Dressing Our Daughters: How Target Responded to My Last Blog Post

This mom went in to Target and measured the inseams on the shorts in the girls department and compared them to the boys. The results are really surprising!

It seems that my last blog post, A Target Intervention on Behalf of My Daughters, has struck a nerve. To my surprise, it got a lot of national attention. The Huffington Post ran it. It was featured on A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page, and it has been shared thousands of times in the past few days. Several of you have been asking if I have heard back from Target.

I have been in touch with the Target Corporate Headquarters and I am so excited to report that they have read all of the comments that moms are leaving in response to that post! I am beyond thrilled announce that I am going to start working with Target towards change, starting in my own house. They have asked me to provide them with some specific feedback about children’s clothes and I am going to start a behind the scenes partnership with them to get more of what moms and girls want into their stores. Thank you Target for hearing our voices and taking our concerns very seriously!

There was a lot of other discussion surrounding that post as well.

First, some people entirely missed the point. This response was my personal favorite:



I want to be very clear that I don’t care what the size label says on my daughters’ clothing. My concern was, in fact, that shorts being offered to our girls are just too short. Period. The end. And it extends to other articles of clothing as well.

All of my children happen to fall into the “average” range on the charts the doctors use, sometimes even being slightly underweight, not that it should matter. I realize all children are built differently. I’m not at all concerned with the numbers on the labels of their clothing, but as a consumer I feel that I have the right to speak out when I’m not being offered what I want. And what I want is appropriate clothes for my daughters.

Many discussions were started as a result of my first post about how we are sexualizing our girls too early and that the clothing industry is contributing to the problem. While I actually agree with that, my main concerns as a shopper right now are mostly practical.

Can my daughter sit “criss cross applesauce” on the reading rug? Does it meet the finger tip length dress code rule? Are those too tight for her to button herself after using the bathroom? What do I tell grandma when she asks what sizes the kids are wearing now so she can start Christmas shopping? And the obvious, is my daughter too exposed? We prefer to keep our private parts private around here, thank you very much. 

After speaking with Target and reading several of your responses, I realized that it may have been a mistake to use toddler sizes in my first post. Yes, it is true that up to size 3T allows for the additional girth of a diaper.

Also, it may have been a little unfair to use the Fisher Price pants as a comparison because those are older hand-me-downs and no longer available on the market.

Some people also wanted me to focus on the fit of boys’ clothing as compared to girls’. Others wanted me to call out other stores besides Target. So, hold on to you hats and grab a drink, because this may take a while, but don’t worry because there will be a lot of pictures. 


I went back to Target today with my daughter and our teenage babysitter, Lindsay, after my discussion with them. I wanted to take pictures to document the current state of the clothes in their children’s and juniors’ departments so that I can look back in a few months and see how much of a difference our voices have made. Hopefully we will see a lot of change very soon. This is what I found today:

Since I was told it would be better to compare children’s sizes instead of toddlers, I focused on a size XS (4-5).

same size shorts, girls v boys

Do you see something wrong here? These are shorts for 4-year-olds.


This is a pair of girls’ XS Cherokee jean shorts. I measured the inseam. It was 1 inch.

girls one inch inseam

This is a pair of Shaun White shorts for boys in the same size, XS. (I tried to find the same Cherokee brand for boys, but since it is October, pickings were slim in the shorts department.) The inseam on the same sized shorts in the boys’ department was almost 7 times longer.

7 inch inseam

A lot of commenters on my last post simply said, “Who cares, just buy a bigger size.” I was curious how high I would need to go up in sizes in the girl’s department until I found a pair of shorts that matched the length of the boys’.

You said jump (up in sizes), I said how high? Turns out, it’s this high:

boys v girls clothes

Those are the same boys XS (4-5) Shaun White shorts on the left. The only shorts in the girls’ department that matched them for length were a girls’ size Large (10-12). I had to go for athletic shorts because they didn’t make any denim shorts for girls with an inseam this long.

The problem, besides the fact that we are calling the same amount of fabric Large for girls and Extra Small for boys, is that those size Large shorts would never fit my 5-year-old daughter in the waist. So even if I tried to buy her a bigger size, they wouldn’t fit.

Let’s move on and compare some of the same brands, though. Please excuse my less than stellar phone pictures.

On the left, boys’ size 5 boot cut Cherokee jeans. On the right, the boot cut for girls in the same size. 

cheroke boys v girls

bootcut jean boys v girls

Yes, the girls’ jeans in the same size, in the same brand, are tighter and shorter.

The same thing happens with shirts. Girls’ on the left, boys’ on the right.


girls shirts on top of boys shirt for size comparisson

These shirts are labeled the same size. I have no idea why an XS shirt (size 4-5) needs to curve like that to show the shape of a young girl’s body, a body that hasn’t even developed the curves that a woman’s shirt in that same cut would be trying to feature.

However, I did see some things in Target today that made me smile.

First of all, they had super heroes and Ninja Turtles in the girls’ and juniors’ sections. And a lot of the shirts weren’t even pink. πŸ™‚



They also had a lot of Frozen character items that were not entirely pink or purple or glittery (although there was a lot of that too). The “princess culture” stuff doesn’t bother me. As a matter of fact, I just made my daughter an Elsa dress that will be her Halloween costume. My girls are obsessed with Frozen just as much as any others. I also saw some pink in the boys’ and men’s sections. FYI- Target also had Frozen shirts for boys.

10622812_10203831655166971_2222046306636648926_n  10703550_10203831661047118_4149595749428350244_n 10704086_10203831662047143_985236595484623055_n

While we were at Target we also stopped by the women’s and junior’s department to measure the inseam on the shorts over there.


women's size 7 shorts

Not quite 2 inches on a women’s size 7. Let me remind you that this is less than one inch longer than the shorts intended for toddlers.


Moving on…

Lest anyone think I am specifically picking on Target (which I am, because they are and always will be my favorite and I hold them to high standards), we also went to Kohl’s.

And this is the part where I feel the need to formally apologize to Target because in my experience today Kohl’s was worse.

If we want to crown a winner of gender stereotyping the clothes in the children’s department, Kohl’s won by a landslide. It was pretty bad.

Guess how many super hero or comic book character shirts I found in the girls’ department there. Zero. The boy’s department was full of them, though.

gender stereotyping in kohls

While we were at Kohl’s, I did get the opportunity to compare several name brands of shorts.

Remember how there was some debate about how it isn’t fair to compare different brands because they all cut their clothes differently?

Well, it turns out that Oshkosh and Lee have the same idea of what a size 4 should look like for a boy.

comparing boys shorts

But Mudd is a little confused about how much fabric is necessary to make that same size for a girl.

Comparing brands of shorts

Once again, I’d like to remind everyone that these are clothes for preschoolers.

Girls’ vs. Boys’

Girls' shorts are getting too short

It’s a scary world out there, trying to shop for our daughters.

Yes, I suppose I could start buying clothes from the boys’ section, but why should I have to? I happen to have girls who actually like pink and purple and sparkles. They deserve better than what we are giving them.

And no, it is not about shorter clothes costing less money to manufacture. The clothes in the boys’ section don’t cost twice as much, although they have more fabric.

And no, it is not about me “slut shaming” young girls as a writer, because a) gross and b) there is no such thing as a 4-year-old slut and c) little girls just want to be able to play comfortably in their clothes. I’ve heard from a lot of people this week. Not one of them was a preschooler who felt “slut shamed” by my last post.

And no, it is not a quality control issue or because the clothes are designed to fit smaller Asian children (which is an actual response I got this week from a commenter). I spoke to Target’s Public Relation’s team. I heard straight from the source that their clothes, while perhaps manufactured elsewhere (I didn’t ask), are designed right here in the US by not one, but two teams of designers. One team focuses on the look of the clothes, while the other focuses on fit. They use statistical data from kids right here and try to fit their clothes to the 50% percentile, doing the best they can to meet in the middle and fit as many kids as they can.

No matter what, there is no excuse for trying to sell me a one inch inseam. Ever. They literally make underwear with longer inseams than that.

The good news is that Target is listening to us. They want to know what moms and dads are looking for when we purchase clothes for our kids. They heard us and they recognize that there is a problem. And they have promised to start working with me to fix it!

I hope this post cleared up any confusion you had about what I was saying in my last post. I am not now and will never be ashamed of my daughters’ bodies. 

I just want stores to sell some freaking longer shorts.


I would love for us to start using the hashtag #ModestMavens when discussing this issue on social media so that I can keep track of our conversations and your suggestions!


  1. Great job. I applaud you and your backbone of steel! How thrilling to think that your words are making a difference in protecting the innocence of our daughters. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to take back Target shorts because once I got them on my young grade school girls, I realized no one would ever see them like that. Let them be girls and respect their bodies now. It will teach them to respect it when they are older and hormones come into play.

    • 100% agree. I love target for everything BUT girl’s clothing. My daughter is now in a size 6 and I refuse to buy her clothes at Target. Why does a kindergartener need to dress like a teenager? Are we trying to increase and attract petefiles in this country? What are we telling our girls about respect for themselves and self-worth? I happen to like khols better because they sell Carter’s, Oshkosh and jumping bean which make some shorts cut like Bermudas. TARGET, please get the message and change so we can buy your clothes!

      • As a teacher, I thank you for speaking up. The shorts that they are selling to our young girls come no where near meeting dress codes. Why in the world would you want your child’s back end hanging out.

  2. Katie Smith says:

    Longer shorts! Yes, please!

    • [email protected] says:

      Hi, I just recently came across this story. I have a very tiny 5 year old girl but I stopped shopping in Target long ago because I did not like the styles or the quality. Target is the only store where my daughter actually can wear the size that is equal to her age and she is in the 3% for weight!! I did find that it is challenging to find longer shorts for girls but not impossible. Unfortunately, you may need to go with a little or a lot more expensive store and buy for the next season (sales). I know the Gap carry’s a line of Khaki shorts in their uniform section that are longer and cute. They are Bermuda length. I got golf shorts (Bermuda) for my daughter on sale at J.Crew, in July this summer that were great! Full price they are expensive but keep an eye out for the sale. I know somebody else who got girls golf length shorts at Lands End, which is sold at Sears. Once again, more than Target but good quality and conservative. I would imagine LL. Bean would sell them and maybe Hannah Anderson (wait for the sales). I am also a big fan of Mini Boden who make great Skorts for girls. Boden has excellent sales and the quality is outstanding. Definitely kid friendly designs, super soft fabric and they look like little girls. They are an online store but also sold at Nordstrom. If Boden online is having a sale, Nordstom will honor the price online. Many times the stuff will go down to 30-40% off but buy it right away because it will not last. Definitely can be handed down over and over again. I would rather have less better quality clothes. My daughter also wears little jersey shorts or leggings under short skirts and dresses. Try some of the other stores and keep an eye out for the sales. Avoid the frustrations of the other big stores. I can not stand it when they try to make clothes for little girls that are just smaller versions of teenager clothes.

      • I have to agree. I’m a big fan of Target, for the most part. I love the Shawn White line for my son who is 6. The button down shirts and long shorts are conservative without being preppy and the fit is dead on. The quality could stand some attention but at least Target has fixed the refund process for poor quality and believe me, I use it. However, it is a shame that I can’t buy my 4 year old warm weather clothes from Target. It seems that somehow cheap looking clothes (hootchie shorts and fitted shirts) became “the look” for cheap priced clothing for girls. As the author mentioned, Target is not the only offender. I can name a couple other big name stores where clothes are inexpensive and you will find hootchie wear for young girls.
        I am fortunate that I have a friend who passes well made, conservative (full coverage) dresses, skirts and shorts on to my daughter. Target designers should take a clue from brands like Gap, Mini Boden, Crew Cuts, Tea Collection and Hanna Anderson. These styles are always modern and feminine without appearing outdated. So, Target, if you are reading this…we shouldn’t have to buy expensive clothes to keep our girls from looking cheap!

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you! I am so sick of booty shorts for little girls. My daughter is 8. I LOVE Target. However, I do not buy their girls clothes. Everything is ‘fitted’ or too short, like shorts and dresses. Thank you!

    • I”d love it if Target were to start carrying a line other than “trailer trash” or “hoochie mamma”, but apparently they’re what’s selling. Target is about making money, they kind of have to be…so selling the all but crochless shorts must be what’s flying out the door.

      It’s hard to blame a company for selling the product that garner’s them the most cash, but it would be nice if they were to carry at least a few of the more children oriented clothing rather than all tiny sexy adult clothing.

      Even if what’s selling the most are the porn star clothing lines, I’d really like it if there were some that could actually be worn to school

      • I completely agree. I LOVE Target, and my son is always dressed in their awesome cloths, my daughter… I spend the extra money at gymboree so that her bootie is covered because the shorts are soooo short. It doesn’t help that she also has super long legs. Back to school shopping this year was so frustrating.

  4. Amazing I truly hope they listen and help make the difference in kids clothes. Hopefully they’ll make longer shorts and less tight fitting tops. My daughter is beautiful but It’s ridiculous trying to find school appropriate shorts and shirts that are comfy not showing everything… Good Luck

  5. As a mom of a 2-year-old boy and pregnant with a daughter, I thank you for advocating in this way for our kids! I’m already dismayed by the state of shopping for girls’ clothes, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Target applies these lessons in the future. Keep us updated!

  6. Jackie Preas says:

    Awesome article…glad that Target is listening.I 100% agree with you that shorts with a 1″ inseam are inappropriate if we are trying to teach our girls to have a little modesty.

  7. I freaking love this Stephanie!!! I will never remember the time earlier this summer when we were standing near the Jr’s section at Target, and my son said, “why would someone want to wear jeans as underwear??!” He couldn’t believe that those tiny shorts were to actually be worn on the OUTSIDE. I am so happy to hear that Target is listening! I am totally behind you!

    • Perfect comment from a boy who obviously has sense and hasn’t been convinced by the masses that girls should wear almost nothing! I was just thinking about the fact that my boys’ underwear (boxer briefs from Hanna Andersson) are longer than *all* the girls’ shorts featured in this article.


      And while we’re at it, I’d like some decent options for my 8 & 16 year old daughters, & myself, too.

  8. I haven’t read your first article yet but I agree. LONGER length for girl shorts. I am always on the look out for Bermuda shorts for my daughter. Here in AZ shorts are a must for a majority of the year but I don’t want her to show so much of her body. Ive contemplated making shorts for her since all the ones in the stores are so shorty short. I am very happy target is listening and will hopefully show some change in the length and fit of shorts for young girls.
    Thank you!

  9. As a seamstress, to the “fat ass” commenter – children grow out their first year to two of life. After that, they grow up. The difference in standard waist measurement between a size 2T and a size 6 is a matter of 2 (TWO) inches. Thats. It. Height-wise, there’s a foot difference between those ages, on average. This is according to the Singer size charts and a college childhood development book.

    As for the short-shorts, one thing in fashion now is to wear tiny cut-offs over stockings or leggings. So the little shorts aren’t the only thing covering the little hiney.

    All that said, I think this stems from misperceptions about what girls want. Those skinny jeans- I’m glad they make them because my oldest is already a fashionista (born that way). She won’t be wearing short-shorts, but if she wants jeans that fit closer, that’s ok. But my other daughter isn’t that way. She wants to move. And there should be options, not just for modesty, but because not all kids want the same thing!

    • I love your comment. I haven’t sewn for my kids in a long time but I remember making clothes for my 18 month old and nearly 5 year old and laying out patterns and thinking no way a half inch between sizes is the way this works!! …it works. πŸ™‚

      Kids also are comfortable in different things…so I like having options. My kids like it, too! πŸ™‚

  10. Good for you Steph, I’m glad they’re finally listening!! And the photographic proof is in the pudding! There’s no denying it when you put the boys vs. girls clothes side by side. Glad you are taking this stand and that they are willing to do something about this!

  11. This is fan-freaking-tastic. I get so tired of my INFANT daughter’s clothes firing way tighter than the boys clothes fit her. It’s appalling. Girls and boys are measured on the same growth chart so why would their clothes be different sizes??? I’m so happy you got this conversation started with Target. They, too, are my favorite retailer. I spend an embarrassing amount of money there. It’s nice to see them listening to concerned parents. Now let’s actually do something about it!

  12. I’m so glad this is being discussed and that a store is actually paying attention. It is SO hard to find shorts for my nine-year-old daughter. She’s all about running around outside and climbing trees, and I can hardly ever find shorts in any store that won’t show anything if she bends or sits cross-legged. I found a bunch of athletic shorts on sale recently and nabbed some of those because they were actually long enough and fit her waist. I also have the same problem with finding sandals for her–she’s in a size five shoe now, and it seems like once you get past a size three, almost every single sandal is high-heeled or uncomfortable plastic dress-up shoes, not shoes for climbing trees or running around with friends or biking. And I live in a place where most of the year is sandal and shorts weather.

  13. They make longer shorts for girls, in denim, khaki and other materials. They are available at Target, and very available at Kohls, each summer and spring (although I’m sure you would be hard-pressed to find them now that it’s October). They are called Bermudas, and they’re not hard to find. They look a lot like the boy shorts you keep showing. As far as the fitted t-shirts…so what? They’re not “showing their curves.” They don’t have any curves to show. Buying a fitted shirt simply makes them look less sloppy than they would in a boys shirt. If it’s tight, you have the wrong size. If you really want to pick on a girls clothes retailer, go to Justice.

    • Actually, back in the day girls used to start developing at 12-13 years old. Imagine my shock when I took my (beginning to develop) 8 year old daughter in to the doctor to request a referral to endocrinology, to be told that now it is absolutely normal to develop between 8-10 years old. No referral would be forthcoming. And yes, these t-shirts definitely show off the curves she is developing unfortunately, to my husbands horror. We very quickly went through both daughters’ clothing and had to eliminate the majority of it. We’ve also started using leggings under shorts and skirts during the winter and leggings shorts under the same during the summer just for basic modesty. My husband also agreed very quickly to put both girls in a private Catholic school where they will be wearing a nicely modest uniform and follow a school dress code outside of school.

    • THANK YOU! I was thinking this the whole time. They do make longer shorts, Bermuda shorts. My daughter has them. Many of them.And she also has some of the shorter ones. And yes. I think the fitted shirts are adorable. Not all girls want to look like boys. If they are less “girly” then they can by a tshirt. The stores are selling the type of clothing that sells. Period.

      • While I’m sure there are families interested in the clothing that is currently being sold, I’d have to say based on the outpouring of support for Steph’s blog post and position (myself included) that the current offerings are NOT what ALL of us want.

        As the mother of five children (3 boys, 2 girls) I can tell you that it was much harder to find modest clothing for my girls over the years (my girls are now 22 and 16) than it was for my boys. Sometimes I was able to sew, or to pay someone else to sew for them. Some years I held my nose and bought the least immodest clothing I could find. Other times I would find real gems of cute modest clothing and snatch them up in several sizes to save for when they would be grown into.

        Frankly, the clothing offered in the women’s departments doesn’t suit me either, and I for one would love more modest options. I’ve never been one for fashion, but does that mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion on the type of clothing I would like to be able to buy for myself?

        I’m glad you are able to buy the sort of clothing that you and your daughter(s) like. We would like to have the same chance.

      • 2-4 years ago target had a lot of bermuda short in the girls section and we bought a lot, this year after looking repeatedly at the store (Target, one of our favorites, too) and online I couldn’t find more than 1-2 pair, definitely not enough to fill my daughters dresser or send her to camp, we ended up purchasing from the boys department, 2nd hand stores, and a retail closeout store. It has gotten so bad at Target that the only thing we buy there is underclothing and socks and as one my girls is moving into the Junior/Women department it only gets worse and boys clothing no longer allows for her curves but the girls stuff is too revealing… if they could only offer both modest but cute basics and the obviously trendy clothes it would certainly boost their sales from me.

    • My daughter (almost 13) and I have loved the Bermudas from Target for at least 5 years — I buy them whenever I see them, although I’m rarely able to find more than 2-3 pairs in any one size (even across colors). They sell out very quickly here in Texas stores. Take the hint, Target, and restock them when the sizes sell out!! Sadly, she has now outgrown the largest child size, and there isn’t a style comparable in the junior section.

    • Im so glad you said something! I was thinking the same thing. My daughter is barely 7 and already a super fashionista. I do not like the short shorts and neither does she. But somehow we can still find bermuda shorts everywhere! I would HATE for my daughter to wear big baggy shorts and shirts if that wasn’t what she wanted. I believe a girl can look like a girl…pink, glitter and all…and still be modest. Most girls don’t want to wear boy stuff because they feel frumpy in them. The difference in length between boys and girls clothes does not surprise me. Girls and boys are built differently. And while I COMPLETELY agree that girls should start worrying about what they are wearing instead of how much skin is showing…It just sounds like the writer wants her girls to dress like boys. Im not a “pink” or “Girly” person…but I don’t want my boys to give their hand me downs to their sisters. I don’t know if that is what the author is wanting to do…but that’s what it sounds like. I don’t think a complete revamp of clothing is what we need. I think like Maria M-M said…they just need to stock up! Or maybe ADD a few options.

    • Bermuda shorts are really difficult to find in my local Target and Kohls, and I think it’s because they sell out quickly. Also, there is a happy medium between the no length booty shorts and knee length bermudas. I am sick of not being able to find school appropriate shorts my 12 year old, 5’4″ daughter can wear to school.

      • I agree. I have switched my girls to Bermuda shorts in order to stay modest. The last two summers I have shopped at Wal-Mart. They have a really good selection of shorts both in store and online. They have short shorts, mid-length shorts and Bermuda style shorts.

    • It would be nice to have an option between an inch from the crotch and bermudas? My daughter doesn’t Ike bermudas so our only other option is super short which she can’t wear to school. There is a third option known as midis. They’re hard to find and rarely sold as she’s pointing out.

    • True. We found denim bermudas in 5 different colors at Walmart for my daughter. They are out there you just have to look. Also, I have a tiny daughter and I like the fitted shirts. Otherwise she is swimming in a huge top. And skinny jeans don’t look bad on little girls at all. But as my daughter is in gymnastics we no longer fit in skinny …too muscular in thighs. Its nice to have options.

    • I’ve looked for Bermuda shorts for our girls in Target and didn’t find any. You must have a special store.

    • I think the point is that they shouldn’t be selling shorts that short, period. The first pair she showed with a rip in the leg, that rip would go up pretty much to their underwear line. There is no reason on this green Earth that a little girl age 4 or 5 should be wearing clothing like that. It isn’t about comfort, or functionality. It’s being made because it’s based on adult clothing, which is made to show off a grown woman’s figure. We are not supposed to be showing off our child’s figure. They’re children.

      I don’t often shop at Target, because until this point, I had two boys and no reason to have to shop there. But if Target does indeed respond by making its clothing line for girls age appropriate I will definitely shop there in the future for my little girl as she gets older. In the meanwhile, can we address why the heck they make bikinis for toddlers? My 19 month old does not need to wear a two piece.

      • Re: your bikini question: makes it much easier to change diapers, and is ESSSENTIAL for once they are potty trained – so that they can use the restroom at the pool on their own. Most little girls can barely wrestle out of a wet one piece suit, they cannot manage to put it back on! I love my girls’ tankinis!

  14. Aimee Walker says:

    All I want is clothing that meets our school dress code—fingertip length on shorts. My ten y/o daughter does not like short shorts, or plunging necklines. We had a hard time finding things that weren’t “athletic” wear—so hard, we never found shorts to her liking, that weren’t the Justice sweat shorts. So, now we have them in every color.

    • I so agree! Thank goodness for the school dress code…but it is so hard to find shorts for my 11 year old daughter that are long enough to go past fingertips yet short enough to be “cool.” And for those who recommend the Bermuda shorts: not preteen fashion. But there is a happy, age appropriate medium between a 1″ inseam and knee length that I’m glad Target is now committed to finding. Thanks for leading the charge!

  15. Thank you!!!!

  16. I can NOT thank you enough for taking up the charge on this!!! I have been buying boy clothes for my 7yo daughter, and the ONE pair of Bermuda shorts that Gymboree sells. I have gone from store to store to store looking for shorts with an inseam longer than 1″ and I’ve been pointing it out to EVERY customer service person at every store and they just shrug with a “deer in the headlights” look on their face like I am the ONLY person complaining about this. I gave up on Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s a year ago. I’m SO glad to hear that Target is taking this seriously – I anxiously await next year’s line!!

    • They’re not looking at you like that because you’re the only person complaining. They’re looking at you like that because they have no idea what you expect them to do about it. Customer Service folks and the employees on the floor have no controller over the merchandise. They don’t even get a say in what stock is put on the floor. That all comes from higher up in corporate. If you really want change, leave the poor customer service people alone and write to the people who actually have a say in what gets produced.

  17. In shopping for myself I don’t even consider a pair of shorts unless it has the decriptor word “bermuda” in it! Thank you for taking up this cause! And on another note since you were comparing charaters between boys and girls departments WHY does everything have to have something on it! I can’t find a solid color shirt to for my 4 year old anywhere. I just need it to wear under a jumper or an already obnoxious printed sweatshirt or cardigan.

  18. I agree: longer shorts for girls, shirts that aren’t so tight or short where their tummies show when they lift their arms, and without a huge scooping neckline to show their whole chest when they move around and play. -from a mother of 5 girls

  19. My daughter is five, and this is the exact reason why I buy her boy shorts or athletic shorts for her. I tried the Target girl brands and she couldn’t run or climb comfortably in them! Thanks for posting this.

  20. Yay!!!! Thank you!!!! My husband just received a rude wake up call when our adopted daughter began developing at the age of 8!!!! That’s right. What used to happen to teenagers is now the norm apparently at the age of 8 and the doctors won’t do anything to postpone it hormonally. He realized that almost all of the clothing she wears (we’re rather conservative) is going to accent that fact and he was NOT happy. So he went through the kids clothing, no more thin almost like skin t-shirts, no more spaghetti straps as they’ll show bra straps in the upcoming year. No more short shorts, all t-shirts need to either be slightly thicker and not so thin, or gave an extra layer. Suffice it to say, finding cute, age appropriate clothing for a developing 8 year old has been next to impossible. And don’t get me started on kids bras. Most of them are sexier than the adult ones in the women’s section. I’m having to go online to specialty stores and order appropriate clothing and bras online and it’s costing us a fortune that we don’t have.

  21. Such a great thing you’re doing. I am mom to a 5year old and thus far have had the worst time finding clothes for her long legs, esp shorts that don’t look like underwear. Everything is so short and form fitting… Its not necessary for toddlers and babies… Its not necessary at all unless they’re buying their own clothes πŸ™‚ thank you so much for taking your time to try to change things!!! Girls skirts are also an issue for summer, most aren’t much longer than those shorts but they have shorts under them which helps

  22. It’s just as bad for my midde school girl just turned 12. She lives to wear skirts and dresses. Do you know how hard it is to find a skirt that doesn’t stop five inches above the knee!?!? My oldest loves Justice and we got her several skirts there all of which I had to lengthen in some way. It’s crazy!!! Good on Target for listening and hopefully doing something about it.

    • My daughter is 21 now and 5’9″ … when she was younger she was always tall — it is very difficult to find dresses – especially special occasion dresses (for dances) that weren’t too short.

  23. I could just hug you!! I have had the worst time finding shorts or pants for my average-sized daughter with athletic legs, NOT skinny legs. Let me be clear, her legs are not fat, they are athletic. All but one style of shorts is way too short and she is modest by nature and won’t wear them (much to my own delight), and no skinny leg jeans, pants, leggings will fit over her legs. She is not fat by any means and this has really given a blow to her confidence and she is starting to see herself as fat since she doesn’t fit in any pants in the store. She’s 10!!!! Body issues should not be happening simply because she doesn’t fit into skinny jeans and they offer no alternatives. Even the boot cut jeans are only mildly wider but don’t fit. The leggings narrow down to the ankle and don’t fit around the waist. Boys jeans, on the other hand, have wider legs (and are oddly less money).

    So we were left with one style of shorts from Target: knit shorts, longer than the others, in 3 colors, black, baby pink, and gray. We left with two pairs of black shorts and a discouraged daughter.

  24. funnyisfamily says:

    My 5yo has to wear leggings to soccer because her soccer tee is longer than any athletic shorts she owns. That was an eye-opener for me. Mad props to you and Target for addressing this issue. I can’t wait to see how this shakes out!

  25. Tracy Ballard says:

    Great Article!! I have encountered tHe Same Issues When Shopping With My 11 year Old. So glad They Were Receptive.

  26. Debbie Lyman says:

    Love this! I have struggled for years to find shorts that I felt were an appropriate length for my daughters. You can be stylish, yet modest, at the same time!

  27. Old navy is just as bad, I noticed awhile back, boys were much longer, yet the girls were $1-$2 higher. Grrrrrr

  28. Thank you! With a wide range in ages for our three girls (16, 6 and 1) I have long ran into this problem. No pair of shorts -for women of any age- need to be so short that one needs to be concerned if their vagina is showing. Seriously. Sadly, part of the problem is the parents that willfully buy this garbage for their daughters. Manufacturers would not produce it if it didn’t sell. So, stop buying your daughters trashy clothes, people!

    • Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a woman bench pressing and – literally – her vulva is exposed because her athletic shorts have a 1″ inseam that virtually disappears in a bench press position. Funny, I’ve never seen a man’s crotch exposed while he works out.

      Give us some decent options!!

  29. Yes please!! Nice job! Shopping for little girls shorts is a nightmare! My 6 yr old daughter doesn’t even own a pair of “girls” blue jeans either, because they too are WAY too tight and they are all low rise to sit on the hips…??? News flash!! A toddler/young girl doesn’t have hips!! And when they sit their butt crack shows!! WHYYYYYYY.??? I do not need to see a little girls butt crack at circle time! She does own 2 pairs of “boys” blue jeans that fit like pants are ment too! It’s gotten WAYYY out of hand. My daughter is also a huge superhero fan, and we have to shop for those in the boys section. It’s just insane.

    Keep up the good work!!

  30. Ruth McKiness says:

    My 7 year old girls wear a size 10. Same problem but worse. I don’t want my 7 year old in “sexy” clothe. I don’t even want it if they were 12. Kids clothes should look like clothes for kids, not clothes for small slutty adults. Thanks for writing this blog.

    • I’m in the same boat with my 7 year old. She is very tall and likes to be comfortable. I have a lot of difficulty finding clothes that fit but don’t look like they were made for a preteen. Thankfully, my daughter is modest. She hates anything that is tight or shows her stomach. Even bathing suits have to have coverage for her.

  31. Next time, compare the girl’s shorts inseam with some panties…I’m curious to know how similar in length they are. LOL

  32. Teofelia Tyler says:


    …. I stopped shopping at Target for any clothes (other than the occasional pair of leggings) for my daughter for this very reason. It is disgraceful that my daughter’s body is paraded around in the short-short-ultra-short hoochie mamma clothes that Target has been selling lately. Go Target. I’m proud of you…. just remember that America is watching… let’s see if you follow through πŸ™‚

  33. Thank you. My 3 year old daughter is quite petite and honestly underweight. I was dismayed when Carter’s, the children and infant store retailer, told me that when girls reach size 2T, shirts are cut closer to the body. My daughter had open heart surgery at 4 months old and although with her clothes on, you can’t really tell, her chest is not flat. I have found myself buying boys shirts because they fit looser in the chest and still have the correct length sleeve. She’s no where close to being fat but many shirts fit her too tightly across her chest. We never had this problem until we got into toddler sizes. I also don’t like that I don’t get as much wear out of her pants because they are cut tighter so need to be replaced sooner.

  34. My 8 year old daughter is a HUGE super hero fan, and although the juniors sections has plenty of these types of shirts the girls section in EVERY store doesn’t have super hero shirts for girls (Old Navy is the exception from time to time) The shorts length hits home as well, especially as a mom of two girls. The length on the shorts for my two year old are typically the same length of those shorts for my almost 9 year old!!!! More super hero things for girls!!!!!!

  35. YESSS. My daughter will be 12 next week. She is tall and slim. Finding her shorts that cover the tops of her thighs is one of my most hated chores. Not only do her shorts have to pass the fingertip test at school, they also need to pass our family’s propriety test. We are in no way prudish or shamed by our bodies, but hot damn, SHE’S ELEVEN YEARS OLD. When she’s 18 if she decides she wants to wear short-shorts and figure-hugging tops, that will be up to her, because she will be an adult.

  36. I have a 13 year old and we have moved into the era of bikinis. I am not against bikinis but would like my daughter to have one that covers and is secure in its coverage. The summer of 2013 we were able to buy a few cute suits at Target, but this last summer, all their junior bikinis bottoms were TINY. And I mean postage stamp tiny. Pornographic tiny. They called them hipster bikini bottoms and they hit at least 3-4″ below the belly button. My daughter is only 5’1″ so that is really LOW. They barely covered anything and that is WAY to small for a young teen (really for anyone but for a young teen is was so indecent!). But they had no other options. Believe me, since they don’t carry many XS in their stores, we ordered at least 20. And we returned all of them as ALL were cut the same way. My daughter is beyond the sparkles of Justice so it was really hard to find a bikini bottom that was appropriate. We did find lots of options for tops that were appropriate but every stinking last bikinis bottom was microscopic! Its crazy to me how sexual they were making JUNIORS bikini bottoms……

    • Yes!!!! I have a 13 year old and I DREAD swimsuit shopping! Everything is made of strings!

      • Try land’s end for swimwear. I know they have a huge selection for women and tweens, decent for kigs, plus swim shorts and rash guards for all! You’ll spend more money up front, but the suits are durable so if she doesn’t grow too much you can carry over to the next year. And they have options for everything for women — leg opening height, panty rise, even cute swim skirts of different lengths. Their tops offer an array of different styles with different bra types, strap types, support, and exposed cleavage. Sorry Victoria Secret, I don’t know anyone who intends to get in to the water who wants a padded or pushup bikini. Nor do we want postage stamps and yarn. And EVERY top from VS is extremely revealing….just the bra made with swimsuit material. Land’s end also offer DDD cup suits for those who are…blessed in that area (trust me no blessing. I’d give it away if I could! I cannot find tops that fit. I don’t even own a button up shirt).

  37. I’ve felt this way for so long! Thank you for sharing – very well said.

  38. Well done! My daughter is in the average range on height, but somehow she is all legs. I hate that I can’t find appropriate shorts! She is on the lean side and so trying up size up just makes them way too big in the waist. Cheers to you, your hard work and research, and cheers to Target for taking the first step to help remedy this issue.

  39. I once saw a shirt in size 12mths that had the word “flirt” in glittery letters! I was so grossed out. Thank you for writing this. I have been wooried about dressing my daughter since I found I was having a girl.

  40. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Fingers crossed, hoping for change.

  41. Thank you so much for this! I too get sooooo frustrated trying to buy clothes for my daughter; there is always such a plethora of clothes available for girls, but so much of it is completely inappropriate. I really hope Target follows through on their promise and that other stores will follow suit. There should be no bottoms for little girls that have less than a 3 inch inseam (on each side)! Thank you again!

  42. Thank you! We really need a place like Target to offer options similar to Hannah Andersson & Tea Collection, but for those of us who don’t have the $$ to shell out for those kind of brands.

  43. Good for you! I absolutely agree with you, and I’m thrilled to hear the Target response. I hope you get some actual action and not just lip service. Please keep us posted! Also, can you please say something about the length of the dresses? My girls wear mostly dresses, and unless it’s a maxi dress, I have to buy them 2 sizes too big for them to be long enough, and then they droop down in the neck.

  44. Kayla Hackett says:

    Thank you!!! I have a daughter whom will be 5 on October 17. She is in the 98%tile for height and is very skinny. She wears size 4 around the waist. If she puts on a size 4 short or skirt most times her underwear are longer. This is not only jean shorts but also athletic shorts. The tshirts cling to her skin and “show off” her figure. It drives me nuts!!!
    I also have a daughter that will be 3 in December she’s short and chubby. These form fitting tops do not fit her. She has to wear a size bigger to fit her belly and then the shirt is way too long. I hate the style of clothes that are available for our young girls. Teen pregnancy is on the rise and it’s no wonder with the clothing choices and the “sexy factor” of the clothing.

