Taking Time to Breathe

Take time in your day to breathe

As part of the Know Your OTCs program this month, we are talking about self-care. As moms, so often we spend most of our days focusing on everyone else and it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves as well. Sometimes it feels like another job. Why do I have to take care of everyone else and take care of me? It can be overwhelming, so we tend to fall to the bottom of the list. For example, I had to reschedule my last dentist appointment because one of my kids got sick. Then I had to cancel the rescheduled appointment because I caught the stomach bug from my kids. I told the dentist I would call back later and reschedule again. Every day I think at least once during school drop-off or while grocery shopping “I really need to do that,” and then promptly forget again until around 11pm, when I kick myself for letting another day go by without making my new appointment. I know I’m not the only mom who does this.  [Read more…]

Where to Find Adorable Clothes for Girls: Cheeky Plum

Clothes for girls that are cute, comfy, and unique

When Cheeky Plum reached out and asked if they could send us a few samples of clothing to review, of course I said yes. After looking over their website, how could I not? Cheeky Plum was started by a mom who wanted to create special, colorful clothes for her daughter that were different than what was being offered in stores. They make all of their pieces in the U.S.

All of their clothes are seriously adorable. I imagine the sort of people who get to go to Coachella dress their babies in these sorts of bohemian chic styles. It had honestly never occurred to me to try that with my own girls. It was fun! [Read more…]

I Hope You Fail

Kids need to experience failure even though sometimes it is hard for us as parents

Dear Child, 

I hope that you fail spectacularly. 

I am your mother, and it might seem odd for me to say so. 

But failure is important. I love you too much to let you think that your life will always be easy. I would not be doing my job if I did not help you prepare for consequences and frustration, and let you learn on your own how to meet disappointments with grace. [Read more…]