How to get FREE Popcorn at Target for your Kids

How to Get FREE Popcorn at Target:

Did you know that some Target stores give kids a free bag of popcorn just for following a certain safety rule? Me neither. Until today, that is. Guess what? You’re probably already following that rule.

classic box of popcorn isolated on white

This morning I was at Target dropping a ridiculous amount of cash on back to school clothes, diapers, dog food…the usual. We got a very nice cashier who offered stickers to the kids. You know, the red ones with the picture of the dog on them that the kids get for being buckled in the shopping cart correctly? Those. THEN he told us that the kids could show them at the food counter and get a free bag of popcorn. SAY WHAT?! We’ve gotten the stickers before, but this news about the popcorn was new.

Yep. I took them over to the food counter and they each got their own free bag. Three free bags of popcorn!

 My friend Sara has since told me that she knew about this little secret and she would save a sticker for the next store visit, so that she can get a free bag of popcorn at the beginning of her trip and the kids can snack while she shops. Um…genius, that is.

When we got home I called Target’s corporate hotline to inquire if your stores would do it too, and I was told that this policy varies by store. So some stores might not participate, but it never hurts to ask! The next time you are at Target, buckle up your kids, get some stickers, and ask if they equal free popcorn in your neck of the woods.


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