  45. You know I’ve been following along here, as a mom of a 7yo girl and a 9yo boy, as well as a lover of Target. My daughter doesn’t wear shorts at Target because they are so short, AND she’s even at 5% in height, to boot. TOO SHORT FOR A KID IN THE 5% RANGE FOR HEIGHT. Meanwhile, my son’s (in the 50% height range) Target shorts are plenty long, always. My daughter asks to try stuff on, because I’d buy her things and they’d be too tight/short in her age-size. They can, in fact, do better about this. Little girls have private parts they don’t want hanging out of their clothes as they play.

  46. Yes! It’s nearly impossible to find girl’s shorts in my daughter’s waist size that aren’t short-short. I have to dress her in her brother’s hand-me-downs when we go to the park or she will get a rash or burned (if sunny) trying to go down the slide because the girl shorts are TOO DAMN SHORT. This causes a battle with her because she prefers the girl colors (purple is her favorite), sparkles, and other ornamentation on her shorts.

    I truly hope Target and others listen to this, because it’s a huge problem. They don’t even have to be as long as the boy shorts (which sometimes run excessively long, but something at least mid thigh, if not above the knee.

  47. I’m a kindergarten teacher and for the past few years I’ve wanted to out this in my newsletter:
    “Check your child’s back… In kindergarten we don’t do crack ”
    Of course not all of the parents would get my humor, but you should see the view from the back of my room when my students are sitting criss- cross on the floor. The boys point and giggle when they see the exposed “cracks” of their friends. It’s really embarrassing for the little girls and I truly appreciate you taking the time to bring attention to this issue πŸ™‚

  48. Congrats and thank you. I am terrified every time I have to shop for my 4 year old. Waaay too much sexualization out there.

  49. AMEN! !!!!!!!

  50. One other gripe: Long-sleeved shirts, even for winter, for girls are frustratingly lightweight. Boys’ shirts are often made of a much heavier fabric. It’s cold out there!

  51. I bought boy’s clothes for my daughter when she was a toddler for just this reason. I refused to shop at Kohl’s because they had dresses that I called “hootchie-kootchie” dresses with spaghetti straps etc. for 6, 7, and 8 year old girls for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I ended up at Sears in the Laura something or other section where the clothes were more conservative. I refuse to buy shorts for my daughter that are too short.
    I also hate the fact that girl’s clothing is not as well manufactured. The seams are not reinforced, the fabric is more flimsy, and as you have pointed out, there is less of it.
    Thank you for pointing this out. You have done a huge service for all mothers.

    • Yes, how about some beautiful dressy clothes for girls aged 5-18 that are pretty, w/out spaghetti straps, and are not super-short and glitzy. We do not want mini-prom dresses that scoop down to here and are up to there for Christmas and Easter dresses. What happened to the options for a beautiful, red, traditional Christmas dress with sleeves (for girls past age 2, and on up to age 18) that are not ugly mini versions of cocktail or prom dresses? Let’s bring back the beautiful, frilly, decent dresses for girls (and for women too). Let’s put some sleeves back on the dresses.

  52. Target goes from 6X to slut in a blink… Stopped buying shorts here years ago. (Children’s Place has modest skimmer shorts that have the adjustable waist and are in an assortment of cute colors.)
    I applaud your efforts and getting their attention. Hopeful they may take action– and replace their two current girls’ designers. Obviously, they don’t have daughters.. Or if they do, they are saying it’s ok hypersexualize them with their Target shorts.

  53. Dear Target-
    This is the main reason I quit shopping at your store. I would love to come back though so thank you for listening!
    Please sell shorts and skirts that are long enough for junior sizes too.
    And while we are talking, how about some swim suits that aren’t bikinis? Tankinis or one piece that actually allow girls to move and SWIM without worrying about losing their top!

  54. Love what you are doing! Can you also tell Target that little girls do not need high heels?!? Saw several pairs when I was there yesterday! What are they thinking?!?

  55. Love this. Love that you wrote the piece in the first place and even more that you got the reaction you did from Target. Reader comment, btw, was hilarious. Anyway, since I have boys, I don’t have this problem, but I see it as a slippery slope. We want to start our girls off as strong women without body issues. Great post.

  56. I think what you have started is a great way to get stores and designers to rethink what they are selling for toddlers. I also am an avid Target shopper. Love love love Target. I have shopped there infant/toddler section until the clothing no longer fit my daughter.

    My daughter is by no means obese (she is average Nd healthy) but she does have hips and thighs unlike some children. Once she reached 3.5/4 years old none of the toddlers clothing fit any longer not even a 5T. The shorts were tight and the shirts were to tight only in the arm seam (weird that shirts seams). I could go to Jc Penny, Oshkosh, Gymboree, and carters and find items that were better suited for her age 3/4 years old. Let me tell you I would not put any I repeat any of the clothes in the girls department (4/5 or xsmall) on her because to me they are not age appropriate.

    I need my daughter to be comfortable and be able to play as she wishes without me wondering if what she’s wearing is exposing to much of her. I feel the clothing these days are a little risquΓ© for the age they want to sell them at.

    Thank you for starting this journey and I hope to see change in children’s clothing. I will also keep an eye on my Target.

  57. Karen Beers says:

    At the beginning of the summer, I went shopping to find shorts for my tiny toddler. I found one style that was acceptable at Target in the girls section, and there was only one color available in her size. I also went to Walmart, where there was not a single pair that had any sort of an inseam. I ended up buying a pair of boys’ shorts, size 6-9 months, which had a longer inseam than any toddler shorts in the girls’ section. For our older daughter (7 years), I will buy bermudas when I see them, but they are few and far between, and rarely available in all sizes. This is generally at both Target and Kohl’s, as well as other stores. The only place I have found bermuda shorts for the baby is at the consignment shops. It seems like they are not available in stores these days.

  58. Thank you for what you did and working with Target. I’m a mom of a 4 year old girl and I totally agree with you!

  59. Great post. Have you heard of Girls will be? They make great longer shorts with pockets for girls. I would love to see their products and similar products at target and kohls.

  60. I haven’t shopped at Target since they partnered with Mattel and Sports Illustrated to bring our daughters Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Barbie, and at the same time began displaying life-sized posters of models wearing Sports Illustrated swimsuits at just the right level for my 12 year old son to look at her breasts hanging out of her nearly non-existent top. (Or are they just barely hanging in?)

    It’s great that they’re willing to work on getting some modest clothing for our daughters, but until they stop objectifying women, I’ll continue to buy shorts from Old Navy and Children’s Place, where you can actually get nearly knee length shorts for little girls and big girls, and do the remainder of my Target style shopping from other stores. It makes me sad. I used to love Target. But I can’t support the objectification of women.

  61. Good for you! You’re definitely onto something big. Retailers need to pay attention, as do the fashion designers. They are guilty of continuing the stereotypes.

  62. I completely agree from adifferent perspective. I have bought a number if “girls” shorts for my crawling son because boys shorts are too long. Try crawling in capris (the length of boy/man shorts). Let’s stop dressing babes like teenagers.????

  63. I have spotted shopping at Target for my tween because it is hard to find clothes that are just clothes for her. Nice, simple, covering clothes.

  64. Linda Cook says:

    shorts and shirts are the beginning of the problem. it continues as the girls get older. try to find an appropriate bra for a young girl who needs to wear a bra but certainly doesn’t need it padded, shaped, and wired. it is extremely difficult to find a bra that will provide the privacy a bra should be providing without all the amenities to make the child look like a twenty year old.

  65. I totally agree with what u r saying my daughter is 7 and wears a size 8 and the shorts that fit r so short they ride up and uncomfortable. Than I have a daughter that is 10 and wears a size xs in junior and is 5th so the shorts come really short on her and she is 10 and MEN don’t need to be looking at her. They make the kids seem older than they are. We I buy shorts I try to find the longest I can. I mean they don’t have to come to there knees but at the end of there finger tips would be nice. As for the shirts they don’t bother me. My kids r so skinny the bigger the shirt the messier they look. And make the jeans a little longer. People r getting taller now a days.

  66. I agree with the longer shorts, the shirts with the curve is no biggie, it just sits better on a girl, but i don’t think the shorts should be as long on the girls as on the boys (same length as boys)

  67. I rarely so at Target anymore, but not for this reason. I’m so glad that you are stepping up and that Target is listening. With that said, I honestly never had this much trouble finding age appropriate clothing for my daughter. She is 14 now, so it’s a little different, but even as a toddler and young girl, I didn’t have difficulty finding things that fit her, looked feminine and didn’t show parts that shouldn’t be shown. I hate that so many moms now have trouble outfitting their girls. I hope Target makes a change to make life for the little ladies easier!

  68. Stacie Flinn says:

    LOVE!! Next to impossible to find “girl” clothes for my 11 year old. They want these girls to dress like they are 16 going on 21. Ridiculous!! Girls should dress like girls and not street walking teenagers. Why are they trying to sex our girls this way? I’ve been disgusted by it since mine out grew toddler clothes. Can’t find cute girl dresses anymore unless you want to pay $50 or more each. Most dresses for girls at target and walmart look like they are the mini versions of dresses made for 20 something’s, strapless, etc. I HATE it. Hope they change!

    • Same in the UK. I also have a near 11 year old daughter who needs size 13ish clothes. 75% of tops this season (for UK Autumn Winter where it’s not exactly warm) are crop tops or sleeveless. I’m happy for my daughter to wear the crop tops over a longer plain cami or similar – but do you think I can find any? Boys clothes for the same season cover both midriff and arms. !! Don’t get me going on skirt length.

  69. B. McDaniel says:

    Thank you! I has to search online to buy my daughter shorts for kindergarten this year. She’s very tall and there were no shorts that met dress code in the stores. Her shorts are so cute and stylish too. Wish we could fund that in the stores. And she says the are more comfy too! Kudos to you for speaking up and to Target for listening.

  70. Love this. I have a 6 yr old and she doesn’t need her Hiney showing…not now or 10 years from now

  71. Wow! You use just go in and look for the shortest clothes they have because we get several denim and other shorts from Target and Walmart and none of them looked anything like what you were representing for them.

    • Sadly, I actually did not take the shortest shorts off the rack. There were shorter ones that went up on the sides, leaving the crotch as the lowest part. The rack I pulled these from were the only denim shorts offered at the moment in my Target. I did take pictures with other shorts too. None of them were any better. I used these in the post because they were the closet fabric to the shorts offered for the boys. True, in season they do sometimes offer Bermuda length shorts. My Target isn’t carrying any right now. Also, I do not represent Target. The clothes they put on the rack represent themselves.

  72. Yes! Longer shorts, and higher waists!! Those terrible low rise pants give ANYONE who wears them, even a size 00, a muffin top. It also shows their but Crack all, the, time. So unflattering…. and SO uncomfortable. ….

  73. Finally! Thank you! Hopefully more places that just Target will listen. Though, it is good to know that soon I will have at least one place to find decent clothes for my girls.

  74. I actually think the girls clothes are cute and like how they look in them. But I agree that because not everyone thinks that there should be a choice about it and not just one style available. If you want to find nice things in a lot of different styles Children’s Place and JCPenny are good for that.

  75. Thank-you for getting this some attention. It has been hard for years to find shorts for girls and young ladies. They shouldn’t need to wear bermudas in order to cover their bums. What happened to regular shorts. We all know the ones – they cover a bottom and upper leg but stop somewhere around mid-thigh for comfortable movement and heat avoidance. So thrilled to hear that Target is being responsive. Maybe they could adjust the boys while they are at it. Or maybe we could get a different name for those knee length things that are available for the boys. Knickers perhaps?

  76. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad that you are getting so much media attention on this important issue and working with Target. I am certain that other vendors will have to respond once they start selling more clothes. I have been so frustrated with the selection of shorts and skirts for young girls. My daughter gets irritated because I buy her so many capris, but the shorts are just too short. And even if the skirts have shorts under them, they are the super-small inseams like you have shown above and still show off her panties, and the skirts are too short. I struggle between keeping her modestly dressed and letting her wear the fun clothing she likes. Parents should not have to struggle like this. And she is only 8. God help me when she hits the tween years!

    Let my voice be added to all the others: We want our little girls to dress like girls, NOT like women. That goes for tweens and teens as well. They are still children and should not be dressing to show off their bodies as if they were grown women. Again, thank you for your efforts!

  77. This is an AWESOME article. I actually resort to thrift stores for my girls in order to find the older brands when they were not purposely cut inappropriately tight, short & low. Yes, I said inappropriately….and purposely. Why? Cuz that’s what many moms think are attractive on themselves and they apply the same low standards to their girls. Sad. True.

  78. I have to first start off by saying I never comment on these types of things, but I am so sick of our little girls being pushed by stores to wear inappropriate and over sexualized clothing.They are little girls! and we should let them be little girls instead of trying to sexually objectify them. I use to buy all my daughter’s clothing at target, but when she turned six and switched to the bigger girls clothing department I stopped shopping there. The clothes look like something a teenager would be wearing and she’s six. Thank you for this very refreshing outlook!

  79. Thank you so much for addressing these things. My mother-in-law loves to buy clothes for my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Unfortunately, my son gets Bermuda shorts and polo shirts, while my daughter gets tight short-shorts and tight tank tops and tee shirts. That is because that is all she can find in the colors that my daughter likes. Odd how my son can wear his clothes to church, and my daughter cannot. I have also noticed that as my daughter grows, she tends to plump up a bit before she shoots up. When she plumps up, her chest area plumps up a little too and those tight shirts show everything. Not good for a six year old.

    Don’t get me started on the dresses being too short. I have actually had disagreements with my mother-in-law about whether something was a dress or a shirt. She said that it was a dress and was on the dress rack. However, when my daughter tried it on, it barely covered her behind and when I told her she had to wear leggings with it, she became upset. I shouldn’t have to tell my daughter she has to wear leggings with a “dress” in her size, or it will be going in the trash. Kids clothes shouldn’t be trashy.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  80. Thank you so much! I would love to see toddler and little girls clothes that are similar to the clothing from Hartstrings. Their clothes look like kids clothes.

  81. Beautiful article Thank you for writing it!!! I have to also add that I am 6 feet tall and my husband is 6feet 3inches tall so you can imagine that our kids are rather tall too so my daughter while only 7 has had to start shopping in the young ladies section a lot sooner than most girls did πŸ™ She grew out of 5T because of her height long before her age should have. And trying to find age appropriate clothes for her was and still is tough! And it should not be so hard!

  82. I would love to see more long shorts (and skirts!) too. Maybe you got there too late in the season?? I bought super cute and totally size appropriate shorts for my kids this summer at Target. I specifically went there because they had better shorts. But they did sell out SUPER fast. I went back later for more and it was like they never existed. They were almost knee length shorts for my 4-5 year old girl (circo brand maybe? the pink tag?). I have the opposite problem with my boys though, and appreciate that Target sells the Shaun White skinny pants for little kids because even with those, I sometimes have to take them in. I have to buy gap kids pants almost always for my kids because they don’t come slim enough in regular stores, so I either have to alter them or buy the kind with the little button elastic at the waist so they have a chance of staying up. πŸ™‚ Luckily we haven’t had a problem with the form fitting tees yet, because those are still appropriately sized on our kids so far. Not too tight, not too baggy. So glad to hear they are having you voice an opinion! A+ on the Shaun White boys skinny jeans in 12 months though. They saved me. πŸ˜‰

  83. Way to bring back modesty. It should have happened years ago!

  84. I want longer shorts for girls, absolutely, but how is this any different than the 80? Every picture of me from 1978 to 1988 featured super short coochie cutter shorts, one piece rompers with a .5 inch inseam, and super short running shots. No one thought we were being sexualized; pockets stuck out of the bottom of cutoff hand
    Jean shorts. I don’t think it’s the clothes specializing the girls as much as it is social media and overwhelming access to information. That and television telling all little girls to act like teenagers, have crushes on boys, and wear makeup. The retailers are just making what the kids want because they think they’re grown. I was a grimey, scrawny, active, playing outside little girl wearing clothes that by today’s standards would be considered nearly obscene. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone because kids were kids and doing kid things, not trying to grow up to fast and keep up with the Jones.

    • Thanks for saying this. I’ve also seen lots of photos and illustrations from the 50s and earlier, with little girls wore super short flaring out dresses with frilly knickers underneath so that it looked “cute”

  85. Thank you! And thank you to Target for listening! This has been a struggle all through my kid-raising years, and its just as hard finding things to fit my teen as my little ones. Harder, in fact. My requests: longer shorts, jeans that aren’t lo-rise or skinny jeans, and for goodness sake dresses with actual sleeves on them! PLEASE! !

  86. Kathy Williamson says:

    As the mom of three boys: THANK YOU! I’m so glad that Target is willing to work with you. (Fingers crossed)

  87. Thank you so much for taking action with this issue!! I have a 5 year old and 2 year old daughter. My 5 year old has been off of the charts for height since she was born. Now she is wearing size 7 to 8 clothes. She is only 5 and has a child’s body, but it is so hard to find clothes that seem to be designed to fit children! Skinny low rise jeans and tight short shorts seem to be the norm. These are just not comfortable to play in! They have plenty of time as adults to be squeezed into skinny jeans! πŸ™‚ Isn’t this their time to be comfortable and have fun? I wish I could find relaxed fit jeans and longer shorts that were made to be play clothes. They don’t need to be covered in sequins…plain is fine with me. πŸ™‚ Also, all of the pants seem to be low rise! My daughter is always trying to pull them up or complaining because they feel like they are falling down. I’m not sure if you are going into shoe issues as well as clothes but I thought I would mention some shoe challenges as well. My 5 year old is already wearing a size 1. It is difficult to find dress shoes without a heel!

    Thank you again for helping to get moms’ voices heard. Shopping for girls shouldn’t be such a trial. I dread going clothing shopping for my girls and it shouldn’t be that way. I also LOVE Target and I hope that I will soon be able to shop there for children’s play clothes! πŸ™‚

  88. I really appreciate you advocating for our girls. I do agree, much of the clothing is made too tight and short. After reading this and your other post, I wonder if it is a quality control/distribution issue as well? My two year old is almost the exact same size and percentile as your daughter-she even weighs a couple pounds more and the Cherokee 2t jeans at Target are way too big on her. She still wears 18 months. The Circo 2ts fit her. I also bought the Circo 2t jean shorts for her this Summer and they were a good length. The cloth ones you showed, however, were a bit short. I did buy a pair, but to go with a PJ top to wear to bed, so I wasn’t that concerned about length.

  89. I am so grateful for you speaking out. I have wanted to for years, but have been unsure how to go about it. Just tonight we had to drive to 4 different stores before we could find ONE pair of shorts that was fingertip length or longer. It was a nightmare. Our daughters should not have so little (pun intended) to choose from. Modesty might seem like an old-fashioned concept, but in our home and in our school it is in style and always will be!

  90. Shannon Jensen ( Shaffer) says:

    Yay for you and Target! I’m so tired of going store to store to find age appropriate clothing for my 7 yr old daughter. I have resorted to buying gently used pants and making shorts out of them. Finding a cute dress with sleeves, and that isn’t too short, makes me feel like I won the lottery! We have gobs of white shirts, that I would love to get rid of, to go under all her shirts and dresses that don’t come with sleeves. I’m not a prude, but my first grade daughters clothing options shouldn’t be comparable to a lady working the strip! Props to you & I hope to see some changes!

  91. I was so glad to see your posts and that Target is going to address the issue. My daughter is 7 and is thin with very long legs. She now wears leggings every day to school because those are the only pants that fit her without showing her underwear (we live in Hawaii so pants are too hot). The problem is that she loves to wear skorts, but every skort in her size is so short that her underwear shows, even when standing. The same issue occurs in shorts (we’ve tried Old Navy, Kohls, Children’s Place and Target brands), her underwear peaks out from the bottom. So we recently tried going up a size at Target. She wears a 7/8 (M) normally and we tried at 10/12 (L). She was swimming in them (there is actually a huge difference in those two sizes). So glad that Target is finally going to address this. I hope that other stores see this as well and begin making changes.

  92. I am on the opposite side…i have all boys…and one of them in the size xs you showed… And the 7inches look like Capri’s on him…not a good look on boys! I have to hem all shorts for my Boyd…not fun! Good luck and u am glad someone is taking up this fight!!! It NEEDS to happen!

  93. Props to you my friend, for taking the time to do this. And props to you Target for listening. Now please don’t just sell longer shorts in locations where you think people reading this post might live. Let’s change for real. I’ll be bringing my measuring tape.

  94. You, m’lady are now one of my heroes. I hate when my youngest (for the next month or so) comes over from her mom’s in short shorts. I hope other stores start to realise how inappropriate it is for grade schoolers to be wearing these kinds of clothes and what it teaches our daughters subconsciously.

  95. Also, kudos to Target for being a respectable enough company to recognize wham they are in the wrong and to do something about it.

  96. Congrats on getting a response from Target!! So glad that finally something is being done. Hopefully, this will start a chain reaction to tell big corporations “no” we dont think our daughters look cute when they are dressed sexy. Consumers have the power if they only realized it and got together. We are the ones giving them money. They are supposed to cater to what we want. We need to make it loud and clear.

  97. I am definitely in support of your efforts as I have felt the SAME way shopping at both Target and Kohl’s (among others) for my now 9 year old. Every year since about age 5 or 6 has been a challenge to find styles that are not miniature versions of Forever 21 or something I saw my high school female students coming to school in. It has felt, for a number of years now, like those designing for kids look at the current pop teen idol/s and how the teen populations are dressing and then create a few designs and make it in sizes children’s 4/5 all the way up to teens/misses sizes. Lazy! I’ve taught sewing and have made several outfits for my daughter when I was looking for something specific and it couldn’t be found anywhere in the stores. Unfortunately, it can be more expensive to sew your own per outfit than it ever used to be and I don’t have time to make a whole “back to school” wardrobe. We hardly bought any back to school outfits this year as we just couldn’t find anything decent, and I’m talking about both my daughter’s and my opinion!! She didn’t like most of what was out there for her age group. Here is what I heard from her this fall: “What girl wants to wear a dark T-shirt that has an old man with a yucky, long beard?! GROSS!” (Duck Dynasty) “Why are all the La La Loopsy shirts like a size 4T? I love La La Loopsies and I want a shirt! A 4-year old wouldn’t know how to really collect them like I do.” She is 9, and she plays with toys. She recognizes those characters, but we’ve had a hard time finding My Little Pony or La La Loopsies in her size. True, they could be sold out before we get to the them, but I think the stores might order more for the younger ones. I did just find some ‘Frozen’ themed shirts that she would love, but again, her size was gone. They had lots of smaller sizes and fewer bigger sizes (like 14/16)….WHAT.DOES.THAT.TELL.YOU?! The older girls that are in 3rd/4th grade KNOW these shows and characters want to wear clothes with them on it! It isn’t just for preschoolers. She had no idea what ‘Duck Dynasty’ was as we don’t watch the show – all she saw was a man on a shirt and couldn’t understand why anyone would want that. When I take her shopping she gravitates towards the familiar characters and the “teeny-bop” look-a-likes aren’t even given a glance. Granted, my daughter isn’t totally into “fashion” or copying what she sees other girls wear at school. She has a few “in fashion” outfits as she calls it, but it isn’t her favorite way to dress. “It isn’t comfy”, she says. =) Thanks to Target and any other company that carries children’s lines of clothing for really wanting to listen to their patrons. It is such a smart choice to build their loyal customer base by really finding out what they want to see on store shelves and then supply exactly that!

  98. Thank you!!! I was complaining to my husband the other day that in target, wal mart, children’s place, etc, my 4 year old (just turned 4) needs size 5 – not 5t but a girls 5. The kids is in nursery school and is in the 40th percentile for height and weight, so it’s not like she’s a big girl! Really good this brings one concrete changes.

  99. This is awesome. I have a 4 month old daughter & 95% of her clothes so far have come from Target. I’m so happy that there will probably still be a reason to shop at our favorite store when she’s older. Girls can dress cute & still be modest. Thank you for making this a talking point & thank you to Target for listening.

  100. Thank you for this! Kohls and Target are 2 of my favorite stores to shop at. However, this year, school shopping for my youngest left a terrible taste in my mouth. Tops were all sleeveless, and tank tops, including dresses. Shorts and skorts were way too short. Why is it so hard for them to take into consideration at least a normal dress code for students? My daughter likes girly, pretty things, and they are hard to find, and still be allowed to wear at school. I’m looking forward to seeing some changes.

  101. I agree that they could make shirts a little longer, especially in the smaller sizes for younger girls. But I don’t agree with the Tshirts and the pants. I myself prefer the women’s cut of Tshirts over the baggier men’s style. If the Tshirts are too right, it is east to buy a bigger size. I’d like to see jeans made a little longer, but not wider! My middle daughter is tall and thin. The only place we can find jeans that for her is at Justice because they make super skinny jeans- everything else is too big for her- and because she’s tall, we have problems because to get the length to fit we have to usually but jeans that are too large in the waist. I think one of the best things clothing manufacturers could do is to offer more variety- make fitted AND non-fitted shirts for girls; make skinny AND wider jeans. Not all girls are built the same or have the same style. More options would be nice.

  102. Thank you for the work you are doing! I would like to add (to lots of companies, not only Target) that skirts and dresses need to be longer and looser. And there is NO reason that a little girl needs to wear a bikini swimsuit ever. I received by mail a catalog with little girls (5-6) in little bikinis. They had on make up. It nauseated me–what is the goal of that look?!

  103. This is an awesome start. I’d love to see this extended up to Jr, ms, women’s too. My 14yr old daughter does not like to wear the short shorts & we have sooooo much trouble finding shorts for her. Plus also conforming to the school dress code. It’s not that I want their shorts as long as the boys. I prefer my sons shorts at the knee or just below, but at least mid thigh to the knee is a good range for my girls. Thank you for your work and all the more that will go into it!!

  104. THANK YOU!! I love to hear a woman that has sense and doesn’t try to have their daughter keep up with the trends. I think half of the prob now is morals and respect for yourself. I have a problem dressing my 5 year old daughter respectfully too, as well as myself. The availability of decent clothes for girls and women is almost non-existent.

  105. Thank you for taking a stand. I have a daughter who I have always had trouble finding clothes that fit her appropriately. She is 14 now but even when she was younger. She is 5’4″ right now and half of that is legs… πŸ™‚ And to find shorts, skirts, and even dresses that come down long enough is so hard. We live in Fl where it gets hot…. and she has to wear jeans to school every day because we can not find shorts that are within dress code for her. Find the length but they are 4xs to big in the waist. She wears a size 2 in jrs.
    I will be looking forward to Target changing out their styles.
    Again, Thank you

  106. We have two girls, 15 months and 4 years, and are almost unable to shop at Target for our 4 year old daughter due to the cut/style of the clothes – and it seems to be creeping down into the toddler sizes as well. It really started this summer when I went in search of non-booty shorts. The incredibly short inseams on the entire selection at Target horrified me, and I went to several other stores in vain before finding nice Bermuda shorts at Kohl’s (Jumping Beans brand, which shrink a lot and run small even on my average-sized to small children). Anyways, even looking for fall/winter clothes was a bust at Target – very fitted, mature cuts on everything, and we refuse to buy a top that looks like it was cut for a 20 year old. So this fall we did fall/winter shopping at Land’s End, Gap Kids, Gymboree, and H&M and got great clothes. When I’ve used social media to ask Target to stock girls clothing with age-appropriate cuts or girls clothing that is NOT bedazzled and pink, I got a polite brush off of, “We’ll let our stylists and buyers know” and the situation keeps getting worse, so I am glad that a parent out there has finally gained traction on this issue!

  107. We ran into this problem AGAIN this year. I bought the Shawn White shorts you showed, they are really cute. The problem comes in that girls want to wear clothes made for girls.
    Thanks for vocalizing the issue.

  108. Keep up the awesome work! Moms all over are thankful!!!

  109. Yea!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I refuse to dress my 8 year old daughter in clothes that are even inappropriate for teenagers! I love that you addressed the problems with sizing too! Everything seems to be cut small. It is not just a problem with Target. Have you ever been in Justice? Their clothes look like they want girls to be hanging out a bars! If Target changes their kids clothes to a more age appropriate (and size appropriate) style, then I will take my daughter to buy clothes there!!!

  110. Kim Cannon says:

    Thank you! Love how rather scientific your approach is! I quit going to Target and Kohl’s for my daughter because it is so frustrating! And I don’t take her shopping b/c I have to say “no” to so many things that look cute on the hanger but are too exposing. Thanks for being our voice!

  111. Bravo!! Thank you for taking a stand!

  112. Yes! Awesome! I, too, am a devoted Tar-jay addict and struggled with finding clothes there for my 5-1/2 year old this summer. I went with the athletic shorts you featured because they were longer – and those appeared to be the most popular option at my target. I wonder why? I also have trouble at stores that are specifically for children – I’m looking at you, Children’s Place! They offer cheer shorts which are probably the 1″ inseam but also have glittery words splashed across the butt. WHY? My husband works in a sec offender treatment facility and believe me, parents… no matter how cute you think those are, they do invite attention to your daughter’s butt. I did have some luck there as they offered a short that was a “rollup” style with buttons – so I let them out and had a short that was a perfect length – slightly longer than mid-thigh. ***sigh*** Can’t we just let our girls be little girls for as long as possible?

  113. Ang Valent says:

    How about a longer space from the crotch to the waist for our little girls who aren’t pencil thin? Sorry I don’t know what the technical term is.

  114. Be careful with too long for boys. My sons waist is a ten but when I buy him those he isn’t tall enough and they sag in the back. I think som boys shorts are too long. I hear ya on the girls though and I applaud your crusade. You should look at the sizes in the junior section they don’t sell xxl anymore. Kinda sad.

  115. Thank you so much! I know how much time it takes to go to the store,do this kind of research, and document it all with children alongside of you. Please keep the conversation with Target going. We all need you! Thank you Target for paying attention!!!

  116. As a father of 2 daughters, 17 & 9, and a son, 10, I can really appreciate this article. And she is right, this is not something isolated to a specific store, or brand. I have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to purchase “modest apparel” for my daughters. The “Daisy Duke” syndrome is what I call it. Extremely short shorts seem the norm for even very little girls. While the “Britney Spears” syndrome seems to dominate dress and skirt manufacture. The hem line is waaaaaay too short on clothing for girls, across the board. As far as boys apparel is concerned, short length goes back to Michigan’s “Fab Five” unit that won college basketball’s national title some time ago. They were wearing shorts that were knee length and that is the style today. While the author here does not go out of her way to point the issue with girls clothing to the sexualization of our children, that is exactly what it is. And it needs to stop.

  117. PLEASE make your voice heard for the young adults as well, my 13yo daughter HAETS short shorts.. and yet we can not find a bermuda anywhere. What are we to do?? (btw, she’s 5’8″, so she’s on the tall side)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!

  118. Totally right, then society ask themselves why there are so many perverts, I’m not saying that is the only factor but of course contribute of men can start seeing our beautiful babys.

  119. I totally agree with you about size! I have a 7 yr old girl and 8 yr old boy. And my daughter’s cloths are so tight and short. It drives me crazy. Sometimes I do let her wear her brothers clothes because hers are too short. I’ve never understand why. But coming from experience I thank you for speaking up! I hope this is a change!!

  120. Please oh please if you have any influence at all . . . talk to them about modest Halloween costumes for tween girls. I’ve had the hardest time finding anything for my 12 year old (size 14/16) that isn’t totally slutty (ok – if it’s creepy there is a lot of stuff – but she wants to be pretty). Even cute ideas have a skirt way way high – too short for even leggings. Not everything needs to be modest – but a few choices would be nice. She would love to go as a frozen character – but those are not to be found unlike the abundant choices her 4 year old counterparts have.

    • This is a great point! Yes, Halloween has turned into Slutoween (that’s what my teen calls it!!!) Not only is everything made to make girls looks sexy, but also if you live in cold or wet areas (I live in Seattle) there is no way, even if you wanted to wear one of the skimpy costumes, that you could outdoors trick or treating! Please offer some cute options of costumes that are school clothing rules appropriate. Girls wants to be cute and fun or funny, not sexy!

  121. Marcia Jonez says:

    Thank you! I am a Grandmother now but have wanted to see different clothes available since my girls were little! There is a cartoon going around on FB that shows a lady holding a piece of clothing and the caption reads, do you have this in a size for people who actually eat? It is heart breaking to go shopping with a child who can’t shop in their department because they aren’t built like a pencil. I find this to be true in ladies sizes also. Of the places I shop, Target is the worst for this.

  122. I totally agree with you. An inch inseam is too short for anyone. Good luck. I like Target and would love to find more appropriate clothes there for my daughter. Thank you.

  123. I wish target would carry over their toddler girls clothes line into bigger sizes (6-14). I have a very tall 6 year old. I won’t buy her clothes from target, or kohls for that matter, because the clothes look way too grown up. Gymboree and the children’s place carry a line from infant to size 12. Cute, little girl looking clothes. So I don’t have to have my 6 year old dressing like a 17 year old.

    • Yes! I actually have a boy, and I’ve wished the same thing. Once we get out of the toddler sizes, our choices become skulls and violent-themed characters….no more cute puppies or silly robots. He’s only 4, but wears a boys’ XS or S. It’s frustrating out there.

  124. Great job I have 3 girls 3-11 and face the same problem. I hope they take the advice as well as other stores. We are modest and follow the fingertip length rule even out of school.

  125. Kudo’s to you! My daughter is 14 and I rarely let her shop in Jrs anymore. Not enough fabric!!!!

  126. I can’t WAIT until you compare skirts. When my daughters were in band, and they had to sit on a stage in the required black skirt, I had to purchase TWO skirts for each daughter and have a seamstress add the extra fabric JUST so they would have a skirt they could sit in on a stage. (Even with the fabric of two skirts, they were still above the knee)

  127. This is no joke. Either the girl’s clothes are tiny or the boy’s clothes are huge. My husband is constantly putting my 15 months old little boys clothes in my 3.5 year old daughter’s drawers because he can’t tell the difference. When I told him, “he said why are they the same size?” Good question. They shouldn’t be.

  128. I applaud you for not only writing the first installment of this post, but the follow up. I am currently pregnant with my second (my first is a boy) and know we will face YEARS of frustrations while shopping if it is a girl. As an adult, I have a really hard time finding clothes (shorts and skirts especially) that have an inseam that are not only comfortable, but that aren’t SO dang short!! I don’t care if people want to buy clothes like that for their kids. Whatever. However, stores need to offer longer inseams for those who would prefer that. My shorts all have at least a 4in inseam so I definitely would never put my BABY girl in a 1in pair of shorts. Good golly!

  129. I found one brand of shorts at Walmart with a 6″ inseam for girls. Since it was incredibly hard to find, I bought some in every size they had available because I was worried I would never find more shorts like that again. Thanks for your pursuit of practicality!

  130. Good article. I’ve stopped buying shorts at Target for my daughter…I have managed to find longer, “walking” shorts for her at Old Navy, though they have their fair share of too short shorts too….

  131. I am so happy to see that Target wants to hear from parents. I tried it with Mervyn’s once and got the brush-off (and where is Mervyn’s now?). Here’s what I want for my daughters: PLAY clothes that are appropriate for PLAY, not for walking down a runway. That means they should be loose enough to move in, tough enough to take some wear, and long enough that they cover what ought to be covered (specifically, not show miles of tummy if a kid is on the monkey bars, and long enough to be at least mid-thigh, preferably closer to the knee. Dresses should be knee-length).

  132. While you have target’s attention, I think some of this could easily be fixed by changing their toddler section to go up to 8-9 year olds. I have 6 daughters and love target’s style (it was the only place I shopped when they were little) until they hit the girls’ section. All of a sudden, my 5 year old (because my girls always seem to need a size bigger) is expected to dress like a 12 year old. I end up shopping at lands end more with the exception of a modest dress here and there from target. I love that I can buy a size 7 dress for my 7 year old and have it be long enough AND just appropriate for her age. I’m not into pushing my daughters into growing up any faster than they already do.

  133. Awesome post & follow-up.

    I do want to comment that I don’t have a particular problem with a SMALL difference in length between boys and girls pants of the same size. Girls tend to be shorter than boys, so it make sense to me that a girls small would be a BIT shorter than a boys small, etc.

    I also think boys wear their shorts (and t-shirts) over-sized (when I put my son in clothes that fit, he looks weird next to the other boys at the bus stop). Shorts in particular are extra-long and tend to look “baggy.” Because of this, I wouldn’t want them to match boys’ lengths in girls clothes, but they should come MUCH closer.

