Before and After

If you are nervous to sign the paperwork, you are not alone. One mom share what will be different after the papers are signed.

You are waiting. 

That “other shoe” has been hanging in the air for a while. Maybe years. And today it’s dropping. 

You’ve known. You knew something was a little different. A little bit off. Not quite the same as the siblings, or the other kids in the classroom or on the playground. 

You know. But are you ready to hear it?  [Read more…]

Free Printable Emergency Contact List

Free emergency contact list printable

I am proud to partner with the Know Your OTC’s campaign today to spread an important message. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, every 8 minutes in the U.S. a child receives the wrong medication or dosing. This leads to many tragic accidents that we want to work to help prevent. 

I can easily see how this could happen. My son takes medication. His dosage includes two pills at night and one in the morning. If we gave him his usual two pills at night and then accidentally gave him two pills again when he woke up, he could have too much medicine in his system. That could potentially be very bad, because the medication is already tough for his body to process. He has to have blood drawn and his liver function monitored regularly.  [Read more…]

We are Home From BlogU 2016

Every year for the past three years we have had the privilege of hosting over 100 writers on a local college campus. This year we went to my husband’s alma mater, the University of Maryland, to hold the BlogU conference

BlogU 2016

BlogU is about having fun while creating a sense of community. We built this conference on the philosophy that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” The founders of BlogU all believe that any time one blogger achieves a high level of success, it is good for all of us, so we should constantly be trying to build each other up. In any field, when you look around and see the person to your right or your left achieving goals you set for yourself before you reach those goals, it can be hard not to be a little jealous or see those people as your competition. This year’s conference theme was Be You and we tried to focus on each person’s individual strengths and how we can use those to achieve our own goals, while realizing that other people’s success in no way diminishes our own.    [Read more…]