it? And let’s not even get started on the fact my daughter loves Spiderman and TMNT as well as Frozen! Seriously. Give each side of the kids an actual choice and quit marking prices up according to which side of the fence it sits. UGH!

  168. sunshine'smom says:

    My daughter was a preemie that soon grew to be in the 90th percentile for size. Lots of Soy later she is an 11 year old that started developing at 7. She now wears a 36C bra and adult size 8 in clothing. (Yes, her bras do cost $25 and up.) She is 5′ 3″ so she outgrew the childrens dept years ago. So has her recently 10 friend who though not developed or overweight outgrew kids clothes a year ago. I mention all this so that you understand that my daughter isnt fat, but is bigger than what we use to consider the average 11 year old. We are recently learning that girls we thought were 16 that are similar in height and weight are actually around 11 or 12, just like she is.

    Nevertheless, we experienced the short shorts, the low cut shirts, skinny jeans in toddler sizes, off the shoulder shirts etc. Target isnt the only offender. These problems are prevalent in all the stores that sell childrens clothes even the ones that specialize in just childrens apparel like Justice and Children’s Place to name just a couple.

    We experience the same problems in Juniors. I am not a prude. My tween is not an exhibitionist nor is she conservative. Like all tweens, she wants to look cute. She wants to be fashionable and wear the things her friends are wearing. Our solution is that she can try everything she likes and then together we decide if it fits appropriately. I most often approve and she most often dissaproves. Clothes shopping is torture for both of us. It takes forever to find clothes that she feels comfortable in. She usually ends up choosing what I call old lady shirts that don’t show any cleavage.

    Halloween Costumes for teens are another rant. Most of the teen costumes are way too sexy for teens! We end up sewing in a piece or sewing up the clevage.Wearing a dress like a shirt, adding a skirt under the skirt or substituting a different top or bottom after spending forty or fifty something dollars on a premade costume. Boy I wish I paid attention when my aunt was trying to teach me to sew!

    We make the choices about what our girls wear. There’s no need to buy miniature adult clothing for our 3 year olds. Just because its sold in their size does not mean we need to buy it. Stop buying it and they’ll be forced to stop selling it! As consumers we have power! We need to exercise it!!!

    Short shorts that show my 11 year old’s cheeks are a no no. Yes she should have the freedom to wear them if she’d like. However, the reality is that there are inherent dangers in todays world that would put her at risk for unwanted male attention and attention from sexual predators. Clothes that sexualize young girls- especially young girls like my daughter that developmentally look like women- make it didifficult for some to understand whether theyre looking at a child or woman. Its an excuse admittedly, but not a chance I can afford to take with my only girl!!!

  169. I don’t like buying my shorts at Target because all of the shorts I find are super short. I end up getting the 3 inch shorts from Old Navy. Target keeps a certain length on their shorts and just adjusts the waistband in bigger sizes.

  170. On your follow up post, you had mentioned going to Kohl’s as well. I have found that the Jelly Bean line they sell there DOES offer Jamaica length shorts for kids – they also do shorty shorts – but at least there are OPTIONS! I find I need to go to consignment shops to find anything affordable that my kids are ALLOWED to wear to school!

  171. THANK YOU so much for this! My very tomboyish daughter (now almost 13) has for years now worn boys shorts and jeans for the very reason you called out. We started buying boys clothing for her when she was a toddler because 1) they fit better 2) they lasted longer 3) they were more affordable. Like other commenters, we’ve bought many things via Lands End and LL Bean just because they were more modest and durable than just about anything we saw at Target or Kohls. (And btw – KMart sells sturdier brands like Wrangler (for jeans/shorts) and Joe Boxer, a big hit with us for socks.)

  172. I’m not a parent but it has bothered me how skimpy they make clothes for little girls. I read the follow-up post before this one and let me tell you, it only gets worse. As a 23 year old woman who isn’t “stick slim” by any stretch of the definition it is SO HARD to find shorts in between the style shown above and bermuda shorts that will actually cover my behind. Your daughter’s too young for this store now, but American Eagle Outfitters (which is more expensive than target unfortunately 🙁 ) has a style called “midi” shorts that have a longer inseam without going all the way to the knee that I think would be helpful in basing Target’s future styles on. Hope that helps 🙂

  173. They’re shorts folks, they’re supposed to be short. Maybe I’m the exception to this topic because I’ve never had this problem with my average height/weight size 4T daughter. Most of her wardrobe is from Target, dresses, shorts, shirts, pants…everything. She plays, she jumps, she bends without any ‘precious assets’ being shown to the world. Perhaps just stick to the brands of clothing that fit your children or wear pants.

  174. My husband and I had this problem. When our daughter was born we purchased gender neutral. When she began to toddle we went to the girls department and we noticed the clothing was just not as sturdy. We went to the boys department and bought shorts and jeans and white tees and sweaters. The girls stuff was just lighter in weight and fragile. She is now 13 and we still head over to the boys department. Somehow the girls hoodies are lighter in weight, falls apart easily and are shrunken?!?! Boys feel cozier, heavier and last a ton longer. When summer shopping we noticed a ton of shorts at various stores called “shorty shorts”. It was beyond ridiculous. We eventually found some 5 inch inseam, some Bermuda and we cut some old jeans into shorts. She loved them. I want to know who took the poll that it was ok to sexualize our girls? When did that become ok? We are certainly not prudish as a family but come on.

    • I think they might be stealing the fabric to make boys shorts extra long!. I find i have to roll the waist bands up so my son’s don’t trip up when their”shorts” look like baggy pants. However I’m glad i have this problem instead of having to deal with”hoochie” fashion as my only choice for girls.

  175. Bravo to you! I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. And I get tired of how so many brands are sexualizing little girls clothes. Case in point: I ordered some pants for my 6 yr. old son off of an online second hand clothing store. When they came I realized that they were actually little girls pants that they had accidentally listed with the boys clothing. I had him try them on in hopes that maybe they wouldn’t look that bad and I could avoid the hassle of sending them back. Was I ever wrong! I was appalled at how differently they fit him! They were snug around his rear end and cut in such a way that they very much accented it. These were pants that were made for 6 yr olds! It was a total eye opener and something I keep discovering over and over as I try to find clothes for my 2 yr. old daughter.

  176. I don’t have children, but I have all but stopped wearing shorts because I cannot find what I wanted in WOMEN’S to wear, they are all too short! I don’t consider myself an overly modest person, but my thighs are one of my problem areas, and I like to have them covered. I can’t imagine what it is like shopping for young children and having similar issues!

  177. #fatpeopleproblems

  178. I love this post. My 16 year old daughter has the same problem. She doesn’t want shorts that are so short, she wants shorts that fit and can handle her active life without exposing herself. These are hard to find.
    We have to do better for our daughters and give them better clothing options.

  179. Maureen Stowell says:

    Clothing is an issue but I disagree that target does not carry decent modest clothing. I buy the regular waist, Cherokee jeans for my daughter there. You don’t have to chose the low rise, you can go to the stack right next to those and pick up the regular rise. I have also never found an issue with their sizing. They sell the baby hooker clothes, all the stores do because that is what parents now buy. The power of the dollar. Everyone’s image of modesty is different, My girls wear clothing with full coverage, but there is no way that I would put them in shorts down to their knee or below. They are uncomfortable. I would not wear them, why would I expect them too. Daisy dukes are too short but mid thigh or slightly higher is just fine. Parents who allow the daisy dukes and the skirts so short the kids are constantly tugging at them are the problem. Stop buying them, they will stop selling them. TO me the bigger issue is the difficulty finding shoes that don’t look like they belong on a hooker on a street corner. But again, parents buy them so they sell them. Children do not need and should not wear high heels. They also can not be in sneakers or sandals all of the time. What happened to flats? Mary Janes? even saddle shoes? boots with no heel?

  180. We’ve stopped buying most of our girl clothes from Target for the same reason. The shorts are just too short and my 5 year old daughter can’t play comfortably in their jeans! (Because they are way too tight… And she is thin for her age!) We buy a lot of her clothes from Costco now because they sell longer skirts and shorts and more comfortable pants and leggings for girls. Thanks for blogging about this important issue! We need more modest, comfortable options for our daughters!

  181. THANK YOU – a great campaign. glad too see you’re getting results. Look forward to the new selection of girls clothing.

  182. Yes!!!!! Thank-you so much.
    This has been a problem since she outgrew baby clothes. I have an almost 10 year old daughter and have such a hard time finding clothes that fit and are modest..why should I have to look for “modest” clothes for a child? Shouldn’t kids clothes just be always that way… regular kid clothes? Why do we have a choce between modest and slutty for a child?!
    It is so frustrating! We just want normal kid clothes! I hate having to spend hours just trying find skirts, dresses and shorts that are long enough and tops that don’t ride low on her chest. She refuses to wear those! Even toddler clothes expose a kids bottom when they are bending over playing! Why does a child need low necklines and short hemlines ??? Its bewildering!

  183. I just want to leave a quick note of THANKS for speaking out! I love the fact that Moms are taking charge…keep on keepin’ on!

  184. The sizing difference is partially to accomodate diapers, which a 2 year old wears but usually not a 5 year old.

  185. Thank you for giving Target and hopefully other retailers a mothers perspective. I would love it if you could also look into the fact that their teen wear is just as needy for some objectivity from a real mom. I work at a middle school and the girls come scantily dressed with their shorty shorts and deep plunging T’s and thin strapped camisoles. All those things are against the public schools dress code, we spend so much time having these girls changing into gym clothes because their outfits, all be it very popular at Kohls, Target and a like, these clothes don’t work for the public school dress codes. It would be so wonderful if the stores would assign someone to checkout the dress codes of the regions they have stores in and stock their shelves appropriately for teens too. If they made teen clothes less provocative and school friendly both the parents of boys and girls would be grateful!!!

  186. Amen! When I was in high school over 10 years ago I had a very hard time finding shorts that were at least fingertip length because I was tall (5’7″) with very long legs and I would get in trouble. However short girls could wear shorts with a 1 inch inseam because that was fingertip length for them,. It really wasn’t fair that shorter girls could wear them but I couldn’t because they just didn’t seem to make longer shorts. I’m glad as an adult to be able to find longer shorts. Now I have 2 daughters, the oldest is 6 and I do have a hard time finding longer shorts for her. Even for soccer, I got some “active” shorts and they were way too short, ended up just getting some unisex black shorts at Dick’s, granted for much more $. Girls don’t need to play sports in short shorts, especially with a long tee it looks like aren’t wearing anything!