    If they made girls shorts a inch or two shorter than boys, I’d be good with it (again, girls tend to be shorter, even at young ages. Also, at least mine likes clothes that “aren’t baggy” – maybe ’cause she’s small, but perhaps because she doesn’t like to swim in her clothes!).

    The one thing I wish you had addressed is skirts and dresses. Obviously, there’s no gender comparison here, but they are still really short. I have found a couple longer ones at Target, but mostly, I can’t get them there (I use hand-me-downs for now). They often barely cover my daughter’s bottom! She is a pixie-sized child, so it’s not because her bottom is big! Maybe they can start making their shorts long enough to not show panties when sitting in circle-time and then make the dresses/skirts to match that length??

    • Also, I’m starting to look at the online stores for “modest” clothing when it comes to my daughter. It’s just… more appropriate.

  134. Marci Olson says:

    Yes, yes and YES! Thank you! I refuse to put short shorts on my daughters. Thank you for being our advocate. πŸ™‚ Dresses and skirts are WAY too short too. Also, it is nearly impossible to find a dress with sleeves or that doesn’t have HUGE arm holes. My girls almost always have to wear shirts under their dresses or a cardigan.

  135. Thank you so much for doing this, I love target but have also been so disappointed in clothes for girls being too short and too tight! My girls are also “average” in height and a little under for weight and I can never buy the type that has a button and zipper, it’s way too tight! Even if I go to a higher size, that only makes it slightly longer but we still can’t button it! It’s like they want anorexic children or something! Hope they make some changes! Our little girls do NOT need to look sexy, this is awful!

  136. I am thankful in many ways that I only have to dress. Sometimes I buy clothes in the men’s de part meet because I don’t like wearing the short, tight clothing in the womens. I also make my own cut off shorts buy cutting jeans to the knee length I prefer. I am glad target took it seriously.

  137. I have found the best time to buy decent length girls shorts is spring before the summer stuff comes out! The shorts for girls are a decent length then. I’m raising 5 and 8 year old girls – gotta learn the tricks to keeping them modest in today’s world.

  138. School shopping is awful!! My 6th grade daughter found NO shorts that met the fingertip rule for school!!

  139. I am the mother of a 3 year old and a 7 month old and I have a question, WHY is it so hard to find clothing with no characters on it? I HATE character clothing, i dont buy it at all, except pjs when i really need them. I dont want my kids being a walking advertisement. It’s so hard to find clothes that dont have some sort of character on them. People say “oh you will give in when they are older” ok i might once or twice but trust me this is something i’ve felt strongly about for years. No character bedding, plates cups etc. I just dont like it.

  140. dawn kicklighter says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have 5 children, 2 of which are girls. At ages 15 and 13, clothing brings a lot of debate in our family. Both of my girls are active in activities where they are not just sitting in a chair all day. The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses at most stores is ridiculous. My girls can not reasonably perform any regular activity in the length most stores provide. Bend over to pick something up? Uh, no. Sit down anywhere other than tucked under a table? Better not, unless they want someone looking up their skirt. They want to be “in style”. They want to look good. They do not want to dress like a boy. Please tell Target that of they can change their clothing lines to be more modest and real, mom’s of girls will be lining up to support their efforts. They already get my money in other departments. I would love to be able to add more clothing to the list.

  141. Can I just say thank you. Four years ago I worked at Target’s biggest competitor, in the women’s fashion section, but I also worked the fitting rooms, so I was able to see just about any person no matter age or gender pulling clothes from racks and trying to decide if this is something they would take home. A simple walk through the girls clothing department back then had me wondering what parent in the world would put this on their child. Lets say for instance the parent isn’t the most modestly dressed themselves, I still can’t for see a good parent wanting their child to look like a stripper. The 1 inch inseam is a joke because I saw skirts with the same amount of fabric, A SKIRT! That will hide nothing leaving the parent with only one option (leggings) but why should a young girl HAVE to deal with THREE (skirt, leggings, underwear) different things covering her bum when she’s probably still trying to master the potty. Thank you for speaking out, I love target, i have a red card, my house is full of their grocery bags, but when I have children (I don’t), I’ll have the same issues you do of just trying to find clothes that don’t curve in at the hips (um have you seen children, most teens under 15 don’t have that) and don’t have an inseam that allows child predators to get a looksie while they’re wearing clothes…Thank you.

  142. Don’t stop with little girls! I have a tall 12yr old who has to shop in the teen dept. Yikes! Can we please stop dressing our daughters like hookers? Thank goodness for school uniforms!

    • Yes I totally agree. My daughter is 12 also and we are in the same boat. The selection is terrible. There is very little appropriate clothing. I can’t find any dresses that even come close to the knee and have a sleeve.

  143. kudos to you! I have to scour secondhand stores to find appropriate clothing for my 9-year-old and 4-year-old. Funny, I don’t have any problem finding appropriate clothes for my 3 boys.

  144. I have a daughter who is ten and wears a size 16 (no nasty comments please, you don’t know her life). Try finding cute clothes for her in Target. Pants are a bit easier as long as I’m willing to put her in leggings, but swim suits are an entirely different story. If I a bikini it is tiny tops and the bottoms fit, but if I buy a one piece it’s too long for her length. Shirts are always too small, especially if she wants to be cute in Disney Princess or Monster High.

    I have two sons, ages 12 and 8. Finding pajamas for them is darn near impossible. My 12 year old is also in a size 16 because he’s tall (thank you sizing tapes on pants) and my eight year old is more of a size 9. It’s a bit easier to find jammies for him, but my 12 year old rarely gets cool pajamas. He loves Lego’s, loves the Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, but what do I get stuck buying him? Skulls and crossbones. UGH.

    Between their selection and their screw-ups with their online shipping I just don’t feel shopping at Target is worth it.

  145. This is awesome, I just had a conversation with my own mother about the state of girl’s clothes compared to boys. I want my daughter to stay looking young when she IS young, I think some of the clothes are trying to mature our daughters before it is time. I have actually added fabric to shorts that I have bought so they are longer, and have bought larger sizes and taken in the waists just so things are not super short on her! Thank you for making a difference!

  146. You are an answer to prayer and I hope you have success! When I was young we were required to wear dresses to church. They could be no shorter than two inches below the knee and sleeveless wasn’t an option. My daughter is 12 and tall and thin. My niece is getting married in three weeks. I have been everywhere trying to find her a dress for the wedding that is APPROPRIATE!!!! We have had very little success. I would be so happy to be able to shop at a store where both my daughter and I weren’t appalled at the selection. Thank goodness she gets old hand me downs as that is about she has to wear because she won’t wear the short and tight stuff. And that is good because I won’t let her wear it either even if I have to learn how to sew! She only wear capris. Thank goodness they invented those because the shorts are ridiculous.

  147. Thank you!!! I hate having to go to the boys department for shorts for my 2.5yr old!!

  148. KeepTalkingAboutThis! says:

    THANK YOU!! I have a precious little second grade girl and we have the SAME problem!! It really struck me two weeks ago when she had “free dress” day at school – a break from the conservative but cute uniforms she has to wear. I could not find ONE pair of shorts long enough to send her to school in. We opted for a cute dress instead. Seriously?? I remember shopping this summer and being entirely surprised at how SHORT the shirts everywhere are! Keep up the good work!! I’ll gladly join you to talk to Target!!

  149. Thank you for being the voice we have been waiting for! And thank you to Target for listening to their customers! I am looking forward to better girls clothes soon. Even their shirts are crazy tight. I had to buy 2 sizes bigger and then hem them up so they weren’t down to their knees.

  150. I have two boys and still I’m really happy with the changes you are inspiring here. I’m happy for the little girls and also because it will give more options for my sons. Here’s an example: We went to Target to buy a frozen shirt for my 5yo son. There were no Elsa and Anna for boys so we checked out the girls section…but of course the cut was wrong and I would not let him buy this cut style. He also loved the heart shaped ninja turtles. We left Target with nothing that day and went to Disney World in an old Mickey Mouse shirt instead.

  151. Nicole Peck says:

    I completely agree with you on the shorts thing. I’ve really struggled to find shorts for my girls (and ME!). However, I’m OK with the girls’ T-shirts being more “form fitting.” I despise the look of baggy shirts on myself (and even the men’s shirts on my husband — I think they look awful really baggy on men as well). My teenage daughters can wear these girl-cut shirts and have them still be loose yet look nice, and they just plain look better on them than a “unisex” T-shirt that can even be too baggy on men/boys. And my girls layer their shirts most of the time too. I also think the jeans issue depends on the person wearing them. My kids are skinnier than a lot of the “normal” sizes we find and my kids have a hard time finding pants to fit their waists because they are average/normal heights but just slimmer (even my boy, not just my girls on the pants thing). Just wanted to point out my opinions/experiences with those few things for you to consider when talking to Target, not saying you’re wrong, just that those may not necessarily be a modest issue and I have a hard enough time fitting my kids as it is without everything getting bigger/longer/wider! LOL My kids range in age from 4 up to 15, so I’ve dealt with this in the toddler size and the children’s size and the junior size now. I applaud you for voicing your concern and frustrations and getting Target to listen!!! So awesome!!! It’s not just a Target issue. I couldn’t even find decent shorts for my teenage girls or me at TJ Maxx this year. Hopefully more stores will follow suit with your hard work with Target and then next summer I can buy decent shorts for me and my girls!!

    • I completely agree! I do hope there are a few more options as far as having longer shorts for girls as a result of this, but please, please, please do not make girls sizes the same width as boys. There is a reason they are different and it is because girls are on average thinner than boys at a given height/age.
      My daughter is five and we can hardly even find pants she can keep up so she wears mostly leggings (which can also be too big around. What she really needs a slim, so more options for the slim kids would definitely be a must if you start widening sizes. Of course, I could drop down made more long shorts.
      Dresses also need to be made longer by several inches!

  152. Kirsten Heder says:

    PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE, TALK TO THEM ABOUT DRESSES!! My daughter is tall for her age and if you look at dresses in the girl department they are all mini skirt length dresses!!!! it’s CRAZY!! I am having the hardest time finding a dress that doesn’t go right below my daughters butt!! the dresses in the toddler department are long but not in the girls. why do they feel that as soon as a girl turn 5 they need to start wearing mini skirts and short dresses???????? urgh!!

  153. TigerLeader for life says:

    Yes! Underwear with longer inseams than shortss… You can still find “normal” lengths at thrift stores…. Sometimes…

  154. I totally agree with your posts! After I read this one I started thinking about where I’ve bought my daughters shorts because we do spend a lot of time in Target. My daughter just turned 5 and the past few years I’ve bought her shorts online because it is impossible to search in every store until we find decent length shorts. It’s much easier to cover 5 stores online while my kids sleep, though it is still difficult to find decent lengths. If I can look at something and know I wouldn’t wear it even as a mother in my 20s then we have a problem!

  155. I am thrilled! I have a 12 year old niece who wears a size 7 in junior because we have to account for her booty. She ends up wearing jeans because we can’t find any shorts with an appropriate inseam. My 8 year old niece has Bermuda shorts from JCPenney because its the only place that has shorts with a nice in seam. I Hope you get Target straightened out before my 2 month old daughter gets to the toddler clothes!!

  156. I have three boys and then a girl, so when I started clothing shopping for her I was astonished at the horrible selection. I am so glad you called attention to this and I hope that Target really does follow through on their claim that they will listen to us! Why is all of the clothing out there for toddlers designed like it’s for teens or adults? I hate it!

  157. Amanda Bomar says:

    I’ve felt the same way, with the clothes everywhere. I applaud you for speaking out. Wish I had

  158. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have an 11-year-old daughter who is tall – yes, she is at the 100% percentile and always has been. But I don’t care HOW short other girls are – there is no, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO way that any shorts should have a 1-inch or even a 2-inch inseam. They can’t be worn to school, they can’t be worn for play, I can’t imagine they would even be comfortable. My daughter is now forced to shop in the junior’s section, as she is 5’2″ and it’s even harder to find appropriate shorts there, but this has been an issue the last several years. If a woman is an adult and chooses to buy hoochie shorts, that’s her deal…but why don’t the stores offer options??? It’s either a 1-inch inseam or down to the knee.

  159. I would also like to see longer inseams at Children’s Place. We were big fans of Children’s Place for years and then when my oldest grew to be a big kid I realized that regardless of the waist size the inseam is practically the same for all sizes. They do sell Bermuda shorts for girls that we buy often but one of their signature items is the $5 elastic waist shorts, which they display in multiple places in the store.

  160. Can you get them to work on tanks/sleeveless dresses too. I wear a lot of tank style tops, my daughters would like too. I have noticed that while my shirts are cut so that my entire chest is not uncovered from the sides, most of the shirts I try on my daughters need me to shorten the shoulder part to make the arm hole smaller or have their whole chest showing.

  161. Beverly Bitterman says:

    Yah hoo!! I am so glad to see this issue raised. My daughter is now 16 and I’m so grateful that the length of her shorts and shirts has nearly gone away as an issue. For years we shopped at Children’s Place and on a little girl, the clothes looked good and seemed appropriate. Tank tops on a pre-young teen start to give a whole different impression. But by then, they are a) used to wearing tank tops and rather short shorts, b) aiming to keep up with peers/look like a teen and c) all the stores sold were the short shorts. On the tip of a co-worker, we found slightly longer shorts at Dillard’s so that became our go to store for shorts until a year or so ago when, thank goodness, the styles got longer. And, as the purchasing parent, I learned that if I’m only going to let my daughter wear an item at the beach – I no longer buy it. That decision has saved countless arguments. And, the fact that the school dress codes, Church teen groups etc. hold them to standards also helps. My advice to Mom’s of young girls is to avoid the skimpy clothes from the start.

  162. I agree with you 100%! My daughter is almost 3, and thankfully we haven’t had an issue with this yet as she is in the 5th percentile, so everything is big on her. However I believe part of the problem are those buying these clothes – letting their children wear whatever they want. Parents need to be more responsible and a be parents! I am appalled at what kids are wearing these days, I visited my cousins house and her 12 yr old daughter opened the door wearing shorts with probably just 1″ inseam. Then my other cousins daughter showed up wearing the same! I held my tongue, but come on parents!!!

  163. Thank you for this!
    For years I have tried to find decent, modest clothes for my daughter and have been horrified by stuff in stores. I used to find Children’s Place guilty of being a bit “hoochie,” as I call it, also.

    Last year, I saw a little girl wearing short shorts and a half, off-the-shoulder top with chain link thingee stretched over the open part of the top…she was 3. I couldn’t fathom how a parent would buy that for her child and how a store would actually sell that item as a piece of toddler clothing. Years ago, my aunt was shopping for her 4 year-old granddaughter and saw a pair of the velour Juicy Couture sweatpants on the rack with “Juicy” written on the butt. She scoffed and the salesperson said, “What are you scoffing at? THOSE are Juicy COUTURE.” My aunt said, “Why in the world would you think I would purchase a pair of pants that has “Juicy written across the butt…for a FOUR- YEAR-OLD?!” She said the salesperson said, “Well, that’s what people want!” This was 10 years ago, so clearly this is an on-going problem with girls’ clothing. And apparently, not all people want hoochie clothes for their girls.

  164. Kristin Blatz says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I must admit that I did not see your first article but from reading this one it is like you are reading my own mind. I am so tired of shopping for my girls clothes and not being able to by anything because the clothes are either too tight, too short, too revealing. It is crazy! I have two daughters that are 10 & 11 who I can hardly find clothes for anymore. We do shop at Target and it seems that in recent months it has become harder and harder to find anything that my girls can wear. But it is not just Target and Kohls, it is like this everywhere. Any shop for girls, Macys, Justice, Children’s PLace, ect. there is the same problem…trying to make girls look older than they actually are! Give me a break…THEY ARE LITTLE GIRLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Our culture has almost made it a bad thing to be a little innocent girl these days and I am SICK OF IT! It is going to take moms and dads standing up like you have done to change things. If there is a way I can get involved in standing up for our kids let me know. I would love to help! It’s time for us to fight for our little girls! Ok, I climbing off my soap box now! lol I am just so passionate about this and have never known how to do anything about it. So thank you again!

  165. Bravo! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate the size of girls shorts. And it is the same everywhere you go. My daughter’s dad purchased her some shorts and I was upset and wanted them to take them back for longer ones. Only problem was there were no longer ones. It’s almost as if you have to make your own clothes if you want your little girl to be covered decently. I’m so glad I was just introduced to your blog and look forward to the changes in girls clothing at Target .

  166. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  167. Kami Slaback says:

    I’m sure you are going to have a ton of responses from both sides, but I thought I would get my two cents in as well. First of all, THANK YOU for helping to make this first step, and good luck! I don’t have too much trouble finding long shorts for my 7 year old, but she likes to wear skorts most of the time. Oh, goodness – try finding a modest skort for a tall leggy girl. They are all way too short and the shorts underneath are little more than underwear. You can’t wear leggings with them because it would be too bulky, and she doesn’t like to wear leggings and a regular skirt – too complicated. Sheesh. The shorts under skorts should be much longer and more like fitted bike shorts, I think, and I would buy them in every color if such a thing existed. However, I don’t agree with all your thoughts on shirts and jeans. It depends on the outfit, but baggy shirts look too sloppy – especially with skirts. Some could definitely use more wiggle room, but overall I will always prefer a slightly more fitted shirt for myself and my daughter. Same for jeans – not too baggy and sloppy looking. But, why on earth would jeans in any child’s size be available in “low rise”? That baffles me. Just a happy medium on these things – I don’t want baggy masculine-looking things either. Again, good luck!

  168. I have thought This for a while. Great job at putting it to words and doing something about it. To purchase shorts that are long enough is a constant battle my 7 yr old girl is all legs so not only is in inappropriate for her to wear shorts of such length it also looks terrible since her legs are so long. It really is just as hard to find shorts for women that are long enough in the inseam. Keep up the great work.

  169. THANK YOU! I almost exclusively bought my childrens clothes at Target because id convenience. I have three girls, when my oldest went from size 5t to size in girls 5/6 (at 4 years old, she is tall and at a healthy weight), I felt like I was shopping in the teenage section (for my 4 year old!). Simple cute play dresses with Maryjane shoes had been our go-to outfits, or comfortable jeans, cozy and sweet looking sweat outfits, soft cozy hooded sweaters… Basically, things that covered well without too much publicity for one particular brand plastered across the front of my child. My 2nd daughter is just about to be in the girls section and we have basically twitched to online shopping exclusively at Old Navy, Lands End (during sales), and Childrens Place (which tends to have a bit too much glitter for me, at times). I would love to have the convenience of Target again, but havent bought clothes for my oldest daughter from there in almost three years. I just dont even bother to check the section anymore, unless we need tights or socks.

  170. I can’t remember agreeing with a post more!!! YES!!!! I have been soooo frustrated with Target ever since my daughter moved out of their toddler section into the “big girls” section. She’s 6. There should be cute outfits with a bit of a trendy feel that are not trashy looking and expose too much.

    And, don’t get me started on the Halloween costumes for girls. When did little girls’ costumes become an opportunity to look sexy? For example, this one – http://www.target.com/p/girl-s-dc-justice-league-wonder-woman-child-costume/-/A-15416196#prodSlot=_3_13. I understand it looks like Wonder Woman’s costume, but it could have been done in a way that’s appropriate for little girls… and a bit warmer for the colder temps in late October. Here’s another – http://www.target.com/p/girl-s-devil-darling-costume/-/A-12744874#prodSlot=_4_9. Target does have some other choices, but I’ve noticed the trend overall out there toward sexy costumes for girls who haven’t even reached the teen years.

    Boys clothing not only covers more, but is better made. Girls clothing seems like it’s cheap on purpose. Six year olds should not dress like teenagers. Once they hit size 6, everything seems to become tacky, made cheaply, and exposes too much. I want my daughter to respect her body and I want everyone else to respect HER. Please Target, carry girls’ clothing that is cute and age appropriate.

  171. As a mom of 3 daughters, I struggle with buying clothes for them in the summer. Shorts are certainly the worst and I have focused on buying more capris and bermuda shorts for them. I have found shorts for them as babies and toddlers that wouldn’t even cover their diaper (side and back)! You are correct, this is not an issue with Target at all. I shop at probably 10 different stores for my children’s clothing and I run into this problem at every single one.
    Thank you for speaking out and for your future efforts working with Target to make girls clothing more age appropriate!

  172. I have a tall, leggy, slim, eleven yr old daughter that Sir Mix A Lot was talking about when he said ” baby got back”. I have struggled her entire life to buy her shorts. This past summer I let her wear the too short denim shorts but only with leggings underneath. Until now the only shorts she has had were Bermuda length shorts or little knit shorts to wear under a skirt or dress. Think about that. since she has been out of diapers I have only been able to buy her one pair of denim shorts due to the obscenely short length. I do not feel that my daughter’s panties or butt cheeks should hang from the bottom of the shorts. Now we have more or a problem than most because my daughter “Pie” is built like a brick house with plenty of booty; I do acknowledge that. But with that being said I am so glad to know that it is not just me.
    My 3 yr old daughter just outgrew the last pair of ( girls) denim shorts I will buy her for the same reason. I bought those shorts last year when she still wore diapers if we left the house. but now the shorts show wayyyyy too much. I can not do it, and both of my daughters own quite the assortment of camisoles and spaghetti strap tanks to provide extra coverage underneath shirts and dresses that show too much chest.
    This year when shopping Pie’s swimsuit I had to go backwards from a tankini ( I don’t believe in you girls bearing midriff) to a one piece. Her old tankini came up over the belly button and the briefs covered both cheeks, Think 1950’s. The top fully covered her chest and came well below the high waisted band on the briefs. This year I went to my trusty Target and every tankini brief was cut to show too much leg and hip the “bikini” cut instead of a shorts cut. or the briefs were shorts style but micro mini length. In one pair more than half or her cheeks showed. The tops were ridiculous. They were cut too low too tight and all showed midriff. I had to do to Gap Kids to find a swimsuit with a decent fit. Let me say that again. I had to go to the GAP to find a decent swimsuit.

  173. Amy Noland says:

    I have a boy so I haven’t had the problem with clothes like those with girls have. I have had sort of an opposite problem. Some of the shorts for boys are too long. That seems weird, but when you have little ones who are learning to walk, having shorts hang over the knees makes it difficult to move properly and I see them have trouble. The main problem is with swim shorts. My son had trouble climbing out and moving properly because the shorts were so long it restricted his movement and made it sometimes almost dangerous in the pool. This isn’t limited to Target, but all of the stores. When you talk to Target, would you please mention this as a problem? Designers may think that I want my kid to dress like a little adult in board shorts, but I don’t. I want him to be safe. Proper functionality is very important in children’s clothing.

  174. Most schools, those my children attend included, have dress codes that include that shorts and skirts/dresses must be fingertip length. It’s beyond frustrating to find clothing that fits these guidelines, let alone find budget friendly clothes that fit these guidelines. I have, for many years, bought my daughters clothes two sizes too big so they would not be sent home by the disciplinarian for not adhering to dress code. Girls also are not permitted to wear tank tops. Shoulders must be covered. I would like to see more cap sleeve tops and dresses for warmer weather. Leggings and yoga pants can only be worn with longer, rear covering tops. I’d like to see more tunic length tops. I hope this partnership yields results.

  175. Modest Momma says:

    So…. This has been an issue for me for a long time. I personally “fit” best in junior shorts, but as a mom In my 30s, don’t think i need to be wearing shorts with anything shorter than 4 in inseam. I refuse to let my 9 yr old wear shorty shorts & have found a pair or 2 of Jean shorts at target, kohl’s & Macys… BUT I got them early in the season & had multiple family & friends searching for them. While you’re talking with target, can we get some sweatpants for little girls without writing across the butt…. not something I want my daughter portraying…. look at my booty… no thank you. I have to buy from the boys section & girly them up…. we go to target, then Michaels & get some kind of bling decal to put on the sweatshirt, thigh or ankle… or I add ruffles made out of material….gets pricey & time consuming. Thanks.

  176. Melissa Merritt says:

    Thank you!!

  177. Longer shorts for women/juniors too! It would be nice if we had options. Not all of us want booty shorts

  178. stephanie hixon says:

    You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for taking the time to work with Target and make a difference. I have the same problem with my daughter’s skirts. We have a choice between mini or to the ankles…what happened to the knees? Could you ask them to look at some knee length skirts. Thanks

  179. Good for you for thinking proactively. I love shopping at Target and will often buy my daughter’s dresses and shoes there, but her shorts and jeans are purchased elsewhere. It never, ever crossed my mind to work for change. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Well done!

  180. I have been smiling this entire post!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am Target is listening! Even if the super short inseams didn’t bother me (which they do) it’s a huge problem with school! Shorts and skirts and dresses have to go to the kids fingertips to be worn at school, and honestly I think that’s my preferred length too for shorts, I prefer longer for skirts and dresses. I like the playground spandex shorts a little shorter that my girls wear under their dresses so they don’t pop out of the bottom when they walk around, and Bermuda length shorts are great as an option too esp in the fall or spring. As for tops I don’t mind the cut of the shirts, in fact I think I prefer them because the girls say they don’t feel cute in big tshirts, but I hope you address sleeves! Little tiny spaghetti straps are so cute but really do nothing but cause me trouble as a parent. Just because my kids aren’t developed doesn’t mean I want their little nips showing every time they bend over to play in the sandbox! I would love it if they opted for more like a 3 inch strap or even muscle shirt type sleeveless, even cap sleeve! These days kids are so oversexualized it’s disturbing. Aside from creepers some young boys have been exposed to sexualized images and I feel so strongly that no matter how cute- I cannot bring myself to let my girls wear these tiny strap dresses and tanks that do not keep their chests covered. Actually speaking of that- swimsuits!!! Target is very guilty of girls swimsuits with a v neck that comes down below nipple level. That, to me, is absolutely appalling and there is no way my girls can wear these suits because the second they move at all their nips are exposed!!! :/. I’m a target a holic too so I can’t applaud this effort enough!!! I can’t wait to tell my friends and church bc they will all celebrate! I don’t know one parent who isn’t annoyed with this stuff! Seriously not even one!

  181. I suggest shopping online at Lands End. Quality, cute clothing with real inseams.

  182. Love it great job. I’ve been thinking about that this year while I was buying clothes for my 6yr. My poor baby got nothing in her hips n of course y would she have some right.. But now I’ve noticed while she was trying on jeans they make the hips on size 7,8 to big or toooo long. :/ I was getting mad that I couldn’t find any that would fit her good. So I went to another store old navy. Now I love old navy cute clothes. I found jeans there for her BUT they where skinny jeans. Now I don’t mind it to much cuz like I said my daughter has no hips or butt.. But then I thought if she is wearing these skinny jeans n if they go out n play,run?? Would she be able to without ripping them lol.. So anyways while I was checking out I told the cashier my experience at the other store walmat n Kohl’s. She had told me yes her niece has big hips n she is only 5 or so don’t really remember exactly. Now I have a niece that has that same problem she is big on the bottom. But anyway I just think they don’t make enough selections at some stores. Like us women. I mean these kids r developing fast so y hot have that option big hips no hips tall or short. Thank you for taking the time to read this if u did n hope I might have made u think about that ifbubhave not already did so.. N yes I totally agree no more. N thank you for taking the time to speak up n never gave up. πŸ™‚

  183. My oldest are 9 and 7 now and we use to buy 90% of their clothes from target. They were cute, age appropriate, well made, and modest. About 5 years ago that all stopped. The clothes changed and I refuse to buy trashy clothes because it’s the style. I have 5 kids now and don’t even bother going into Target because the clothes just get worse and worse over the years. Once in a blue moon I need something (not clothing) and will go in, but honestly I really only bought clothes there and LOTS of them! Now they just have belly shirts, short shorts, low pants, and thin pants! My girls are rough and tumble girly girls who bust out the knees on those thin pants. Why can’t they be durable AND have rhinestones!?! My oldest 2 are in bigger kid sizes now so again, I don’t even bother with Target because their bigger girl clothes are totally inappropriate. I’m sure they have cute, age appropriate things for my son but so does every other store. So why would I go get him something at Target if I still have to go to other stores for his 4 sisters? I won’t. My kids range in ages 3wks (today) to 9 years and kids clothes are my weakness. I always overbuy, but since it’s worlds harder to find modest clothes now my big kids just have what I can find, when I can find it. Which is normally at Children’s Place and Crazy 8. Carter’s is good for my younger 3. I hope Target really hears this and makes changes so I can go back to buying from one store and not having to search the globe for knee length shorts and nonbelly shirts!

  184. On the flip side, I have boys and the shorts are way too long (at or below the knee) and cut way too big. I have to buy slims for my average size boy otherwise they will fall off his waist, even though they are adjustable. And good luck finding slims in a store..most stores say they only sell them online if at all. Also try finding t-shirts without superheroes and skulls. Everything for boys is fighting characters or skulls, neither of which my boys like. Just as frustrating.

  185. And this is why I had to buy my girls mid-thigh shorts at the Thrift store. I couldn’t find any at any stores.

  186. Carter’s should take a peek at these articles as well! My daughter could wear 24 month clothes but I buy 3t and 4t clothes. It’s disgraceful.

  187. This is just ridiculous. There are different styles for boys and girls that are “in” right now. The girls shorts make way more sense for kids who are running, climbing, jumping- the less fabric the better. The boy shorts are insanely long. If you want to dress you daughter like she sound be ashamed of her body then that’s your prerogative but dint pretend it’s Targets fault.

  188. Jeffrey Payne says:

    Our society idolized youth & idolized sex … now we’re shocked that we’ve sexualized children. What did we think would happen? We didn’t think. It’s past time we started thinking.

    Somebody with fashion & fabric skills, here’s something to think about — the number of comments to this article reveal an unserved market for clothes that are modest & stylish …

  189. While I agree, the shorts have been getting quite short for our girls, I’d like to point out that proportionally the inseam would be shorter than the womens shorts. That comparison doesn’t help to prove the point. I say this as a professional seamstress by education and trade. If I am patterning a item for a child (which I do frequently because I can’t find what I or my 8 year old wants) I would not draft the length in relation to my own skirt – it would be based on the length per the style the client is looking good for on their body in relation to the style try to be achieved. With all of that said, I agree our girls don’t need every pair of denim shorts to be that short. My daughter is in the 200th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Most of her height is in her legs. We have gone shopping with friends and they’ve tried on the same things on her friends are obscene on her. But she insists on wearing shorts under every skirt so she doesn’t “show her bits”. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Target places “lollys” right above short skirt items in the girls section. It’s like they are admitting the skirts are too short…
    And another thing, I absolutely hate that they switched from numbered sized shorts this summer to S, M, L. That was the biggest wrong move for Target behind the too short issue. We could not find shorts there this summer that didn’t gap or were too tight. Honestly, my size 7 kid couldn’t get a M pair of shorts to work?? That whole jeans try-on session was frustrating for me and her. It actually made 8 year old question her own body. So that was a conversation with a kid in the dressing room to explain that she was fine, the clothes were cut silly. The fitting room girl overheard and said it was happening tons… It was very disappointing to see this sizing change there.
    I also wanted to add my two cents about the cut on the shirts. We prefer the girls cut shirts. However we usually size up because the sleeves are so narrow. It makes the length of the shirt more modest because tummies and pants gaps are covered with the extra length. And then they are a bit roomier…
    Anyways, good on you for speaking up for change!

  190. soldiergal says:

    Great work! When I find Bermudas at Target–which isn’t often–I buy as many colors & sizes as I can, since there’s no guarantee they’ll be on the shelf again! Our Target doesn’t carry TNMT or other “boy” superheroes in the girls’ section, but it’s easy to find them in the next aisle.

    I would love to see more inseam choices & less butt-crack on the leggings. Please don’t try telling me that little girls need the short shorts to play in, commenter who said “the less, the better.” Watching my daughter have to pull out a crotch wedgy isn’t an appealing concept.

    And let’s carry these concepts up to tween clothes, too!

  191. I have a very slim athletic 10 year girl, Target is the only store she will wear because they are the closet to justice which is double in price. The short shorts and tight jeans look great on her because she has no booty to hang out. Wide boys style shirts forget it! She is tall they have at least five inches of fabric on each side extra to fit in length. She looks like she is wearing a tent. I like Target clothes now and hope they don’t change anything!!

  192. This is awesome! Thank you so much for your diligence. I applaud Target for listening to concerned mothers…I knew there was a reason I liked them. πŸ™‚

  193. I really like your message and approach. My thought is that Target and Kohl’s try to “follow” fashion trends and believe their product offerings do that. Great that you have their attention about why it’s not really what everyone wants. I think the even bigger problem as the stores who are seen as the trend “leaders”. Stores like Abercrombie & Fitch. Oof, they’re just trying to sell sex in their approach. I heard some years back that A&F was selling thong underwear for little girls. What?!?! I did not check to confirm this, but it was entirely believable given what you can see just by window shopping past their store. I would LUV to see the pictures of your ruler tests at A&F. They are a problem leading fashion trends.

  194. I really appreciated your article about target clothing. I am an Orthodox Jew and my children dress modestly. I know that is not the norm for most people and certainly the stores are not expected to cater to my beliefs but it was so nice to see someone acknowledging the ridiculous clothing available for girls today. A couple of years back the style was very bohemian and we found lots of long flowing skirts and dresses. This is not the case today. Everything we see is flashy, glittery, trashy and yes too small and short. Stylewise, my children don’t even like that look or all the incessantly pink clothing. I am talking about my seven and 10-year-old right now (my three-year-old would be pleased with everything pink). I would be beyond thrilled to see some skirts that come to below the knee or longer. Something else you might notice if you look is that the neck on round neck shirts for girl is significantly lower than boys. When I find a really nice three-quarter length or long sleeve shirt for my girls it never ends up working because the neck comes down really low. Why does a young girl need to have the neck of her shirt come down lower then a boy’s? I would like to see a photo comparison of that. Maybe I’ll take one next time I’m in the store. Again, I wouldn’t expect target to make changes for a small population of people but truthfully where I live there are a lot of religious Jews that shop in target and maybe adding a few items wouldn’t be such awful big deal for them. Thanks so much for your efforts!

  195. Yea you! Thank you for doing this. I hate shopping for my 8 year old daughter. It’s even worse to let nana do it! Also, you should have not blacked out the FaceBook posters name. Shame on her!

  196. Yes thank you! This is precisely why, even as an adult, I have always shopped the boys section for clothes. I’m too tall for petite and too short for regular and NO I don’t want to show off my curves. Never understood why the guys get jeans in W/L sizes and we get them in numbers.

    Anywhoo, I have 5 beautiful nieces, age 18 months to 6 yrs, and one more on the way. Very hard to shop for them finding clothes they want to wear in addition to them also being appropriate. So glad Target is listening as they are a favorite store around this house too. Economics is all about supply/demand. If we start demanding better choices, supply has to follow or the dollar goes elsewhere.

  197. Kimberly Davis says:

    I have a daughter who had a total melt down in a store at 14 years old. After shopping all day for school clothes we simply could not find jeans that were not ripped and did not show the top of her butt crack when she sat down. In tears she said to the sales person “I just don’t understand why they want to force me to show my butt crack!” I understand that low rise is… in style… but they can’t offer ANY other options?? All day we found only low rise and super low rise. This was through several department stores and was her first experience shopping in the “Junior” department. We finally bought her jeans on line but it makes me sad.

  198. Thank you for fighting for decency and just common sense for our girls! I have 2 little girls and have always had a slight fear if their teenage years until I realized it all depends on the foundation they are given now! And there is a way to dress our girls stylishly and modestly. And hopefully starting this at a young age will just treCh them to respect and appreciate their bodies when they are teens. Thank you for being our voice!

  199. Moving Monkey says:

    Yes yes yes!!

    I have a son and a daughter and am an avid Target shopping (as my credit card will attest). I buy all sorts of kid stuff at Target (as well as adult stuff), but not clothes. I want my daughter to have shorts that are the same length as my son’s shorts. This does not mean they have to be gender neutral or all in camo. While I admittedly would love to get rid of everything pink and sparkly, my daughter loves all of that and I’m happy to let her express her personality in pink if that’s her choice. But I don’t see why this has to be in super tight, super short, and yes, super uncomfortable shorts that even she complains about.

    Please Target, if you really are listening, make some fun (and yes cute) clothes for girls that don’t make them look like tiny sex symbols or rock stars! Girls love princesses, and they love cars, and they love pink, and they love blue, and they love to paint, and they love to climb trees and collect rocks — in clothes that fit and are fun and are comfortable! You have an untapped market of mad moms who would love to have a place to BUY these clothes!! Sign me up.

