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Modest Mavens Stamp of Approval: Jill and Jack Kids

Today I’m excited to introduce the next Modest Mavens Stamp of Approval Winner, Jill and Jack Kids

jill and jack kids

Jill and Jack Kids is a Canadian company that manufactures tee shirts that are made to be socially conscious. The fabric is free from harsh chemicals, they care deeply about ethical practices in their production, and the designs include references to math, science, and technology. 

They also completely redesigned the fit of their children’s clothing so that the girls’ shirts would be longer in the sleeves and overall length without looking too big and boxy.

Jill and Jack Kids was kind enough to send a shirt for each of my kids to try out.

jill and jack clothes 

Abby’s shirt says, “Half of All T. Rexes Were Girls,” which was my favorite. 

Penny received the Fibonacci Spiral “Math is Beautiful” Kids’ T-Shirt

Nicholas got the Fractal Snowflake Long Sleeve Kids’ T-Shirt

jill and jack

Sizes start at a toddler size 2 and go through adult XL. 

Eddie, who is a profession engineer, literally laughed out loud when I showed him the shirts. They are by far his favorite clothing articles the kids have ever owned.

Abby did want to know why there weren’t any pink shirts available. She wanted to buy the T.rex shirt in more colors. “Why did they only make the shirt in that color? But I’m really good at math and pink is MY favorite color.” Fair enough. We got her report card a few days ago and she was advanced in every single area of math they assessed, and girlfriend is obsessed with pink. The two don’t necessarily need to be mutually exclusive. I’m okay with her rocking a pink lab coat at Harvard one day if she wants to. ;) 

2015-01-18-2194jill and jack tees

 (She’s making that face because I told her to look tough.)

I’m not sure if it is a purposeful decision because they want to keep the clothing gender neutral or if they intend to expand in the future, but that would be my only criticism of Jill and Jack Kids: my 5-year-old thought that they seem to be sending the message that girls who are into math and science can’t also be into pink and purple. I’m hoping that they will expand their line to include more color options (not only “girly” colors, but just more options in general). 

The price point, $25, is comparable to the other start-up businesses I have reviewed with similar mission statements and commitments to quality products. I do appreciate that the long sleeve version is the same price, so I would recommend starting there to get the most value for your money. 

Be sure to check out the Jill and Jack Kids Facebook page for more information and promotions. 

jill and jack girls shirts


Modest Mavens Stamp of Approval

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