  187. I was wondering if something was going on. My daughter is a fairly small and slim two year old and 2T shorts from Target barely even cover her diapers. I can’t go up in size because they just fall off her waist and still show her diaper. Other shorts from Gymboree or Carters are big on her.

  188. Roxann Ashworth says:

    I have a high school son and a college age daughter. We buy the vast majority of our clothing at Target. Some at American Eagle and other stores, but mostly at Target. This has been a problem since they were very young, though it was better then. I can easily tell you the reason why boys shorts are longer–the boys won’t wear short shorts. Since my son has been about 8, if the shorts didn’t touch the top of his knees, they were too short and he wouldn’t wear them….even the required PE shorts for gym class. We watched an old episode of something on TV the other day, and the men were wearing those 70’s short short and he was utterly horrified. There ARE Bermuda shorts for girls, but they are very hard to find and come in only a few colors usually.

    And then we can talk about skirts…we prostrate during our church services Trying to find a dress or skirt that my daughter can wear that doesn’t give the men in the church an inappropriate view when she prostrates has been challenging, and that started at a very early age. We are very thankful that maxi skirts are in right now. And that many manufacturers have discovered that tea-length dresses can be fun too.

    Thank you for bringing this up and thank you to Target for listening. I just forwarded to my daughter with the comment “Maybe next summer you will be able to find shorts to wear.” Because we could only find about 2 pairs in Target this summer.

  189. I agree with your ENTIRE article….until you call your daughter’s privates her “most precious asset” 🙁 please don’t teach them that

  190. I have a set of twin nieces who are both 7, and the hard part is that one is just built more petit then the other, so that doesn’t help either… I agree we shouldn’t sexualize girls too young, but I think big chain clothing distributers need to look at whom they design their clothes for… I had the same problem, I had to wear larges and XLs but only because of my body structure.

  191. JusticePlague says:

    I’m not sorry. I don’t feel I should have to put my 2 year old daughter or seven year old sister in skinny jeans or mini-skirts because that’s all they sell for females, especially children.
    Stores expect us mothers to dress are children like common whores. And no F—–g thank you.
    I’d much rather dress my child like a child. You know, cute dresses for special stuff, t-shirts and jeans and proper length shorts for play and school.
    A seven year old, much less a two year old, does not have cleavage and no shirt should attempt to make it seem so. And the f–k is with not being able to find a one-piece 2T bathing suit? I am not putting my two year old in a bikini. Thank god THAT time of year is over.

  192. I read that as a pun. I don’t think she meant her daughter’s privates are her source of value.

  193. This makes me glad my daughter is 20 now and I only have boys in elementary school left to raise. When my daughter was little clothes were still decent and conservative. I don’t know what’s happened in such a short amount of time. It’s sad. Keep up the good work moms!

  194. Carol Potts says:

    Thank you! There is no way that a toddler needs to be sexualized like that. Padded training bras. And when my 13 year old grew out of girls clothing and I looked at junior sizes it was so sexy I almost passed out. Swimsuit shopping was a nightmare and her bottom hung out of every pair of shorts we tried. I ended up buying her summer clothes in the boys department.

  195. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  196. I have a plus size daughter. She’s not fat. She’s tall and muscular. I have a hard time finding appropriate clothes for her that are modest. I’d love to see Target make plus size clothes that are also age appropriate. I love Target and it would be awesome if I could find more clothes for her there.

  197. I talked with my eight year old daughter today about your other post with the comparison pictures and asked her opinion. She was quite upset and pointed out the discrepancy in the amount of fabric. Her decision was that she would rather wear the boys shorts. It is definitely a problem Luke you pointed out all the way up to the women’s sizes. Thank you for bringing this to their attention and thank you target for responding. I will happily put my money paved where I can appropriately dress my children and myself. I won’t shop where I can’t find appropriate clothing.

  198. Let me say first that I love Target. We go way back. And I buy a fair amount of kids clothing their. But from the second I found out I was expecting a girl I realized what a challenge it was going to be to dress her modestly. The tank tops, sleeveless dresses, short shorts. I could go on. And for little kids! I will confess to buying boys denim shorts for my 2 year old because they were longer. If they can sell boys shorts with more material for the same price as the shorter girls the clearly the money isn’t the issue. Thank you so much for being the voice to an issue that is so very close to my heart! I wish you much success in your work with Target. I know that women and girls every where will be so grateful!

  199. I have been buying jeans and cutting/hemming them into shorts for the past 5 years for my daughter who is now 12. It’s interesting if you check Wal-Mart’s website and view their “junior” shorts versus “women’s” shorts (not plus size just regular women’s sizes) the results are similar. I hate that it is so difficult to find longer shorts for girls of all ages. I think it’s wonderful that Target has been so receptive to your concerns and I hope to see the changes next year when shopping for summer clothes.

  200. Stephanie, can I just say that as a 21 year old I don’t wear shorts because of this exact reason. I choose to wear pants most of the summer time because there aren’t shorts long enough for me to wear that I actually feel comfortable in. I have lots of little kids that I nanny and I want to be a good example for them and not show off every part of me because my shorts are too short. Thank you for standing out for girls.

  201. I am also fed up by the short shorts and short skirts, not only Target, but at all stores. Another thing I hate is it seems like every dress is sleeveless! My daughters end up wearing a t-shirt under everything! Why can’t we have options?? Some sleeveless, some with short sleeves, and (in winter) some with long sleeves? It would be nice to have t-shirts to choose from in the summer instead of so many tank tops. Thanks, Target for caring and making a change (hopefully soon!!)

  202. I didn’t read all the comments so maybe someone already mentioned, but Old Navy and Gap have been awesome places to find good quality shorts in a longer length and for a reasonable price 🙂

  203. It only gets worse the older they get. When buying clothes for 12-14 girls the options are so limited. The children size clothing does not fit and the teen clothing is so immodest. My 12 year old daughter and I have to search so long to find things that fit and are decent. It is a real struggle. Sometimes she gets so frustrated, she just walks out of the store saying, “We just need to learn how to sew Mom, so we can design clothes kids my age can actually wear without our butts or chests showing.” AND Ordering clothes online is hard because she is constantly growing, I end up having to buy several sizes and then pay for shipping to return the sizes that don’t fit. I hope you can address clothing for this age group with Target also. I have spoken to many mother’s who have children in this age group who are just as frustrated as I am.

  204. Love your article, way to make a difference! Can’t wait to see some longer shorts for my daughter!

  205. I have had it with most department stores as far as clothing for girls. My granddaughter is 10 yo and I mainly have to spend money at mail order stores that I have found make clothes that are not only age appropriate but entirely able to pass from sister to sister and still look great. Cost a bit more but if 2 kids can wear them and look great then to me it is worth it. I buy a lot from “Hannah Anderson” and “Garnet Hill”. No low neck lines or short short dresses/skirts. The shorts are decent length unless you get the monkey shorts meant for wearing under dresses at the playground.

  206. This topic has been a pet peeve of mine — the issue that the shorts and pants are inappropriate for young giris. I have an 11 year old daughter, and have struggled with this issue for years. I tend to find longer shorts at consignment shops or online consignment places like Thred Up. I love Target too, and am glad to hear they are listening. I’ve had my daughter wear her brother’s jean shorts, just to get the right length on. She received a gift card at Forever21 for her 11th birthday. She picked out shorts a tank top and a dress. The shorts, size 12, have that 1 inch inseam. It’s dreadful! And jeans that are so tight on my daughter’s thighs — she is thin, and her size is TIGHT on her?!

    I relish a time when girls do not have to dress so skimpy as a “style” in current fashion.

  207. The cutest clothes for little girls are from Matilda Jane, hands down. Buy them and take care of them and then resell them.

  208. So happy this is being addressed. I have one daughter and two boys. Carters brand was pretty good for her when she was in the xT sizes, but she’s almost 9 now and clothes are completely inappropriate. This summer Target did have running shorts with inner bike pant liners that were great. I wish these mainstream (and less expensive) retailers could knock off the Hanna Andersson styles. I love Hanna clothes – age appropriate, cute and wear very well for years instead of months. And I think Old Navy is the worst of the bunch :s

  209. I applaud you for standing up on our behalf and letting Target know how disgraceful a lot of their clothing for girls is! The sad thing though, is that it is in EVERY store now. These are precious little girls that deserve to be kept innocent. I thank you and pray that all stores will begin to change their design to a more modest one!

  210. mommy of teens and grade schoolers says:

    hank you for taking this on. The problem only gets worse when you cross over to a size 7 or 8. Everything is shorter, tighter and looks like a Mini Teenager! And getting a bigger size isn’t always the answer plus older girls especially teens and tweens are very self conscience of the number on the tag.

  211. I’m with you on this… my daughter and I don’t wear shorts but we have the same issue with shirts. Why do all skirts have to be mini skirts! My daughter is tall and skinny so we have to up size to get things long enough for her but most times we can’t get skirts cause we go up to the 14/16 size and they are STILL mini skirts. 🙁 My daughter just wants some skirts to wear that are modest and not have to wear the same 5 skirts we’ve found!

  212. Concerned Texan says:

    Good for you, being the voice they need to hear! I am a 5ft 10in, 125 lb. female in my mid 20’s. I have a hard enough time buying clothes that make me look decent (J crew sells 4-5 inch inseam shorts and they are the ONLY ones I have found). I plan on having a baby in the next few years and if it is a girl.. she WILL not be exposed due to the ignorance of children’s fashion companies!