  200. Awesome article. Girls should be able to cover up like boys do.

  201. Target toddler and boy shorts are actually way too big. My 4 1/2 year old son who is average to on the smaller side of bottoms is still wearing a size 3 and 4 in target shorts because of the waist and on some the length. He is wearing 4/5 in other brands. I feel like the length has always been too long on boys short by an inch or maybe even two. One thing on your side in choosing for a girl is the variety. Especially in the toddler section the boys have 1/3 of the selection (size of department wise) to choose from if that. The boys stuff is blah and boring in most cases where as the girls are fashionable and on trend. If you could bring that up with them as a possible change that would be awesome.
    Onto the girls. If I had one I would be in your exact shoes. My sister has three and I’ve seen over the years and still comment that I would NEVER let my daughter wear shorts that I could see her butt cheeks hanging out, her underwear while she is sitting on the floor playing, mini high heel shoes (outside of playing dress up), etc etc. it’s just crazy what there is to choose from as you are saying. There are WAY to many perverts, sex offenders, what have you to be given the opportunity to have a little girl walk by with way too much skin showing and them “save” that image in there heads or there phones for that matter “for later.”
    You are doing a great thing. Thanks for taking on this role for children and dealing with all the feedback positive and negative. Best of luck!

  202. I never respond to blogs so this will be my first but I feel so compelled to thank you beyond words for taking this action!!! I am a mom to 14 and 13 year old girls and have been complaining for the past two years that clothes for girls keep getting smaller!! I had to drop my rule of no short shorts simply because I can’t find longer shorts in stores and I looked everywhere. That and the fact that zero clothing stores cater to the ages between 11 and 14. There is a gap needing to be filled between the stages or princess and pink and teenagers and tight fitting. Right now out of pure desperation to find clothes, forever 21 and Charlotte ruse are the go to stores for my girls, which doesn’t excite me one bit!! Our middle school has even changed the dress code rule that short shorts are allowed if the child has spandex shorts on underneath…. So, you have to have on shorts under your shorts to meet the dress code. I’m all for allowing my girls to express themselves through clothing but it has to be done in a respectable manner that can’t be met with the current designs on the market. Thank you again and I am excited to see the progress and change being made!!!

  203. As a mom of twin girls who will be five soon, I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a store to buy them clothes and have not been able to find a single appropriate item. My daughters happen to like princesses, fairies, ponies and unicorns (as well as superheros, dinosaurs,etc). One loves pink and the other purple. In the summer of 2013, while my girls were only 3 years old, I realized I just couldn’t find anything appropriate, yet cute in their size at Kohls. Every shirt I picked up was either too short or too revealing. Off the shoulder shirts for 3 year olds?! Ridiculous! The shorts, as you found, were entirely too short, hence the reason my girls were in capri’s the entire summer. During the warmer months I do tend to buy shirts that are 2 sizes too big, just so the length is there. In the winter, that is not as easily done. What 4 year old can keep the sleeves of her two sizes too big shirt rolled up the entire day? What 4 year old should have to? It’s challenging enough for them to manage their bathroom time without also needing to assure their sleeves are sufficiently “out of the way”. (TMI?) I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you wrote about this horrible miscalculation in girls fashion and that Target is going to work with you to make changes. I look forward to an enjoyable shopping experience in the future there, rather than the feeling of dread I usually have. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  204. I totally agree with you, and think the problem is getting worse. I try and buy a size ahead and this year it has been really, really hard to find shorts that I would let my girls wear to school. Little girls don’t need tiny, too short clothing!

  205. Uhhh, asian mom here, and what?! My asian daughter doesn’t want to show her underwear in public, either. Not does she have a “smaller asian body”. LOL. Not even sure what that means, but she is tall and lean, and regardless of the fact that she is tall for her age, short or tall, a 1 inch inseam is going to be an issue no matter what. My daughter has a very wide selection of basketball shirts and boys nike shirts.

    Still trying to figure out what a “smaller asian body” is.

  206. Jennifer H. says:

    Thank you for this…however, my problem w/clothing for my daughter didn’t start until around age 8 or so and continues til today. EVERYTHING was short and tight, and low cut. It was a NIGHTMARE buying clothing that we found to be appropriate. And it was/is ALL stores!

  207. I LOVE Target! I have a little girl who just turned 8 and a 5 year old little boy. When it was time to buy new clothes for school, I went to Target of course! When I saw what clothes were being offered it was a hard time finding shirts and shorts that were long enough for my daughter. Had NO problems finding clothes for my little man. I ended up having to only buy Bermuda shorts for my daughter because all the other shorts were WAY too short. In one of them you could see her underwear when she sat down and criss-cross apple sauce, or when she bent over. Yes, I make my daughter do this all in the dressing room with each pair of shorts she tries on. My daughter was a bit sad that she couldn’t get the shorts that had cute embellishments, but I wasn’t going to let my daughter walk around with shorts that can show her private area if she moved a certain way. It is extremely sad that I now have to make my daughter move in the dressing rooms of most major stores to make sure that the clothes won’t show anything. I should be able to walk into a store pick her size and know it’ll be long enough to cover her in a respectable manner. I applaud you for bringing light to this subject. I just want my daughter to grow up and be able to wear clothes that are comfortable and teach her that you don’t need to wear clothes that leaves nothing to the imagination.

  208. melissa Ashby says:

    Go get em. The clothes for girls is shameful. I can’t shop at Kohls any longer for my daughter, Target is too short or slutty, Walmart has nothing and I’m just terrified what’s at the mall for a 9yo. I want nice clothing for my daughter that doesn’t make her out to be a woman she isn’t. Heck I can barely shop in these stores because the adults clothes, especially the shorts, are just down right inappropriate. I’m an athlete in good proportions with nothing to hide but I don’t want my daughter or me hanging out of our clothes.

  209. LRae Watson says:

    Finding something conservative, yet age appropriate for a 17 year old is almost impossible. I LOVE Target, but am often very disappointed in the teenage clothes. GREAT JOB to you for taking on this issue and GREAT JOB to Target for listening!

  210. alliebeanie says:

    Sort of off-topic, but not really – I have a couple of wonderful friends who work for Target in the corporate offices. They have stayed there as long as they have because they absolutely LOVE the company. The fact that Target management paid attention, reached out to you and now want to work to fix the issue speaks volumes. I know why Jane and Mary stick around! Kudos to you!

  211. BRAVO!

  212. I totally agree. My daughter is now 11 but I have always fought finding clothes that aren’t too low cut (for the shirts and pants), shirts that show belly if you move, and skirts that are too short. I would buy biker shorts and have those under the skirts, dresses and shorts if I couldn’t find longer ones. There are a lot of children’s clothing that looks like it is just the smaller copy of adult clothes. Looks like lazy clothing makers. What 5 year old needs a see through black shirt?! None, but they are out there, I have seen them. I still have a hard time finding clothes for my 11 year old. She doesn”t need jeans that are low cut and show her butt crack when she sits down, or look like her jeans are spray painted on. But that is the majority of what is out there. My daughter is not eye candy for anyone, she deserves privacy and not to be looked at as an object. I wonder if pedofiles design some of these clothing lines for children!! Keep up the fight, moms like me (and grandparents) appreciate it!!

  213. I agree with you. I also like shopping at target over other places. However, I was disappointed in the clothing choices they have in the girls section. The toddler section has really cute clothes, but I feel they have lost that in the girls section.

  214. WOW! This makes me LOVE Target Even MORE!!!

  215. “I’ve heard from a lot of people this week. Not one of them was a preschooler who felt “slut shamed” by my last post.” That made me laugh so hard! I am so happy someone shared this on facebook! What truth! I actually STOPPED shopping there altogether, and I refuse to shop anywhere that tries to sexualize my 6 year old daughter. In my eyes she is still so small, heck she IS so small, she’s in 1st grade, but she is also very smart. She knows that clothes like this are no good, in fact she sets her own modesty standards believe it or not, and she would not even want to wear stuff like that. I find it sad that I have to buy only skirts, tights, and capris for her to wear because no one offers a decent pair of shorts that are stylish these days πŸ™ I do hope Target listens, I love that store, and if they actually did this and revamped their line, OMG they would actually make SO MUCH MORE money, imagine the increase of shoppers they would have, because you simply cannot find decent clothes for this age any longer at a good price as well. I find myself saving money and spending like $60 on a childrens place outfit, or shorts from the Gap because I can’t go to Target any longer and get her any type of modest clothes. I’m super glad you touched on the form fitting shirts as well, thats another thing I don’t like πŸ™ Why can our girls just not be pushed into this culture so soon? They will have time to show off their curves, but grade school is not the time. When you work with them, please also address the low cut of ALL bottoms; pants and jeans alike, because that’s another huge issue that there is no getting around in the shopping industry πŸ™ No little girl wants to have to worry about her undies hanging out if she bends over, nor should she have to.

    • Good point Tara. I have to wonder about the 6 yr olds that want to dress like ‘prosti-tots’ as someone put it. Modesty is actually a natural behavior while the opposite indicates a problem somewhere.

  216. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this issue! As the mother of a preteen who is as tall as most women, my daughter and I always have such a hard time finding fun clothing for her that is not so short that her butt falls out and that doesn’t bare her midriff. Number one, she can’t wear that type of clothing to school, and second, she doesn’t feel comfortable in that type of clothing. She is just starting to enter puberty and is very self-conscious of her newly developing body. Entering puberty is hard enough without having to constantly be concerned that you aren’t showing off parts of your body that are supposed to be covered. So, hopefully while Target is reviewing these posts, perhaps they can look into creating some larger girls sizes for taller girls, or adding not so revealing clothes in the Junior department keeping in mind that preteens sometimes have to shop in there too!

  217. I love what you are doing. Little girls should look like little girls not little wemon. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

  218. So glad to have come across this from facebook! I am glad you are taking a stand on this. It would be so nice to find clothes i feel comfortable putting on my girls! Longer shorts, regular t-shirts, longer dresses and skirts, etc! i love Target, but yes, clothes shopping is tricky and we usually go to several stores trying to find modest clothes.

  219. As the mom of four daughters, this has been an ongoing problem for me. It really isn’t limited to Target, however. Not every girls wants to be sparkly or wear pink, either. I don’t want to buy stuff with glued on glitter. What kind of message is that for my daughters? It is hard to find shorts that are long enough — the Bermuda shorts styles are usually in limited supply or the larger sizes have sold out. I just would like some shorts that are not necessarily as long as Bermudas, but not booty shorts, either. And the see-through fabric, body-hugging fabric is not OK, either. JC Penney used to have more sensible styles, but that changed, too.

  220. Modestandnotashamed says:

    I agree with you! And just because we don’t want our daughters to be almost naked doesn’t mean we’re ashamed of their bodies or that we are teaching them to be. It means we are teaching them to respect their bodies and that their self worth should not be centered around how much skin they’re showing. Being modest is not the same as being ashamed! That attitude is (I think) part of why there are pregnant 6th graders in the town where I live. Yes, plural.

  221. Thank you for this. I have three toddler daughters and much of this summer was spent with them pulling the ends of their shorts down, or me buying larger t-shirts to cover how tightly these shorts hugged them. Ridiculous.

  222. A little experiment today at my daughter’s school. A 94 degree day. I watched as the kids filed out of her class after school. Without exception, the boys shorts went to their knees. The girls shorts never reached the middle of their thigh. My daughter’s black knit shorts were the only ones that reached further. I like mid-thigh length, personally. But why such a length disparity? Easily 5-6″ difference!

    And I completely agree on the high-heels. Girls this age (10) need exercise just as much as boys. Putting them in heels at this age hinders activity. They need a larger and better selection of good athletic shoes.

  223. Yay! I love you! My daughter is about to be 8 and we spent a long time this summer searching for shorts that were an appropriate length (and bathing suits that were more like shorts and tankini top since she feels more comfortable that way- why would I argue her out of that?!). Thanks for taking the initiative! You rock!

  224. Thank you!! My daughter is almost 19 and I’ve been saying that children’s clothing is designed by pedophiles at least since she was an infant. Excellent post. Keep fighting. I’m behind you.

  225. You go girl! So glad there are still some young women out there with brains and morals. Thanks for speaking out and getting involved. I’m a 49.9 yr old mother of five boys and one girl. I also complain about women’s clothing choices. I don’t want below the belly button running shorts!

  226. I really appreciate you bringing this to light and that Target is listening to you!! I thought I was alone in this–my 8 year old daughter desperately needed shorts for back to school, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy what I saw in the stores, specifically Target. They were so short!! She’s still wearing her worn out shorts until I can come across something appropriate.

    • Check out “Hanna Anderson”. It is an online store and I was actually able to find modest, cute shorts that my daughter loves as well. I bet they are on sale now as well since I just got their Fall catalog πŸ˜‰

  227. Love both your posts and completely agree! I have found good shorts at a local thrift store I love. I love to thrift, so it doesn’t bother me to go there, but I wondered if I have found good shorts because they are “old” styles? I know that I’ve been annoyed with popular styles for women these days when I look for clothes (seriously, I don’t want to show the world my boobs!), but I hadn’t thought much about girls’ clothing. Good investigation and eye-opening.

  228. Yes! Thank you!! Everything you said! I have a 10yr old and get SOOO frustrated clothes shopping. Don’t even get me started on the swim wear!

  229. Thank You for this! I agree with everything you’ve said here. Dressing girls is darn near impossible these days, and your assessment of the situation is spot on!

  230. Thank you! As a parent of a preschool boy and the aunt of a 6 year old girl, my sister and I are constantly saying the same thing. We support you 100%.
    We have a request when it comes to swim wear… 3 year olds DO NOT need bikinis. They show everything, ride up, fall off, come untied, etc. Why are we not working to protect that beautiful unblemished skin? We hunt high and low every year for cute/pretty swim wear that covers her that she can still get excited about. I don’t want to move back into the 1800’s, just have options that protect more and look good. Thanks again!

  231. Hi Steph! I wholeheartedly agree with both posts. I have raised 2 daughters and a son, now 21-17-13, and have always had these same issues with the girls clothing. Wait until the girls move into the 7-14 clothes! 7 is usually the size that kindergarten or 1st grade wears, and 14 is at least middle school. Who expects to dress girls those ages the same? In school, at least here, the girls need to be covered as they have PE every day. I hope that Target listens; I really do wonder, however, who is designing these clothes in the first place? Thanks for using your blog as a voice for all moms.

  232. Thank you for taking this issue on! I have a daughter who has always been extremely tall for her age. Trying to find clothes that fit her “appropriately” has always been a huge problem. I am horrified at the styles I see in the girls departments. Now imagine trying to find clothes for a 5 year old who wore size 8. Tight and SHORT! Also, I almost had a heart attack one time while shopping at Justice (not exactly the best store to shop in for non-sexualized styles… But it was decade day at school and they were loaded down with 80’s styles :). My daughter complained that the shirt was uncomfortable… It had a shelf bra!!! Now I was completely baffled. Why on earth would any designer think that a child in a size 6, 8, or 10… needed a shelf bra?!?! The shirt was not overly short or see through. My mind was blown!
    Another gender inequality I noticed while shopping for my son and daughter over the years. I could find heavy, well made turtle necks for winter outdoor play for my son. My daughter was limited to much more sheer/ light weight ones. So I always bought her boys turtle necks at carters (which meant no pink or purple), and every time I did, I asked myself “do boys feel cold more than girls? Why do boys get to stay warm while girls learn early to suffer for fashion?”
    My children attend a charter school and have “coordinated dress”, basically a uniform. I am beyond grateful. My son is not an issue, but the thought of searching for school clothes for my now 10 year old daughter (who already has a women’s size 9.5 shoe size and is 5’3″) makes me cringe. Shopping for after school and weekend clothes is hard enough! I often think today’s styles is what has caused so many public schools to chose uniforms in the younger grades. There are so few appropriate length bottoms available for girls today.

  233. Amen and thank you! Trying to find clothes that don’t make my 13 yr old twin girls look like slots is almost impossible. Let alone trying to find tops for them that aren’t so low cut they are forced to wear another shirt underneath!

  234. I LOVE Target but the girls clothing makes me so sad. The clothes are so small and tight (my daughter is usually in the 95% height and 10% weight) that I rarely buy clothing there since my daughter was five (now 7). I would love to spend more on my Target Red Card but there is no way in hell she is going to dress like a teenager until she is one. I do really like their online selection of girls shoes and do order those, but the swimsuits this past summer and back to school options (except leggings) this fall were too small, too short and too few options. I don’t even want to start on my long legged, very above average in height and skinny eight year old son! .the Cheeroke denim is better quality than Gap and Children’s Place but the swim trunks are so long he looks like he’s wearing Capri pants. Please listen, Target! We want to buy our kids clothing form you!

  235. I really try to find clothes for my daughters that are for ‘little girls’, not small version of adult clothes. If it is based on a style that an adult would wear (example- booty shorts, low rise jeans, leopard print) I won’t buy it. Thanks so much for writing this article, because I would LOVE to see some more age appropriate clothing in stores other than the more expensive stores like gap and osk-kosh. Fingers crossed, because I do love target for housewares.

  236. I am so excited to hear you’ve gotten a response from Target!! I am so happy you have taken this stand and so many have added their agreement. Thank you!! I just wanted to add my thoughts to help Target get closer to what parents are looking for. My 5 year old son is tall and skinny and when he has to move up in size it’s for the length, in which case I am very happy to find so many pants now with elastic inside. My daughter is tiny, 15% height and 17% weight, and when she has to move up in size it’s because her thighs don’t fit in the pants or I can see her panties while she plays in dresses and there’s not enough room for shorts without them showing. We have had to move up to sz 4 and in leggings sz 5 and she is a small 3 yr old so length wise and across the shoulders they swallow her!! I really have no idea how to dress her!! It’s pretty much going to be too short dresses with too long leggings until she grows into the next size (if we don’t have to move up…).

  237. THANK YOU!! I so agree with this and have for ages! I know several tween girls who do end up wearing boys clothes because they aren’t comfortable displaying their changing bodies to the world! As for me, people give me a hard time because my pants are all too big in the waist. I HAVE to buy several sizes up for the rest of the pants to be loose enough for me to comfortably sit down! If they fit in the waist they are so tight everywhere else that I feel uncomfortable! I don’t why women and girls are expected to paint their clothes on. My tee shirts either small men’s or size XL in women’s (even though anyone would tell you I am tiny,) because they insist on making them in that curved tight “baby tee” style for women, and I have no desire for my tee shirts to fit me like a bathing suit!

  238. THANK YOU. It is sooooo hard to find reasonable shorts for girls–and it gets more difficult as they get older. Great blog post. Next you can tackle “what the hell kind of cloth is this?” I spent a lot of money at Kohl’s, JC Penneys, and Macys for back-to-school clothes. Two shirts already have holes in them and one is missing a decorative rivet (for lack of a better word). Completely unwearable now–not even for play clothes. At most two wearings each. I don’t know where to turn, but I am DONE with traditional clothes shopping.

  239. Yes!!! My daughter is in sixth grade now, but I have struggled so much in recent years. Not only with short length but also low waists. What preschooler needs low waist jeans?!?! Or even young elementary?? It drove me crazy!

  240. Chrissy Fratzel says:

    I really, really want to buy jeans for my 6 year old daughter than cover her crack. I mean, honestly , her crack has been hanging out since 3 years old. It’s terrible! Why, oh why, do young girls need low rise jeans? What’s next? Thongs in 5/6? It’s a disgrace.
    On my mission to find jeans for my daughter, i went to many, many stores including Target, Kohls, Children’s Place…and finally I went into an Old Navy. The choices there were something crazy like skinny, super skinny, and ultra skinny. I was pissed beyond belief and wouldn’t let her try any on. Were were the straight leg and loose fit? She’s 6 not 16.
    The best ones I found were Gymboree, but even those are a lowere waisted than what I am comfortable with, and her undies (which I bought extra big to cover her crack) hang out of the back.
    Why don’t I buy longer shirts, you ask? I do. In the summer it’s easy to get away with a short sleeve shirt In a bigger size. In the winter, a sweater or long sleeved shirt it doesn’t work.

    Oh…and how about we stop putting writing on the butt of clothes for little girls and even pre teens and teens. I mean really, do dirty old men need any more of a reason to look at a little girls and teenage behinds? I think not. Stop it. Please.

    I’m a fed up mom! Thank you for bringing light to this very big problem

  241. We have an 8 year old daughter and shopping for school clothes gets frustrating because she wants the cute shorts and skirts that are way too short! If they are not Bermuda type shorts, she isn’t allowed to wear them to school. The problem is finding them! Walmart had a few the last time we went, but we ended up just getting her the uniform bottoms some schools require. They’re not really cute and can be expensive, but we know she’s not going around school with her underwear showing.

  242. Thank you for continuing to address this topic. I hope something comes of it as I have 3 girls. I am so perplexed as to why some parents want their kids to look and dress like mini-me adults. Let them be kids- they don’t need to worry about what they wear, accessories, or what they look like. They are perfect as they are. Let’s keep after these stores. I haven’t had to worry about this yet, but I’m dreading it.

  243. Bravo both to this post and to Target for being willing to take another look at their offerings for little girls. I LOOOVVVEE Target for clothes for me, and for babies, and little boys, but I have to shop elsewhere for my daughters. We most often shop crazy sales at Gymboree or consignment Gymboree for this reason. They have sweet little girls clothes, that aren’t too tight, are well made and you know what, I am willing to pay a little more for clothes that last through two and three children. However, if Target gets on board I will shop there just to make a statement- one of support. Thank you!!

  244. Rachel McManis says:

    This problem is magnified even more when you are trying to find decent shorts for a long-legged, tiny-waisted girl. I sometimes will resort to buying her bermuda shorts in a smaller size (or even capris to wear as bermudas). In any case, it is extremely difficult to find shorts–in ANY store–that will stay up around the waist, are at least mid-thigh length (the level of modesty we feel most comfortable with as her parents), and fit loose enough for her to actually be able to PLAY in. Lo and behold, while folding laundry one night last summer, I discovered that her little brother’s 2T shorts fit the bill perfectly, much better than any shorts I could find for my daughter in her current size (girls 6/7 at the time).

  245. This is great! As a mom of a 4 yo boy I was pleasantly surprised to see Frozen underwear for boys this week! And loved the girls super hero wear as well.

  246. You ROCK! Thank you so much for taking action. I have a 17 year-old daughter and we have the same problem you describe. My daughter is 5’10”, weighs 125lbs and is a size 2 so you can’t say we are just complaining about clothes that her “fat_ _ _” won’t fit into it. It is just too little material to be decent. Even she was shocked that Target sells an inseam of “0” in their juniors section. She struggled to find a decent pair of shorts. Even the athletic shorts now are too revealing…my daughter wears the athletic spandex under everything just so she won’t be so exposed. Who thinks this is appropriate and actually designs this stuff? THANK YOU again for highlighting this issue.

  247. I am so happy you wrote this. Thank you. I cringe every single time I walk through the girls’ clothing section in many stores because of the inappropriate clothing offered for my daughter. Love your measurement/comparison photos. AND SHOES…. Why is it so difficult to find dress shoes in a moderately-priced store that do NOT have high heels? Kids’ feet are still growing and my pediatrician says that heels and flip flops are bad for foot development. While I am fine with a heel on pretend-play/dress-up shoes, I do not want my child to wear heels to a nice event or to church, etc. Let kids be kids!

  248. I had the same length-issue with my teenage daughter. Her high school has a strict dress code and shorts MUST be knee-length. She wears jeans most days but we live in Florida and it’s hot… all year long. I had to buy her shorts for an outdoor field trip and could NOT find any that were an acceptable length. Finally, I went to Wal-Mart and we found boy’s cargo shorts that fit lengthwise. It’s sad when manufacturers make clothing for girls they can’t even wear to school. On so many occasions, I have turned down buying certain clothes because she can only wear them on weekends. I’m not wasting my money. And I know there are other stores people can shop at, but it’s difficult when you live in a small town and don’t have many to choose from.
    So, thank you for pointing this discrepancy out. My 15-year-old doesn’t need to walk around town with her “ass hanging out” (as my husband puts it) and hopefully manufacturers will take notice.
    … and don’t even get me started on the tiny pockets…

  249. As a size 16 teenager with big thighs, I wish more places would make long shorts too πŸ™

  250. Cassie Dearborn says:

    Super glad Target is listening. I actually loved thier toddler section, as there was a good amount of generic clothes. I don’t really mind the sterotyping that much, but personally, I prefer boys tee’s for myself anyway. I don’t care if my girls wear a boys shirt if they like it. Anyway, once my oldest grew out of 5T, we haven’t gotten anything at Target but socks for her πŸ™ The clothes are way too mature of a styling for us. We’ve found kohls still does carry ‘normal’ cute clothes inbetween the sexy stuff, so that’s where we go… but shorts are still always a challenge. Almost all of her shorts are Bermuda’s or capris… anything like short sweats are only for wearing under her play dresses.

  251. Mimi Palmere says:

    Thank you so much for alerting Target to this concern. I have not bought any clothes for my daughter from Target in years. I do not like how short their shorts are and even my daughter told me “They are obscene” when I showed them to her. By the way, not all girls wear glitter, lacy, pink and purple colors. My daughter loves blue, black and grey colored clothes but I can never find anything like this in the girl section. When I do see something in those colors, there is usually lace or see through. I also don’t understand the fad of making their pants SO tight as well as the “ripped look”. Hopefully someday soon, I will be able to shop at Target for clothes for my daughter.

  252. Thank you for this! I found it nearly impossible to find my 11 year old shorts for school this year. We are in Florid and shorts are pretty much year round here. At her school they have to be 5 inches or longer. Yeah, right. Good luck finding that anywhere. We searched many stores and settled on some horrible looking basketball style shorts. It was incredibly frustrating. Who buys their little girls shorts that short???? Ugh.

  253. I don’t have any daughters yet, but I do shop for my nieces, myself, my sisters, and friends’ daughters. I think it is absolutely appalling how we are at the mercy of all stores’ ( not only target) skewed assumptions of what we women and girls want. Please don’t think because you see it in a movie that this would be the chosen reality for modern females. We value ourselves and each other’s modesty even if we don’t cover ankle to toe, we do want to be covered where it counts, and this goes for more than just shorts. However, we still want to look good in our appropriately covered state, and functionality is key.

  254. Meagan McDonald says:

    THANK YOU for saying what I have been thinking for quite some time. I love Target and do often find some things there that my daughter can wear that are modest and age appropriate. But I see more of the clothing that is crossing a big boundary for age appropriateness for even the 10 yr olds it is designed to fit. I wanted to add to this discussion another topic to discuss with Target. I recently came across a graphic tee at my local Target sized starting at XS (4-5) that had a happy rainbow on it with glitter and it read “Blurred Lines” on it. It was referencing the popular Robin Thicke song, which in my opinion sends sexual innuendos like crazy, even if an adult woman was wearing that phrase on her shirt. Obviously I would not purchase this shirt, but this goes hand in hand to me with the messages Target and other stores are sending with the clothing they choose to sell and the early sexualization of young girls. Maybe something to mention in your discussions with Target. Thank you again for taking initiative and putting your feet to work for what all our mouths have been saying.

  255. Good for you, and good for Target for listening to you!

  256. Dawn Preszler says:

    I totally agree!! So glad to see that someone is finally trying to make a difference. When did it become ok for school age children to dress in shorts their behinds hang out of? Hope we see some change soon!

  257. Thank you! I am the mom of 4 young girls, ages 2-8. I hate clothing shopping because it seems that the modest clothing is often plainer and not as cute. And they want cute! I also hate that Target seems to have short shirts. I don’t want a t-shirt showing my daughter’s belly, EVER, but especially not when they are so young. Thank you for taking a stand!

  258. You are my hero. I have boy/girl twins who are 9 1/2. Every year/season it’s another shopping experience I hate. I am a compulsive overeater, a food addict. I attend Overeater Anonymous. I am extremely aware of how clothes look and fit on a female body. I have no problem shopping for my son. My daughter is another story. Patrick wears a boys medium 8/10 tee shirt and Mary wears a girls large 10/12 tee shirt. Their shirts are an EXACT example of the pink and black tee shirts in the photo you posted. It’s a complete disgrace. Mary has actually asked me why she’s in 10 and Patrick is still in an 8. She doesn’t understand. To put it into perspective, Mary is 1/2″ taller and 3 lbs heavier than Patrick. He appears as a “skin & bones” little boy and she is an athletic girl. We have addiction in our genes, I don’t need the fashion industry helping my daughter, or anyone else’s, to be self conscience of their body. But now I do understand why so many young girls have image issues. So very sad.

  259. I am so pleased to see that Target is responding appropriately to your criticism- yay! I also have a little girl (4y) and it is endlessly tiring trying to find real little girl clothes, for all the reasons you pointed out- fit, fabric and content (I pretty much only buy from Hanna Andersson because they seem to actually understand their demographic and have clothes my child can actually play in). The two pairs of jeans we have from Target get little wear because the rise is terrible! It didn’t even dawn on me that stores would cut jeans “hip-hugger” style for bodies that don’t even have “hips” yet, for goodness sake! I would love to send Target’s design teams a message: you are suppose to be creating clothes for CHILDREN, not college co-eds! And while you’re at it, can we please tone down all the gender stereotyping, please? Thank you!

  260. I’m am so excited to read this and to know that something is being done to change this. I have a daughter and finding clothes that cover well is like finding a needle in a haystack. Shorts are a major issue as you have already mentioned, but also, in the last week, I can’t find a camisole to cover my daughter, even if we go 2 sizes smaller than what she wears. I like to buy camis to wear under low cut tops to make them conservative tops. Well, we can’t find a cami that is not too low cut. I’ve lost count on how many different stores we’ve tried. I am thinking about sewing one myself. Then there’s the jeans problem… how low can we make those low riders? Seriously, I don’t want to see any crack when my daughter bends over. So far, we have found 2 pair of jeans that fit her. We have an extra challenge because there are not many size 16s to choose from in the first place and she is not a teen yet and she’s not overweight. We actually went shopping for her today and as we were out shopping, I told her we should start our own clothing line.

    So, for Target, if they are interested in what mom and daughter are looking for for tweens… we want more conservative clothes. I’m not saying the shorts have to be down to the knees, but a 1 inch seem, come on. Let’s get those shorts to at least mid thigh area. We want higher necklines. Would like to see more cotton long sleeve t-shirts with cool designs without characters. We don’t like to iron, so we don’t buy button downs. Today we passed up some cute shirts because they were too short and when she raised her arms, you could see skin. Not acceptable. Also, skirts are way too short. We like skirts to be longer than mid thigh, like maybe an inch or so above the knee and really for church we like long skirts below the knee, like almost to the ankle. Comfortable pajamas in her size is almost impossible for us, because she gets too hot in the fleece pants and doesn’t like gowns.

  261. Yes it’s putting young girls in the mindset that they need to dress revealing and “sexy” and that is trendy and cool. Girls can be cute and stylish without their butt cracks hanging out. I don’t ever remember clothes being like this when I was in school and that in the 90s!!! We all wore long track pant kind of shorts not stripper shorts

  262. Keep us posted! If Target heeds what’s being said, I hereby promise to shop for my girls’ there forevermore! Finding my 5 year old shorts that were long enough to meet the school dress code was near impossible! My 2 year old – TWO YEARS OLD – wears boy shorts because they’re long enough to be comfy at the playground for slides and swings. It’s ridiculous and I’m tired of it!

  263. You would think stores would know that most schools have a fingertip rule for kids shorts. If not maybe they need to get dress codes from a bunch of school districts across the country and alter their clothes to fit the rules. After all, when I’m buying clothes I have the school dress code in mind so I don’t have to regulate what my daughter wears on weekends versus weekdays, she can just pick whatever she wants and go!

    The other thing is how low cut girls jeans are, my daughter is CONSTANTLY showing off crack when she wears jeans because the cut is so low! This really isn’t appropriate for a young girl.

  264. Thank you for this! My oldest daughter is 17 and this has been a problem since she was about 9. We ended up having to shop in thrift stores just to find older styles that were longer and actually still do to get the longer shorts for her. She also has very long legs so when she would try on anything in a store it would look so much shorter because of the length of her legs. As my younger daughter is only two, we will hopefully not gave to worry as bout this as much. Thank you for reaching out to Target and making a change!!

  265. Thank you!!! As a mom of six…4girls ranging in ages from 9 down to 1 year… I love this! We live in shorts and skirts because of our warmer climate. I have to buy my girls size L even in the maxi skirts to be long enough and take them in at the waist. I find myself ordering from L.L. Bean and Lands End more often ( and Hanna Andersson when there is a good sale). Why do our young girls have to worry about being sexy at 7? No thank you. And Old Navy is worse.. We call it hooker central for girls. I can shop there for my boys but we won’t go near the girls section, my husband might have a heart attack! Really clothes need to be fun for girls and I don’t mind some shape but they don’t need to be skin tight! My 9 and 7 year old are the same height and weight, not over weight but under weight! They are skinny by nature, but the skinny jeans are not comfortable (or any girls jeans for that matter) because they don’t like their pants too tight at the waist. They like to play and be active not shoved in their clothes like straight jackets!

  266. And this extends to buying girls board shots for the beach. Boys have great sun safe ones that have good length, girls have tiny inseams the outers that slope up!!!! Making them no better than swim suit bottoms for cover!

  267. Zoe Christou Welsh says:

    All I can say about Bermuda Shorts is YUCK!!

  268. I loved all of this. You’re fabulous and I think we’re kindred spirits.

    I only have boys at my house, 3 of them to be exact, and we love target! I would really love it if Target made their boys shirts longer. My boys start having bare midriffs way before they need more width. It seems like their shirts don’t get much longer as you go up in size, mostly wider. I think the shrinking makes it worse. Do they use pre-shrunk cotton for their tees? Based on experience, I would be surprised if they did. Everyone should use pre-shrunk fabric with kids clothes!

  269. I have to say I had the same problem with my children, they are in their 30’s now. I have never understood way my sons pants had room to run, jump, climb & anything else they wanted to do. Yet my daughters pants were so tight she literally could not bend her leg enough to get on the slide. It was ridiculous, so I bought her boys pants until she was old enough to complain. Then we were right back to to tight & shorts were way to short. Now I have 3 grandkids & the same darn problems. I’ve always had a bend over rule. If I can see down your shirt or see way too much of your buns when bending over, the answer is no. My daughter is now using this rule with her kids. I was never a proponent for school uniforms but I am now. It’s about the only way kids are dressing appropriately. My grandkids school has had to put out a dress code for parents or whoever is dropping off or picking up.So keep up the good work, I really appreciate it. Thank you

  270. thank you! I also shop target religiously and will be needing to buy clothes for my growing two year old. there is a definite market here for decent priced normal clothes for young girls! target could create their own brand for these types of styles. I would never buy shorts that short ever!! thank you for giving us a voice!!

  271. Thank you for being a advocate for girls clothing. My daughter is a teen and has never fitted in to the skinny jean. It is almost impossible if find regular sizes any where.. I would like to see girl teen clothing that does not show off a lot of skin. V-neck t-shirts do not need to end at the bottom of their boobs.

  272. My kids are13 and 14. I dread shorts shopping. Either they are so short that their cheeks are nearly hanging out or they are down to the knees. Why can’t there be a happy medium? Why is it so hard to find something fashionable and age appropriate?

  273. This was really fantastic; i am not a mother (yet) but I’ve become more and more disturbed by the length of denim shorts especially seen on kids these days.
    I kind of wish someone would take the debate with women’s clothes manufacturers too though- last year I actually struggled to find a pair of denim shorts that would at least cover my ass!!


  275. I didn’t see your first post, but this one came across FB. My 3 yr old is tall and petite so Target pants fit her waist the best. However, they are already super short, and then being tall, I can see her underwear when she sits. I’m pretty sure covering underwear is the purpose of clothing. .. I started cutting her jeans from the winter to make shorts because I’d get so many comments about how short her shorts were. And I just bought what was available. She’s only in the 65% of height so it’s not like she’s crazy tall. And I can’t sew so my poor baby had some interesting clothes this year. Loved the super hero shirts with capes at target for girls though! I was at Walmart at my daughter saw a superman shirt but it was in the boys section. She wanted it in pink and we looked, but there were no tmnt or superheroes so we got the boy shirt.
    Thank you for your post!!