  213. I do agree with every word you say! As a mother of two boys and a girl I loved shopping at Target in the toddler section when they were younger. However moving into the big kids section there just aren’t many options. My boys didn’t last long in the boys section, they are both very tall for their ages (my 12 yr old is 5″11 and my 14 yr old is over 6″ ) and have been in Men’s sizes for the last few years. They find the men’s section outdated. Either 70’s printed t-shirts or old men shorts. My nine year old daughter cant find anything in the girl’s section. She says those short shorts bunch up in the crotch and can be a little bit uncomfortable (well actually painful, especially denim) while trying to run and play. Even sitting is uncomfortable. My daughter says even the way the pants are cut (tight) they bunch up in the crotch and she refuses to wear them. She dislikes all the crazy, printed shirts and all of my children claim the vinyl smell of the prints gives them a headache. For my daughter just about the only place we shop is The Children’s Place for the cotton bike shorts and the cute skirts (she still has to wear the bike shorts under them because they are too short). She loves those bike shorts and has almost every color imaginable because they are so comfortable, cute and stylish. She can wear them alone or with any type of shirt or dress. My boys only really like American Eagle or Pennys. They can find the longer length shorts, because of their height, and plain stylish t-shirts. The clothes are pretty good quality, worth every penny, but I still have to shop the end of season clearance sales with my fingers crossed hoping that I get the sizes right for next year because of the cost. It’s funny, just the other day while walking past the Toddler section of our local Target, my daughter found several items that she said she wished they made in her size. I wish Target realized that there were some girls out there that still like to dress like girls, not women. Girls that like to wear pretty dresses, in pretty colors, not animal printed and super tight. My daughter is a princess in her mind, not a hooker. I love Target but shopping for clothes there is just not an option for us.

  214. There is no good reason for clothes manufacturers to make clothes for girls in a revealing fashion. It’s all about the almighty dollar as always and shame on parents who do purchase those short shorts and skimpy tops. These prescious girls are someone’s child, grandchild, niece, great niece, cousin. And shame shame on stores for not demanding better clothing for girls. Until these kids are legal age to make up their own mind about what they wear it certainly is the parents and stores responsibility to not promote these revealing clothes. All stores need to look hard into their purchasing department and change what they are ordering.

  215. It’s not just girls’ clothing at Target with sizing issues. It’s boys’ clothes, too. My 5 year old son is average height and weight but the boys shorts and pants are almost always too large. A majority of Target’s toddler shorts and pants have elastic waists or non-adjustable faux drawstring waists and they simply fall off him. I bought the slimmest jeans Target carries, and still need to go back 5 buttons on each side of the adjustable waistband. He’s still wearing some 2T and 3T shorts, although I’ll admit the 2T are really too short (they look like the length of 5T girls shorts, FYI, so if they’re too short for my son, they are way too short for your daughters). So many pants are wide legs or cargo/painter style and they swallow him up. I’ve resorted more and more to buying pricier jeans and khakis from stores like Old Navy, Baby Gap, etc., when I’d rather spend my dollars at Target. I’m not alone in this, as you can google “slim fit toddler boys” and see that moms across the nation are shopping for the same.

    And can we talk about boys’ fashions? My toddler’s choices are mainly superheroes, cartoon characters, tees with funny graphics, and a few bland sweaters or plain tee shirts. I’d love to have more variety in the toddler boys’ department! The few times we find shirts that are actual shirts, not tees or sweatshirts that he loves, I’ll buy them in his size (and I used to buy a size larger, too) even if the clothes aren’t quite Texas weather appropriate yet. The last few seasons the sweaters are almost all the same style as the year before, just different colors.

  216. I notice this long before I became a mom. The choices that we have for girls are absoluely horrendous. That shorts should be called underwear or bikini bottoms instead since thats about all they cover. Even in the adult sizes. Since when did society think that it was okay to dress our daughters like whores. As of right now I have no problems finding clothes to fit my 3m old but I know that as she grows I will and I find that appalling. If we as parents refuse to dress ourselves I’m this “fashion” why would we subject our daughters to this.

  217. This is not just an issue for young girls. My daughter is almost 14 and we have a very serious issue finding clothes (shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, etc) that do not make her look like she is allergic to clothing! Even “back in the day” Daisy Dukes were longer (and higher waisted) than what is being offered to our daughters today. It makes me sick that clothing from most designers, clothing lines, whatever, for our girls is aimed at making them look like sex objects from a very young age. And don’t even get me started on the Halloween costumes that are marketed to little girls!!

  218. If you don’t like the short-shorts that Target offers, I have found shorts called midi’s (that hit around mid thigh) and bermuda (that hit around the knee) for girls at JCPenney which can be found with glitter and jeweled and in cool colors. Old Navy is another store that has more “modest” clothing. If you feel Target is too inappropriate for your daughter I find it weird that you still shop there for clothing. Go somewhere else, and don’t argue it’s the cheapest, JCP always has coupons. I for one love Target and do not find their clothing inappropriate. I agree their sizing isn’t the best, an XS 4/5 girls is too big for my daughter but a 5t is too small. Maybe target should offer more variety for the more modest of parents!

    • We usually just cut old jams to make shorts my daughter is tall and thin it’s very hard to find appropriate shorts or even skirts!!

  219. Stephanie Pierson says:

    If Target is listening to these comments, then I hope other stores are too. I agree about the shorts lengths, but my beef is the lack of “little girl” clothes out there. I tend to shop at Carters, Gymboree, and Osh Kosh the most because the clothes actually look like kids clothes, not miniature versions of what is walking down the adult runways. I figure my daughter will have an opinion way too soon on what’s cool or not, and I’m going to dress her like a child as long as I can. Who wants to rush their kids into adulthood or even adolescence before they’re due? Childhood is so fleeting – lets let kids be kids. Also agree with other commenters on the boys sizes. My 3-yr old is not a thug – his “shorts” don’t need to hit him mid-calf. I do commend Target for swimsuits though. They are sometimes the only place that I can find what I feel are “age appropriate” (I don’t even want to use the word modest as it seems to have a more conservative connotation), one-piece swimsuits. My daughter does not need a triangle bikini top. Give me something that is comfortable for her, that is cute, and that covers her up. Target does a good job at this, but other companies are providing ridiculous options.

  220. Kristina Noall says:

    I was reading through the comments and decided to also put in my two cents: longer shorts for women too, please! And also, for all ages of females, please make long-sleeved articles out of thicker material! It really frustrates me that you want me to pay $20+ dollars for a sweat jacket that IS NOT GOING TO KEEP ME WARM! (How can it, when it’s paper-thin?) Especially when I see thicker ones in the men’s section for the same price!
    Again, THANK YOU for doing this!!

  221. Writing from Canada — I noticed this same pattern at the Canadian Super Store (like a cross between Target and Wal-Mart). It’s not just that it is inappropriately “sexy” (gaaaaaah) but who wants shorts with an inseam that is too long to be underpants but waaaaaaay to short to be for shorts, so that it will do nothing but chafe an active little kid? I bought shorts in the boys’ section (the moms of boys who have complained about the options there are also right — appropriately long, which is great, but such boring varieties: navy, navy, navy, navy stripes, khaki, woot orange!) (I bought orange)

  222. I bought a size 5 slim shorts from jcpenny. Arizona jean brand. They actually had a long inseam and were more like Bermuda shorts, which is why I got them. I didn’t think a 5 slim would fit any different then a 5. They were bought for a 4.5 yr old girl. (A tall thin one). We put them on her and had to adjust the waist all the way big. And couldn’t get them buttoned. And she said they were to tight. So we then put them on a 2.5 yr old. They barley fit her in the legs. They were very slim. She still fit in 24 mo clothes and these 5s fit the same. And why do they need to make slim sizes for kids anyway??? So target isn’t the only store with the problem (like you said). Just thought I would share! I love that you wrote them, you go.

    • My kids have always been very tall and slim. My daughter is 9 and she actually fits into a size 6 waist. Problem is because she is tall the clothing is too short. Pants are about an inch to short. Putting her in an 8 slim gives her the length she need because of her height, and the waist fits much better than if I had to put her in a regular 8. For very tall thin kids it just really makes for a much better fit. Personally I think it would be easier if they just called the 8 slim what it actually is…..a 6 tall.

  223. As a mom of 2 boys, THANK YOU for what you are doing. It saddens me when girls walk around not covered up properly, especially in front of my boys. It also makes it difficult, as a parent, when the parents of girls who are not covering up properly, get so angry because of the comments the boys are making. I expect my boys to treat girls with respect, however, they are not perfect and have made some less than kind observations when noticing a girl not covered properly. Anytime I find out about it, I get onto them and they get into big trouble, but, come on parents, can’t you see the side of the parents with boys and buy clothes for your girls that cover them up so they won’t have to experience this nonsense from boys? I’m not placing blame on one side or the other, but we all need to work together.

  224. Louise van Niekerk says:

    Thank you, thank you for this. I hope it will get the ball rolling on ALL our daughters’ clothes. The fact that so many are commenting means we’re all sick of it too and I hope the corporations pay attention. So glad to hear that Target is addressing this. WELL DONE!

  225. pastorallison says:

    I am so excited you are making change. Do you think you could also work in adult short, skirt, and dress lengths? I love their dresses but as a 29 year old I can’t fathom walking out of the house with the hemline on most of their clothes.

    • Clothes come in different lengths people. If you don’t like short shorts buy Bermudas or capris or buy longer skirts. Don’t take the short items away fron those of us who want them. You can where short clothes and not be slutty thank you very much. Or better yet shop in the women’s department. I’m in my late twenties and shop in juniors because women’s styles are too frumpy for me. They would be perfect for those of you who want longer hems.

  226. Lucky Orion says:

    Any chance you’ll be reviewing the gender bias in the toy aisle?

  227. I’ve been saying this for years! I don’t understand and why they can’t make cute shorts that don’t show EVERYTHING! I don’t necessarily want their shorts to go to their knees either. I just want cute, fashionable, shorts. I personally prefer the girly cut T shirts because I’ve found they fit my girls much better. Regular cut T-shirts are often made short and fat making them look junky.

    And while we’re on the subject of kids clothing. I probably tried 10 different swimsuits each on my 9, 10, and 12 year old girls. Some were would have been very cute if they wouldn’t have been cut so low in the chest. They need to work on this too!

    Thanks for grabbing their attention and making a difference. I can’t wait to see the changes.

  228. My biggest problem is the rise of girls’ pants. Pants that sit on the hip expose my daughter’s bottom because they fall down. I need girls’ khakis that sit at the waist, not hips. Thanks for calling attention to this stuff!

  229. I AGREE 100% my daughter hates that there are no long shorts, and wonders why the boys get the comfy clothes? This is also a problem with skirts in my opinion! I am glad to hear that Target is listening and willing to work with you. I will be anxiously waiting for a broader selection!

  230. It is so awsome that someone is making a difference. I am so excited to see some changes for my daughter. It would also be great to offer more generic options. Patterned shirts instead of Disney or other trademarks. Personally not a fan of the peace sign theme ether it is considered offensive to some veterans and there families.

  231. So you’re mad that girls clothing is cut differently than boys? If you prefer the way the boys clothing is cut buy that.

  232. Thank you for your letter and the following update. I have two daughters and three sons ages 8-1 and have noticed the same things you blogged about. I haven’t bought clothes at Target for several years because they are inappropriate for my girls to wear. We are trying to teach our girls to be little ladies and modest and not have their derriere hanging out of their shorts or showing panties. The last two summers I bought my girls shorts at Wal-Mart. They have short shorts, mid-length shorts and Bermuda length shorts. They have held up well and can be passed down to the next sister. I have even had some luck at the local consignment store. I really hope that Target listens to you and the other parents who want to see a change because I would like to return to their store to shop. It just isn’t in my budget to shop online at expensive retailers to find appropriate clothing for my children.

  233. your daughter’s precious assets? Really? I agree that short shorts are inappropriate for small children and that girls should not be restricted by tighter or shorter clothes. But if you continue to use language that values a girl’s “private parts” over her other, much more precious assets (her ability to run and play with other children, to sit comfortably during story time and develop her mind and creativity etc.) you are perpetuating an incredibly damaging narrative that we tell our daughters–you are valuable for your body and for how you keep your body concealed. Yes, Target and other clothing stores are problematic and sexualizing girls is ridiculous and awful. But I think we all need to think about the messages we are sending and the battles that we’re fighting and what they’re teaching our daughters about what it means to be female.

  234. One thing I’d like to add to your research is how many tank tops starting at size 5 have bra tops in them. I have an 8 year old daughter, and since she was 5, I’ve had difficulties finding a tank top that doesn’t have a bra top. She is 8! She doesn’t need a bra attached to her shirts!!

    • THANK YOU!!!! I have never been able to figure out why they do that. Worst Idea ever. Some of those bra tops that are sown in are so tight they have left a faint purple line around my daughters chest and yes she was 6. Who needs that at 6? We avoid bra tops like the plague.

  235. I too have been disgusted with girls shorts the last couple of years at each store I shopped. I also have issues with girls tank tops and the arm holes being way too big and hanging open for all to get a side view of my daughters chest. Not appropriate. I have also bought the kind with adjustable straps and that did not solve the issue. Why are the arm holes so huge?? I am finding that even with tops she has to layer with a longer top underneath if she wants to play on toys at school like the monkey bars because her shirt comes up. Anyone else have an issue?

  236. I have read both you initial post and the secondary post where you compared boys and girls clothes. I agree you do have some valid points about clothes not exposing too much and meeting school dress codes. However, you can’t compare boys and girls clothes so just don’t. The two genders are built differently even as children. Also, style in general has changed and will continue to change. Some girls like super heros and some boys like My Little Pony, fine. Honestly, I think people should accept fashion for what it is. Let your kids decide what they like and are comfortable in. They don’t have to always follow they latest trends. I don’t, but I don’t think we need to backtrack amd start expecting all girls and women to be super covered up all the time either.  What’s important is that they are comfortable with themselves and what they are wearing.

  237. Thank you so much for bringing this to targets attention! I usually did most of my shopping at another store but hated the poor service and experience. So I started going to target and was very surprised how the girls clothes fit my daughter. The shirts are snug and extremely form fitting. I do not like it one bit. The one pair of shorts I purchased for her were quickly returned. I dont want to send my 5 year old to school looking like that! Not to mention it is against the dress code. So I really hope they fix this soon so next summer we can shop at target for appropriate cute shorts!

  238. I don’t know if this was said already, I didn’t read through all the comments. But it’s not just girls clothes that are sized wrong. The baby boys size clothes -T’s are sized wrong as well. My 6month old was in the 50% and he was wearing their 18-24 months size. And it’s not just my sons, I have several friends who noticed the same thing. I don’t have girls just three boys. There is also no consideration for those babies who are wearing cloth diapers.

  239. Good for you!!!! My daughter is 10 and most of the clothes in the stores look like hootchie mama clothes. It’s sickening!!!!

  240. Thank you so much. This summer is the first I have had to buy shorts in the big girl section and I came home crying because of what was available for her! I went to a their store. She is a small 6 year old and they had mid drift shirts, why in the world would anyone put a 6 year old in a mid drift! Please Target fix the big girls sizes too! I love your store! But I love my daughters (all 4 ) more!

  241. In the spirit of full disclosure (and basically just because I am an honset person), I work at Target. Just like you, I was a shopper and loved me some Target. After 14 years of being a full-time stay-at-home mom, I decided last November that I would like to pick up some seasonal employment to help pay for my husband’s big 4-0 birthday. It worked out. I liked them; they liked me, and they asked me to stay on as a part-time employee. I work in clothing (soft lines), and generally, I work in girls. Because I have two girls of my own (ages 4 & 14) and two boys (ages 6 & 10), I definitely see the differences in the clothing. However, in Target’s defense (and please forgive me if this has been already stated. I did not invest my time in reading all the comments), I personally stocked about 20 different styles of denim shorts this year–from the daisy short shorts you pictured to knee-length Bermuda denim shorts, which would’ve met the standards for even the most modest mom and daughter. In addition, we had khaki, pink, navy, and plaid Cherokee shorts that had a side button, allowing the shorts to be rolled up or kept a longer, more modest length. We also had longer-length Circo shorts, not to mention all the uniform shorts in navy and khaki which met dress code requirements. Given the timing of this post, I imagine that the selection at your personal Target was very limited, as I know that it certainly was at mine. By the end of September, most summer wear is picked over, clearanced, and/or sold out to make room for fall and winter styles. Even more styles are carried on the website, and the toddler styles are carried up to a size 7 online. With online orders, shipping is always free with your Red Card. :). (All opinions are my own.). Have a great night!

  242. I agree 100%. It was very discouraging shopping and seeing these clothes cut WAY, WAY too short and revealing. Target listen up: Modest comfortable clothes please!

  243. Alejandra Valenzuela says:

    Wow!! It’s like you went into my mind and pour it out in your writing!! I live in Mexico, but do most of our cloth shopping in Arizona, and Target has always been my favorite store (seriously, always.. My mom used to buy clothes for me & my sister when we were kids)
    My main problem is that my 7 year old wears a size 10-12… And styles & shapes available in that size are pretty much more “teenager like” and my daughter still like to play laid over her tummy or sitting with her legs crossed lotto like – so size and style are a big issue when shopping for her, specially for warmer seasons. Besides, for next spring she will be taller and kids department will no longer be an option for us, even when she IS IN FACT a little but tall girl!!
    I really look forward to see the results of your collaboration with Target.. It shows a lot of them to have paid attention to oir concerns throug your voice..
    Kudos for you!!! And THANK YOU for speaking out!!

  244. THANK YOU for writing this I have always bought bigger sizes in clothes for my daughter because the ones her size are too short the shirts drive me more crazy though because THEY ARE WAY TOO TIGHT I try to buy bigger shirts but they always ended up being longer than the shorts then so most of the time she wore leggings. I fear this post came too late for me though beacause now most of the 14/16 stuff is too small 🙁 THANK YOU though because this has always drove me INSANE

  245. My complaint isn’t inly with the sizing but once you move up in the girls section it gets worse. I feel like what is offered for my 5 year old is teenager clothing. What’s wrong with a 5 year old looking like she is 5 instead of a preteen?? Little girls need to look like little girls. I love Target, but often I just can’t buy the clothes for her. I refuse to buy my 5 year old a triangle top bikini, why are they even offered at her age! Target need to have a section after 5t that isn’t a part of the juniors section.

  246. Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for addressing this issue! So glad to see that so many moms feel the same way about their daughters being able to dress modestly without having to wear “boys” clothes. I have 2 girls, 7 1/2 and 3, and I want them to be able to find girly clothes but still be covered. (I don’t want them to look like my son.) We love flowers and glitter and all things frilly but I’m not willing to sacrifice their innocence because a company dictates to me “what’s in style”.
    Many thanks and I look forward to seeing the changes that are made at Target. Way to go to them for listening to our voices and doing something about it! They will definitely keep my business that way!

  247. You are targeting single items. I have shopped there for year for myself and my daughter. You can buy various lengths of shorts from baby to adult. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. But girls are different than boys, especially anatomically, so the clothes will differ greatly no matter what. There is nothing wrong with any of the clothes. And yes, I do care about modesty, I am Mormon and that is a huge thing for us. You are obviously bored and trying to be a special snowflake, especially if that is where you have shopped for quite some time and only now having a problem. My daughter has no problem fitting into two sizes smaller than what she should be. For the past 50 years at least, girls shorts have given the option of 1″ inseams-Bermuda length shorts. Get over it and yourself. There is nothing wrong with clothes.

  248. I hate the short shorts for little girls I don’t wear them I don’t want my daughter to wear them where are the options why do we not have options for longer shorts?

  249. I agree we shopped all over trying to find modest shorts for my 4 year old niece. Walmart actually had the biggest selection in the early summer.

  250. Dont like the clothes don’t buy them easy as that get over it this world is so ridiculous there are much more important things to crying about.

  251. Don’t But her clothes at Target then. The majority of mothers don’t try to put their daughter in boy length shorts to begin with. If you MUST shop at target, but the boy shorts.

  252. Hi, I am a DAD of a 4 year-old girl, and I stopped shopping for children’s clothes at Target long ago because of this problem with the shorts being too short. My Wife and I do not want our child wearing revealing clothes, so it is preferable to have longer lengths available. We’ve shopped Target multiple times hoping to find something with a few extra inches on the leg, but did not have much luck more than once or twice over multiple shopping trips.
    I’m pleasantly surprised to see such attention drawn to this issue, because this goes beyond Target, and is a cultural (or ‘pop culture’) issue. My main concern: Males are visually stimulated, and so I believe skimpy clothes are likely to encourage the objectification of women in general. I am not saying that revealing clothes are the cause of objectification, but I believe it is a contributing factor among other things. As parents, we don’t really know what will keep our Daughters from making regrettable choices during their teen years, but we CAN teach them modesty at a young age and talk to them about why it is preferable (when they are old enough to understand). They just might listen to us and make better choices down the road.
    (p.s. I found this blog via a Parents Magazine Facebook post, which linked to the Huffington Post article.)