  276. Excellent piece. My daughter loves dirt, hills and gardens. I shop in the Target boys section to pick up longer shorts for water days and durable jeans for play. Lucky for us, her sibling is a boy so the purchase can be passed down. The same issue exists with socks. Girl socks tend to be ankle length while boys socks can be purchased in a variety of lengths.

  277. You are speaking to my heart when it comes to the shorts issue, I was appalled at the short selection for second grade girls this year. I looked high and low and everyone from Target to Old Navy either had daisy dukes or privet school fancy shorts. After grandma jumped in and helped with the search we finally found an option that worked at “Hanna Anderson.” They were more expensive but totally worth it. They come down to mid thigh, are lose fitting yet stylish (my daughter likes wearing them).

    I left a comment with the phone sales rep at Hanna Anderson, I said thanks for making clothes that young girls love and let them still look and feel like girls.

    Please keep your good works up, our girls need modest, fun, pretty play clothes that parents and kids can both feel good about!!!

  278. I scour the girls sections for Bermuda shorts because anything other than those are way too short for my very tall very thin 10 year old girl. She wears a size 8 on average from the waistline but her height is roughly 4’7. Put that little one inch inseem on her and its crude. We won’t even bother with athletic shorts. We buy Capris. I love that you have taken on this challenge and hope this next summer will have shorts she can wear.

  279. What about the padded training bras? That one actually makes me ill, terribly inappropriate!

  280. I appreciate this so much! I’ve got a 6 year old who is obviously going on 16. She’s already over exposed to everything, with things being out of control. She came home singing a Katy Perry song because it was on the radio on the bus. She doesn’t need her only clothing choices to be designed for a 16 year old as well.

  281. Thank you for this article! As a mom of 3 and 7 year old girls, I have noticed this change in clothing at Target and other stores over the years. I am so very happy that Target is working with you to make change!

  282. And mini skirts and dresses for ten year old girls that don’t look like a porn star should wear it or jeans that need Seamless underwear. Hooray and keep up the pressure. Nice to know someone is finally listening.

  283. I love target, but I totally and completely agree that a change needs to be made and im glad that they are willing to listen!

    Hahaha the clothing was made to fit Asian children, that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! My half Asian daughter has just as much trouble with her shorts being too short as her older sister!

    I’m glad my youngest children are boys, I’ll be too tired to care about this sort of stuff when they are out of diapers!!

  284. Agreed! I don’t shop at Target for clothes for my daughters for that very reason! As they get older, it gets more and more difficult. Yes, I can find long uniform looking shorts, but they (and I) would like to have some variety and style to choose from, rather than being forced to buy the one thing that isn’t too short or tight. πŸ™‚

  285. Thank you for bringing up Kohls! I have been disgusted by their girls and toddler girls departments! I have seen things there made for a 4 year old that I as an adult would not wear! My mother in law shops there and I have returned some of the clothes she has bought my daughter because I will not put them on her. I hope Kohl’s follows target’s example and adjusts their designs also!

  286. I am not quite sure why this is even a topic of discussion. I certainly don’t see why it has been nationally recognized or even responded to by Target. If you don’t approve of the clothes then just don’t buy them. If you feel the shorts are too short then grab a pair of shorts style tights and put them on underneath. My daughter is 7 and wears a size Small. She has the shorts from Kohls that you have pictured above and they fit absolutely fine. They are not too short, nor do they “sexualize” my child.
    Companies such as Target and Kohls place these items in their stores because they sell. If you believe that your child should be wearing something different…then shop elsewhere. I personally do not want to go to a store and only find boy style shorts in the girls department. I am sure there are many parents out there that would agree with me.

  287. Nice work, mama! I have a 10-year-old who can’t understand why I only buy her Bermuda shorts (which aren’t always easy to find!). It’s ridiculous! Charge on!

  288. Here I my issue with girls clothes. My daughter is not a large child. She is just below normal in the weight area…so why are ALL girls clothes so large in the waist? Most thing like leggings and so forth are large enough around the waist to fit a grown up? I have to search for adjustable waist or take them up. Come on world some things just don’t look good taken up (like bathing suits). It is easy to find slim sizes in boys clothes but why not girls?
    Wake up America….NOT all children are obese! As a matter of face most children are not so please please start making all girls clothes in slims! I usually have to go down 2 sizes to get clothes that will stay up Hence my daughter wearing clothes that are really too short.

  289. I have issues with my three year old looking like a plumber in jeans and elastic waist pants. I’ve resorted to buying two sizes too big in the length just to cover her bum. I also have to buy shirts a size bigger or two so that they hang low enough to cover her bum as well. It’s so frustrating and I love that you’ve brought attention to this issue. Thank you!

  290. Alitzah Locke says:

    Thank you for taking a stand! While my daughter does not wear shorts or pants, I’m so thankful that someone pointed out that clothes need to be LONGER! Some of the skirts and dresses they make for little girls hardly cover their behinds. As a teacher, I am so sick of seeing little girls’ private parts and underwear because their shorts are too short. Sitting criss-cross-applesauce isn’t always an option in those tiny clothes!

  291. As an elementary school counselor, I greatly appreciate your hard work. It’s amazing how many young girls come to school inappropriately dressed and looking sexy. An Austin, TX mom started a clothing company called Girls Will Be because her daughters were not into girlie clothes or pink. Target can learn a thing or two from her. http://www.girlswillbehq.com/shop/

  292. Another thing I would love to have the opportunity to buy again… long skirts! My daughters love wearing pretty long skirts, but now that they are 8 and 10, we can’t find them anywhere unless we want to pay $50. Children’s Place used to have them, but now every thing is bubbly…

  293. The past few years have brought us incredibly short skirts and dresses as well. Either that or maxi dresses for girls, which are not easy to play in. I used to be able to find mid length skirts and dresses (below the knee) for my daughter, but it it getting harder and harder to find in local stores. I usually have to order from Lands End or Hanna Andersson, but even those stores have few below the knee offerings. I do most of my shopping on ebay, and buy used, so that I can afford to buy “modest” clothing. So thankful my daughter’s school wears uniforms, so that this isn’t a daily battle. I would never buy my daughter short shorts. And she wears “bike shorts” under all dresses.

  294. Hello. Just wanted to share what I found at JCPenney last summer for my 10 year old. They have Bermuda shorts and short shorts but they also have what they call mid-thigh. The inseam is 4 inches and they sell them in a wide variety of colors and styles. I didn’t check out the toddler section so I’m not sure what’s offered there.

  295. Lourdes Bauza says:

    Turn the inseam inside out. Have you noticed how the fabric in the private area bunches up? My daughters would complain that the shorts and jeans would hurt their privates. This isn’t a size issue, this meeting of inseams are sewn without considering the area that needs to be comfortable. Please consider this also.

  296. I have a 12 year old daughter and I had a very difficult time trying to find her shorts to wear at school that fit the dress code for accepatable length (as well as my own dress code for her). I did find a couple pairs, finally at The Garage but it was VERY hard – 1 and 2 inch inseams everywhere. Thank you for taking this on!

  297. Aside from sexualization, it’s important to remember that when you have tight denim shorts with an inch inseam, they’re extremely uncomfortable. It’s like a constant wedgie. They’re forcing really uncomfortable clothing on girls in the name of fashion.

  298. It’s so nice to hear others feel the same way about girl clothes! I am rather conservative when it comes to clothes so I thought maybe it was just me! When I do buy shorts (the cotton ones, not jean shorts) at Target for my toddler, I always buy at least one size (sometimes two sizes) up so they cover her up.
    I was just telling a friend of mine who has boys that it is so hard to find jeans these days that aren’t jeggings, skinny, or slim fit for toddlers! Even cotton leggings at the Gap are now skinny leggings!
    I can’t wait to see the changes that Target will make! And hopefully other companies will follow as well! Thank you for speaking up and best of luck in your endeavors!

  299. Lorraine Nyuli says:

    Great! It’s about time that someone speaks up against the clothes for sale for children and specifically for girls! Thank you. One cannot find boys’ and girls’ shirts without having huge ugly logos on them! Not all children like them!

  300. I have no kids so I had no idea about this issue. It’s interesting though to me because of stories I’ve seen about schools who have rules for girls to cover up or be punished. I have found that schools are very much responsible for a contribution to the over-sexualizing of young girls. Telling them to cover up or leave teaches girls that their body is wrong and shameful compared to their male peers. But are these girls given a choice to wear longer shorts when popular stores don’t even sell them?? This is crazy to me! Thank you for bringing awareness and getting this ball rolling for change so that if I ever do have kids, hopefully I will see these options for shopping

  301. This has been a problem for me for YEARS!! My daughter was born in 2003, and I had a hard time when she was a toddler finding something that didn’t say “sweet” or “cute ” across her bottom (which is just creepy to me.) My daughter has always been taller than most, 98th percentile.She is proportioned evenly, and would be considered a proper weight for her size , lest the trolls come out to say she is overweight . . which honestly has nothing to do with the length issue unless you are buying clothes that are too small. I do not. We try everything on because of the fact that she was simply large, in general, for her age. She grew out of girls sizes in 4th grade, as they simply no longer covered her torso! This stunk . . because juniors clothing is made to fit juniors size bodies (cut wise, I’m rather sure that size and length is another story in general . . .what the heck is a 0, 1/2, or a size 1 anyway . . . they seem like a size 10/12 in girls), and she was not ready for lower cuts on top, and wider cuts on bottoms.

    So, I’ve learned to buy bigger, and take in or up as needed. The problem I have has always been the shirts and shorts. Shirts for juniors (which my daughter had to wear at the age of 10!) are cut extremely low. They all had to be layered, and I was buying a medium by 5th grade to ensure they weren’t skin tight. As for shorts, we look for bermudas and capris, because finding anything longer than a 1/2-1 inch in seam is really a difficult task. We find jeans on clearance and I cut them to an appropriate length at home. My daughter is in 6th grade now, and has a very “unique” style of dress. It seems to be a cross of Punky Brewster, hippie, and Blossom Russo. She laughs at the short shorts, which she has no intention of wearing because they, in her words, ” are way too short!”

    Thank you, Target for hearing girls and moms, and we look forward to seeing appropriate clothes that empower our daughters to be comfortable in their own skin, and without having to subscribe to the idea that cute and trendy is short and tight. There is a time and place for sexy . . . .the childrens and toddlers department isn’t it. I would LOVE to see a new department made for girls in late elementary and early middle school . . .though I despise the term–a tween section. One with clothes that are trendy, but appropriate for school and age!

  302. I agree with you. My daughter is 4 and if i buy her clothes from target i have to shop in the older girls section just for anything to fit. And before anybody says anything negative, No she is not fat! Most of the time i go up to a medium. I love target and hope they make a change asap.
    As far as my boys go its so hard finding shorts that don’t go down to their ankles! I have to hem everything i buy but this applies to all stores. Not just target.

  303. My daughter now 12 for years now hates to go shopping for cloth. Everything is pink and purple and when there is blue it is some how combined with pink and purple. Newsflash girls like all kinds of colors. She loves blue and it is difficult to find. She also hates glitter on all her cloth, cloth that is too short and she is not allowed to wear by her school nor parents. Ultra tide jeans she can’t move around in. She is a skinny tall girl and either the pans are very big on the top part or very skinny all along. It does not really matter where we shop. Another thing are TV scenes on cloth. Not every one is into Disney and I for one do not pay to advertise a company. It would be nice to find a line of girl cloth which reflects our smart, strong young girls. Something they can show off their style and feel comfortable in.

  304. Could we also stop having words put on young girls bottoms. I find this horrific, deliberately drawing attention there, esp. in an age where pedophilia is a conscious concern. It also creates a habit for folks to look there on everyone for messages. Not necessary.

    • I am glad Target is finally starting to listen. Only after I went to my son’s intermediate school orientation (all of the sudden in 5th grade they start enforcing a strict dress code) I realized that the girls in my other sons class (2nd grade) had field trip t-shirts that looked like dresses because their shorts were shorter than their shirts. The first thing I thought was “wow, I feel sorry for those future 5th grade girls. There was nothing wrong with their clothes for 5 years, now all of the sudden they’re going to get in trouble for wearing the same thing”.

      Btw, Target’s boys sizes are always off by a size or two. My kids age have always matched their size (at the GAP) at Target, no way. Go one size up they fit, but shrink horribly. So you have to go two sizes up. Learned a long time ago not to buy khaki anything at Target.

  305. Thank you for working to find a solution for a problem that obviously affects so many of us moms and our daughters! I am also a Target shopper, and I’m happy they are responding positively to your input. My 14 & 9 year old girls simply don’t wear shorts because they are not made long enough to cover their bottoms when standing, much less when they have to bend over or sit in the floor at school. Perhaps your efforts can also influence the designers of teen clothes…can dresses in my 14-year-old’s size please have a neckline at least as high as the crook of the armpit and a hem no shorter than mid-thigh? Maybe a shirt with a back that’s not completely cut out or not made from sheer material? Simply finding clothes that cover her cleavage and her bum, much less pass school dress code, has been unbelievably difficult.

  306. I would love it if all those skirts had the shirts underneath. It makes sitting criss-cross applesauce so much easier. And you can go upside down on the monkey bars!!!

  307. And how about waistbands that cover their little butt cracks? I have to buy shirts a size bigger to make sure it’s long enough to cover what my daughter’s jeans don’t. Kids really don’t need to be wearing low – rise jeans, not with all the sitting and playing they do at school.

  308. I just came across this by coincidence today after leaving Target in frustration with my son. He desperately needs new long pants. The Medium size of every pair we tried on was way too short. The Large was made for a giant (both too long and assuming an enourmous girth for a kid). There’s got to be something in between these two sizes, the length differential between the M and the L had to be at least 6-8 inches. So either he gets to wear “floods”, or he gets to trip over his pants all day.

  309. jamie knutson says:

    So glad things will start to change! I have had the exact same thoughts on my daughter’s clothes and just want her covered yet cute and comfortable. I also had a thought of why did when my daughter went from the 5T to XS she must have matured into a fashion model in style as the shirts available were current in fashion or graphic t-shirts with characters on them and I missed the circo and Cherokee ruffled and just patterned shirts. Even with her being 8 years old I see things that are on the 5T section and go why doesn’t that come bigger? She is an innocent little girl and should dress like one.

  310. As a parent who took to shopping in the boys department for my daughter’s pants when she was 2 years old (out of month sizes and into the ‘T’s”) and then ironing on “girly” patches to make them fun to wear I applaud your efforts 1000%! The provocative nature of little girl’s clothing is distressing especially since it starts so young, far before they are capable of asking for the inappropriately skimpy cut things “all their friends are wearing”. In addition it means she grows out of her clothes faster than her twin brother since even from the same manufacturer (Carter’s and Lands End to name two) ‘identical’ clothing items such as coats and turtlenecks run shorter and narrower in girls colors and sizes – I have measured them! And these are the better companies because they are not selling the ‘porn star’ outfits. End result, her brother can get two seasons of wear out of a winter coat and she can only get one. As if something about pink waterproof fabric makes a machine unable to cut it the same way it cuts the dark blue.

  311. I couldn’t agree more! I have a very tall seven year old, and I’ve been saying this for years! Could you do me a favor while you’ve got Target’s ear? Not only are the girls shorts too short, but the boys shorts are too long! My boys (like most boys it seems) have shorter legs and longer torsos. Is it too much to ask that girls OR boys have shorts options that fall a little above the knee. For that matter, can mom’s have an in-between option? My options are 4″ inseam or Bermuda. What happened to finger tip length? You know, somewhere between a 19 year old on Spring break and a female golfer at a country club? I’d call it “age-appropriate 30s.” Thanks for speaking for the rest of us!

  312. AMEN! I limit my daughter’s (age 6) shorts to bike shorts to be worn under dresses and tunics, and cutoffs made from jeans that are too short by the end of the school year. She’s always consistently fit into the sizes for her age, though they are often (especially Circo brand) large in the waist. Once I let out those tabs in the waist, they’re good for another year as cutoff shorts or capris. But, you’d think that the stores would rather I buy new shorts every year, instead of carrying them forward. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next year. Not just in shorts, but skorts too.

  313. Can you add underwear to the list. My 4 year old is tall so she fits a 6, no longer toddler sizes. I was appalled school shopping finding bikini cut and low rise underwear. I think thats a part of sexualizing them. At that age all they need is a brief, boy shorts if you want to be fancy. Maybe bikinis in the juniors section…maybe.

  314. Liz Cavanaugh says:

    Agreed. Found two different brands that work beautifully for my eleven year old daughter, and thought I would share: Tucker + Tate carried by Nordstom’s and m2f found at a boutique named Crush in Chicago’s Roscoe Village. Both pairs have 8″ inseams that hit just above the knee and are so cute. So shout out to theses manufacturers and retailers and let them know what the mom market demands for our daughters!

  315. I had this same problem this year trying to find size 7 long shorts for my daughter. I did end up buying boys shorts for her. She loves them! They were cargo shorts so she could even use the pockets. I love target. LOVE target . But their girls clothes are not ok. I am with you! Thank you!!

  316. I am 25 years old. I have been the same size since I was 15. The shorts I could buy at Target then, around 2004, still fit me now. The problem is, they are worn and falling apart. They were size 4. I went to Target this summer and had to try on up to a size 16 in some of the brands to get a fit that would work around my legs and have some of my thighs covered appropriately and make me feel comfortable. I ended up giving up there and buying shorts at Old Navy, size 10, that I had to take in at the waist because the sizing was so off. I have to buy a medium or large woman cut shirts to not have my normal sized breasts tearing seams.

    I am healthy and love my body, but even I feel the nagging media calling me fat, unhealthy, and ugly. I am a size 4. I can’t even comprehend girls who are healthier and have more curves than I do not feeling shame too. This is a problem, but doing this to kids makes my anger boil. I will not bring up my future children in a world where being a barely alive skeleton of a human is the beauty standard.

  317. Jmoore92001 says:

    I can’t tell you how glad I am to see that someone else feels the same way I do about this short shorts….. my daughter was talk for you age and a lot of the shorts on the market were too short for her because she had long legs…….which made the shorts look even shorter. I would have to buy shorts in the boy’s department. Designers and stores need to make and sell longer shorts for girls….. Little girls should not look like little adults.

  318. Suzette Gorrell says:

    This is why I shop at Children’s Place. While some of their shorts are short (I use it for under dresses of my 4 yr old), there are many that are just above the knee.
    No, they don’t have super hero shirts. But they have age appropriate clothing. If Target did, I would shop there. If Kohls or Wal-Mart did,I would shop there.
    I hope that they all see this and change.

  319. We should also be wearing appropriate clothes that are modest, (yet stylish so they know you can look good without showing so much skin.)

    I have a boy. We plan on a second child and if its a girl I plan to do this. Thank you for writing a letter to target that made a difference. It might make parenting a little easier if I have a girl. πŸ™‚

  320. IrishTwinMomma says:

    I think this is so awesome! I have two little girls and I love love love shopping Target for the same reasons; however, I have resorted to allowing my kids to only wear capris, Bermuda shorts from Kohl’s, or cut-off shorts (from pants) because the length (lack thereof) these days is ridiculous! And as for jeans, I usually have to buy bigger with an elastic waist because they are too skinny.
    It is an important topic that I wish more people would pay attention to. Maybe then I wouldn’t have a row of young girls standing in front of me at church with their bums ready to peek out of their shorts. I am glad you have brought this up and thank you for working on this for all of us moms!
    PS I agree that it is awesome the more gender neutral clothing is being offered.

  321. This is a great post! I can’t thank you enough for taking on this topic! The state of young girls clothing is horrible. I am thrilled to hear that Target is responsive to change. Also, The Children’s Place has a selection of long line shorts for girls that are very feminine and come in a great selection of colors.

  322. I am so happy to learn that I am not the only one who couldn’t find shorts for their little girl this year! I tried to find “Bermuda” style shorts for my 5 year old at several stores with no luck. Very few even had capris this year! They all had the one inch inseam shorts, however. What’s going on? It’s so frustrating! So glad that you are giving this subject some much needed attention!

  323. Amy Minster says:

    I love that Target is including more superhero stuff for girls. My daughter loves dresses and superheroes, and it has always been hard to find her clothes she likes in the stores. Fortunately, I can sew, so I have made her a lot of clothes myself. I recently started an Etsy shop to sell my superhero dresses to young girls. Check it out!


  324. Anne Mitchell says:

    I agree 100% on the shorts issue. But I disagree about the tshirts. Girls look ridiculous in big, boxy, baggy tshirts. Same for jeans. Girls jeans shouldn’t be skin tight but should be cut differently than boys jeans. I think there needs to be happy place somewhere between masculine and slutty.

  325. This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time! I, like many moms, love shopping at Target, but found myself recently upset while shopping for my son. I was shopping for a birthday present in the girls section and my son pointed out a Sophia the first shirt and a Doc McStuffins shirt. He was so upset when I didn’t buy it for him, but it was clearly made for a girl. I have never hesitated to buy him things he liked, such as the Minnie Mouse stuffed doll! or the Doc McStuffins doctor kit, but when it comes to certain clothing, I unfortunately need to draw the line. I do understand certain shows are geared more towards boys or girls, but just as much as girls like Ninja Turtles and Spider-Man, my son likes Sophia and Doc.

  326. Yes. Yes. Yes. My little girl is in a size XL in girls, but recently found an old pair of shorts from when her brother was her age. Pulled them on and we discovered that the boys’ large fit her perfectly. The same thing was true for the shirt. There is no reason why a size 10/12 boys should equal a size 14 or 16 in girls which then leaves me at the top of the girls sizes and no where else to go. I shudder to think of what awaits me in the junior department for my no where near teenage daughter.

  327. I have a request for Target and maybe you could pass it along?! The toddler size essentials are so sweet and classic. I love the polka dot tanks and tees and all the really original designs that go up to 5T, but after 5T the clothes get so trashy! I’m still buying the clothes for my 8 year old and I still decide what she wears! Why can’t Target make the same designs in the toddler section in larger sizes?? I understand 8 and 9 year olds aren’t going to wear Elmo but the basic Target designed clothes would be good for all ages (I think some adults would even wear some of the little kid stuff!). I know a lot of my mom friends agree and would love to see more classic older girl clothes! Thanks!
    Laura Dean

  328. Let me start by applauding the fact that you took the initiative to start something here that I wholeheartedly support. That being said, please allow me to now go off on a bit of a tangent. What most people miss in this woman’s blog is that, as usual, a father’s place in his daughter’s (or son’s) life is completely disregarded. In this article and her previous one she, on a number of occasions, writes about daughters and moms. As a single father of two daughters I am sick and tired of women who assume only women care or have the ability to do anything about it. She’s going to work with them to get more of what “moms and girls want” they have read all the comments left by moms, etc. It is the same on all of these sites. I raise my girls to be powerful, independent girls who understand self-respect and it is counter-productive to complain about the way society portrays what girls should be and wear while the people doing the complaining perpetuate the issue by stereotyping that only moms and their opinions matter. I’m not trying to downplay the original issue at all, however the nonchalant disregard of a father’s place in these situations drives me nuts. Rant over.

  329. I would like to see more slim sizes. My daughter is 9 and thin in the waist but she has long legs. Size large (10) is way too big in the waist but the right size in length. However, size 8 fits perfect in the waist but is way too short. She only wears skirts in the summer and leggings in the winter so jeans with adjustable waists don’t help us.

  330. Earlier this year, I took my 2 yr old daughter to Target to get her some shorts. She had her brother’s old shorts, but they were getting worn out & so off we went.

    She looked at the table of shorts and stomped her foot and yelled at me when I suggested a few pairs. She complained that they were “too short” and “there are no pockets”, and well. She’s not wrong, is she? (Why did she want pockets? Well, because when we take walks, she collects rocks, acorns, leaves, seed pods, etc, and needs someplace to put them. There was literally not a single pair of girl’s shorts in her size in Target with a pocket in it.)

    It’s both a funny kid story, and a completely not funny at all story about the marketing of gender and how it restricts the activities of girls.

  331. This is why my 11 year old daughter refuses to wear girls clothes, too short and too tight! She has always been more comfortable in boys clothes.

  332. jennifer hotz says:

    oh yay- we WILL be heard! Thank you SO much for taking the time to address this issue- it’s been a problem for years and I, too ONLY shop at Target (haven’t been to wal-mart in more than 6 years- pat me on the back- lol) for my girls. My 10 year old found NOthing this year she could wear to school- the dress code has changed and become, fortunately, more modest. The problem is- we can’t find things for her at Target now- they cannot wear: leggings- unless the top covers your bottom (tunic style), jeggings, skinny jeans, tank tops must have a width of 3 fingers on the shoulder or cannot be worn, MUST wear tennis shoes- Target shoe selection is quite slim for kids- always has been. We’ve been putting her in t-shirts and jeans- she really doesn’t like jeans- but until tunic-length tops are available, that’s all we can do. TARGET- OUR ENTIRE FAMILY LOVES you- but, please, please stop with the sparkly, pink, purple, tight, trashy and cheap-looking young girls clothes- you can do SO much better…..can’t wait to see how this all turns out πŸ™‚

  333. PLEASE, for the love of all that is good…..My daughter is 8. Why I can’t find a bathing suit that isn’t a string bikini for her? It is completely ridiculous! She doesn’t have breasts, and cannot fill out a triangle top. I actually prefer 2 piece because it makes going to the bathroom easier, but it’d sure be great to have something more modest. AND the shorts….oh the shorty shorts. I would love to go in and be able to find ones that came down at least halfway to her knees.

    • It is never easy to find a bathing suit that looks good, fits and isn’t too skimpy. This never changes in life.

      Swimoutlet.com has a pretty wide selection of suits in any style. I generally go with Speedo tankinis for my 10 year old (she’s been wearing them since she was 7 or 8). They’re great, stay put and have decent coverage. They run smallish, but my girl fits that bill to a tee. She’s very slim with a long torso and that makes one pieces nearly impossible for her to wear. They flap around her body or dig into her shoulders. So we always go with two-piece suits.

      You really have to search to find a kid-appropriate bikini. It’s possible, but yeah, they don’t have the figure to keep one on their body.

  334. Target and Kohls– also can you offer more larger sizes like Justice? My tween is too big for 14-16. Tight fitting thin shirts are not appropriate for her age. Also why would a tween want a shirt with Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd? At Kohls online I have to get 16 or 18 plus for her. I really have no options anymore except Justice graphic t shirts and yoga pants.

  335. I applaud you. I have a boy, and don’t have to deal with the challenges of shopping for a girl, but I have eyes and I see what kids are wearing. The fact that this is typical is appalling. And the fact that Target is limiting their choices to just a few select styles is even more distressing.

  336. Love this!! I am continually frustrated by the clothes made for little girls. Stores are making clothes for 20 year olds in a size 5t. I am also a mom that would like to keep her daughter’s private parts private.

  337. Love this! We are Target shoppers all the way at our house and almost all of my daughters clothing comes from there! I have noticed a huge difference in t-shirt sizes. Especially the black turtle one pictured. Something that would normally be to big for her is super small! Had to go up a size and it still fits small on her. So excited to see some changes! Great work!

  338. Arla Little says:

    We have two daughters: a 14 year old and a 9 year old. My friends and I discuss this exact same issue frequently. My husband and I don’t buy our daughters clothes that make them look like sex objects, but it takes a lot of effort to find clothes that are modest and cute. Thank you for speaking out.

  339. Yes! When my daughter is playing I want her to be able to sit “criss cross applesauce” WITHOUT showing her underwear. I mean HOW HARD IS THAT

  340. Whitney Simms says:

    Long shorts for skinny girls. Well, I will gladly settle for long shorts. They don’t have to all be to their knees, but not booty shorts. My 8 year old still wears the size 5 uniform shorts that are tan. We didn’t find any long shorts this summer and they still fit. Actually I didn’t find any this summer for 4 year old daughter either. And I buy 90% of all my 4 children’s’ clothes at target. I don’t mind trimmer shirts. Boy cut shirts look really bulky on my girls. Do mid thigh or longer for shorts. PLEASE! We just want to shop their and have clothes that fit our needs. My 4 year old needs to wear the size 5 shorts next year. So please have this problem solved target so I can pass them down because my then 9 year old daughter can buy some shorts. She doesn’t like the booty shorts even when I got some for tennis. Why do I need to force her to be comfortable because there are no other options? Why should she have to conform to societies idea of what little girls need to wear? THANKS FOR HELPING GIVE US A VOICE!

  341. Just wait until your daughters need to purchase junior size clothing. It’s impossible. Tight. Short. Low cut. I don’t want my teen looking like a slutty college student. How about nice, trendy clothing but leave off the “hang it all out there” styles??

  342. Just my 2 cents says:

    I agree with most of what you say here…the clothing definitely needs to be made more modest for little girls, but you can’t really compare the same sizes between girls & boys clothing…it’s the same as comparing a women’s small to a men’s small. You wouldn’t expect those two sizes to be the same, correct? Boys generally grow more and are bigger than girls of the same age, just as generally men are bigger than women. Fit/sizing depends on the individual.

    • Rachael Barbieri says:

      It’s totally fair to compare young girls sizes with young boys sizes. At that age, they are undeveloped and have similar body styles. My son and daughter are close in age, wear the same size clothes and even will share unisex style clothing. It fits the same on each of them.

  343. I have three daughters and one son, ages 2-7. Our general rule for all our kids is to cut off jeans that have become too short for them to wear as regular jeans. This way we save money and can choose the length we want–usually knee-length or longer. I taught my girls to sew, so they can embroider their own clothes however they want. I feel very strongly against buying new clothes because of how the vast majority of clothing is manufactured (by underpaid and exploited workers in developing countries), so this strategy addresses all my issues in a satisfactory way. I applaud the writer’s determination to change “the system,” but I would also encourage readers to take personal responsibility for their own families. If you can’t find what you want in a store, figure out how to make it! Be the change~

  344. I found it difficult to find bras for my daughter in an A cup once she outgrew the training bras because they were all padded. I could not find anything other than training and sports bras in the childrens section or womens that were not padded. Just because small breasted women want to be bigger, doesnt mean my preteen/teen needs padding.

  345. Thank you Stephanie!!! I have been having a real issue with the clothes that they are offering our girls. I wanted to make a difference like creating a new clothing line ,but didn’t know how. I am very please with what you are doing and what you have started.
    I just thought that everybody didn’t seem to care what they were buying their children, and that our world has become so awful with sex and violence that it just seemed normal to people.
    Thank you for your voice.

  346. What bothers me, besides the short inseam, is that the girl’s pants are cut so short from crotch to waistband. My daughter can’t pull them up to her waist, or she’d damage her girl parts. Just because Juniors want to wear hip hugging jeans is not a reason for our little girls to also do so. Thank you for getting involved, and making a difference!

  347. WOW! I’m so grateful and thankful that you’ve spoken up and that Target is listening. I had no idea that others were in the same boat as us. (I thought it was just me that had these issues). I live abroad and when I returned to the USA this summer I was sincerely disgusted by the clothing choices for my daughters (ages 8 & 11). They were also disgusted by the choices. What is going on? While my daughters are both slender and fit THEY chose BOY’S clothing over the girls’ styles. For us, Old Navy was just as bad. (Unfortunately, where we live there are even fewer clothing choices for children.) We are trying to raise our daughters without all the gender-associated stereotypes but having hypersexualized clothing choices for young girls isn’t helping the cause. I know Target and Old Navy can do better than this!!!!

  348. In the last couple of years I ahbw went from buying almost all of my daughters’ clothes at Target to hardly buying any clothes at Target. They seem cheap,both in quality and style. Too short, too tight, too trashy.

  349. Jocelyn Murray says:

    I have speed buying my 4 girls shorts! I cut off their jeans so they can actually have shorts that are long enough!

  350. I love Target as well & buy most of my girls’s clothes there, as well as my own. My daughters are 13 & 5 years old, so they have both recently switched departments at Target–the 13 year old is now more or less in the Juniors (at least for shirts, pants & shorts are too wide for her in Juniors, so it’s the Girl’s department for those) & the 5 year old is out of Toddlers & in the Girl’s department. I have not been able to buy my youngest shorts from Target in at least 2 years, though, because I haven’t been able to find any appropriate for her age. And my 13 year old really wanted some shorts she could wear to school, but she could not find ANY that would pass muster at school. Nothing even came close! And we looked in the Girl’s department, Juniors, AND Ladies’. Nothing.

    I even looked online & could not find anything that would work for her.

  351. I totallyapplaud you for doing this. When my step daughter was 8 all her shorts were so ridiculously short that I could see her underwear coming out the bottom. I took her to the store and realized that every pair she tried on didn’t come close to mid thigh.it really sickening because of the culture we live in what reason do this kids need shorts this short? Again I appreciate your voice.

  352. Shannon Campbell says:

    My 11 yr old has the same problem. She doesn’t like short shorts. She can’t wear them at school and it is almost impossible to find them without them being glittered and rhinestoned. She isn’t girlie and is very specific about what she likes. AT 5’2″ and 83 lbs she isn’t large and is very difficult to fit clothing. (ie bootie and hips, tiny waist). She also hates the Low rise of many brands. “I don’t want people to see my underwear or my butt.” 11 year olds should not have to worry about this. I am glad they listened. My friends and i have these conversations weekly about our girls.

  353. Thank you for doing this and making headway. I too would like longer shorts for my daughter and jeans that don’t look painted on her and that she can not bend her knees in. We have those fabulous athletic shorts you used in the illustration above and LOVE THEM. Mostly because of the length. The girls shirts are smaller and shrink more because they are that thin cotton too. I am also a target junkie and love their clothing. My daughter is wearing a Marvel shirt from there and has the Olaf shirt above. They are an excellent company and if they can get some longer shorts and looser jeans, the world will be a happy place. Thank you again for speaking up for the rest of us.

  354. I know someone has probably already said this but the pants and long sleeves are very short too. My daughter is long and lean and outgrows target clothes in less than 1 season. I don’t think they are making the shorts short for the sake of identifying. I think their models are just too small all around. Regardless, thank you for helping to make this change. I dint have a target in my area so most of what I buy is online, which makes the sizing even more of a problem.

  355. YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!! don’t even have boys and what I see in the stores for girls bothers me. THANK YOU for doing something that NEEDS to be done. There are some (well, ok, MANY) trends that are not appropriate for girls! I really hope that Target makes a permanent change to their clothing line and even becomes a leader in appropriate clothing for girls.

  356. Fred Meyers girl’s clothing above toddler sizes is also terrible. Trashy vibe…I do not buy for my girls there.

  357. It isn’t only the little girl clothes. Several years ago, I purchased some knit boot cut pants from Target, she loves them and still wears them (she’s 14), but there hasn’t been anything like them since. We haven’t purchased anything for her in the girls department since, in fact. But just this weekend, she found several Batman and Lego shirts in the Boy’s department that she loves, and fit her well. The junior’s pants are not any better….the cuts are too tight. She likes a looser fit, but would like a little shaping for her hips. I’d prefer some more comfortable clothes (besides yoga pants/athletic gear), too. Thank you, Target, for taking the time to listen, I hope to see some options for us, soon.

  358. Cheryl Jellison says:

    You should do a piece on bathing suits. Want to talk about horrifying! There is no need to have these young girls in bikinis and backless and revealing suits. For Gods sake they are out jumping in the pool, not posing for a centerfold!

  359. Ok. I get your point…my opinion differs … my daughter who is smaller than average does not like her clothes baggy or big at all. I personally like their sizes how they are now, they fit my daughters waist and legs better. My daughter does not dress inappropriate at all. She also does not like boxy shirts, after all she is a girl. So while I get the point you make, I disagree. My daughter simply fits better in the clothes both Kohls and Target sale.

    • Also My daughter is almost 14. Is a gymnast and simply fits better in the smaller stuff. But she also does not look like “trailor trash” or a hoochie.

    • Hear hear! My girl is also one who fits best into the smaller stuff and prefers to look like a girl and not a schlump.

  360. I want to say that I completely agree with your thoughts on the issue. I have always struggled with finding modest clothes for my girls and I have gone to sewing and altering clothes for my kids because it isn’t just Target it seems to be most stores. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and say something knowing that the responses would be so wide and varied on the subject. I look forward to following this issue and lending support because I already refuse to purchase such short clothes and have refused for years.

  361. omg those shorts for girls are disgusting and they would tell me to take my kid home and change her into appropriate clothing if i took her to her school like that. the dresscode at the public elementarty school says no short shorts. My daughter is five and would wear those sizes. im sickened to my stomach that any target exec would think that style tren is ok to sell for children

  362. THANK YOU!!! I have a tall almost 5 year old and had a really tough time getting her shorts for school. Until this year, she’d mostly worn spandex shorts, which are usually mid thigh or knee length, so length wasn’t so much of a problem for us. But as soon as I started looking for actual structured shorts for her to wear to school this year I couldn’t find anything. She still wears her stretchy shorts under dressed (because none of those are long enough either), and I found some Bermuda shorts at Kohl’s, but Target hardly had anything and they had always been my go-to store. I just want her to be able to sit on the rug in class and play at recess without her underwear because of a too-short crotch or gaps in the back waistband. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  363. I Agree!!!! 100% – My daughter is very tall and long legged- for her age and athletic, she swims and bikes. … you can imagine what those 1″ inseam shorts look like on her! I don’t want nasty pervy old men staring at my 7yr old daughter in BOOTY shorts! Good work moms!!! thank you xoxo

  364. Rachael Barbieri says:

    Thank you so much for representing all of us who are sick and tired of this. My MIL loads up on the short shorts (among other overly sexual items of clothing) for my 10 yo daughter, despite my insistance on the fingertip rule. She always comes back with, “that’s all they had.” I hate to be ungrateful for her buying the kids clothes, but it makes my efforts to instill modesty and self-respect in my daughter that much harder. I hereby commit myself to joining your fight against this mainstream retail joke calling itself “fashion.”

  365. David and Jennifer Knight says:

    I must agree that we need to allow our little girls to be little girls. They don’t need to be sexy what so ever. My little girl is a “big” 5 year old and finding clothes for her is a pain in the butt.
    Please let our girls be little. Modestly goes a long way!

  366. I feel like after our super target in fishers IN did a remodel last year, the clothes that they started selling were poor quality and cheap, and trashy looking for little girls. I don’t want my five year old in the same t-shirt a 12 year old can wear. I don’t want it thin, and tight, and short with band logos. I’m not conservative. It’s a matter of good taste and quality. A shopper can still find a few things for under age 5 that are not awful but most things larger than 5t are awful. I started shopping elsewhere when they changed the quality of clothes and style. I love target. I used to buy a ton of clothes there but honestly they hurt themselves with this change. I hate our walmart. HATE it. Its dirty, poorly lit, no one working knows anything helpful in the store and the lines are bad but…. Recently the clothes are the same or better than Target but better priced. This is a problem. Short shorts are a fashion issue so not really all targets fault but where did all the OTHER cute clothes options go? If short shorts are one option it’s a choice if it’s the only option it’s a problem. Please Target go back to the nice quality cute clothes you used to sell. We want to buy them but we are getting used to going somewhere else already so hurry.

  367. As a mom of 3 girls, it has been extremely hard to find modest shorts for me or my girls over the years. I don’t want my 14 yr old or my 7 yr old to wear shorts so short that the pockets stick out! I struggle to find shorts long enough to hit the 2″ above the knee line that the school has. I would appreciate being able to find shorts for girls of ALL ages that are similar in length to the boys shorts – and no I am not asking for boys shorts to have a 1″ inseam” πŸ™‚
    My 11 yr old needed plain colored shorts for her PE class. We searched 5 stores before we found ones that were GIRLS that weren’t 3″ long inseam or shorter! She will be in PE – sitting, stretching, moving, In front of pervy teenage boys. Any chance she can stay covered is great by me.

    I don’t mind the skinny jeans – my 11 yr old struggles because the skinny jeans are too loose on her tiny little legs (just her body type). I am glad that with the skinny jeans she can try to find something that is reasonable to fit her frame.

    I would be THRILLED to see shorts with inseams of a comparable length to that of boys.

  368. Same problem here when trying to get shirts and skirts for girls it’s sad when little girls clothes seem to be getting shorter and tighter. I’m sorry but my girls clothes do not need to be that tight or short they are little girls I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my teen nieces wearing clothes like that lets hope all stores hear about this and make the change to keep our little girls dressed properly

  369. Funny thing is I have said it for years and hated that fact that we are dressing even our babies and toddlers as sex symbols cause we seem to have no choice. I don’t think a toddler or child under the age of 18 should be in a string bikini…that includes a toddler. The fact that my daughters freshmen year they require the girls to buy shorts in the mens or boys section for their gym clothes. I would say take it a step further than the toddlers and Infants…take a serious look at the regular girls clothes. I have a 16 year old and finding conservative clothes is hard. Not to mention most shirts are not built with room for developing bodies of girls as they get older.

  370. I feel the same way about clothes today, and I am an adult. Granted I am a plus sized woman, I would still like to find something pretty and feminine to wear, but I usually end up buying men’s clothes because most clothing retailers seem to think all women should be no more than a size 10 and that we all should wear clothes that hug our body like a second skin. Even when I was a teen I was modest! I was raised that way. Modesty truly seems to be a forgotten trait.I am almost thankful that I was never able to have children…. because I could have never allowed my daughter to dress in such sexualized clothing. I read your post and all I could say was that it was about time somebody said something and actually heard. I truly hope that your message gets relayed to the manufacturers… Keep us posted on your progress and results!

  371. Thank you for bringing attention to this topic. I do not have girls but I am raising five boys. Thank you to all the moms that are trying to teach modesty to their girls. I recently took one of my sons to college and was sickened by the number of young girls with their backsides hanging out the bottom of their shorts. It was distracting for my son and made me sad for the girls. I tried very hard to explain to my son about the girls choice in clothing and looking was a reflection on his character too. My sons will one day seek a spouse in the girls you are raising. Thank you for your efforts!

  372. This is a good article and very accurate. My daughter is 15 and we gave up on “appropriate” shorts years ago. She’s been wearing jeans for years because dress code shorts were impossible to find. I’m glad this is being addressed.

  373. Elizabeth Dilts says:

    I read both your articles and found them to be well researched, well written, and agree with your points whole heartedly. I have taught for 15 years in an elementary school and can tell you – it can make a difference how your daughter acts! I am NOT a prude but little girls should not be encouraged to act sexy! I really hope you are able to make a difference! I also have a Kindergarten girl who is very thin and its very hard! (She doesn’t get that from me!) In your research, I have always found Gymboree to focus on age appropriate in their clothing but they are expensive. Justice on the other hand, epitomizes what you are describing. And my other HUGE per peeve (although I think this fad has faded) is little booty shorts with a word emblazoned on the child’s bottom. Because what child should be saying, “Look at my butt!???” Anyway good luck!!!

  374. SweetOnionMom says:

    I am so pleased that Target has listened and is willing to make some changes. I have long been frustrated by the ultra-slim cut of toddler and girls clothing. Many times my daughter has not been able to keep up with male friends on the playground, not for lack of physical ability, but for restriction of movement induced by clothing styles. When you can’t lift your leg to climb on the equipment because your pants are too tight, there is a problem. Glad to see you mention tee-shirt disparity as well. Last Christmas, my daughter (who then was still solidly in a 5T) received a girls sized tee (6-6x). This should still fit this year. It was sooooo tight last year she wore it once and that was only to please the giver. Honestly, let kids be kids. Thanks again for taking a stand and here’s hoping other retailers will take a cue too. Gotta be impressed by the power of social media and the internet!

  375. Thank you for starting this. It is so difficult to find appropriate clothing for children. Shorts and dresses are too short and this something that needs to change. I plainly will not buy the clothes or keep shopping until I find a longer inseam.

  376. You are spot on with your comments…this goes beyond the toddler years. My daughter is 9 years old and needless to say, she has a very small assortment of clothing for this very reason

  377. rockmama75 says:

    I very very rarely read blogs and on the rarest occasion that I do, I NEVER post comments… but this struck a deep place in me and I had to respond. THANK YOU! Thank you for posting this, thank you for getting such an important problem across to so many readers along with a huge corporation. My daughter is 8 and while she isn’t “chunky”, she is “solid” and taller than most girls in her class. I do most of my shopping for her at Target and Kohl’s and have been heartbroken because I have to buy my 8 year old shorts and pants in size 14. Not heartbroken for me, but for her. She is at the age where she knows she is only 8 and having to wear a size 14. Is she a true size 14? Absolutely not! But she has become extremely self-conscious of the fact that she has a size 14 label in her pants and she wants me to remove it so her friends won’t see it. To me this is a huge self-image problem that is being instilled in her way too young. Thank you so much for your post… I hope it is a small beginning of a huge difference.

  378. I agree with the short shirts problem! But my other battle is how the only pants available are leggings or skinny jeans… My daughter is big for her age height and size wise but not anywhere near fat or even chubby, she just does not have the structure to wear skinny jeans and hates trying because they are not comfortable. I can not blame my 4 ur old either. When did it become a crime to have comfy cute clothes for girls? They grow up too fast the way it is.

  379. Suzy Guzman says:

    I made the mistake of buying shorts for my daughters from target online and then finding out that their underwear was totally visible while sitting indian style. We returned a lot and the ones they like were the longer ones because they didn’t have to worry about flashing people. The longer ones are also better for playing on hot playground equipment in the summer. I’m pretty sure their is a credit card commercial with Tina Fey that also mentions this problem.

  380. Brilliant!!!!! Keep up the good work! I have a skinny 5 year old whose waist fits 3 year old shorts, but then the three year old shorts are just too short! I keep thinking I’ll sew some shorts for her, but that would take too long and they just wouldn’t be as cute. My 8 year old girl mostly wears cut off jeans as her shorts. At least they meet the school dress code length requirements, even if they look like worn out pants!

  381. You really hit on a symptom, not the disease. I think minds are changing enough we can do something about the disease in the near future. Every time we get dressed and perpetuate gender specific stereotypes it has a butterfly effect. Marketers know little girls like hoochie shorts because its been ingrained into little girls they should like them since they popped out of the womb. Its in every music video, every tv commercial, every toy, everything. I got in arguments with moms that thought they should be allowed butt shaping shoes but were outraged they made them for girls. See a problem with that? You are sending messages to your daughter with everything you do, double standards aren’t going to make you look like someone to look up to.

    Schools have problems with girls leaving the house in mom approved clothing and the girls changing in the bathroom into their hoochie shorts and tops. Its a big thing to look like Beyonce when you are 10. Beyonce shouldn’t be any child’s roll model, their parents should be. Her last cd was porn, and every 12 yr old knows every lyric.

    I have female friends that wear a lot of men’s clothes just because they are made better, I don’t know about Target, but if you look at the stitching on a men’s shirt and compare it to a women’s shirt its different, the same style shirt, like a button down oxford, will be a better fabric. Even looking at this post the boy’s shorts look durable, the girls shorts look ready to fall apart. I actually started a couple of them on men’s jeans back in the 90s when stretch jeans were popular and if you had a butt it made it look like you had 3x as much. Men’s jeans are a more even tailored look that doesn’t accentuate your backside.

  382. Realize that by making comparisons between two items that are too dissimilar to be compared, that your findings are negated. The baseline for comparison is skewed thus making the results skewed. Please be aware the baseline is not fully established and needs to be reevaluated in order to make a valid argument backed with statistics.

  383. This is GREAT! I personally do not and have never shopped at target but the fact they are willing to try says a lot! I have 3 daughters from age 12 down to 1 and even some of the stuff for my 1yr old is ridiculous! But in reality the store that sells it is not who we need to go after, all they do is sell what they are sent so until clothing companies become the ones to realize they are making clothing that looks trashy and is not appropriate for young children unfortunately this is going to continue to be an issue and as someone else stated these stores are out to make money and if that’s what sells that’s what they will continue to sell for as long as it’s shipped to them, they may say they are going to look into it and change it but I will almost guarantee nothing will change because that’s not what is in the companies best interest….

  384. It’s about freaking time! I have 4 daughters! Finding clothing I deem appropriate, while at the same time trying to keep them stylish has been a HUGE unnecessary feat the last few years!!! Ridiculous.

  385. Becki Burke says:

    I totally agree with your points on the clothing issues for young kids. This also applies to the rest of the women’s clothing made today as well. EVERYTHING in the women’s clothing department has gotten shorter & smaller, including plus size clothing!! It’s a darn shame that the culture we live in today, minus a few, feels that it’s just “ok” to allow this type of thing. I’m truly thankful that you are getting someone to do something about this & hopefully when ever I finally do have children, they may have some small chance of having modest & decent clothing to wear and play/live comfortably in.

    • Great dialogue you’ve started! And while you at it, let’s look at bras which should not all be padded or push up!!

  386. As the mother of an 12 yr old daughter, I applaud your stand. I, too was totally frustrated with my inability to find shorts for my daughter that were the appropriate length. What we did was find a work-around. It’s not a perfect solution, and certainly not MY taste, but she has taken to wearing leggings under the shorts. It’s a cute, funky kind of look, but she can wear the “pretty” shorts without violating the dress. So, until the clothing manufacturers start to get a clue, those too short shorts will get worn…regardless.

  387. While I enjoyed your blog posts and your outspoken maternal nature…not to mention your love of my favorite store, Target– I just have to disagree with you. Girls wear shorter shorts than boys. I mean, I certainly don’t want my 14 month old daughter’s diaper tushy hanging out the bottom of her shorts… but exposed thigh IMO…is not just okay..it’s cute. I understand there is clothing there is clothing availble to adults that would not be appropriate for children, but I just don’t think many of your examples are that. Boys and girls dress differently…that’s just true. If these typical gender stereotypes offend you….that’s fine, but you should consider not all moms feel this way. My biggest issue with little girls shorts tends to be the leg hole being too wide…thus my daughters little diaper can be visable. And this annoys me simply for asthetic reasons. But in my experience, Target best alleviates this issue of mine. I recently saw Target carrying knee length (albeit, tight fitting) toddler shorts, in a multitude of colors. I bought a pair of the coral colored ones in size 18 mos for my 14 month daughter. Love them. I personally think youre doing a disservice to Target but not acknowledging that they do in fact carry a variety of clothing. If your personally taste are more modest than most, then buy the more modest options. But please don’t try and change the very very adorable little toddler shorts that fit my daughter so wonderfully and that I love so much.

  388. Maybe check out Walmart – uck – and Penny’s – justice, Areopostle – anywhere young girls shop and think they just have to have it cause that’s the style and everyone else is buying those – good work done here.

  389. Thank you so much for speaking up! Shopping for my 5 year often leaves me in tears. I can no longer find sweet little outfits that make her look like a little girl… instead the clothes in her size (6x) look like they belong to a teenager. Short shorts and skirts, tight shirts, off the shouldee shirts…. it is unreal.

  390. Thank you thank you thank you! I hate that my 9 and 12 year olds have to look like prostitutes to be in style. Not OK with me!

  391. Kathy souther says:

    I am speechless i have a #modernmaven who is 13 and is more impotyant to me now than it was just 3 years ago. Try buying anything anywhere decently is absolutely impossible – challenging. frustrating – pull my hair out moments. She doesnt want to dress sluttly at 13, only nicely and has no interest in having a boy look at her that way – so the challenge is daily when we get up and get ready for school, and the story goes in and on. By the way my 2 go to stores are target and kohls. Thank you for being our voice.

  392. The length of shorts inseams is why I and friends have resorted over the years to dressing our girls in boys shorts. Not ideal, so wonderful news to hear that the stores are listening to you. Well done!!

  393. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My youngest daughter was given an adorable infant size butterfly print dress (from Target) last spring that she wore for Easter. When I tried to get my 6 yo daughter the complementary dress I had her try on a size 8 (I usually buy 1-2 sizes big to get length, then take in the bodice/waist for her, she’s 50th percentile everything) and the skirt didn’t reach mid-thigh!!! So much for my planned matching family portrait!

  394. I think part of the problem is that these types of clothing are what parents are buying for their daughters. I have been able to find longer shorts for my 13 year old daughter that fit in the dress code at JC Penney. She doesn’t like capris and is very tall, so finding longer shorts has been problematic. She also doesn’t wear super tight or super short shirts, so we’ve had to look for shirts that are appropriate for her and that she feels comfortable wearing.

    Maybe if more parents stopped buying these clothes that are too short and too tight for their daughters, then the companies wouldn’t manufacture them. They aren’t making them for no reason. Someone is buying them and that is the problem. You can find more modest clothing for your daughter, you just have to look for it.

  395. I am so thankful that you wrote about this and actually are going to make a change about it! That is great that Target is listening. As a mother and Target shopper of two girls ages 5 and 7, I just wanted to wholeheartedly agree. Since my girls moved into the little girls section, I cannot shop as much for their clothing at Target due to the overall trashiness. Please, Kohl’s, take notice as well!

  396. Paul, Janet Eberhardy says:

    I agree, but then I don’t like the Frozen movie, when the one sister morphs into a very Marilyn Monroe type physic. I won’t allow my daughter to watch it, too mature and suggestive…………and I am the Dad, but Mom agrees……and we have stopped buying girls clothing at Target when our almost 4 year old moved over to the big girl department (over 5T) because it is so trashy.

  397. I agree with you 100%! I have the hardest time finding shorts that come to my 13 yr olds knees. She’s average height and weight for her age. But it is almost impossible to find modest clothing for her. Even the tank tops I buy her to wear under shirts that are so low are cut that some of them she has to wear backwards to even cover up. I am not talking about deep v neck shirts. My daughter likes for her shirts to only be two fingers width below her collar bone. I am just talking about regular cut t shirt or even dress shirts. Who want a keyhole (peek a boo hole) on their 8th graders shirt!!?? How can we as mom’s teach our daughter’s to dress modestly when there is nothing but short shorts and tight fitted t shirts being sold. I spend hours on end when we go shopping to find her clothes that are appropriate for her age and even then come away with only a few pieces. So, with all of that being said I thank you for speaking out for mother’s and daughter’s everywhere. Can’t wait to follow this and see where it goes!! πŸ™‚

  398. I’ve been saying this for a decade. I’m so glad someone is finally paying attention. Thank you!

  399. 1000% agreed!!! Could we please also mention the lack of fit options. We, as a culture are getting bigger, yet the jeans are mostly getting “Skinnier”. I have an 8 year old with a God given rear-end. Not sure of its genetic origin, but it must be accomodated. Apple Bottom jeans actually fit her better than anything. She is 80lbs, about 4’3″ and needs a size 8 jeans in length. Oh, but wait, they won’t button by ~1.5 inches, and the 10s drag the ground by ~3 inches. So, while the Target designers are working on the cut and length of the shorts, I beg of them to also design for those in the world with a little more to put into their shorts and jeans. We love to shop at Target and would rather shop there than anywhere else. But, when we left the toddler sizes (at 5 years old), we had to all but abandon Target for her clothes.

    • Nicole Holden says:

      Jamie – I understand your frustration with your oldest daughter. I too have a 9yr old with a rear-end that would make Beyonce jealous and I have the hardest time finding things that will cover her and she cant do the “skinny jean” look without her booty coming out. She’s a gymnast, she has muscle, curves and a body. She is not stick thin. I have had to abandon Target as well to find things to keep everything covered appropriately. Not to mention bathing suit season seems to ne a nightmare for me to find enough materials to keep that God-Given rear end accommodated. I have 7 year twins that are the opposite long & lean and cant find shorts longer than their little fingertips and I refuse to buy them.

  400. Alex Albert says:

    You are such a Superstar! I am really glad you confronted this issue. I have faced this many times while shopping for my three girls and didn’t even think to take it to the retailers! I’m behind you 100%!

  401. Thank you!!! Can I also day, it’s not just about shorts. Living in Michigan, I started shopping for fall clothes a while ago. At Target, my daughter’s pants options were jeans, sweatpants, and leggings. She HATES jeans and only wants soft pants. I got her a pair of sweats and a pair of leggings. While she is, of course, adorable in EVERYTHING, I kept thinking how odd it is that I was buying her pants that I would only wear around the house or under a skirt! And I’m already having anxiety about next year when she starts kindergarten and needs clothes that fit a (very reasonable) dress code! But WHY did it never occur to me to speak out?! Why am I so brainwashed to just accept this? Thank you thank you thank you for speaking out for our daughters and waking me up!

  402. Good for you. I do have one thing to say. You hope to see quick results, well that isn’t realistic. Next spring is 100% planned out already. It will be a year minimum before any change is made. I work in retail and that’s how far out they are planned. I don’t want you to lose hope.

  403. I am very happy you are bringing this topic to the forefront and encouraging retailers to sell more appropriate clothing for our little girls. I know it is hard to find appropriate clothes for my daughters. You have to be careful comparing the girls and boys sizes. I know you need some comparison but in my opinion that is like comparing apples to oranges. Boys and girls at the same age are not the same size. That is why they have different growth charts. With that being said, I agree that it is a bit alarming the length difference especially when looking at shorts. I definitely think retailers and kids’ clothing manufacturers need to be careful about the style of clothing they sell for kids. It can look trendy without being “sexy”. However, I know my daughters do not want their clothes cut like boys clothes. I think you need to be very careful comparing boys and girls clothes and using that as your “evidence”. We attend a Catholic school and buy our clothes from a uniform store. Even at the uniform store the girls and boys shorts are cut differently because girls and boys are naturally shaped differently. My girls know the difference just by putting the pants on and refuse to wear the pants and shirts that are cut more unisex. They just don’t feel “right”. Even as an adult, I prefer to buy girl/woman cut shirts than wear shirts that are boxy and unisex or made for men. I know you were just using the boys clothes as a reference and I appreciate that. But having a house of both boys and girls, I know that my boys prefer the longer, baggier clothes and my girls prefer the slimmer look. However, my girls do not want clothes that in any way are too short or not modest. There has to be a happy medium.

  404. Wow, I thought it was just me because I am a 56 year old baby boomer, and I have seen these unbelievable short shorts on girls. I was in Target on Sat. And saw a girl (not a toddler, probably somewhere around 11 – 14 with these extremely short shorts on. I guess it was the one inch inseam you discussed, and I was appalled. This girl could not and should not ever sit cross-legged anywhere with these shorts on! Has modesty gone completely out the window?

  405. Justice is the worst you pay so much money for so little fabric it’s ridiculous and anytime someone has bought my daughter shorts from there ( I don’t buy from them) she doesn’t get to wear them because half the time even in bigger sizes it shows way too much skin.

  406. Thank you! I have a 12 year-old daughter and have been very disappointed in Target, Kohl’s, Penney’s, everywhere! because of the short, tight, and tacky girls clothes. My daughter has always preferred to shop in the boys section since she was very young. We even bought Land’s End boys school uniforms. Now that boys’ waists sizes don’t work with her tween figure we have to go to girl’s clothes. Even my beloved Land’s End has the problem of shorter shorts for the girls and we have had to go to larger sizes, baggy waist now, for a comfortable length. I did the inseam investigation with them and was dismayed. I am going to e-mail them right now! Thank you sooooo much for your diligence. I am with you!

  407. I have silently thanked God I have a boy each time I’ve walked through Target (and other retailers) for years. When I saw toddler sized, short, off-the-shoulder, sequined, spaghetti strap Christmas dresses I thought it was the exception and not the norm – not until my new step-daughter came to visit and at the age of 5 wearing a leopard print bra under a transparent shirt. She obviously had NO need for a bra yet, but her mother’s answer was that it was “all the fashion rage.” FOR WHO? As long as parents are willing to shell out money for this trashy look in the name of fashion, it will continue to be manufactured and dominate the store shelves and racks. Bravo for taking up the cause for some common sense to not sexualize our kids way too early.

  408. I am a grown woman age 46. I regularly shop in the girls department because I wear a size 0 and the junior and woman’s departments rarely stock that size. I wear either a 12 or 14 in little girls, but I have been appalled that even there I am unable to find appropriate clothing. The choices would work if I wanted to stand on a corner and charge men for questionable services. But any self respecting woman would never wear clothing that tight or short. Shame on the stores for only offering these choices.

  409. I totally agree with your point about over sexualizing our daughters. I dont think using boys clothes as a way to compare is the way to go. Apples to oranges. How about bringing up merchandising and marketing schemes they use that target young girls as a better way to combat this issue. I used to work in the fashion industry and if you have contact with execs at Target bring that up! This all started in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the tween market is a huge money maker and younger girls follow what older girls are doing! Example a 9 yearold wants what a 13 yearold has! Girls in that age range are a huge demographic! They interpret them a a huge consumer group and have targeted them to exploit that fact! And as long as this stuff sells they will keep on pushing it!!! The trend really started in dance wear if mothers didnt allow this crap it wouldnt translate to kids clothes! Take Justice for example a whole store full of trashy clothes for little girls! For shame! Its an entire culture! Good luck with your fight! Its hard to stand firm!

  410. I am so glad that you are addressing the issue of children’s clothing specifically little girls clothing. My concern is about sundresses. It seems very hard to find a girl’s dress for summer that has cap sleeves or short sleeves. Almost every dress just has straps. I tried using tshirts under the dresses, but here in Missouri, the summer temps hit 90Β° on a regular basis. My girls complain about being too hot with the extra Layer. I prefer more coverage to help prevent sun exposure. The worst sundresses have the overlapping V-shaped front which seems to gape open and is awful!

  411. As the mom of a little girl who is not quite yet two and a half, and is in 5T clothes… I applaud you. And no, my daughter does NOT need to go on a diet. In fact, SOME clothes that are 3T and 4T still fit… just depends on the specific article of clothing… because she’s just TALL. REALLY, REALLY TALL. She has a long torso, and long legs. 5T clothes hang on her, but have to have them to cover her body – lengthwise. I started looking in the girls department to try to find some skinnier/longer options, and quickly moved back over to toddlers in attempt to find something for my still-very-much-a-baby-girl daughter. She, however, loved the bright colors and sparkly words on the shirts in the girls department. “Spoiled,” “Sassy,” and “Little Cherry” are NOT appropriate. At any age, but especially not on my two year old! Do people not realize that labeling your child with “Bratz” is NOT A GOOD THING? Why do we want to encourage our daughters to disobey (be a “brat”), dress like sluts, and just generally not care about what image they put out there? This is my sweet little girl who likes to pretend she’s a butterfly, and wants to be Daddy’s princess at the ball. I totally agree with your article. I want to find APPROPRIATE clothing for her no matter the age – there is such a thing as making a cute sparkly shirt that doesn’t have an inappropriate message (or any words at all!). Isn’t there? And it’s not just Target… but I’m glad they are listening to you – makes me excited to hopefully see some changes, and be able to shop there for appropriate clothing for her.

  412. This is great! So glad you took the time to do all of these comparisons. I only have boys, so I have never paid much attention to the girls’ selections at any stores. I can say that while my son was in toddler and smaller clothes, I loved Target’s selection…very cute choices. Now that he is in the “boys” sizes, I never shop at Target! I find that they try to play too much to the super heroes, “skater” type clothing with skulls and funky designs, etc. I just want normal, cute little boys clothes!

  413. My daughter is average height and weight, in fact her clothing size and age routinely match. Last spring I was so frustrated finding appropriate shorts that I took her 4T jeans that she will be too tall for the next years, cut them off with a 5″ inseam and added lace or fabric ruffles. They were waaaaayyyy cuter then anything in the store and I didn’t have to worry about her getting splinters on the back of her thighs. Thankfully I cna sew but I was relieved to see your blog as it pointed out a major deficiency in finding appropriate clothing. Most schools have fingertip length requirements and that should be THE standard for shorts not 1″.

  414. Concerned Mama says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have been at work ranting and raving about the state of girls clothes v. boys clothes ever since I found out I was pregnant w/ my daughter. I now have a 3 year old son and a 14 month old girl. It is ridiculous to me that my son’s first swim suit was super easy to purchase. It was a full rashguard one piece w/ sleeves and shorts. I purchased it at Target for around $20. Two years later it was time to purchase a swim suit for my daughter. Why are the only options bikinis cut like those for grown women or one pieces w/ much more fabric missing than present? She’s going to be wearing a SWIM DIAPER for goodness sake. Why does she need a bikini cut bathing suit? The purpose is to be warm and to float. That’s it! I had to go on Zulily and buy a $35 rashguard bathing suit. There was no such option at Target or Walmart. And how livid was I when I walked into Target one day and the first thing I saw walking in was a pair of hot pink pants for pre-teen girls w/ bright red lips all over them? SERIOUSLY?!
    I spend all of 10min buying my sons clothes and he can be preppy or comfy but it’s always easily appropriate for his age. For my daughter I’m standing in the aisles pacing and fuming for 30min or more before finally finding a pair of shorts that don’t qualify as hot pants or a pair of pants that don’t cut off circulation or a skirt that actually has a diaper cover.
    Sorry for my soapbox speech but so glad Target will finally listen. Love that store but I can not stand the way girls are objectified.

  415. I am thrilled that you are making headlines! I have 4 girls and one son. I have shopped A LOT, at a multitude of retailers, searching for appropriate clothing. An additional request I would make to these clothiers is to lengthen their dresses for girls and teens. Looking for a homecoming dress that my daughter could sit in, let alone dance in, was a major chore! Just a quick shout out to Hannah Anderssen- always appropriate clothing that is comfortable and lengthy and has lasted through a million washes! Last story…a few years ago Limited Brands had a window display at the local mall that read, “Get into our pants”! OMG!

  416. Nikki Meadows says:

    Great article! Unfortunately it’s not just Target that sells clothes for our daughters that don’t cover their bottoms. My daughter is 9 years old & 5ft. 3inches tall so buying shorts that are long enough would be a tough task. Thankfully my daughter prefers gym shorts, but even those have to be bought in the boys section. The girls gym shorts usually don’t meet the fingertip rule for school either. And she refuses to get her t-shirts from the little girls section because of the fitted cut of the shirts so those come from the little boys section also. It would be nice to have options in the girls sections that were actually long enough & were not form fitted on our little girls. So Thank You for bringing attention to this problem.

  417. Oh no!!! I hope you don’t take your personal agenda too far. If you don’t like how target clothes fit your children, please shop at a place that works for you. I have very petite children and only a few places offer clothes that actually fit and a few sizes smaller in target usually worked. I don’t think it is at all appropriate to compare boys and girls clothes as gendars are supposed to be built different. My small little girl would look ridiculous in shorts made for boys. Just because you have a “forum” to post you opinions and it gets picked up by a few places doesn’t give you the right to change and entire stores line of clothes and I honestly can’t believe they would do that. I would assume target is doing its due diligence with surveys, focus groups and market analysis to see what the majority of people want and need and not just what one person says her “readers” want as I would assume your readership has similar views as you. Target may keep you as a customer but may be losing another.

  418. Sarah Grant says:

    Thank you for your quest! I have two girls, 6 and 3. I buy a size larger so it will last a while, and the choices in girls 7-16 is AWEFUL! I have stopped buying children’s clothes at Kohls and Target. My props go to J. Khaki, which I buy at Belk. Lots of dresses and leggings for us. I hope to see a movement for the better, thank you for leading the cause to mainstream attention!

  419. Thank you so much for being a voice for me and many other moms. I have been so discouraged and frustrated by the clothing that is available at affordable prices, especially since my daughter hit the size 6-7 mark. The clothing at most box and department stores for this age group is shamefully inappropriate. I hope Target gets it right and that more stores will follow their lead. Way to go!

  420. I am almost 2 months pregnant with a possible daughter. Looking at the state of clothes right now is atrocious. Quite honestly, to me, they make little girls clothes to attract pedophiles. I refuse to dress my child in clothes that will attract the wrong kind of attention. I agree that girls clothes need to change.

  421. I agree with all of you and THANK YOU so much for this! Also, my girls never wear the same size top and bottom! They are typically wearing a 4T top and 2T bottoms, but all the outfits and PJs are stuck together with the same sizes! I hate that! PJ sets are the worst to try to buy for them!

  422. Totally agree! My daughter has just started kindergarten and I am horribly aware of how much our daughters are being sexualized so young. My daughter prefers boys t shirts and swim trunks and I LOVE THIS! She has expressed to me several times that she doesn’t like other people buying her cloths because they are too tight. She is a girly girl and loves to be sparkly but she just can’t be comfortable in girls clothing. I’ve been getting her t shirts from Hanes because they have all the girl colors in a regular t shirt cut. I will defiantly be keeping track of Target to see when & how they remedy their girls selections.

  423. Our school and many others require shorts/skirts to be no shorter than where your finger tips hit your legs when laid straight down your side. Try finding shorts that long…impossible!

  424. Thank you thank you a million times over!!!! πŸ™‚ Glad they are listening!

  425. Dad in Seattle says:

    I’m a dad of a 4 year old boy and a 9 month old girl. Early in the summer I went to Target to get swim wear for the kids. And did I leave pissed off. They had long sleeve sun blocking shirts and shorts for my son. All they had for my daughter (4 months old at the time) were bikinis and sleeveless one pieces. Really?

    Two things I took issue with. One, so Target is saying that I can protect my son from sunburn but not my daughter? Two, what 4 month old needs a bikini or a slinky one piece.

    I ended up using a hand-me-down from her brother. I have no problem dressing my daughter in blue or my son in pink (one of his favorite colors).

    But I also have to say, shame on parents for buying that stuff. Target wouldn’t sell it if nobody bought it.

  426. Thank you so much for writing about this! I was wondering if I was going crazy every time I tried to shop with my 15 yr old daughter. We are NOT prudes by any means, but my daughter, especially, has always wanted to be modest. Trying to find her shorts and pants at Target, Kohl’s, and elsewhere was a nightmare last summer. She is petite, but not overly so (5′ 2″, 110 lbs or so) and we looked in juniors, women’s, girls, petites…We looked everywhere for pants and shorts that might fit her. They were all teeny-tiny and tight. The waists of the jeans were all low…way below her belly button and all very tight. In fact, it was actually impossible to find anything but “Skinny” or “Super-Skinny” jeans for her. Even the “boot cut” were fairly skinny. If the shorts or pants were an appropriate length and fit in the legs, they gapped by 4 or 5 inches in the waist. It was crazy. No women’s/girls/ladies dept. had shorts or jeans that would fit her and we spent a couple of hours looking. Finally we turned to the boys dept. At least there she found some boys plaid cargo type shorts, size 14, that fit. They had elastic waist bands (which go away in larger sizes for the girls), and were a nice length (although the cargo length wasn’t particularly what we were looking for). The jeans and other pants are still a problem. She does not want her circulation cut off, but wants a normal, comfortable pair of pants. Sometimes we find vintage or consignment pants that fit alright. I’m so glad that other parents have noticed this problem. I thought my daughter might be the only teen who wants to dress what we consider in a regularly (not overly) modest fashion!

  427. I like this!!! I have been saying for years now the shorts are too short and there should have never been a low rise option for jeans in the children’s department…. I have had sooooo many issues trying to find age appropriate clothes for my daughter. She is 10 years old and not only is she tall (5ft 4in) to be exact but she is “thick”. In no way is she fat she was just has a with a big rear end and thighs which is not uncommon in African American girls. We love shop at Target, in fact we were just there this Sunday buying jeans. Which according to Target my 10 year old is a size 12 in juniors??? This makes it so hard and frustrating to find age appropriate clothes for her!! And people are absolutely correct it’s not just Target it’s the majority of clothing stores these days. I just wish they were more accommodating to taller, “thicker” children as well. Just because my daughter is the size of a 14 year old does not mean she should have to dress like one at 10. Thank you for all that you are doing to help!

  428. Yes! Longer shorts AND plain shorts. My daughter doesn’t like rhinestones and sparkles on her denim shorts. It is soooo hard finding denim shorts that don’t have girly trim, glitter, fashionable “tears”, rhinestones, or embroidered designs on them. Target, please just make some plain ol’ denim shorts that my daughter can play in and wear to school. Her school has a dress code that does not allow denim shorts or pants to have any embellishment on them. We need PLAIN short and pants. Even older girls because my daughter is in 5th grade. Also we need LONGER dresses with sleeves. My daughter likes sleeves and she’s thin, but not tall. If we get her the size that fits her on top then the dress is way too short. If we go a size up then it’s too big on top. Just make longer dresses.

  429. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for this!!!!!!!!

  430. I’ve never been to your blog before, but I found this post through my Google news reader. I think you make really valid points and I’m so glad Target is listening! I do want to point out, however, that your website’s very own header images – of the ultra-skinny woman holding a chubby, boy baby and another ultra-skinny woman holding a laptop – are perhaps unwittingly contributing to the culture of sexualizing women and setting unrealistic weight expectations. If you’re taking a deep look at what we’re doing to our daughters, I hope you can also take a deep look at what we’re doing to ourselves as grown women.