    • I agree with you Jon. All we can do as parents in this matter is try to install the value of modesty. My daughter at the age of 13 wants to be more like her friends and dress “in style” which these days is not very modest at all. It is very difficult to find “in style” clothing that we agree on so that she maintains modesty while reflecting the current style. It can get very frustrating for both of us.

  253. Amen! I stopped buying shorts from them for same reasons. Started going to dreaded WallyWorld cause at least their Geranimal brand had a biker short style that would fit well under dresses for modesty. We kept private parts private in our home to. My daughter is also slim with long legs. She us 4 so you can imagine how hard it is to find things that are longer but still fit in the waist.

  254. Your post actually annoys me quite a bit. Your saying your going to Target so they can get rid of the short styles for girls so they could be long like the boys. But I’m sorry, I can agree that having short shorts for a preschool age child is not ideal at all. But I don’t want to be looking like a male. And neither would my younger sisters. You recently commented on the junior style of it. And yes their short. But that’s an age where we have curves, we’re proud of what we have why should we hide it?? You are completely slut shaming whether you think so or not. And it’s disturbing. You look back on history, girls have always wore shorter shorts to show off those sexy legs they’ve been hiding for century’s before. Try suggesting that they make a variety of different styles. And also you can stop making the girls who wear those shorter shorts, feel bad. Thanks.

    • What age does the “junior” size target?

    • Wow slut shaming?! You realize she’s talking abiut her 2 year old right? I’d like my daughter to have dignity and not feel compelled to show off “her sexy legs” to feel good about herself. I’d rather it be because of her good nature and integrity.

  255. There is NOTHING sexual about your nine year old. By insisting that she can’t wear something because it is too “sexual” you are making her ashamed of her own body which can be harmful to her body image in her teen and adult years.

  256. #ModestMavens, I think that it may just be girls clothing in general, not specifically at Target. Girls clothing these days is simply no longer modest inthe terms we grew up with. My youngest daughter is 13 and we have an almost contsant clothing battle, ecspecially with shorts!!

  257. My daughter is in 6th grade and will be 12 in December. SHE will walk through the girls, & now juniors dept and just shake her head going “Mom, this is ridiculous! These shorts are all WAYYY too short, do they expect us to show butts?! I’m NOT wearing those. Heck no!” She layers leggings or knee-length bicycle shorts under her shorts, shorts, and dresses of her own choosing. She actually calls it “fashion” lol. My husband and I have worked very hard since day one to instill as much self confidence in her as we could. So glad it has worked. Target is bad, and their clothes are not true to size. JCPenneys Arizona brand is not true to size either. It is really the medias fault. They push our youth, our females to be these computerized images of beauty. There have recently been a few blogs about different women who sent their pics to different countries to have it photoshopped and the results were ridiculous! Just proves the women are youth strive to look like don’t actually exist!

  258. I cannot find ANY shorts for my 7 year old, she’s 54″ tall and 75 pounds. She is not overweight, just a big girl always has been. There is never size 14/16 and we have to go into juniors… Which we don’t do because it’s too “grown up”. I don’t complain, I just make whatever we can work but that’s only because we’re just 2 fish in a big pond. Glad you have a voice for us now!.. Logs of legging pants for us, which they’re now banning from school, too cause young kids are abusing that dress code. Sad. But anyways, she would love to get some shorts! It’s been YEARS since we’ve been able to find some shorts for her that don’t show all or are the right size. Plus, We cannot get any shorts for school. They stop getting shipments and selling what they do offer in July, but here it is October and it’s 90 outside… And we can only buy pants and sweaters cause the school shopping is for cold, fall weather?? It’s 80-90 out, we need shorts in October, plain and simple. Thanks for your blog, hope you can talk some sense into them!

  259. It is ridiculous that once girls move from the toddler department to the little girls’ department all mothers have to choose from are trashy clothes!! ( unless you have a lot of money to spend at pricier stores that carry clothes meant for LITTLE GIRLS, not 5 year old eighteen year olds). Curiously, in the boys department, there is no change when you move from the toddler department to the little boys department… Still the same cute polo shirts, tee shirts, and long shorts!!! It is very frustrating!

  260. I can’t tell you how many moms I’ve had this EXACT conversation with over the years. I hate Target clothes for exactly the reasons you outlined. And Amen to the fact that the crotch should not be the longest part of any pair of shorts for kids!!

    Can we also work on having more modest swim suits while we’re at it? Maybe I missed the 1-piece shopping season but I was appalled with the swimwear choices for my 5-year old the past 2 summers. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to wear a bikini. Especially when they ar 5 YEARS OLD. My kids have fair skin, so I prefer the t-shirt/shorts style swimsuit that I can get a Carter’s,

  261. Thank you for speaking out. I have three daughters and totally support your position!! It is a headache I go through every summer trying to find something other than “denim underwear” that my girls can wear that has made me so frustrated. It is not just Target, it is Old Navy, Kohls, JcPenney, and so many other stores. Children’s Place and Crazy8 are just as guilty with their skirts, skorts, and shorts but have been selling bermuda length. Like you mentioned in a recent post, that length is almost always sold out or is in “limited supply.” I also have a hard that these daisy dukes are sold the same price as a pair if jeans even when they only use a fraction of the amount of denim!?!
    Thank you for all that you are doing to be a voice. How can moms like me be supportive in this cause??

  262. I understand your concerns…but it is simple….JUST DON’T SHOP AT TARGET ANYMORE!

  263. I wish target would offer more clothing with super heros, my little ponies and princesses and munnie on it in the little girl section. I think some of their clothing is too grown up looking for children now a days. Thank you for writting this blog!

  264. Teaching Dad says:

    While I agree with you in general, I don’t fully believe it is the fault of the store selling the clothes made by the manufacturers. That being said, yes, young girls and teen clothes are too sexual in nature. I teach in a 5th grade classroom and while most parents are wise and watch what their children wear, some do not. I did not read all the comments on here, not enough time, but I would also like to point out the difference in men’s and women’s clothing. Mostly, not the cut or curve, but the size. Why is there a need for the women’s sizes to be whole numbers starting at 0? If there was a men’s size zero it would mean he did not exist. Why continue to stroke the ego of women with the crazy sizes. Also, even if you know your SO’s size… every store and manufacturer has different definitions of what that size means. I think that if we normalize everything like with men’s pants (generally) there would be no issue. 30 inches is 30 inches is 30 inches. Its not that huge of an issue, but maybe that should get looked at as well. Just an opinion from a male perspective on a related but different topic.

  265. I’m sure this has been mentioned, but jcpenney sells Bermuda shorts for girls. They are cute and they are long! Thanks for bringing this up. Target is one of my favorite places to shop, but I always buy shorts at penneys.

  266. Here, here. Toddlers don’t need short shorts and tight-fitting, low-cut jeans. If we as consumers stop buying clothes that stereotype our little girls and further the idea that tight and revealing = beautiful, they will have to give us other options sooner or later. So here’s my commitment: I won’t buy it. How about you?

  267. Amen! My friend and I were just discussing this dilemma last week while shopping for our 10 year olds!

  268. Charity Savage says:

    I agree with you! Thank you for posting this. We need to be careful of where we shop and whom we give our money to when looking for any consumer item. I am a mother of 2 (with another on the way) and own my own business as well as working with my husband on his farm. We earn a modest living, and have a tight budget most of the time, but work hard for what we earn. I do NOT have time or ability to sew my childrens’ clothes! I buy most of our clothing from garage sales and thrift stores, but lets face it, you need some new stuff too.
    My kids are both thin, and I have trouble finding small enough clothes for my 4.5 yr old boy, he is tall and narrow, like his daddy. He still wears size 2-3 shorts, but size 4-5 pants for length. My 2.5 yr old girl is also tiny, and yet, I still don’t think she needs booty shorts. I won’t wear things that show off too much skin, I won’t dress my daughter that way. I’m not a prude, but I like to be active without having anything showing I don’t want photographed! I have difficulty buying women’s clothing that is comfortable in the summer without showing too much skin. Layering is HOT!!! Kids are meant to play and not worry about how they move so that they don’t have a “wardrobe malfunction”.
    Boys need more slightly fitted clothes to choose from in addition to the super baggy stuff, and girls need more coverage for active play. Kids come in all sizes and shapes, but there shouldn’t be such an enormous gender gap. My son is starting to balk at wearing jeans because the elastic waist adjusters are just plain uncomfortable when cinched in enough to keep his pants on! I love Target as it is an inexpensive alternative to shop at, and I’m so glad they are starting to listen. Maybe if the big stores change what they will buy, the clothing designers will listen too.
    And for those looking particularly for girls and women’s clothing that is very modest… Try Deborah and Co. They are an online retailer specializing in modest feminine clothing. The proprietor of the company also blogs about dressing modestly… her standards are stricter than mine, but the clothing suggestions she makes are easy and inexpensive to do. The clothing available in most stores for girls is waaaay to sexy. Sexy shouldn’t apply to any child, that is an adult descriptor.

  269. I’m so glad u wrote this. I had such a hard time finding shorts for my 8 year old this summer. I took 4 of her pants we bought during winter, cut them, and hemmed them (by hand) to be bermuda length. She was so happy, liked them waaay better than the shorts at the stores, and said she felt more comfortable in them. Even SHE recognized how short the little girls shorts were. Modesty is something that our girls will learn in our house. The world is definitely changing, style is influencing how girls are dressing. I know I just have to do the best I can.

  270. My friend and I, who don’t even have children, were appalled to see a Junior’s t-shirt that said “high heels high hopes” on it. NOT the kind of message to send out to teens. It’s endemic of the entire section. .. not just the girls.

  271. Justice is the worst for buying girls clothes. Way to short and not appropriate at all.

  272. Really! Your biggest concern is a sizing issue? Not the boot shorts or the slutty skirts. Why worry that your daughter has size issues if you buy her hot pants at the age of 3 or 5 or 13 or 15. The clothes are sexualized and little 5 year old’s are walking around in hoy pants. How about getting that fixed Target and mom’s of America.

  273. Love love love that you have started the movement for change in girls clothing. If there’s any way you can add to the list tops as well that’d be great. I’ve some some appalling tops at Target…like u I am not a conservative… they have rips down the back or hang off the shoulders. Just so revealing and suggestive. If parents want to buy that crap for their kids retailers need to make it more difficult. It shouldn’t be the only options we’re faced with. This is another way we’re fighting for our daughter’s self esteem. 🙂

  274. I have dealt with this problem recently. We live in the south where most of the school year the kids wear shorts but finding them in an acceptable length was almost impossible! We live in an area that has lots of shopping options but I finally had to shop on line and hope the size I chose fit correctly in the waist. My daughter is of average size for her age and like the other mothers here I just want her to be comfortable at school. She of course wants to look cute so I try to compromise a little but refuse to let her go to school looking inappropriate. Thanks for the fight not only for your own daughters but ours too!