  431. Gail Medaris says:

    I have three daughters and love shopping at Target but have had the same issues. I wish they would carry the geniuine kids brand all the way up to kid sizes. It is cute and in style but not “sexy”. My 14 year old says she would wear some of it if they had it in her size! But, no they give to the infants and toddlers and save the slutty looking clothing for our 6 year olds! Thanks for hopefully changing this!

  432. Denise Kowanetz says:

    I want to thank you because I feel exactly the same way!! And it’s not just for the young girls, it is also in the Jr’s department. I have a Kinder girl and a Sophomore girl and it’s not easy finding appropriate clothing for school anywhere. My HS girl has a dress code of shorts should come done to fingertips, we can’t find those anywhere!!! It is so sad! I also would like to say that my Kinder girl (age 5) is tall for her age and she is wearing a 7 shirt and 6x bottoms. She is tall, lean and slender but has to wear clothes in the Target Girls section. Their selection other than their Circo brand (which I do buy just for play) is way too old for her. I don’t need her wearing fake leather and some of the icons that they have in that section. I know our girl’s clothing section in Target isn’t that big and maybe other stores have a bigger selection but for school clothes, I have had to move to shopping at Children’s Place/JCPenney and other stores due to larger and more appropriate selections. It would be great to see a few more selections for younger girls who are in those sizes. Thanks!

  433. Good for you! Girls need a little more than just their butts covered, no matter how old. That is amazing the difference in boys clothing.

  434. THANK YOU!!!! most of my thoughts exactly! I shop in the Junior dept for my 3 year old girl and in the toddler dept for my 5 year old boy. My 3 year old girl is not skinny mini and so can’t squeeze into the ridiculously tight shirts and pants in the toddler dept – even the 5 Ts are too tight on her. So when you say that your girl is average weight- I understand why you’re saying that. But must all little girls be skinny mini in order to get to wear the fun childrens licensed character clothing of the toddler dept? I have to buy boring shirts with words and images of Paris for my little 3 year old girl – who would much rather the super heroes and princesses clothing. But unfortunately by 3 years old she’s already grown out of them:(. And in response to your rude commenter – she’s not a “fat ass kid” – she’s a regular kid who just isn’t uber skinny and wants to wear all the fun clothes of the toddler dept. I hope you make changes for the girls who are not so stick skinny as well — whose bellies stick far out because they don’t know they are supposed to be suck it. They aren’t yet ashamed of their beautiful belly and it would be nice if we could find shirts accommodating that beautiful pride. Thanks for changing the world. One chain store at a time:)

  435. I have the same problem shopping for both my 3 year old daughter and myself. When I go shopping I wade through racks of immodest clothing trying to find something that is cute but conservative to no avail. Usually you’re stuck with too revealing or too matronly…it’s a lose lose!

  436. Paula Benson says:

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! I have had this complaint since my daughter was 18 months old in a size 2T and ever since then. She is now 13 and I still have complaints. So, please take up with the issues of toddler clothing being way too short – but also the fact that the style of toddler clothing mimicing teen and young adult clothing which is ridiculous. (When my daughter was 2, now 11 years ago, the big fad was long sleeves falling onto the hands – down to the knuckles. A toddler trying to pick up finger food with excessively long sleeves was ridiculous. Old Navy was the culprit for me in those days, and I soon stopped shopping there for my young girls.) But nowadays it’s back to the issue of short length for me. I find two options for my middle school girls – hoochie mamma short and dowdy long Bermuda shorts. I want my girls to be fashionable – I don’t blame them for not wanting the to your knees bermudas, but that is all that is school dress code appropriate. I challenge Target (and hopefully others) to provide short options that are finger length but still cute and appealing to teens. 5 inch inseems might work, but some girls might need 7 inch. All we can find in stores is 3 inch, which won’t work in our world. Make being appropriate cool again.

  437. Thank you SO much for this and your other post. My daughter is approaching her third birthday and I also think it’s crazy how they fashion kids clothes! I’m a BOUDOIR photographer by profession. I shoot women in lingerie for a living, but I’m also a HUGE prude. I would NEVER, repeat NEVER, take an image that I would be ashamed to show my daughter. My work is about beauty, not sex, and the work of the clothing industry for toddlers and children should also be focused more modestly as well. THANK YOU.

  438. Jessica S. says:

    bravo bravo bravo…..thank you for giving mom’s around the country a voice. As a mom I want my daughter to embrace and enjoy her childhood. The size shaming for females starts early and you have captured it perfectly in your post. Clothing designed shorter, tighter, smaller for girls is not only is uncomfortable, but it starts early in setting an unrealistic standard for size that most women struggle with their entire life.

    Target has adorable clothes, we have always been big fans at our house. The unpredictability of their sizes and fit has always been a challenge. I applaud you again for your open letter and hope Target follows through in a partnership with you. The daughters of America will benefit from choices in fashion and a clear message that comfort and fashion can go hand and hand and that exposing more of your body does not make a young girl more fashionable or fashion forward!

  439. I sincerely question this survey as reliable. You admittedly shopped “out-of-season”, and provide several examples of winter season attire, indicating that you are a clearance-shopper-deal-seeker-Christian mom. Had you shopped at Target earlier in the season (i.e., prior to 30% markdowns), your odds of finding suitable lengthed clothing for your daughter would have been much higher. I purchased adorable, flattering, and modest Bermuda denim shorts for my daughter at the start of summer. From Target. They follow the “finger” rule just fine.
    Furthermore, you attempt to compare boys clothing to girls clothing. I have one of each. At similar ages, they were not at all comparable in body types. Boy bodies ARE NOT the same as girl bodies, and attempting to compare them in the same way as you have is absolutely invalid and ridiculous. Do you compare your waste size and inseam to your husband’s in the same manner? I surely hope not.
    The only reason your blog went “viral” is that Target cares about any bashing that occurs for their brand. Target is a consumer-conscious retailer. So celebrate your fame of being viral for bashing Target. Had you stuck to Kohls bashing, I doubt you’d receive the same amount of glory, self-pride, and self-assumed fame.

  440. It only gets worse the older they get. When buying clothes for 12-14 girls the options are so limited. The children size clothing does not fit and the teen clothing is so immodest. My 12 year old daughter and I have to search so long to find things that fit and are decent. It is a real struggle. Sometimes she gets so frustrated, she just walks out of the store saying, “We just need to learn how to sew Mom, so we can design clothes kids my age can actually wear without our butts or chests showing.” AND Ordering clothes online is hard because she is constantly growing, I end up having to buy several sizes and then pay for shipping to return the sizes that don’t fit. I hope you can address clothing for this age group with Target also. I have spoken to many mother’s who have children in this age group who are just as frustrated as I am.

  441. Yay! Very relevant! We regularly have these same problems when shopping for our girls (18 months and 3)! Shorts too short, styles too sexual, and girls vs boys clothes way less practical in general. In the winter, it’s hard to find warm and quality clothes in the girl section, but 5 feet away in the boys’…options galore! Even a long sleeved t shirt in the girls section: paper thin and sometimes see through! While boys long sleeved shirts are thicker and better quality and warmer! I am all the time left to shop the boys section for my girls just to get better made and more practical clothes. I’M SO GLAD TARGET IS LISTENING! Is there any way to help?

  442. First of all, Target is NOT the only store with clothes like this. Second, if you don’t like them don’t but it. An easy solution is to have your child wear leggings under them, or make their clothes yourself. Buy a sewing machine and alter them add decorative trim for added length. I have a hard enough time finding clothes for my child. She is slim and petite Target is one of the few stores that have items that fit her. So figure out how to make your kids clothes work modest for her and leave everyone else to worry about their own children.

  443. I can’t wait to be winter season to have you blog on the pants vs leggings…I have a 1 yr old and all is available are available are leggings and slim jeans. Slim jeans? Really? with the thick seam from the thick fabric, not even talking how that must feel to have tight fabric on the *diaper*?!? How is that remotely comfortable for these poor little ones? Luckily I have my son’s baby pants that I mix and math with her tops. No leggings please! More normal pants so she can be comfortable with her walking and jumping and all the movements toddlers do

  444. I only hope ALL girls’/Tweens’/teens’ clothing manufacturers get this message. But Disney, Nickelodeon, and other entertainment influences also play a big role in messaging style and fashion.

  445. Thank you so much for this campaign! I just saw the story on GMA and this has been an ongoing battle for us over the last two years. Sadly, Target isn’t the only one with stuff thats too tight/short. My daughter is really tall and for her, it really feels like she is wearing a bathing suit to school. For athletics, she frequently is in the boys department buying basketball shorts because she just feels downright uncomfortable. She has even asked me about getting the little volleyball booty shorts to wear under dresses because those are WAY to short now. Its a terrible position to be in starting high school πŸ™

    I hope they hear what you are saying about the over-sexualization of our girls so that at all ages, if they choose to be more modest, there are items available!

  446. Such a good read! Mom a father of six, 4 girls and 2 boys. So I see this and it kills me. I want my girls to grow up and be confident and strong and I feel sometimes that target my sees the boat on those girl options. I don’t need my daughters in short shorts and spaghetti straps. My girls are 10, 7, 7 and 4. It really is a struggle to get them clthes that are stylish and appropriate.i appreciate this article and applaud you for taking a stand :). Keep up the good work.

  447. loren perkins says:

    Yeeessssss!!!! Ty! Ty! Ty! This has been a concern for moms everywhere!!! Finally our voices are being heard!! I beleive there is strength in numbers..lets support this cause 100% full force until we see change!!!!!!

  448. Excellent! Thank you for speaking the truth to an area that effects our daughters every time they need clothing. Way to go!

  449. I’ve been asking the same question for awhile now. I took my daughter school shopping this year transitioning her from a Tween to Teenager. So she wanted some new clothes and everything I found in the stores were the same too short or too tight. My daughter has a nice figure for a growing girl, but we are not trying to advertise that with itty bitty skinny minis. We want her to feel comfortable and look good in what she wears and boy was that a hassle. Running from store to store gets tiring. Even as far to modify items of clothing. Sometimes those little changes and all the running around makes the difference to make your little girl feel comfortable and beautiful about herself…so it doesn’t have to be tight to fit right.

  450. Yes! This is why I haven’t purchased my daughter any shorts, they are all way to short. Come on people, we really can do better.

  451. I haven’t read the original post, but I have read this one. I agree that some shorts are way too short for my 2 and 5 year old girls. My husband and I like when our daughters’ shorts are longer, but I definitely don’t want my daughters wearing shorts as long as the boys’ shorts like in the pictures. I’d just settle for longer than super short, which is hard as my girls have long legs as I did as a kid and make short shorts seem even shorter. πŸ™ Through the years with my 5yo, I’ve had to get Levi’s and other shorts that are longer or Bermuda-type if my daughter wears them. The very short ones she wears go under dresses as we’re working on modesty. The only part of the post here that I disagreed with is the complaint that the t-shirt was cut in the girl style. I happen to have super thin girls and prefer when shirts don’t just hang like bags on them as t-shirts without the girl cut tend to do. For me, it’s not showing off their bodies–it’s a shirt that actually fits them. I’m glad that Target is wanting opinions and possibly going to change some things. I love Target, but I’ve bought very little clothing there for my girls.

  452. TripletMom says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I will say that when shopping for my triplet girls, I found that the double standard extends beyond cut. The sweatpants and socks for girls are almost always made with a thinner fabric. So in order to keep my girls warm through our new england winters I have to buy boys pants. Also, like women’s clothes, the girls clothes rarely have pockets. Now my girls are just as curious and likely to pick up things that they would like to carry with them as any boys I have met. One of my daughters cheers when I find a pair of pants with pockets.

    I know there are exceptions to these points, but why should it be so hard (or expensive) to find these features for girls when they are so readily available for boys. So again, thank you for bringing this topic to national attention.

  453. While we are at this, can we take on tweens? There are not appropriate clothes for young teens. My 13 year old is shopping in the junior and misses departments and the clothes do not meet her school’s minimum dress code. There seems to be no appropriate clothing at all for the section — neither child nor adult. That one I’d like a giant HELP on! She has always loved her uber comfortable clothes from Hanna Andersson but the big appliques make them too young for her now — if we could take the same fun striped and solid clothing with no appliques that would work… I wish these clothing companies would go beyond a size 12 and fit bodies that are a little larger for early puberty but minds that are still of our children….

  454. Alice Wilson says:

    I wish you had written this 18 years ago. It was difficult to find shorts with decent inseams for my girls, especially when it was a school requirement. However, I’ve always liked a more fitted shirt for myself, so I urge you to ask not for only bigger straight shirts, but for a variety of fits.

  455. Lauren Morris says:

    Thank you for touching on this subject and getting it out there! As a mom of a 15 year old skinny, lanky, long legged girl, I commend you! I have such a problem with the tween girls clothes in general. Our daughters do not have to grow up this quick! She does not need to have her butt hanging out of her shorts or the little bit of cleavage she does have hanging out of her top. Old Navy has been my God send with the Bermuda shorts or capris for her. No, she doesn’t like them, but if she wants to wear something other than jeans or a dress that is what she will get. I cannot in good conscience send my daughter out in the world wearing shorts like that.

  456. Thank you for speaking out for what many of us have only thought. This issue is across the board for all girls/teens/womens clothes, from what I’ve encountered, industry wide. As a woman (30’s) it’s irritating to go shopping and either feel like I’m trying to look like a college kid, or my grandmother…with little in between. I applaud your efforts and hope designers heed the concerns of so many.

  457. This is fantastic! Congrats and I am looking forward to hearing more. I have the exact opposite problem: I think the boy’s shorts are too long! They hang all the way to their knees and in the summer (I am in Ohio, so it isn’t brutal, but it does get pretty hot and humid) they are too hot! Especially since the material is kind of thick. Maybe they can split the difference and make everyone’s shorts the same, mid thigh size? Also, since I have clearly decided that you have the ear of Target designers and therefore ANYone who designs clothes, what’s up with ladybugs-those viscous denizens of the garden-being pink, purple, laden with hearts, and only found on shirts with puffy sleeves? My son LOVES ladybugs (he is four and says he wants to be a ladybug when he grows up), and it is nigh on impossible to find anything with lady bugs that isn’t “girly”. UGH!

  458. 100% fully agree about the length of shorts! It is impossible to find my girls modest length shorts. I would love the Juniors clothing to cover more. My 13 yr old is an active, thin and tall kid. She doesn’t fit the youth clothing but the juniors clothing is too revealing and don’t fit her well. Yes there are stores that are more catered to the sizing I need for her but I am cheap! Target fits my budget better. A line of clothing that isn’t quite youth and not quite juniors would be great! Something for the early teens not quite little kid with designs and perfect for those whose parents believe, promote and enforce modesty for their child.

  459. I personally have 3 children. 12yr old girl, 7 yr old boy, and a 6yr old girl. While I agree with you to a point, I don’t agree with the comparison of girl clothes to boy clothes. Boys wear longer shorts, that’s the style. I wouldn’t wear the same style clothes as my husband do why should we dress our girls in the same style clothes as our boys. While I would agree that I want clothes to cover all of my daughters private parts and yes a lil length to cover her butt cheeks appropriately is nice, I wouldn’t buy clothes at Target if they changed the style and did not offer cute girl appropriate styles.

    • I don’t have a desire to dress my daughter’s in boy’s clothes either (although I kind of wish I did, because then they could wear their brother’s hand-me-downs!) That’s why I wrote this part…”Yes, I suppose I could start buying clothes from the boys’ section, but why should I have to? I happen to have girls who actually like pink and purple and sparkles. They deserve better than what we are giving them.” I”m not asking for completely gender neutralized clothing at all. I started a Pinterest board to help make it easier for moms to find the kinds of clothes that most of the moms here are looking for: http://www.pinterest.com/stephaniegiese/cute-and-modest-options-for-girls/

  460. Stephanie S. says:

    This is absolutely fantastic. I love the attention that this is getting because children dressing like 20 year olds is not only getting tiring, but its inappropriate. The worst part is that, as you mentioned, it’s the ONLY things that are available to buy for children these days. Clothing manufacturers and even a lot of parents should be looking more carefully at the things that they expect CHILDREN to wear.

  461. The very first thing I thought of when I read the title was longer shorts! I’ve also ran up on many shirts that are crazy tight on my 3t girl even though they are 5t plus and she is marginal underweight, tall and skinny. Another issue I have is Skirts, I refuse to buy them for her unless they have the short attachment underneath! I’m very excited to see the changes!

  462. We had to walk out of Target this summer without buying anything. We wanted some shorts that would be appropriate for our 10 year old daughter, and couldn’t find anything that made her look like a little girl instead of a short, sexy woman. I’ve run into the problem before but was still surprised that we couldn’t find ANYTHING at Target. It was a real eye opener for my husband who was with us. Here’s hoping Target and other retailers listen!

  463. Kristina Noall says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC!! I’m so excited to see someone speaking up for modesty, and that the retailers are actually listening!! On behalf of myself and the little girl I hope to have someday soon, I can’t thank you enough for this! Bless you!

  464. Please when you are talking with Target please ask they why they can’t take their same styles and designs that are so darling and much more modest from the 2T-5T sizes and continue them up into the girls sizes s-l? I have very tall 6 and 8 yr old girls who I don’t want dressing like Tweens, yet when they outgrow the 5T sizes, there are no longer cute little styles available!! Many mom friends share this same lament!! Thank you

  465. I have complained about this since my daughter was a toddler. My son is now 10 and my daughter is 9. It is near impossible to find clothes to fit her, because in order for the waist and legs to fit I must buy an extraordinarily large size and therefore cut off a foot or more of length, no kidding, or, buy an enormously large shirt size and the sleeves are way too long. The clothes for boys are true to size with no “curves.” My 9 year old doesn’t have curves yet. I have to buy bermuda shorts to be a decent length in girls shorts as compared to buying a normal size pair of shorts for my son. Why are girls clothes made to be so much tighter?! Everyone isn’t after the “skinny” look, or rather, skin tight look. Let’s teach modesty.

  466. Love, love, love!!!! I am passionate about purity and modesty. GOOD.FOR.YOU!

  467. Bridgette Hagerty says:

    Thank you so much for taking on this endeavor! Longer shorts and more appropriate clothes for girls in general would be wonderful! It should not be so difficult to dress our children in a way that they feel comfortable. Keep fighting the good fight.

  468. So glad Target is responding to you. Can you also ask them to stock junior bras that are not push ups? There are choices between push up and athletic. And there should be a shorts choice between hugging your butt and bermudas. So hard to find anything appropriate.

  469. I have been saying this for years. My daughter and I call them “denim underwear”. A few years ago my daughter needed jean shorts for a field trip. They had to be past finger tips. Well Target being one of our favorite stores too, we went there to pick out shorts and some other necessities for the field trip.Needless to say, we could not find any shorts that would work for her in the kids section or the juniors section. Actually Juniors were even worse. After scouring the department we found one pair that were her size and long enough. Must have been a fluke because it was the only pair in both departments that was not too short. My daughter is 11 and taller than I am now. She can still wear some 18 clothes, however it is on to the very scary juniors department soon. Though I have found quite a bit of adult clothing in small that fits her nicely. I do agree with other Moms that if you shop at Gap, Lands End and Izod you can find great clothes at a higher price. I have a lot of luck online finding conservative clothes for my kids at great prices. It takes time but it is worth it. Trying to raise a girl to not only to feel good about how they look, but without dressing like they are out trolling for guys is difficult. I continue to teach and praise my daughter for her style without the sexual overtones. Thank you for pulling out the soap box and getting Target to listen. Your my hero, thanks!

  470. Thanks so much for bringing attention to this. At least your store had girl superhero options. I can tell you I was at target today in brooklyn and saw nothing like that in the girls section. I spent 20 minutes looking for a decent pair of pants and a shirt and walked out of that section with nothing because I want my kid to be able to be a kid! Not just not be sexualized at 5, but be able to run around in the gym. the super skinny pants/tops/lace and the midriffs!
    But I will add in another category – it’s gotten a little better – but I have a similar issue with swimsuits. First why does any toddler need to be in a bikini. Not just because of style – but how about skin damage? I mean, there are about 3 options when it comes to girls rash guards (esp full-sleeve ones) and for boys, these are the norm! Even the girls rash guards you can almost never find with half-leg bottoms instead of bikini bottoms. I mean, should only boys be protected from skin cancer? It’s nutso.
    I will add one more – when we first had a baby, why don’t stores have “baby” sections any more? We didn’t know the sex before our daughter was born and it was nearly impossible to find layettes that weren’t either covered in trucks or pink with flowers. Childrens place it’s “girl baby” or “boy baby” – like a 3 week old needs gender-id-ed clothes! I’m not saying some people don’t want to have their kid in pink lace from day one – fine for them. But let’s have options!
    Anyway, glad to hear retailers are listening!

  471. shayna nix says:

    Check out http://www.rufflebutts.com, super cute girls clothing, ruffles, glitter and pink + more colors :)! And. … everything is long, yet still adorable! (The way clothes should be)

  472. now if only they would also start making adult women’s shorts not so short. i like to keep my private parts private as well1

  473. This is a fight worth fighting. Way to go!

  474. Thank you for bringing this to light. I have three girls and it is difficult to find bermuda shorts for them to wear. I have been successful with the Kohl’s brand shorts, but have not found them anywhere else. I do not understand why clothing designers think it is acceptable for young ladies of any age to wear shorts with a one or two inch inseam. Please continue to work hard for our kids. #ModestMavens

  475. They need to expand the children sizes up too. My daughter was wearing ‘junior’ size clothes in 5th grade. She 5′ 2″. The children’s clothes were too tight in the chest. This problem has been going on a long time. My daughter is 17 now. I stopped buying her jeans at Target, Walmart, Kmart, JC Penny, Sears, etc in the girls department. I started buying boy jeans for her when she was 5 because I was shocked at how low little girl jeans came on the waist. LITTLE GIRLS DO NOT NEED LOW RISE JEANS. And I started buying shorts at Lands End and LLBean for the very same reason.

  476. Stephanie Moore says:

    I definitely understand , as I have a 7 year old who wears 6t and we love target ! The shorts could definitely be a little longer .. But I don’t understand comparing the girls shorts to the boys shorts . Of course the boys shorts will be longer . The style of boys shorts are different , and I wouldn’t want to put my daughter in that style or length of shorts . How many inches are you trying to get added to the girls shorts ?
    Great article though and it’s amazing his much recognition it has gotten !

  477. I have just finished reading your post. As much as I would love to agree with what you are saying, I simply can’t. We live in a society where if you don’t like what is offered to you at one store you can simply go to another to buy what you want. I have an eight year old boy and four year old girl. I see nothing wrong with the clothes that Target is selling for either of my children. Yes the inseam on the girls shorts may be only 1″, but lets keep in mind that these are for children who have much smaller bodies than women and will fit differently. I have bought shorts like this for my daughter and it does not show any of her private parts. I also put my daughter in a bikini. Why wouldn’t I? If there is a dirty pervert looking at her, they will regardless of what she is wearing and it not her fault, it’s his. You did mention that the clothes are designed to highlight curves that the girls do not have. The girls absolutley do have the curves. I often wonder how is it possible that my four year old daughter has an hour glass figure. Girls are developing at a much faster rate than my generation (born in the ’70’s) did. Children do not understand sexualization. That is adult talk. My daughter wears a bikini not because she thinks it makes her look sexy, she wears one because she likes it. We need to stop overanalyzing things and bubbling our children. It amazes me that my generations parents never worried about stuff so miniscule and irrelvant and we still survived and have become function adults (guess what, I ate McDonald’s and craft dinner, and watched cartoons, and slept in a room with lead paint). Leave the kids alone and stop micro-managing their lives. Todays children are stressed out. Why? Because of the parents. Fact is our kids are smarter than us. Allow them to use some of it. So as parents, we can dress our kids as we like. If one store does not offer what you are looking for, another will. Fact is, hiding your daughters body does not mean she doesn’t have one.

  478. It is time for a change. It’s not just toddlers and kids, but preteens, teens, and adults. Its labeling like 2XS and 3XS that are giving our children, teens, and adults a poor body image. Forget the XS, S, M, L, XL – clothes should be labeled based on the waist size and inseam length. 28″ waist, 30″ length. Short-short shorts like the ones mentioned above should not be worn off the beach. These are inappropriate at any age.

  479. Here’s the deal. If people didn’t buy the shorty shorts from Target, Target would stop selling them. It’s a free market. There are lots of stores that sell more modest clothing. But people are still buying from Target. What does this tell us? The issue isn’t that Target sells shorty shorts, the issue is that parents are comfortable dressing their kids that way. Changing Target won’t do anything. You have to help change the way parents want to dress their kids.

    A couple issues I have with your other comparisons. You don’t like that the girls section is filled with purple and pink. Yet, when told you should shop in the boys sections for your girls, you admit that your girls want to wear purple and pink. This tells me that Target (& Kohls) know their market. Most girls want the stereo typical gender colors.

    As for the different cuts of clothing, the girls size 5 jeans being cut skinnier and shorter than the boys size 5 jeans….you do realize that boys are generally built larger than girls, even at the age of 5, right?

    Have you ever put your girls in boy jeans and boy shirts? They look like boys, they look sloppy and like the clothes don’t fit. I don’t see a problem with the cut being different on boys and girls clothes. Their bodies are actually shaped differently. There doesn’t need to be anything sexual about it, even if it is more form fitting. When I put my boys in what people call “wife beater” tank tops in the summer, they are form fitting but not sexy. I don’t know why little girls shirts would be viewed any different.

    This is all coming from a mama that does not do the shorty shorts and tries to keep her kids dressed age appropriate. But I also believe in a free market, and that people should be able to market and sell what they want. We should be able to make change happen as consumers. If we aren’t changing things then the problem lies with what society deems appropriate. Thats a much harder thing to change than what Target sells, but really where it needs to start.

  480. Ann Gubler says:

    I have left Target many times without the clothing for my 3 daughters that I had intended to purchase. I have often resorted to buying much larger sizes than they need to get a longer skirt, dress or shorts. Since my daughters are all tall and thin for their age, I would purchase buttonhole elastic and add it to the waistbands in an almost vain attempt to get the larger sizes to fit. (Once, I even bought a dog collar to use as a belt for my toddler when I couldn’t find a belt and didn’t have the time to add the buttonhole elastic.) My daughter’s are now all old enough that they complain about the folds of fabric caused by bunching up the waistline with elastic so we have basically given up on wearing shorts. Nearly all of their clothing is pants. And I only buy dresses in the wintertime since that is about the only time I can find dresses that reach their knees and have sleeves. I’m praying that Target listens and other retailers take note.

  481. Please please please fix the “big” girls section. My 6 almost 7 year old now has to shop there and I came home crying realizing what was available to her. And how people were sexualizing my 7 year old who just wants to draw and run and play in the sand box. Please fix that section as well. A 7 year old in a middrift shirt and booty shorts gets lots of bug bites and sun burns. ( not that she has ever been in either because…no)

  482. I just bought 2 My Little Pony shirts for my daughter, who is a pretty average sized 4 year old. I bought size small and had her try them on at home. Well, I will be taking them back tomorrow. They are too big and too small at the same time. The sleeves are so long in comparison to the narrowness of the cut, I’m not sure what kind of alien 6-year-old these shirts would fit. They are so tight, there is even a. It of elastic on the side of the waist to nip them in even more. I don’t get it. The sizing/cut/shape/design make no sense. Now I’m afraid my daughter thinks there is something wrong with her because she is “too big” to fit them. So, I guess I will have Target to thank for her unhealthy body image issues starting early. And we wonder how eating disorders start. Thanks Target for the early unrealistic expectations.

  483. The same can be said for ladies shorts…I tried to buy some longer shorts for work but all I found were short shorts. I ended up getting some in the mens section tat were long enough. I don’t have kids so never go into the kid section but from these pictures, those shorts look to trashy for a little girl to be wearing.

  484. I love this! I’m so glad that someone has finally put it out there and has gotten thru to someone in their tower. I complain all the time how young girls shouldn’t be dressed in such short shorts, and tight shirts. Also since when should girls clothing only be princess themed? We happen to like trucks,comics, and such also. As a mother of two a three year old son who wears a (5t or 6) depending on brand because he’s in the sevity fifth percentile I find it frustrating buying clothes age appropriate or with cute graphics. Then I get even more frustrated shopping for my daughter who runs in the twenty fifth percentile.. Come on clothing company’s stop sizing clothes so small and so revealing please!!

  485. Great post. I haven’t read the first one yet, but I have to say you are right. This past summer my daughter turned 1 and I went to buy shorts for her and the 12m were way to short, but fit in the waist. I went all the way up to 2t, which was too big in the waist, but were barely long enough to not be considered daizy dukes for babies. My husband freaked and couldn’t believe that his daughter was wearing them. He said he better not ever see his daughter in shorts that short, no mater what age.

  486. Saw the article on KSL and I am soo glad you are doing this I agree whole heartily. For the record I have 6 daughters ranging from 9 yr to 2 yrs old so I know about clothes, sizes and lack of material ;). I have given up buying shorts all together because I can’t get them long enough. I want them cute and to the knee. As it sits I try to get Capris :). My daughters are all in the 5-10% on weight and height my favorite thing ever about pants these days is the adjustable elastic in the waist πŸ˜‰ thanks for what you are doing and for all the companies taking heed.

  487. While I really can appreciate the message and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of this entire process. It is a bit unfair to compare bids and girls sizes. For several reasons. First, boys and mens sizes are sizes differently from girls and woman sizes. If you check a size comparison chart provided on targets website it does that the average male size is about 2-4 inches difference from female sizes across the board. This is due to an inherent practice throughout the whole of the fashion industry that goes back to fashions mass production history (which is honestly boring to most people.) Secondly, the difference in t shirt cut in the male and female category that you said is to show off a girls yet undeveloped shape. I’m sorry but it’s frankly not true. While that is a side effect of a t-shirt cut ( also called a baby doll cut) on older women in children’s sizes it is in fact to allow got girls shoulders which tend to be more broad on young girls, because their hips develop last during puberty, a broader shoulder and narrower waist is actually the natural shape of a young girl. By comparison, in boys sizes and cuts their waist and shoulders tend to be more directly proportional and therefore do not need a broader shoulder.
    As a mother of a fairly modest 7 year old daughter I really appreciate that you not only stepped up to the corporate fashion monster that is the department store but also got a gleaming response. My daughter takes to wearing longer shorts under her shorts in order to preserve herself during play and other activities. I just feel like the comparison should be fair. A comparison between brands instead of across departments.
    However, rock on for the badassery of taking on the fashion inequities in a mass market..

  488. Before I start my rant, I want to say that little girls clothing is WAY too grown-up these days (especially at Target). I agree with that point–really, I do.

    However, I have to say your “experiment” was terrible. Seriously, whoever taught you the scientific method was an idiot. Why would you even think to compare boys clothing with girls? Just off the top of my head, I was able to come up with two good reasons as to why this would be a terrible comparison.

    First: Boy and girl styles are completely different. The male gender as a whole has been wearing their shorts at knee length since the 80’s, whereas women (girls included) have considered “shorts” anything that hits an inch or more above the knee.

    Second: Boy and girl sizing charts are completely different. Imagine a male and female of comparable age who both wear a medium in their respective genders sizing of basic t-shirts. Now, imagine if they traded shirts. The woman would look as though she’d been swallowed by the shirt, where the man would be likely to bust a seam. Boys are built larger as an average. This is common knowledge.

    If you wanted to give your argument even an ounce of credibility, you should have compared girls’ clothing from Target to those of other stores (such as Wal-Mart, Children’s Place, Justice, etc.) The only thing you have shown me in this post is that boys and girls wear different styles of clothing.

    IMHO, even if you had presented the information correctly, Target wouldn’t give a darn. They are telling you that you’re right, and that they’ll look into it because “the customer’s always right.” They are obviously making money off of the shorty shorts or else they wouldn’t be on the market. I hate to break it to you dear, but corporate America is all about the money.

  489. I love target! The shorts are entirely too short, but I would not want the shorts the same length as the boy shorts by any means. Target does offer bermuda shorts for toddlers/little girls but I would still want a normal pair of shorts. One of my biggest complaints is like others once you make the jump from Toddler 4t/5t to Little Girls 4/5 it becomes ridiculous. This would be for my 4 year old little girl. Shorts are too short and they are too “grown up”. I was happy to see they started offering character shirts in the little girl section that were not all “belly shirts” or weird cuts and ties. Also let’s add swimwear into the mix too. My daughter has a long midsection so we get two pieces, but their is no reason my 4 year old needs a v neck tankini, bikini, or strings that ties around her waist. Actually she isn’ even 4 yet but where as your girl is average my daughter is 98% for height and her weight is around 70%. She’s not fat (the height equals all that out)

  490. While I agree for the most part about girls clothes being skimpier I don’t like the idea of comparing them to boys clothes, I would compare Target to Old Navy or The Children’s Place girls department. If I wanted my daughter’s clothes to be shaped like the boys clothes (knee length shorts and boxy t-shirts) I would shop in the boys department. You can’t compare apples and oranges besides they are both fruit. Boys and girls clothes are different and should be shapped differently. I love Target’s clothes for the most part for my daughters, I am just aware of what I purchase. Not everything can appeal to everyone. I do agree that my daughtes don’t need short shorts but I hope Target doesn’t revamp all of their girls clothing as a lot of it is super cute!

  491. ConcernedParent says:

    I want my daughter to dress and look like a girl. If her shorts are too short, I add a pair of leggings. I like seeing my daughter in halter tops, skirts, and dresses. That is how I enjoy dressing and so does she. I don’t want her to wear the same sizes or cuts as boys.

    I think it is ridiculous that someone would want to change the way girls dress because of some idealistic moral high ground. My daughter is not sexualized, she is a girly girl because she chooses to be and I want her to feel free to embrace that!!!

    Demanding that stores change the clothes they provide doesn’t limit or prevent the sexualization of girls, rather limiting what a little girl wears to certain “decency standards” enforces sexualization by not allowing a girl to be freely a girl without a sense of fear for being herself.

    We tell her, cover your body up because a man might see it. We tell her your body needs to be hidden. Instead we should be telling boys and men how they ought to see and treat a girl. Anyone who sees a little girl as a sexualized object is sick in the head and I am not interested in changing the way I think and feel and dress my daughter just because some preverted men might be looming around the corner.

    If anything, we should have stricter and harsher punishments for men and boys who think that because a girl is wearing a short skirt, she wants to be violated and sexualized. I give a big whopping middle finger to the idea that my daughter has to dress a certain way in order to avoid being victimized. No one should touch her in inappropriate places without her being the age of consent, regardless of what she wears; ever, period.

    And instead of forcing girls to conform to dress code standards there-by feeding into the notion that if a girl dresses a certain way she was “asking for it,” we need to change the atmosphere around a woman and child’s liberty to be exactly who they are. That begins by teaching boys how a girl is to be treated!!! Discrimination against the clothes a girl wears is just like discrimination against a race, or sexual preference. It is wrong! This isn’t going to change anything except knock us back culturally by a decade or more. Nice. Thanks for being one of those people.

  492. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I know you touched briefly on the juniors clothing but it is horrible! My step daughter came over a coupe of summers ago with nothing but booty shorts. Her butt checks were hanging out. She was a young teen at the time. I took her shopping because she said it was all her mom could find. I couldn’t believe that. It took us most of the day before we finally found something somewhat appropriate. It was either Bermuda shorts or booty shorts. Nothing in the middle. Why?!?! I have the same problem as well. I’m pretty small so the junior sizes fit me better than misses. I really hope you start a domino effect with the clothing industry. I don’t understand why clothing companies want to sexualize children and teens. Let them be young and innocent for as long as possible. They can be “sexy” later…. much later πŸ™‚

  493. Thank you for this! I have felt the same way when I attempt to buy clothing for my small nieces and nephews. And you touched briefly on something else that’s a HUGE issue – the ADULT women’s clothing is not long enough either! I have been trying to find a nice pair of denim shorts for MONTHS and can’t find anything with an inseam longer than an inch. I don’t want my private parts hanging out either! It would be nice if the clothing available to ALL females was made for comfort instead of being overly sexualized.

  494. I don’t even have girls and I agree with this. There are too many sick people in the world and kids should not be having their booties have to hang out because the clothes aren’t even made long enough to fit them.
    Sadly even as an adult I won’t buy all those shorts even for myself because what kind of example are people setting as a mom if their booties are hanging out of shorts. I don’t want my boys to look at that and think that’s how girls should dress.
    Very glad you spoke up on this.