  275. I am not even a mom, I am a 24 year old woman who is not married and has no kids, but as a person who worked with kids for seven years and loves kids, I just want you to know how impressed I am that a parent finally took a stand. Thank you!

  276. I am glad you are being a voice for your daughter and your family. Although I do agree with the idea that they may be a little too short at times, i ask that you please keep the hot as heck all year long areas of the country in mind while working with target to modify their girls clothing. My girls are older now (teenagers) & I find the whole size tag falsities in their clothing selections as well. That I am in full support for fixing. My daughter who is typically a size medium EVERYWHERE ELSE required to buy xlarge in a shirt she likes from there if she wants it, believe me it doesn’t happen no matter how much she likes it. With that said, let me elaborate on the remembering us in the hot hot areas. We are in way South Texas, mostly beaches all around, and when my girls were younger Target was the only place I could find shorts short enough to let my girls legs stay cool. I have nieces who range in ages from 3 to 11 yrs old and I am always happy with the selection Target offers. I myself am modest but man its freaking hot and wearing pants or shorts covering down to their knees or lower thigh is not an option. They are little and really feel like they not old enough to have to be worrying about what other people are thinking about them and what they are wearing. Guess what it’s hot, they are wearing shorts that are maybe pretty short but summers here are consistently in the 100s with 100% humidity making it like a stteam oven and christmas’ ranging from 80s to 90s. The less the better and no one around here thinks anything less of a child or parents for it. My teenager girls know what is now acceptable since they are older and don’t even think twice about it; if I can see boobs, booty or too close to seeing the foofy in the front, you can just forget about it. They accept it because we have instilled in them that they don’t have to show off skin to be noticed without placing blame on a clothing retailer or store. Good luck with your journey. Hope you will find a middle ground that may make everyone happy and take all areas into consideration. Thank you for your time to read my post.

  277. You may not like these clothes but obviously a lot of other people do because someone is buying them. If you don’t like it shop somewhere else instead of trying to get target to change to fix your personal beliefs. Also, why is it so important for you that your toddler is “modest”? She’s just a kid. Stop sexualizing her. This is a non-issue .

    • Toddlers are supposed to be “modest” because they aren’t old enough to form their own thoughts and beliefs on their worlds. This is not a non-issue. It’s huge issue. The author is not sexualizing her toddler. Society is. That is the real issue. That is why Target is listening to her. That is why so many mothers are agreeing with her. Why are you disagreeing with her?

    • amen!

  278. I totally agree and thank you writing this piece!! Its a shame how sexualized our society is to women, that we think it’s okay to dress our babies in booty shorts 🙁 . I can’t wait for society to catch on and change its view toward females

  279. I just read your update in Huffington Post. As a 24 yr old with no children of my own, I feel this struggle myself when shopping for shorts, but I had no idea this was an issue starting so young! I hope you don’t let haters get to you. I also hope that people don’t read too much into what you’re asking for. Let me applaud your efforts 🙂
    Motherhood: You’re doing it right.

  280. I totally agree with you. I can’t believe that so many clothes manufacturers want to sexualise my 3 year Old daughter in skinny fit cropped tops and skinny
    Fit jeans and very short shorts. Yet my 6 year old boy can play in loose fitting knee length sorts and a loose top. I understand that at
    Times young girls like to dress up and look pretty and that there is a time and place for skinny fit – however pre school and the local park or on our way to the swimming pool are not the places I want my (still) baby dressed like a 3 year old dressed like she is off to a party and leggings don’t have the staying power in the park!!!

  281. Teila Childers says:

    I’m so glad to see that Target is listening to you. Kids are kids and need to have clothes that let them play and move. I have a, kind of, opposite complaint. I have a 2 year old grandson and the shorts I find are too long. And he’s not a little boy. He’s 32” tall and 30 pounds. Most of the shorts I find come down to mid-calf. He looks like a gang member. He wears shorts because it’s HOT in southern Arizona. How about shorts that come to just above the knee for both boys and girls. That allows free movement and underwear doesn’t show. Because it’s UNDER wear after all. Best of luck working with Target on this!

  282. As it turns to winter, please also note the WEIGHT of boys v. girls sweats. Boys sweats are warm and thick, girls sweatsuits are thinner fabric, cut closer to the body. When my kids were little, I could not find a SINGLE exception to this rule, regardless of store or brand. =( #ModestMavens

  283. Cristina Portocarrero says:

    I love your post, and totally agree with u. The same thing happened to me this week as we were looking for a Halloween costume for my 11 year old girl. All of them are tiny short mini skirt versions of the characters they want to be… Its terrible!!! Thank you for speakin up for all of our girls 🙂

  284. I just don’t understand why our precious girls have to dress like teens when they are 4-6! It takes a lot of searching to find clothes that are fun without being trashy. Very frustrating.

  285. Brilliant! I am on a constant search for modest clothes for my girls. But I have bad news for you. Once they leave the little girl sizes it gets worse. I have seen companies whose size 12 dresses are as short as the size 6 dresses and the tee shirts get tighter and skimpier.

  286. I’m thrilled your article is getting national attention! 2 years ago when my daughter was 2 I remember starting the shorts battle with stores and manufacturers(privately). I was opek to family members that liked to buy our girls clothes that they would not be wearing that short of shorts! I even exchanged presents when needed.
    We also have the rule that our daughters will not be allowed to wear a 2 piece swimsuit until they can buy themselves and no shoes with heels. As a teacher I saw too many girls sitting out at recess because the couldn’t run around in their shoes!

    Thanks for speaking up! I back you completely.

  287. Oh goodness! I posted your updated story on my FB page with the comment that I have a beautiful nephew I am hoping is followed by a beautiful niece. I am 6’0″ and weigh 130 lbs. I am 35 yrs/old. At one time I thought nothing of wearing shorts being advertised for a FOUR YEAR OLD!!! Just this evening I was at a gas station behind a young lady in shorts that left nothing to the imagination, and when she sneered at two, overweight gentlemen who simply glanced her way, I thought, “what do you expect?” I could see both cheeks and all they could see was up front. I now by shorts that are far too big for me and have them tailored. Good luck to you and I’m truly grateful Target is listening!

  288. Ladies, I have always been tall and thin. When I was a child it was difficult. As an adult, it is more so. My mother was, and still is, a single mom. Please don’t get me wrong. my father is that rare (unfortunately now) responsible dad who loves his children and did what he could to ensure they has what they need. Before Capris’ were in style, I “wore” them as that is what my “jeans” turned in to. To this day I buy my professional pants at Banana Republic because I have to, not because I want to, and my jeans at the Buckle (for the same reason). Food for thought-buy your girls’ clothing a size or so too big-take them in (or have a tailor do or-as they can always undo it) so they last you longer. Buy their shoes a size or so too big for the same reason. My mother was an elementary school teacher raising two children on her own. Yes my father did his part and then some but there is NO way my parents could have given us what they did without some creative thinking. Now, as an adult, not making much more than my single mother, I still have to worry about who to cloth myself, and it comes to this…well made, classic clothing. Your children may not appreciate it NOW, but they will as adults-
    Yours truly
    A former “thought she should have been a Chenille child!

  289. Thank you so much. I have always hated those cut off short jeans shorts!

  290. Kate Myers says:

    As the mother of four – three boys and one girl – I see the huge variation in clothing size proportions. My ten and twelve year old boys (who are really tall for their ages – my ten year old is OFF the doctors charts by a lot) wear size a size 16 or 18. My daughter, who is much much smaller, average build, and only eight years old, also has to get a size 16! The shorts are super short, and all the jeans are low riding. What 8 year old needs low riding jeans? Do these stores not know that eight year olds bend, sit, and move around? And that they’d like to be able to do so without showing their butt cracks or cheeks? We end up buying adult shirts and pants many sizes up. Do these stores realize the message they are sending to these little girls? Not only are they exacerbating the gap between boys and girls with the gender stereotyped clothing options, but they are promoting poor body image issues (making average sized girls feel bigger than they are), and are providing inappropriate clothing options for anyone younger than eighteen (seriously booty shorts and low-cut, form-fitting tees for small children?!). Let’s stop trying to make our little girls into”sexy” little women with body complexes, and let’s start letting them be little girls again.

  291. I really noticed this issue when they ran the Missoni line. I opted for the toddler skirt bc it was longer than the girls, by quite a few inches. The shirt was also shorter except for the sleeves. It makes no sense to me to promote such short/tight clothes to little girls. I’ve also ran into the issue of having to purchase pants that are too loose in the waist bc they are so tight on her skinny legs. It makes shopping very difficult for those who want to keep our girls in age appropriate clothing. I remember having the same issue as a teeneager. I liked to dress “cute” but not as “cute” as some clothing manufacturers thought I should. I’m happy your article got so much attention, amd will hopefully make some changes. Thank you for speaking out for our girls.

  292. B. F. Goodwitch says:

    Good for you. I have no children, but when I go shopping I am appalled at the skimpiness of the clothes I see for little girls and teens, and I wonder what parents are thinking when they let their daughters dress like this. Obviously you’ve been thinking, WTF, or words to that effect. Good luck with your campaign.

  293. I have been extremely disappointed in Target’s selection too. I have thought Target is generally a wholesome family store however their choice to offer inappropriate girls clothing causes me to question this too. Additionally their choice to place the SI swimsuit issue at check out is even worse. I am embarrassed for young girls who wear such short shorts. Parents should refuse to purchase them. I wish Target offered more classic choices in both cut and design.

  294. I am proud of you for SAYING something about this problem! I have simply stopped buying shorts for my girls from anywhere – especially EXERCISE shorts! We refer to those babies as “underpants” while the boys have nice, comfortably modest basketball shorts. Ugh.

  295. I am is pleased to hear that our concerns as parents don’t fall on deaf ears. I just recently went to our local target here in Green Bay wisconsin in search for girls basketball shorts. The longer ones that hit right above the knee not the athletic shorts that barely cover the girls behind. My daughter is 11 and this is her 4th year playing basketball. And again I have a hard time finding basketball shorts for her cause now she is getting older and doesn’t want to wear the boys shorts anymore. Plus she is starting to wear juniors now and still no basketball shorts in the juniors or women department in target. So ladies let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you

  296. My daughter is very tall for her age but skinny. Around the middle she is about a 4t but I would not dream of sending her out in shorts that show all that leg. I bought target shorts last year and I cringe every time she wears them. I really hope target works with you on this, because I would happily buy longer shorts!

  297. AMEN SISTER!!!! I have a 6 year old and I do NOT want my child wearing shorts where you can see her “assets” and your also correct that I use a lot of clothing under her dresses for modesty and I can usually find those shorts at target! Thank you so much for doing something about this….from one mom to you! THANK YOU!!!

  298. I completely agree that I want the shorts to be more modest my daughter is only 2 and very slim so I have to put her in twelve to eighteen month booty shorts I did read the update blog though with all the pictures and it seemed as though you wanted the girl shorts to look like boy shorts and if target is letting you have a say like I said I’m for more modesty but please don’t get target to the shorts boyish and stuff cause I shop at target a lot! I hope that doesnt sound offensive I just don’t want too hate their clothes later.????

    • apparently boys and girls are supposed to look exactly the same, with no gender assignments via clothing and no individuality. all of the little ones, and the juniors, should be in equally baggy clothes in a slew of drab, gender-neutral colors in an effort to keep the youth of america innocent and safe. what a sham!

  299. Heather Smith says:

    I have been struggling with modest clothing for my girls for 20 years. My oldest is now 22 & all legs so she was always a hard fit for not too short shorts or skirts. My youngest is now 13 & on the shorter end of the scale from her sister but we still cannot go & find a length appropriate skirt or pair of shorts in the girls department of chain stores. My solution…I shop Children’s Place for almost ALL my daughters jeans, shorts, skirts & dresses. Most of my shopping is online as we do not have a store close by but when we are in a town with a store we make a point of telling the clerks how much we appreciate the modest styles & selections they provide. I have consistently received positive feedback from the same clerks. What will I do as this is the last year we can fit into their sizes…?…it will be a struggle again as this daughter moves into the world of juniors sizes. Can I just say, she has perused the junior sections & is already worried about finding clothes she will be comfortable wearing. What happens to those young girls that grow up into the “teen” sizing looking for modest clothes? We need MORE options for our girls!!!

  300. I never really thought about this topic.. But then again I have boys.. I definitely agree that this is a topic that needs attention! Girls these days are growing up way to fast and the clothing I think plays a small part in it. If that’s “in style” that’s what they’re going to want to wear.. Lets change the style! 😉 My issue is finding clothes that actually fit my “over-100th-percentile-in-everything-since-birth” 4 year old… Can they do something about that, also? Lol

  301. I really appreciate your help in this. I am a stay at home dad, open minded and quite progressive socially. However, since when has it been okay to dress kids like adults, especially the adults most adults dont like. My five year old daughter is an active young lady and honestly we have had to take shopping to another level to help her dress in a way that allows her to express herself and still fit within her Montessori schools guidelines.
    Honesty, thank you.
    Regardless, I will be promoting this around though I would hesitate to ever involve government. Rather, continue what you are doing now. Address the industry directly this is what we as shoppers do every day!

  302. Ginny Fisher says:

    My 4 daughters (ages 6, 5, 5, and almost 2) and I (age withheld) THANK YOU!!

  303. Thank god somebody’s finally speaking up I am the oldest out of three girls and come from a huge family of girls. I also have about 10 nieces and a girl of my own. I have made comments over the years about the types of clothes put out for girls. I do a lot of clothes shopping for girls and hate the fact that I find something I like and refuse to put it on any of the girl’s even my teenage sisters. My mom and I are very picky about what we put on our girl’s well because for the same reason you stated our private parts are just that private parts.

    For those who said your kid needs to go on a diet then what about my kid who is 5 and can still wear his 3t shorts from like 2 summers ago. Pants are a lil different he is so stinking tall he wears pants that are 2-3 sizes to big. Should I feed him more? (just fyi he is 50lbs and 3’9 and he is only 5)

    I hope we start seeing a change and when I do I know where I will be doing my shopping for the girl’s. Even if it will cost me more it is worth having appropriate clothes for them.


  304. I agree with your post 100%! My daughter (now18) had a terrible time finding shorts she could wear to high school. The fingertip rule and no tears rules applied where we live. So what did we do as we couldnt afford shorts for school and shorts for home? She wore jeans to school…and they were hard to find without rips or holes! I hope Target and other stores do listen and change things because I prefer their clothes as well…more durable (i also have a husky 5 yr old boy).Also not a fan of the “baggy saggy” syndrome Ive seen for boys! We just want clothes that are stylish, but appropriately fitted for our girls AND boys!
    Thank you!

  305. Thank you! It is about time someone finally addresses these issues about clothing for our children.

  306. I have been putting my two girls in layers since they have been 3–now 9 & 11 for precisely this reason. I see know reason why a child should be running around with her butt nearly hanging out or her belly showing! Instead they have grown up wearing leggings and capris under their shorts and skirts, and tank tops under their shirts… apparently we must work double duty to protect our daughters not only from gender sterotyping as well as the staggering amount of paedophiles running our streets but from main stream shopping centres who seem to be catering to those perverts we try so hard to shield them from. Wake up America.

  307. It’s even worse when you get to the in between girls and juniors stage. Trying to find age appropriate clothing for my almost 14 yr. old is nearly impossible. It goes from cutesie to mature, very little in-between. So she’s kind of stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut until she’s older. Luckily, when my girls were young things were different. I can’t imagine putting my babies in some of the things I see on the racks now!

  308. Target dresses make great long shirts with leggings. The ONLY way my daughter wears a target dress.

  309. I was sooooo happy to see this! I have been saying this for years. I shop consignment for my daughter because I can’t seem to find decent clothes for her to wear in the “current stores.” However, she’s getting older now and she wants current fashion. So, we went to Old Navy, a store that used to do it right. Until I found “Boyfriend Skinny Jeans” which are so skinny that even my skinny daughter doesn’t fit into them! What exactly is a nine year old doing wearing boyfriend skinny jeans for? Thanks for causing this revolution. I am behind you, 200%!

  310. Thank you.

  311. MamaNteacher says:

    I worked for Target while in college in the mid to late 90s. I remember commenting to co-workers about the lacy “nightgowns” in the girls’ department. I kid you not they were more like lingerie than little girls’ jammies. It was very upsetting then and even more upsetting now that I see it has continued and gotten worse. As an elementary school teacher and daughter of a toddler girl, I see the fashions available now. I agree it is very disturbing. I can’t help but wonder what kind of pedophiles are designing this trash. I don’t say that to make light of the situation. I mean it. I know NO responsible mothers, or fathers for that matter, that would even let their precious little angels run around in the house wearing something so revealing let alone ever consider DESIGNING something like that for sale to children. Even my 5-yr old son knows what is appropriate for little girls. When my parents bought our toddler daughter a Guess tank top with the bottom half frayed, my son asked jis grandmother if she was really going to let his sister wear that. I read your follow-up posts to this blog and really do hope that Target makes some serious changes. I also hope other retailers follow suit. This has much more far reaching implications than how our young girls dress today. Encouraging them to dress this way now, at this young age, teaches them that it’s ok to dress this way when they are older and it could REALLY send the wrong message.

    • MamaNteacher says:

      Correction: no, I am NOT the daughter of a toddler girl. Obviously, I meant “mother.” Typos happen when I start writing one thing, change how I want to write it, then have a 2-yo and a 5-yo climb on top of me like a jungle gym. I forgot to read it again. Sorry.

  312. christene jaramillo says:

    How can other moms help advocate for change in the clothing industries? My daughter is tall and skinny.. her waist is about size 4t and her length is about size 7.. its impossible to find clothes that fit her. and because of her tall skinny size, shorts have always had to be last years winter pants cut and hemmed into shorts. I get so sick of taking her shopping and vetoing about 90% of what she wants. Girls clothing is way to revealing and sexual looking.

  313. Thank you.

  314. I am a 15 year old girl and let me just say AMEN to your whole stance on this situation. I had given up hope in shopping at Target because of the in-seam lengths, actually. I sit in school and Church too!! Thank you for truly making a difference for all of the girls that still have a chance to be protected! 🙂 Because honestly, I am only 15 and I was worrying about what MY girls were going to wear and how I would be able to dress them appropriately. My dad as well does not agree with the styles of girls’ shorts of course! Hahaha

  315. Its not only sizes. Little boys tshirts show camping and other adventures whereas little girls tshirts show..hmm..a cat, a pony, another cat…

  316. your views infuriate me. please find a cause that actually warrants this much time and energy.

    a boys size 4t is NOT the same as a girls 4t, because girls and boys are NOT the same size. and the shape of the clothing should not be the same.. boot cut jeans for boys, or men, are shaped differently, because men do not have the same build. women are not as stocky, and if a woman is, she has to shop at a store that caters to curvy women. or, here’s something, she would simply purchase the style marked “curvy fit.” if you don’t like the selection at target, shop elsewhere. why should their entire business model change for one unreasonable mother? and yes, there are others in support of your tirades, but i would venture to say that there are many, many more who think your opinions are foolish and ridiculous.

    as for gender identification, again… find a store that suits your taste. simple as that. oh, don’t want to pay more to shop at actual clothing stores instead of the “sell-everything” chains you’ve become used to? then deal with selection. what is it you mother’s say? you get what you get and you don’t get upset….? yeah, that’s it. and if the boys selection has the superheroes that you want your daughters to wear, why not purchase one of those? just adjust the size (exactly how i would if i wanted to purchase adult, male clothing).

    there are so many other things going on in this world and you are spending your time on this… it’s actually disheartening to know that target is even entertaining your self-centered requests.

    throw a pair of leggings or “bike” shorts under the shorts with the tiny inseam and call it a day.

    ugh, rant over.

    • I understand that you are not alone in this stance. However, the concept that boys are a different size at this age is just not true. Please see the post where I actually did the research and wrote a response to these views here: http://binkiesandbriefcases.com/care-speaking-post-called-target/

      Here is an excerpt-

      “Because when I asked a college professor of Human Development if it was true that young boys are physically bigger than girls, she was able to point me to a college text book and the CDC growth charts that prove that this misconception is just is not true. Up to age 6, after age 9, and until adolescence, boys are actually not the physically larger sex. At least not in any way that would be considered practically significant.”