  495. Clap clap clap! I completely agree!!! Shorts and skirts are made way to short, for babies, kids, teens, and adults! I’m so glad that Target responded and I can’t wait to see the change.

  496. I agree with you 100%. I have two girls. One a pre-teen and 1 a teen. We have had the same problem at most major retailers. My oldest was able to find some longer shorts at Penney’s. She has also shopped in the boy department. My youngest is super slim. My daughter’s high school has a dollar bill rule — the inseam has to be longer than the width of a dollar bill. Hard to find.

    Another option is to go to a thrift store, buy jeans that fit in the waist and make your own denim shorts. I think our retailers are sexualizing our girls.

    Good work. #modestmavens

  497. Jill Gonzalez says:

    I am a mother of a 13yr old daughter and I cant explain how many stores and different brands we have tried just to find shorts to cover her butt cheeks!! I am so happy to see this blog! My daughter and I fight every spring over shorts, she doesn’t want the long ones and I don’t want the short and there is no happy medium! Since she is now getting into junior’s clothing its only worse. Shorts are just has short but the legs are even longer! Tops are just has bad. I don’t mind them curving in but what I do hate is when she bends over you can see all the way down her tops! I spend a small fortune every year in cami’s just because of this problem. I also noticed this past summer that the juniors bathing suit bottoms are waaayyyy to small. I had to buy her top in juniors than another bathing suit in kids just to get bottoms that covered her butt cheeks and wasn’t so low in the front that I felt she was going to fall out! There is a huge problem with young girls showing way to much skin now a days! I know my daughter had friends when she was in the 5th grade who wore shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out, I will force my daughter to hate me and wear boy shorts before I ever let that happen! Our daughters need to learn self respect and that they don’t have to show off everything!

    • I too have a 13 year old daughter who didn’t get any shorts to start the school year cause we could find any that met the new student dress code of being not more than 4 inches above the knee. It wasn’t just a Target problem. We went into Kohl’s, Old Navy and American Eagle. We found one pair in the women’s department at Kohl’s that went to her knees but was loose around the waist. But she wears jeans and pants cause American retailers didn’t provide any options that worked. So on the good side I didn’t have to spend the money. But the pictures in this blog really show it how it is. It is possible for girls to look good without looking cheap or too old for their age. And do we really need toddlers dressing sexy? The grow up fast enough just let them be cute.

  498. Thanks for all the moms who are posting here! I will also add that girls age from 7 to 10’s clothes are way too adult like in style than they need to be. There are hardly any transition between girls clothes to adult clothes. I used to shop at Target a lot more when my girl was younger. Now days, I only buy a few items there because I don’t want to support businesses that don’t have little girls’ best interest in mind.

  499. Christa Simon says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s always nice to know when I’m not alone. I have had such a hard time finding pants for my six and four year olds this school year and truth be told, we still haven’t found any that I’m willing to let them wear. My girls are regular sizes and wear between a 5 and 7, but our family body style has more muscular thighs instead of super skinny ones. The biggest problem I have found…every pair of jeans out their are cut and labeled “skinny cut”, “low rise” or “boot cut” and none of these work for us. All 3 of these styles have a very low waist line that hits at the hips. I am sorry, but my little girls do not need to wear hip huggers because their panties come up higher than the waist and everytime I turn around, I am seeing crack and yanking up their waist line. What ever happened to “regular”? I hate that I cannot find pants that I am willing for them to go to school in because I won’t be there to pull up the back all day long. And boot cut won’t work either because they too have a low waist, but mostly because 1) we don’t wear boots especially to school and 2) we are vertically challenged and everything has to have at least 6 inches hemmed off the bottom.
    My girls also have a hard time with pants that have a regular style button closure and prefer a snap that they can do by themselves without teacher assistance and the 6 year old hates elastic waistband so buying those is just a waist of money and drawer space.
    On the plus side, I was able to buy Bermuda style shorts during springtime last year, but you have to get out early to find them. This style is longer and fits the fingertip requirement.
    This world has become so “sex crazed” but I refuse to allow my daughters to dress in a way that exposes them. They will grow up faster than I want as it is without me helping teach them this behavior. I am constantly telling my girls, “we don’t dress like that in our house” or “cheeks (butt) are meant to be covered”. I believe in modesty and we even wear skirts over our dance leotards.
    Thank you for being a voice for us and God Bless.

    • We have the same issue with my daughter and her athletic legs. Everything is skinny leg, super skinny leg, or boot cut. She is 10 and we cannot find pants that will go over her legs and when we do, they are big in the waist and are cut too low in the waist and she was constantly trying to pull them up. She doesn’t want short shorts either (self-imposed modesty! I am happy that she knows what she wants!) The only shorts we found that she can wear are some knit shorts from Target. They have only one style and it comes in just 3 colors: black, grey, and baby pink. She has one pair of black and wears them every day. Nothing in her wardrobe looks nice with grey and she has outgrown pink.
      Having skinny leg and super skinny leg pants as the only options opens our girls up to body image issues. So frustrating!

  500. Thank you! I love Target for my kids shoes and the boys clothing, but have a horrible time finding appropriate clothes for my 8 year old daughter there. The only shorts they sold in her size that were long enough for school were the stretch leggings type. So then it was a struggle to find tops long enough to cover her rear (I have a rule that if you’re wearing tight bottoms, then your butt better be covered) And to be fair, it’s just not Target, no one seems to carry longer shorts for girls anymore. Thank goodness for hand-me-downs or my daughter wouldn’t have any because I simply can’t find them in stores around here.

    The same with tank tops. The school dress code requires 1 inch straps. The only ones I could get in target that had wide straps, had such large arm openings, she had to wear a camisole under them, they were more like bathing suit cover-ups than normal tank tops.

    I’m sure our school district is not the only one who requires modesty, I think target should look at the most common requirements and change their clothing lines to meet those so school shopping isn’t so frustrating!

  501. Thank you!!!!

    Unfortunately finding shorts long enough to fit a school dress code is not a new problem. I’m 36 & remember having that issue when I was in school.

    Also, I still wear a juniors size 7. It would be nice to have some shorts that are longer without being skin tight Bermudas. I truly do own underwear with a longer inseam than some of my shorts!!

    I often end up making my own cut offs just so that they are longer!!

    Maybe next summer will be different now.

  502. Thank you! I agree. My husband showed me your article in Huffington Post because he hears me complain about this often. 2013 was especially bad because it was impossible to find something not 100% covered in sequins at Target. I just started sewing instead. Ottobre is great magazine with ready made style sewing patterns. Or else I try to buy Hanna Anderson clearance (there are also some similar mail order companies with European style kids clothes.) Land’s End is also an option.

  503. I also dislike the fact everything wears out after two washes. Paying for better quality clothes ended up being more cost effective

  504. Yes I almost never buy shorts at target. unless they are the Bermudas and biker shorts. I did once and of course the waist was too big and the length was too sHort! I’ve also noticed how mature their clothes are for little girls. I really don’t want my kindergartener dressing like a tween. Really I’ve seen this trend everywhere. Perhaps they could have a separate section for young girls, like sizes 4-8. It’d be so nice for target to step it up and help our children stay children!

  505. I don’t usually chime in, but feel the need to give my opinion on this topic. Target please don’t change what you do too much!!! Sizing is never easy at any store and varies with every brand. My daughter is 8 and on the small size and she wears a 6 or 7 depending on the brand. I don’t dislike the shorter girls shorts. It’s 115 in the summer where we live and shorts and tank tops are all the kids can be comfortable playing in. On the other hand I also like the longer shorts for girls since school has the fingertip length tip rule and weather where we live permits kids to wear shorts into October and starting in March. I don’t find the shorter shorts offensive and I don’t think all girls shorts need to be as long as the boys. Girls don’t want to dress like boys. I have always been able to find both short and long shorts for girls at Target, so please keep variety and options available.

  506. YES! It worries me how some children are being broughht up. This then becomes the fashion and by the time their a teen they are picked on for not wearing tight fashionable clothes. Im not a child, I am 25 and am struggling to find long shorts for myself, I bought a [pair of short shorts to try and fit in, and felt naked in them so never wore them again. I cant believe how much ressure there is on KIDS now. they shouldnt have to care about fasion, they should like playing and glitter and tag.

  507. Jennifer Baker Gal says:

    I’m only confused about one thing: on the jeans, isn’t it the case that a boy and girl of the same age are a different size? So if size 5 is for a five-year-old and most five-year-old boys are bigger than most five-year-old girls then it would make sense that the girls jeans are shorter and skinnier. I’m just wondering …

  508. At 2 1/2 my youngest daughter wanted super heroes and Cars on her panties. I ended up buying her boys underpants. At 3, she knew they boys, so I had to buy plain panties (also really, really hard to find) and iron on decals. I was lucky to find XS super hero (Wonder Woman, etc), but being super teeny, these weren’t a great fit. I LOOVED the Batman & Superman dresses last year! But I still find us shopping in the boy section even more than the girl section.

  509. Um, ok. Of course boys shorts are longer than girls shorts. Come on, what girl would want to wear ANY of those long boy shorts? None that I know. I really think tho issue is YOUR issue,with your kids fitting the clothes. I have three daughters ages 7, 9 and 12. My 12 year old gets a size 8 shorts at Target cause they aren’t tight enough. Sorry, that’s the style. If you want longer shorts, get a longer style. Come on. Don’t blame Target for carrying shorts that are perfectly normal.

  510. This article is great. As a mom of twin boys, I have the exact same issue at Target: the boys clothes ALSO run extremely small! My boys wear size 8 every but Target. At Target, they need a size 10 in all clothing items. Size 8 shirts are too short. Size 8 pants are too short. Size 8 shorts are extremely tight-fitting, including that exact pair of Shawn White board shorts in your photo– those are probably more like size 5/6 than 8. I just don’t buy my sons’ clothes here anymore due to this frustrating issue. I go to Old Navy where I can get comparable pricing on clothes that are more accurately sized.

    Outside of the “too small” clothing issues, I love Target for all other stuff. Wish they would fix this problem.

  511. I have to take step back and disagree with the length (no pun intended) to which this has gone. I agree, those shorts are too short, however, boys and girls have different shapes, you are comparing apples to oranges. Neither of my girls would wear shorts as long as the boys, baggy jeans or an unfitted t-shirt and frankly, neither would I. Just because a shirt is tailored doesn’t mean it has to fit tightly. My girls are 8 and 12 and we keep dress appropriate, however, as a person in the fitness/nutrition field, teaching girls to hide their body is no healthier. I’m proud of my womanly shape, and I’ll make sure my girls are too. There is somewhere in the middle here, but dressing like a boy is not the solution.

  512. I am not sure this is just a TARGET problem..it really seems to be all stores. I have taken my nieces shopping 10/12 yoa…it is hard to find decent clothes for any season . Much of what is out there does not seem appropriate for the age nor for school. School’s need to get a dress code and stick with it…if parents cannot buy the clothes..because it does seem, they do purchase..the stores would have to change. This is really not a new problem…this begins with babies…as trivial as it seems…we put lacy underpants/tights on baby girls…isn’t that cute…so when they are 10 and running around with JUICY on their behinds…where did it all begin.
    If you speak up and you do NOT purchase…things will change…money talks loudly!

  513. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Soooo frustrated with our choices for girls .. can’t find a tshirt that isn’t so tight and long. Not necessary for an 8 year old at all to be so small. And I’m so sick of seeing bottoms hanging out of shorts .. ridiculous.

  514. Thank you so much for making this effort. I have trouble finding clothes that my daughter can wear to school anywhere. Jeans cannot have holes in them, dresses cannot be shorter than 3″ from the center of the knee and must have at least a cap sleeve. This is all per school dress code. So hi lo dresses, spaghetti strap and strapless are taboo, no skater dresses, many maxi dresses have spaghetti straps as well. Shorts also have to be no shorter than 3″ from the center of the knee. And it is a public school, not private. Retailers and clothing designers should be aware of school dress codes and have items that are appropriate as teens are also a big part of their business.


  516. Melissa M. says:

    For any CEO who happens to be reading this, I would like to say to at least keep some of the shirt and jean styles currently offered by Kohl’s and Target. While expanding the selection is a must (coming from a woman who has never fit in anything under a large no matter the age), there are some kids who are more comfortable in the slender outfits. I AGREE that the shorts are too short for girls (and adults for that matter), but I disagree that the shirts and pants are too tight for MY kids (not all kids, mind you, MY kids). Kohl’s and Target are two of the few retailers in our price range that sell clothes that fit our girls. You see, my girls are living proof that my husband’s genes are dominant over mine. My girls are in the higher percentiles for height and lower percentiles for weight. They are well-fed (as evidenced by my grocery bills), but they metabolize it quickly. Because of this, we have to buy their jeans at Kohl’s and Target so they’ll actually fit. Otherwise, we would need to go WAY more expensive for designer-overpriced-jeans-they-will-outgrow-in-five-minutes. The same rules apply for the shirts; they are long enough at Target and Kohl’s to cover belly buttons, but slim enough to fit without looking like a poncho. We have experienced the clothes from retailers (like Wal-Mart) who focus more on a wider frame, and the result is not acceptable for my kids. Shirts and jeans that fit height-wise are too wide to stay on: the pants fall down and the shirts hang off shoulders. Shirts and “jeans” that fit width-wise are too short: the pants become shorts and the shirts become 80s exercise tops with belly buttons showing… an alternate form of sexualization that is not age-appropriate. I realize that my children do not fit the “norm”, and I’m not arguing against change in ANY form. What I AM asking is the following:

    1. Lengthen shorts for females in all sizes and ages (maybe then *I* and my no-gap thighs can shop there too)

    2. EXPAND the selection versus replacing the selection. You have a market that does appreciate the way current jeans and shirts fit.

    Thank you for reading this, and for listening to your entire market. I appreciate the efforts you are making to offer age-appropriate clothing for ALL kids.

    • I agree. when my daughter was younger (she’s now 21 and 5’9″) I couldn’t buy any long pants for her at Target – the length that fit her was way too big in the waist. At that time, Target didn’t carry “slim” sizes. I had to buy her school pants at JC Penney and Old Navy.

  517. Wow! I just had this conversation with my husband last week! My daughter is 10 and barely fits into the14 or XL…. But she can easily and comfortably wear my 8 year olds clothing with ample room.

    What message are we sending our girls? At 10 no child needs to be worried that their pants don’t fit or shop in the woman’s section… A self esteem crusher.

    Bravo for doing this. And double bravo for working with Target… Such a GREAT company.

  518. I completely agree with everything you said! I shop at Target regularly, but not for girl clothes. I used to buy my daughters clothes at Target a few years ago, but found that I had to buy 1-2 sizes larger for it to fit her (she’s always been near the 50th percentile on the growth charts; she is now a size 5/6). I no longer buy her clothes there due to the immodest, cheap-looking clothing they offer. I couldn’t even find a pair of modest athletic shorts this summer at Target.

  519. Thank you for writing about this issue. We face the same struggles every year at back-to-school time. My daughter is 8 and she is really, really, skinny and pretty tall for her age. It is impossible for us to find shorts that meet the dress code for her school. As a result, she doesn’t get to wear shorts to school. She has to wear capris instead. (We live in Arkansas, it gets over 100-degress in August in Arkansas. Not fun for her.) I would also like to address the fact that it is very difficult to find shirts with sleeves that are not t-shirts.

  520. Three words…Rashguards, rashguards, rashguards. It’s almost impossible to find swimwear with coverage for little girls at target or other stores with similar pricepoints, although that’s all they make for boys. This is less a modesty issue for me than a health issue. Apparently girls don’t sunburn OR get skin cancer later in life.

  521. I did not realize what a problem this was until I had a girl. Well, I take that back. I did sort of realize there was a problem at library reading time. Most of the little girls wearing jeans had butt crack showing when sitting criss cross applesauce. I swore I would find pants that would fit my girl so she wouldn’t have that problem. I found them. Last year (when she was two) her best fitting pair of pants was a pair size 6 Carhartt capri pants. I had to cinch the waist to it’s limits, but they gave her room to move. This echos the Tee Fury problem I and other women have had, and why I hate clothes shopping for myself.

  522. Catherine D. says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I also love Target and also hate how sexy the clothes for girls are, esp once you make the jump to the 6x-12 sizes. I’ll be watching their aisles . . .

  523. Mom of boys says:

    Love your article. Why do we have to fight to keep are kids kids? As a Mom of boys, one teen, one preteen and two younger boys, I see a problem with how young girls dress. I don’t want my boys seeing “everything”. I want things left to their imagination. I now realize it may not be just parents allowing their child to dress is such a manner but rather parents really not having a whole lot of options.
    Thank you for writing this article.

  524. I have hard time finding swimming clothing for my daughter, she is 10. She wants boy shorts or board shorts, not bikinis. I want her to wear rush guard (or sun cover whatever you call it) to prevent sun burn, but girls rash guards at Target are too short and cover shoulders only. So I was buying her boys rash guards at Target. However even boys rash guards do not cover the full arm, the forearm is exposed.
    So here is my wish list for girls swim clothing at Target:
    Boy shorts (knit/lycra) or board shorts(woven) with longer inseam that stops about half way from crotch to knee. Rash guards (sun covers) made of lycra fabric, light colors (no Black please- too hot), long sleeve, longer body, so when kid is playing in the sand his back is not exposed to the sun.

  525. I am so happy I found this article! My daughter is 8 but is pushing 5 ft tall… she is all legs and I hate the task of trying to buy her shorts from almost anywhere because they always are short & when you mix that w long legs they look even shorter! She usually ends up spending her summers in Bermuda length athletic shorts because they are the only ones that don’t make her look twice her age! I applaud you speaking out and I applaud Target for trying to fix the issue. I want to raise my girls to respect their bodies and I want them to know their is a lot more to them becoming strong, intelligent & independent women than their physical appearance!

  526. Here’s my question. What would it take to get the models and other people they admire or look up to, to design, model, or simply wear clothes that actually clothe our young daughters in a respectful and modest manner. The biggest culprit I see with my 16 year old is the internet. They see their idols dressed like this and then it’s get it anywhere you can.

  527. I don’t shop at Target very often but I needed a few things and just couldn’t face Wal-Mart on a Saturday. I’d seen on Target’s website that they had some cute Peanuts t-shirts for Halloween. My daughter wants a Halloween t-shirt for a volunteer activity where her costume won’t be practical. We looked at the girls’ section and they had a sparkly jack-o-lantern, a girly ghost, a skull with a pink bow and Hello Kitty. We went over to the boys’ section to look for the Charlie Brown and Snoopy shirt. They had that, minions, Olaf, Mickey Mouse and Lego. All things that girls like, too. Now, a girl could wear any of those shirts, they were all gender-neutral. But if you were just shopping for your daughter you might not think to go look at the boys’ section and you shouldn’t have to. And for non-Halloween shirts they had several Minecraft shirts and some Sponge Bob. I know lots of girls like Minecraft and would like to have a t-shirt, Then of course the boys shirts were actual t-shirt shaped while the girls’ shirts were the form-fitting skinny style and the little capped sleeves. Target isn’t the only one with this problem. I know Crazy 8 has Minecraft shirts only in boys.

  528. Thank you so much for including the Target women’s shorts!!! I’m in the position of having very tall kids. At 5’9″, my 12 yo daughter has to wear junior/adult sizes. And when shopping for shorts at Target this summer, I was appalled that if shorts were not Bermuda, they had a less that 2 inch inseam. My dd loves them, because they are so cute, but they would still be cute if they had an extra couple of inches on them. And I know I’m not the target audience, but if I fit into those sizes, I’d never wear shorts that short. Thanks again!

  529. I didn’t have time to read every comment, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but the Childrens Place has lots of stylish, yet modest, clothes, including active shorts that come down mid-thigh, jeans that don’t hug the body, and t-shirts of all kinds of colors and styles. And they are generally as affordable as Target. Their sales are terrific, and they offer coupons online. I’m going to be sad when my kids out-grow their sizes. (And no, I don’t work there, or know anyone who does!)

  530. This blog post is spot on! I’m happy to see Target responding in a positive way. While shopping for my niece this Summer I was shocked to see the selection for little girls. Some of the clothes for very young girls look more like they’re for small hookers & not children.

  531. TwoLoveableTerriers says:

    We have found that since Sears bought out Kmart, Kmart has a nice selection of teen/ young adult clothes where we can often find long shorts. My daughter doesn’t necessarily want shorts to her knees so she cuts them part way off but there is no chance of private parts or underwear even coming close to being exposed. Of course many teens view Kmart as anathema but my daughter has enjoyed replying to other girls when they love her shirt/pants, etc. and ask where she got them, she tells them where she purchased them. It got to the point in high school that the girls just said they liked the item but quit asking where they were purchased.

    Now in college she wears very stylish clothes from Kmart and is considered a genius because she has told others where to get brand name/classy clothes and make up without spending a much money. Though she is sad because she doesn’t like to have clothes like others!

    • That’s wonderful! Thanks for letting us know about KMart. Our local Sears doesn’t carry clothing anymore (much to my dismay because I found clothes for me there as well!) and our local KMart has been gone for a while, but I know there is one just about 15 minutes away so I think I may bring my daughter there. I did find a pair of jeans from Faded Glory at Wal-Mart that were wider leg for her, but she hates jeans and won’t wear them. But at least they had them! That made me very happy!

  532. I completely agree with you! Thanks for speaking for all of us, if one day I have a daughter I don’t want to dress her like an adult, with short shorts and padded bras!

  533. THANK you for writing this and taking the time to research this! I have had the same issue with all the stores I shop at and of course, the biggest offender, my daughter’s favorite is Justice. Literally, I have to buy leggings to be worn under her skirts. She is 7 and does not need her behind shown when she fastens her shoes. She should be able to slide down the slide without getting legburn from the shortest shorts in the modern world for little girls. She wants what everyone else has and is confused why I won’t buy her the “cool” pair of bedazzled jean shorts that have 1 inch of fabric between the legs. I will only by the bermuda shorts for her from there. I sometimes feel like a bad mommy, but I will protect my kid from having her private parts hanging out and I will teach her by example, modesty. Continue on, researcher and partner of merchandisers to get manufacturers to understand our needs!

  534. This is awesome!! Good for you! As a former clothing team leader for Target I know first hand what your talking about! I do shop there for clothes for my 5 year old BOY!! Myself however not a chance, I’m 25 and have always been super thin which means I get to shop the juniors. Sorry I’m a mom and wife not a stripper!! The first time I realized they were not thinking when it came to girls clothing was when I was stocking leather skinny pants for toddlers and young girls!! Seriously leather I wanted to vomit! Then why is it impossible to find a one piece swimsuit anywhere. And no I would not put a “bikini” on my newborn-15 year old(yes bikini is an option for newborns). Keep up the awesome work! Hopefully by the time we have a girl society will change their views on the clothing proved for our young girls.

  535. Land’s End appears to have longer length (Bermuda) shorts.

  536. It’s so hard to buy clothes for my 13year old daughter. Juniors runs so much smaller than women’s sizes she is a small in women’s but a large in juniors. Crazy!

  537. Theresa, I watched you on the Glenn Beck show. I could not be more on board with the discrepancy of girls and boys clothing. I think it’s beyond style but also quality as well. Your children are still little but just wait, it gets even worse with the older years. I wanted to let you know that I have also met with Target for my brand Good For You Girls. Target is a thoughtful company who knows change is in the air. They recognize the lower age of puberty and want to provide quality products for every age. For too long many have advocated for the philosophy of no restrictions. I am happy to say when twerking hit the Grammy’s, watched by 28.5 million people in 2014 something happened. What happened was the realization that things have gone too far and our girls are the target of this injustice. Just like Moms have lead the way to removing BPA from baby bottles and toxic chemicals out of baby wash, moms will also lead the charge to demand better in every thing for their daughters. I’m proud to be one such mom who is not afraid to not only stand up but do something about it. Respectfully, Kim

  538. I enjoyed the post. Facts r facts and u have done very well laying those out. Companies do not manufacter and/or sell what consumers do not purchase. I can’t recall a single time I’ve seen a toddler, preschooler or elementary school child drive themselves to the store and make a clothing purchase. The retail industry is responding to a demand from the consumer who is not the children. This is a serious parenting issue. Not inside the home persay, but as a nation, we have a serious parenting issue. It’s so sad. Thank u for ur writing.

  539. I am a single conservative dad of a 14 year old girl who has had the exquisite pleasure (sarcasm) of selecting and purchasing clothes for my daughter since she was about 5 years old. First let me explain that my daughter is not and has never been fat but she is NOT skinny. I have had to shop in the Jrs dept for her since she was about 8 years old. The problem that I have run into is when I find a pair of pants that fit her waist the legs were about 10 inches too long. I have literally had to take new jeans to have them hemmed up. I’m not too proud to ask for help in a store either, I have discussed the problem with female employees in the clothing departments and I have talked to other women shoppers to see if they could suggest what I was missing. I would have been thrilled if my daughter would have let me go to the boys dept to get pants for her but I couldn’t blame her when she would point out that she is a girl, not a boy. The stigma for her was what counted and I understand that. Shirts are also a problem. My daughter developed early and all t-shirts in the women’s dept (because she is that size now) ALL have deep scoop necklines. I would LOVE to get her some boys t-shirts (which are also MUCH cheaper) but she is now in the mindset that all of her shirts have to show cleavage. I blame society in general and I understand the dilemma the purchasers have that they follow trends but I wish they would do two things: 1. consider girls that are not ultra skinny, and 2. give them a modest choice.

  540. And this coincides with the problem I have with Target clothing for girls… the most direct route from the Men’s department to the Men’s Dressing room is through the little girl’s department- moreso, the undergarments for little girls! I have written and called Target headquarters about this being awkward for men and feeding into male predators, but they said noone else has ever called it a problem. Whatever.

  541. Thank you! My kids are older, my youngest is 17 and I have had this problem for years. We had to go to so many stores just to find a decent pair of shorts. I agree we are specializing our kids too early. And it isn’t it slut shaming we should have a choice.

  542. Thank so much for bringing attention to this issue. As my daughter has gotten older(she’s 12 now) this has become more and more of an issue. There is no reason for clothing for children, preteens and even teens to be so revealing. It’s ridiculous. I am glad you have gotten their attention. It is possible for clothing to be cute without being “sexy”.

  543. Hayley Banks says:

    Comment from Australia here: we have a similar problem here. I don’t have children, but trying to buy clothes for my neices can be difficult. However, it’s not just the kids clothing. In the past 12 months, I’ve struggled to find longer shorts (ie mid-thigh or knee-length) in the women’s department of stores. I know of one store because I got a pair there, but I went through every women’s clothing store in my local, rather large, shopping centre and only found one store. Good on you for standing up for our girls πŸ™‚

  544. Just wandering if there has been any further develop on this with Target?

    • To their credit, Target did send a box of winter clothing for my kids right before the holidays with a note saying that shorts were no longer in season and to expect some more samples in the months to come.

  545. I read this post on the Huffington Post, and wanted to shoot you an e-mail about it, but alas Huffington Post wanted my first born baby (or loads of personal info) in order to do so, so I’ll leave a comment here.

    I found this issue back when our daughter was a toddler. I had saved some select items from my son, which I considered unisex, for her to wear, and I would purchase the same size clothing for her in girl clothing, as I had in boy’s clothing. However, when I had purchased a Tinkerbell shirt in size 2T, and it was skin tight on my 15 month old baby, I was mortified. I then took one of her other size 2T shirts as well as my son’s old 2T shirt and put them side by side. The result was disheartening. Just like with the short shorts, girls have short shirts, showing off their bellies. Why? We want our kids to be nice and warm (atleast now in winter)

    Right now, my 3 1/2 year old is wearing size XS, because I don’t like skin tight clothing on her. The problem becomes with pants, where they are often too wide in the waist if I buy too big, but too short in the leg and around her waist if I buy 4-5T.

    Here’s a photo of the shirts I had back then:


  546. While I agree and appreciate your views on little girls’ clothing needing to be more modest.. trying to explain your viewpoint by comparing girls clothes to boys clothes makes your argument sound ridiculous. Boys and girls are not the same shape. Would you want to wear clothing comparable to a man? Girls do have shorts that mimic boys length.. they are called Bermuda shorts. Again, I do agree the length of shorts is getting ridiculous but you are trying to compare apples to oranges to make your point.

    • Did you even read it Marianna?! That IS her point. Girls have not hit puberty so there’s NO curves or cleavage for them to show off. Or do you think girls and boys go through puberty at age two or three? I feel like you’re preeetty dense so let me say it again:

      You cannot bring the shape of a woman and a man into this debate because this is about children’s clothing, therefore your example of the author wearing men’s clothes is completely stupid because the author is a WOMAN and has MATURED, whereas her daughters are GIRLS and are IMMATURE (body wise) so there is no need whatsoever for 9/10 shirts available to girls to be extremely low-cut, curvy, practically see-through, skin-tight, and show belly at the same time. The same goes for shorts that have a one inch inseam. Give me a break.

      I now realize you’re even more stupid than I had originally thought. You’re right, there is some discrepancy in the size and it’s that if anything girl’s clothing should be longer and have more fabric because for a time before puberty (and no it’s not at age 2-3 like you seem to think) girls can be taller and bigger than boys due to maturing faster.

      And to all of you idiots out there actually defending these stores and advocating that a young child of five or six or however many years needs to show off her genitalia and butt-crack and non-existent chest to assert her femininity, and if she doesn’t do it she’s just trying to ‘be a boy’ really need to reevaluate yourselves and this culture of hyper-sexualizing anything to do with females.

      A young girl doesn’t need flimsy, barely there, hooker-style clothing to be a girl. She just needs sturdy material and something that will actually let her move about without showing herself.

  547. Anita Shelton says:

    As the grandmother of 5 girls ages 12 to 6, one of the issues is the RISE. Girls pants and shorts are a low rise and the girls can’t even sit on the floor without their “cracks” showing. They can’t bend over either without that, AND in the front their tummies show if they even lift their arms up because the shirts are too short. AARRGGHHHH
    Also my 9 year old wants girl super heroes. LOL

  548. Thank you so much for your work!! Looking forward to a new line of clothes soon!

  549. I am not a parent, but I am a kindergarten teacher and I deal with 20 five and six year olds daily. I would really LOVE to see kindergarten kids with pants that fit at the waist! I am sick of being mooned by kinder kids! I say “pull up your pants” multiple times a day to multiple kids. There is no reason I should see 5 year olds practicing to be plumbers! 5 and 6 year olds do NOT need low rise jeans!

  550. Here’s a thing I think is interesting. Generally, at those ages, girls are physically larger than boys, as they are growing at a faster rate. It isn’t until just before middle school that boys begin to catch up to their female peers in size. I know you’re comparing the same sizes in boys’ and girls’ clothing, which is not based on age, but it doesn’t make sense that clothing companies would do this to our girls.

  551. Ballentine SC Mom says:

    This needs to be enforced in the larger sizes and women’s sizes too. My daughter started middle school this year and the dress code is strictly enforced. (In elementary school the dress code is discussed, but not really enforced.) This is a public school and the dress code is comparable to many in our area- no leggings, yoga pants, mid drift tops, low cut tops, halter tops or camis. All shorts must be finger tip length, all shirts must meet three fingers (adult fingers) across the shoulders. Almost nothing at Target, Walmart, Kohls or Old Navy meets the shorts criteria that isn’t a “uniform short”. It sounds like your kids are little – unfortunately this gets worse. My daughter likes to dress sporty and thank god as that is the only thing that meets the dress code. (However shorts are still a problem as running shorts are too short and booty shorts are not appropriate. We live in the south where kids where shorts to school 6 of the 9 months.)

  552. My daughter is 17 now, but I remember having the same feelings when I tried to shop for her in grade school. The worst disappointment was when I was trying to shop for Easter dresses and she no longer fit into the cute little toddler ones and the only dresses in her size were way to form fitting and short. They looked like adult woman dresses for a night on the town shrunk down to size 10 girls. It was crazy. I thought to myself, “what are the designers thinking?” “Why wouldn’t they make cute Easter dresses in size 10 girls?” “Aren’t 3rd graders still cute?” “They aren’t going out to have cocktails at the bar, yet, right?”

  553. I’ve been very impressed with the selection Target has this year! I’ve bought at least four pairs of cute, long shorts for my 8-year old. πŸ™‚

  554. Awesome news! Congrats! I have boys, but I teach preschool and can’t tell you how much butt crack I see on these sweet little girls. Oh, but while you are talking with Target can you please tell them enough with the skull – laden boy clothes?!?! My son’s are not voo-doo priests. Thanks!

  555. As a mother of three daughters, I have long been feeling much the same way! They are ages 20, 11, and 9 years. Thank you.

  556. Great post! It is really hard to find modest clothes for anyone anymore.

    P.S. I saw the edge of a Thirty-One bag in one of those photos. Go you!

  557. Heather says:

    I’m so glad to see mom’s stepping up and getting their voices heard. I have no children but often wonder how/why a parent would let some of their daughters out of the house dressed certain ways. Now that is warm out but cool in the mornings I see young girls wearing sweatshirts and shorts. At least I how they are wearing shorts. Growing up I hated a lot of the girls clothing. To this day I will buy women’s jeans and some tops. But I love my t shirts from the men’s department. I hope the length of shorts for girls and women will become a little bit longer again. We don’t need are assess hanging out.

  558. My 9 yr old daughter like to hold up shorty shorts and exclaim LOUDLY, “isn’t this pair of underwear adorable?!”

  559. Jennifer says:

    I am so glad someone is finally getting through to clothing manufacturers. My daughter is now 10 and I have to buy her juniors and adult clothes. She is average in weight but somewhat taller than her classmates. They simply do not make “kid clothes” for preteens. We have a very hard time finding clothes with her interests that fit AND COVER her. She has begun to shun denim all together because she cant find anything denim that is comfortable. Its either too short or too long. She gets embarrassed when we buy her a t shirt from the men’s department (because girls don’t like comic book characters and super heroes or even classic rock bands) and a male classmate wears the same shirt. She gets made fun of for wearing boys shirts, some have even made fun of her because she has to wear adult clothes because she is so tall. I just wish we could keep our children “kids” longer. There is no reason a girl should have to do the finger tip test on her shorts to make sure she can wear them to school. There is no reason a girl should have to wear adult clothes because the kids section doesnt have anything to fit her and the juniors section shows off too much skin! Junior clothing deserves its very own rant. String bikinis for 10 yr olds??? NO. Shirts that have such a deep v that you can almost see her bellybutton? NO. These are designed for teens, not strippers. And “they” wonder why teen pregnancy is such a huge problem right now…

  560. natalietanner says:

    Thank you for focusing on a very important issue! I appreciate it!!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  561. Lee Anne says:

    I totally get this…My 10 year old daughter has personally decided recently that she does not want to wear girls shorts anymore because she does not like the way the girls shorts fit for many reasons…some of which includes being too tight in certain personal places and riding too low on her hips/waist where she feels like she always has to pull them up because it feels like they are always they’re falling off/sliding down and now she is wearing boys shorts because she says they’re more comfortable…I noticed that before she used to constantly be adjusting herself and now I don’t see her doing that anymore since she started wearing the boys shorts…

  562. I am so glad to see others feel this way too. I don’t want even my 16 year old wearing shorts that short. My daughter and I constantly remark that the fashion industry has turned the girl-next-door look into the hooker-next-door look. And I am serious, the clothing sold today for kids and juniors and some misses is more revealing than the street walking prostitutes from when I was a teenager. And you can’t just buy a larger size until you get to a decent length, because they’d be way too big in the waist!

  563. 12 year old gal says:

    Coming from a 12 year old girl: please dont do this we like our shorts short, we are not boys and we hate long shorts……… HATE them number 1 they are not in style number 2 boys are very different then girls and number 3 its in style and concerned moms or whatever is what we make fun of and don’t be going on about targets shorts being to short cuz they are not as short as some shorts can be……. trust me and its seems to me that u took the SHORTEST shorts there cause there are some ugly long shorts there also i don’t mean to be rude but these are the kinda things that drive me crazy!

  564. You are awesome. Teach modesty when they are young. Happy that things are working positively with you and Target!

  565. cosmicpink says:

    I agree with the shorts being too short, but a size 4/5 in boys is always a different size than a 4/5 girls. I wear a small in womens, an XXL in juniors, and in the mens…well, I have to go to the boys dept. a