  317. Im homeschooled pesonally and im all about modesty and my friends and I wrote a letter to kohls as well about their clothes for jouior high to high school age

  318. Thank you for this post and it’s causing actual change. I think it is great!

  319. So I went to Target the other day and looked through all the girls shorts. I counted ONE style of shorts that had an inseam longer than 1″. ONE! I bought it in my daughter’s size before they sold out. There were at least EIGHT styles in short-shorts. At this point, they haven’t changed.

  320. If you think that Target is bad – go to JC Penney to buy underwear for an 11 year old girl – 2 tables full of sexy thong underwear, in the childrens department, which they will try to tell you is the “teen department” except the thongs are sized 10, 12, 14 & 16 – hmmmmm – clothing manufacturers and retailers must stop trying to make children sexy – they are children

  321. I completely agree that it is impossible to shop for any age girl to find modest clothing. I have shopped at Target, Kohls (usually my favorite but still difficult for girls clothes), JCPennys, and Children’s Place. I have both a toddler size 2t-3t and a 10 yo size 10/12. We live in a warm climate so I like to find shorts that go to knee length or capris. Last year it took shopping at several stores on several occasions to get a few pieces that were acceptable for my older dd. For my younger dd I just bought dresses for her or leggings and tunics after giving up on the teeny tiny shorts at Target and Kohls alike. I find it odd that anyone finds that acceptable quite frankly, geez, here in our town you can get a second degree burn in your car with shorts that short! I am hoping change will come for our girls and there will be more modest choices. We don’t need them looking so much older and so skimpily dressed.

  322. maybe you should just thrown a sheet over her head? this post is utterly stupid. if she FITS into a bigger size then THAT IS HER SIZE! Deal with it. It’s not that big of a deal. Secondly, GIRLS are generally smaller that boys so their clothing is made smaller. Going UP in a size is NOT a bad thing ,but apparently you think it is. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

  323. What happened with this? I am just starting to understand the frustration with this, as my average-weight and height 2.5 year old is often wearing 4T clothing. I suspect that means things haven’t changed much?

  324. Amen, again! And THANK YOU for taking the time to let, not only your voice be heard but all of us moms who weren’t sure how to get it out there and make a difference. My daughter is almost 9 and while she is in NO way overweight, she doesn’t fall into the manufacturers’ mainstream idea of how they think our little girls should look at this age. She is also not a “girly-girl” and wants longer shorts and to be comfortable especially during the summer!
    I also found it quite irritating and annoying that the croch on almost every pair of shorts was the longest part, because no one should have camel toe, especially little girls! And…look here fancy pants manufacturers and designers….they are in fact LITTLE GIRLS! Let your clothing not be a walking advertisement for all the creepy creepers out there that I am already worried about eyeballing my sweet little girl!
    Thank you. Let’s keep it classy! #ModestMavens

  325. I use to work work the clothing store rue21, this store is basically for ages 13 and up. Now when I go shopping for my 5 yo girl I dont except to see basically the same type of clothing I would see at a rue (for teenagers). I hate going shopping for her anymore honestly cause I cant find things that I would allow her to wear in public, and it’s not just target its every where. My little girl is almost 4 feet tall and 48lbs and yet the new pair of 5 jeans I bough her are becoming too tight and the cute overalls I got she has to pull down the crotch every few minutes cause they are so short they ride up. when my 5yo thinks the shorts clothing stores are selling are too short there is a serious problem. We should have cute clothes for our children not sexy clothes. Who wants their 5yo to look sexy? No parent in their right mind that’s who!

  326. I have a 2 year old boy and we run into the problem all the time of his shorts and pants falling off him because he is GENTICALLY skinny. He is 3t in shirts and 18 months in pants, however we have to decided if we are going to show his stomach or let him bag because a lot of the clothes come in bundles. He also likes princess Sofia and doc mcstuffins but they don’t offer prince James or Stuffy shirts for boys. Now finding out I’m having a girl in July and knowing, like her father and brother, she will probably be tall and skinny meaning that 1 inch inseam will no cover anything! I believe that they do need to offer more options in lengths to girls clothing because I don’t want my daughter to have to feel fat later on because she has to wear a bigger size due to being tall so she is covered! Thank you so much for writing what must moms feel about children’s clothing.

  327. wish more moms think they way you do!
    Imagine how you feel about the clothes in America,
    Now add about 5-10 time worse factor to that and you got the Japanese style! Its ridiculous the clothes girls wear here! My 5 year old daughter will wear hand woven medievil style clothing before i allow her to ever wear the type of clothing they are pushing in stores now!!

  328. While I agree that girls clothing should be functional for all sorts of play like boys clothing I am a little conflicted. My perfectly average 14 month old wears a lot of Cherokee and Circo brand shorts (size 12 mo). The inseam is just as described in your blog however, it fits her well. If I could post pics here I would show you. The shorts fall at her knee and there’s no exposure. I think the real battle here is having clothes that fit each persons body appropriately and as a grown woman the variations in length and width and sizing is enough to drive me crazy!!!

  329. I know this is a year old, but I just have to say that I absolutely agree and I’ve noticed this even with my 2-year-old niece’s clothes. She has two older siblings and a little sibling as well, so most clothes (when in good condition) become hand-me-downs, so she got quite a few clothes from her older sister… who is THREE AND A HALF YEARS OLDER than she is. Some of her sister’s size 4T and 5T clothes fit her and believe me, my little niece is not overweight. She’s actually in the 30th percentile for weight and 25th for height, so she still fits into many 12 month clothes.

    What bothers me is that some of her older sister’s dresses fit her fine and some of her tops as well. We have this one yellow strappy top that is a size 4T, but it fits her perfectly like a very short tunic and the straps don’t even slip down her shoulders. Not to mention that I bought her a size 5 one piece bathing suit because a 2T looked far too tight for her to even wear. That’s just horrible. I read your other post, the one you made in October of last year as well, and I do hope that they begin to change things. This is just ridiculous.

  330. Thanks so much for being on this issue! Recent Salon post on the trend–padded bikini tops for 8 yr olds..?
    I see you are using #ModestMavens, but sadly it can rub some the wrong way/backlaash and we miss the target.
    In a Twitter DM of concerned citizens, survivors, advocates, etc. against Child Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation we are working to craft message/hashtag/slogan that can speak to everyone.
    Did you know 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused? USA is #1 Producer of child rape/sex abuse/torture images and the #2 Downloader of images of “violently sexually abused kids.”
    Weve got a serious problem/epidemic on our hands.
    Keep spreading the word!!
    Warmest from NL,

  331. I am happy that we live in a country that allow girls and women to freely choose what they wear. As a parent you can also choose how you dress your daughter. I don’t think ones beliefs should be placed or forced on another. I think we need to preserve that freedom and respect differences. Target, I hope you have more representatives with varied opions rather than just selecting your clothes based on Steph’s requirements and opinions…we live in a free world let’s keep it that way!

  332. Yes!

  333. I think the point here is that there are NOT options for different styles and lengths. Also freedom comes with responsibility.

  334. not sure where we’re supposed to find that other kind of clothing. there are NO choices. there are no shorts out there with longer inseams for girls, not in stores and not online. they don’t exist. i’ve seen gym shorts but those are terry or sweatshirt material and not for hot summer days. i have no problem with parents buying 1″ inseam shorts for their daughters, but if someone could PLEASE make shorts with longer inseams too, some of us would be grateful. that way all moms can choose what they want. if you’ve seen longer shorts in stores or online, i’d love to hear where so i can buy them!

  335. So you’re actually afraid that we might have a lot of choices for more modest clothing? Is that really a problem for you? You seriously think that with the rampant, decades long oversexualizing of children, that being too covered could possibly be a problem? The problem as it stands is that Target and other retailers are only listening to people who like what YOU like. And that’s been OK with you because I don’t think you were out there championing the cause of clothing choice when it was only YOUR interests that were being served. Now that Steph and other moms are beginning to be heard, you’re swinging the other way, clutching your one inch inseam shorts for toddlers and expressing deep concern that having another option might strip those shorts from your hands. So misguided.

  336. Seriously A.Hoff where were you when Steph started this? I don’t recall hearing your battle cry of freedom and choice when it came to advocating more modest clothing. Why have you only come out of the woodwork now that you perceive something you enjoy is being threatened? Which it’s not, but that’s obviously your perception or your post wouldn’t say what it does. If you care so much about choice, how come you haven’t been fighting for clothing choice all this time? Was it not important when it was someone else who couldn’t find clothing? You were happy, so you didn’t care about other moms and their wants and needs. Funny how once you feel threatened, choice and freedom suddenly become important.

    I think you’re very clearly and sadly missing the whole point of freedom and choice.

  337. You are so right! All to often whats available for young girls and teens are not often appropriate for their age or in many cases, school dress codes. Lots of teen girls are inundated with styles that simply are not age appropriate and it causes friction between the parent and child. Kids will buy something that their parent may not approve of, then hide that outfit in their backpacks so that they can change clothes as soon as they get to school. (This is not a new idea and no matter how much you might think your child wouldn’t do that, the amount of peer pressure and media saturation about your image may prove to much for a sensitive teen.) Another point of view is that of the parent who feels that those shorty shorts or low cut tops are cute and then when they get the call from their student’s school about their dress code violation, they get defensive and angry because they spent a lot of money and now are finding out that those clothing items are not allowed at their child’s public school. Lots of things need to be addressed by retail buyers about what is attractive but also healthy for young kids and teens with regards to America’s obsession with image. Lets face it, if the retailers understood that we are robbing our children of their childhood if the only items available to them help create more issues with how the kids see themselves compared to the unattainable models that show up through the media, no one looks perfect and the sooner we allow our kids to stop overreaching for those unrealistic goals and learn to love who they are the better.

  338. Try HannahAnderson.com or GarnetHill.com….you’ll find age appropriate very well made clothes (able to pass from sister to sister and look great!).

  339. Heather Smith says:

    Children’s Place….have shopped there for 20 years for both my leggy oldest daughter, who was agonizing to fit in length/tiny waist/no butt, to my 13 year old daughter that is short & curvy like Momma. They do have shorter shorts but I have loved their option of longer shorts as well.


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